Best Powersports Gun Racks in 2022

Last update: January 8, 2023

Kolpin Gun Boot 6.0 - Impact - 20025 Review:

I already had a boot on my four-wheeler for my deer rifle, but an AR-15's shape prevents it from fitting in a typical long gun boot. My existing bracket and holster fit the Kolpin 20025 Gun Boot with 6.0 Impact perfectly, so I'm set to go. Due to the fact that I already owned a Kolpin for my deer rifle, I had a decent notion the quality of the Kolpin 20025 Gun Boot with 6.0 Impact was quite good. It is a good improvement over my original, which did not have a flip-up cover.

Kolpin Rhino Grip - Single - 21500 Review:

Used them the entire season and was really happy! The offset made it possible for me to mount two sets on my front rack, one on each side, with the barrels pointing forward and the buttstocks nestled below the handlebars. Each set contained six different rifles, including an AR, a Daisy BB gun, several bolt action rifles with and without scopes, and lever action 30/30 rifles. The setup allowed for aggressive riding through dense vegetation without worrying about hitting a butt stock or barrel on bushes and trees because nothing was dangling beyond of the 4 wheeler's footprint. All guns fit securely and comfortably. For all of the mounting choices provided, the off-set is worth the few dollars more. The included gear makes mounting quite secure, and the overall strength and flexibility of the rifle mounts are excellent. Additionally, they created a nice nest between them for the cooler that stopped it from sliding. Overall, I'm very happy with them. I left them on after the season and beat them around on branches while playing hard, and they had no signs of damage. For gifts and for our other quads, I've purchased more. The best addition I've ever worn!

Kolpin Gun Boot Iv Loop Bracket - 20032 Review:

It took some time to attach the Gun Boot IV Loop Bracket onto the back loading deck of my 2009 Sportsman 500 HO, but it is now safe for the Kolpin Gun Boot 6.0 Transport case. In order to lessen some of the bounce while moving, I connected a little bungee cable to the Transport case's barrel end. The nylon nut and bolt mounting hardware for the Loop Bracket has not loosened at all. The Loop Bracket hardware may be a "snag" item when operating the 4-wheeler if it were not being utilized to carry the Transport case, however a removable Polaris Lock and Ride gun boot holder fitting the Gun Boot 6.0 Transport case for my model year of Polaris was not offered.

Kolpin UTV Gun Rack - 20073 Review:

This rack was simple to put together, but when it was used for the first time, one of the rubber straps holding the weapon in place almost tore in two places. Although it didn't fully fail, it was near. To make sure my scoped rifle wouldn't fall, I had to install an extra bungee. As soon as I got back from my hunt, I immediately sent an email to Kolpin Customer Service asking whether they had a beefier version of the strap available. Here is the message I got: "Unfortunately, we don't currently have any alternative strap designs. We will investigate the strength of these straps because we are constantly listening to our clients.I will send you a new set of straps if you provide me your complete name and address.Again, I apologize for the inconvenience."Within a few days of emailing him my shipping information, I received the replacements. Kolpin deserves praise for its effective handling of a customer problem.

Kolpin Rhino Grip - Double - 21505 Review:

Although the components are of good quality and adhere firmly to the ribbed rubber, mounting them on a square bar took me two hours. Behind the seat of my Mule, I was attempting to carry manure forks. They should work on square bars, according to the description. The claws were positioned awkwardly because the indentations in the brackets were slipping into the corners of the square bars. It turns out that in order to prevent it from happening, I had to turn the brackets in a contrary way. I can't put them on any of my UTV's round bars since they are all too big, and I really didn't want to have to drill holes through my flat bars. Additionally, I couldn't tighten the cap nuts, so I had to use alternative nuts instead of the ones they supplied. However, I haven't come across any other goods that offer superior mounting alternatives for my circumstance. Even the shop owner admitted that I would likely need to come up with a new mounting method for them.

Kolpin 21551 Black Rhino Grip XLR - Double, 2 Pack Review:

The Kolpin rifle mounts' previous iterations have been utilised by me. With what I had, I was content to the hilt. But I figured I'd upgrade and give these a shot when I bought a new quad. On the most difficult terrain in the Canadian wilderness, it kept my gun securely in place. I'm quite happy with the way they were built, and they should last for many years.

Kolpin Rhino Grip XL - UTV Roll Bar Mount - 21535 Review:

I had the double mounts, but my 3-gun cart wouldn't fit them, so I settled on these. Overall extremely nice quality with the benefits and negatives listed below:The claw can be spun around the bracket and can also be "outset" away from the mount, making it quite versatile. The mounting hardware is really solid, and I enjoy the self-locking nuts.The claw doesn't seem to be seated tightly against the mount, which is the only drawback I can think of so far. Hopefully it holds up under pressure.My Mount: Because I've misplaced so many bands, I zip-tied them to the side of the claw so they would stay (see zoom photos) - Make sure you comprehend where each gun has to sit and mount correctly if used for a 3-gun buggy like I do. In order to prevent the mount from rotating, I also drilled a hole through it and into the buggy tube. I then inserted a sheet metal screw to secure it.

Classic Accessories QuadGear Black UTV Double Gun Carrier - 18-129-010401-00 Review:

Great bag that is simple to put on and take off. It seeps around the zippers and gets wet within the compartments, but it is not waterproof. Although it doesn't rain much in Colorado, it did the whole first weekend I had it on, leaving the interior drenched. Snow shouldn't have any impact on it, though. The two guns do fit and are safely fastened. If there is significant weather, you will need to make other preparations, but I still think everyone should do this.

Kolpin Rubber Strap for UTV Gun Rack, Pack of 2-70732 Review:

I use these for a variety of tasks where I need to tie or strap down small objects. Not excessively long; suitable for modest chores. thick, elastic rubber! It probably wouldn't ever rip in regular circumstances. The ends firmly lock into the holes.

Kolpin UTV Overhead Gun Carrier - 20078 Review:

Although it is very well constructed, strong, and attractive, I was unable to get it to fit my 2017 Polaris Ranger 900 XP with the stock roof. The only practical attachment was to stick one end inside the space between the roof and front bar because the central bar in the roof is about 6 inches too short to be used. Because of this, the product hung too low and posed a risk to anyone riding in the middle. This device would function loosely in my particular use if you had to traverse even the slightest incline. I believe that this product would work perfectly on a roll cage that is more open and lacks middle bars, similar to the one on my earlier Ranger. Except for owners of more recent Polaris Ranger models, I would suggest this product to everyone.