Best Power Tool Battery Converters in 2020

LampVPath 10PCS AA to C Size Battery Adapter Case, AA to C Size Spacers, AA to Size C Battery Adapter Converter Case(10 Pack Black) Review:

I use these in a bullhorn, which takes C batteries. I can't find rechargeable Li-Ion C batteries, only Ni-MH rechargeable C batteries, so I use these so I can use Li-Ion AA batteries. I want to avoid having to buy tons of alkaline C batteries, and also avoid using Ni-MH because they have issues with charging rate/charging heat/longevity.

For the price, these adapters work pretty well. I said "for the price" because they're not perfect. The fit could be more precise: some fit well, some fit tight, others fit loosely. It's not a big deal, though. The tight fitting ones don't require much force to insert the battery. For the loose fitting ones, I wrap a piece of tape around the battery to make the fit tighter.

Also, and this has nothing to do with the adapter, but one gotcha is that an AA battery's anode is smaller than that of a C battery, so if the appliance has a spring contact, the end of the spring may be too big for the AA battery's anode and thus the contact will not be reliable. I get around that by putting a metal washer on the battery's anode. See pics.

Makita XRM05 18V LXT Job Site Radio Review:

This is a radio and as a radio it works great it rugged and tough. The compartment in the back is great you can place you phone in there and not worry about it getting thrown around. Plus it's nice to be able to not have to buy a separate cheffing station for batteries. The only thing that sucks is that it's 2019 why doesn't everything come Bluetooth? I understand that there are ones that are Bluetooth but I liked the color and grabbed this one It was my bad for not paying attention. But besides that great radio.

EBL C Size Battery Adapters, AA to C Size Battery Spacer Converter Case Use with Rechargeable AA Battery Cells - 4 Pack Review:

While I had to modify the spring opening inside the flashlight to make the Battery Converter work, the modification still works with standard D-Cell batteries even if I have to switch back from the converter. The weight difference between a "D" cell and an AA battery makes a change to the spring worth it if carrying this flashlight for a long period. I Gorilla Glued a leg leveler foot (see image) much like these " so the cap spring would make contact with the smaller end of an AA inside the converter -vs- the wider end of a D-Cell. You can also drop a Quarter inside the battery compartment and get the same results, but I had this very part (swivel leg leveler foot) inside my salvaged parts drawer and it worked as a recycled piece because the swivel was no longer any good for its original purpose.

Waitley Battery Adapter for Dewalt DCA1820 18V-20V Converter with USB Power Bank Function Compatible with DC9096 DC9180 Milwaukee M18 Battery to Dewalt Tools Review:

I previously purchased a XRP style Dewalt Li-ion battery kit and misplaced the charger. The 18V Li-Ion uses a special charger. Home Depot has those for $78. They also have a Dewalt 20V upgrade kit with a charger for $120, but it only has one adapter and two of the skinny batteries. I went shopping for a replacement on Amazon and came across this M18 to XRP style adapter. I did not realize until I got it - it will work for both M18 and Dewalt 20V batteries. Bonus!

I have only used for a day but so far so good. The modern batteries work so much better than the original, even when they were new.

The only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is it is a little difficult to swap batteries. Maybe it will get better as they wear in.

Also, make sure the adapter is fully seated in the tool. Mine fell out of the impact wrench the first time I used it because the clips had not clicked all the way. No problems since.

I will be buyng more of these for our old shop tools.

Milwaukee M18 Battery Power Mount Connector Adapter Dock Holder w 12 awg Wires Review:

Let me start off by stating that I own several high-end 3d printers, and even so, I decided to purchase this rather than make it. I did this for two reasons, to save time (it would take time to create the object and more time to print it), and was recommended in a youtube project video.

As you can see from my photos the 3d print quality is great. This isn't some janky makerbot print. It is printed at a solid infill and feels strong and durable. The wires are solidly secured in place and will not fall/wobble out. My Milwaukee M18 battery fit perfectly into this adapter.

Unfortunately for my project it required a variable voltage reducer, which arrived smashed, then went out of stock, so my project never got finished so I can not attest to the longevity however I have no doubt that this will outlast the battery life (2-3 years).

Great purchase, would recommend.

Waitley Battery Adapter for Dewalt DCA1820 18V-20V Converter with USB Power Bank Function Compatible with DC9096 DE9096 Review:

I bought this because I have old Dewalts and I want to use while I have found newer Dewalts to be lacking in the same quality so I am planning on switching to Milwaukee. The usb port is an added bonus I may or may not ever use but thought it was cool all the same.

My work has a newer Dewalt I tested it out on and worked great. I haven't yet used it on a Milwaukee but I expect nothing different in results.

It came with a paper and gave two models of a Dewalt drill (DC970 & DC759) it did not work with . I do not own either but I did look them up and they were a non-hammer drill types.

Some reviews said the clips to the old battery are difficult. Personally I have short hands and found that the case with any of the xrp batteries. Take out the "newer" battery and then remove this and I found it a ton easier to remove than the older batteries themselves. I will likely buy one more so I can use a couple at a time without having to transfer this a ton.

Update 10/03/19: I have since used it with Milwaukee m18 batteries with good results. When the milwaukee battery was pretty low but still had a bit of juice left, it would not operate my dewalt but it was minor as the battery really could've used charging anyway.

12V/20V Max USB Power Source for Dewalt DCB090 Converters Fit for Dewalt 20V 12V Battery Review:

Well although it may work and cheaper .. it has no DeWalt stickers and must be a knock off . I have compared visually with an authentic device. To be very fair it came on time and did work and now that I look at it again online it is visually as advertised. It had a looser fit to my Batts . I bought it as a hurricane approached and it made it on time before the hurricane. It did not have a lable describing the output of voltage amps etc which had made me sketchy to use on a regular basis. I will however keep it in my emergency kit!

battery adapter for DeWALT 20V Max 18v dock power connector 12 gauge robotics … Review:

Like: product arrived as described in durable packaging, fit and function is very good, multiple pre-drilled mounting options
Dislike: more of a limitation than a 'dislike' working with 3D print materials
The battery adapter worked perfectly for this project, it's well made and well finished. In this project I needed to modify the back plate to assure a more stable mount as this is a portable equipment piece that may see rough handling. That's where the 3D print materials have their limitations. I admit my limited experience with these plastics created additional work to achieve the desired results. I would still recommend the product despite my experience in working with this material.

2Pack DCB090 12V/20V Max USB Power Source Compatible with Dewalt Review:

I accidentally threw my other ones away, and by I, I mean my wife.... :( I bought this and it charges all my batteries with out any issues. I saw some other reviews that says it gets too hot and stuff like that. But, I haven't had any issues so far. I will update my review if I encounter any issues!