Best Power Magnetic Drill Presses in 2022

Last update: January 1, 2023

Can you use a magnetic drill upside down?

A magnetic drill can be used upside down, but it is not recommended. The reason is that the magnetic force is not as strong when the drill is upside down, so the drill may slip and cause injury.

Can you use regular bits in a mag drill?

Most mag drills will work with regular drill bits, however there are some specialized bits that are designed specifically for use with mag drills. These bits usually have a more aggressive cutting angle and are made from harder materials that can withstand the higher speeds and forces generated by mag drills.

How much does a mag drill weight?

A mag drill is a type of portable drilling machine that uses magnets to attach itself to a metal surface. This allows it to drill holes in metal without the need for a drill bit. Mag drills are used in a variety of industries, such as construction, automotive, and aerospace. They are also used by hobbyists and DIYers for projects around the home. Mag drills vary in size and weight, but most weigh between 10 and 20 pounds.

Is Wen a Chinese company?

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Hougen HMD904 115-Volt Magnetic Drill Review:

fantastic device I had previously ordered a less expensive mag drill, but it was useless. I then sent it back and ordered this Hougen.So far, the Hougen HMD904S has been excellent. Powerful, user-friendly, well-made, and adaptable I'm at a loss for anything unfavourable to say about it. It addresses a wide range of challenging drilling situations that I frequently run into with my projects and that, in the past, we frequently tried to hand drill and ended up ruining.I'm done. I now regret not getting a good mag drill years ago. extremely practical and adaptable tool.

DEWALT DWE1622K 2-Speed Magnetic Drill Press, 2-Inch Review:

A truly excellent tool. Powerful, the gibs fit perfectly, and everything was assembled properly.I've used several different mag drills. A Jancy Slugger and an Evolution most recently. By far, this is a better tool. Those that complain about wobble in the quick release either had a poor fit, had cutters that were worn out or broken, or just had no concept what this tool was intended for. The brand-new annular cutters I purchased have very little runout and fit the fast release properly. This is NOT a milling or a drill press. In this type of tool, a few thousandths of a runout is typical and acceptable. Having said that, that rings VERY true. I've already pierced a lot of 1/4 and 3/8 mild plate, a 10W22's flange and web, and a lot of smaller items. Not a single complaint.A fantastic feature is the quick release handle. You can use the provided 1/2 inch drill bit by raising the drill body on the slide "drill bits with a chuck and a NORMAL length twist. There's no need to purchase more stubbies just for this gadget. That represents a significant achievement and significant cost savings. The drill is held in any position by the mag base's strong grip. The powerhead travels roughly four times "enough to drill holes in materials that are as thick as your available bits and cutting tools.I couldn't be happier overall. There are larger, more powerful units available, but they cost $2500 and more. This is the one for less than a grand.

Frankford Arsenal Universal Precision Case Trimmer with HSS Construction, Drill Press or Hand Drill Functionality and Storage Case for Reloading Review:

Let me start by saying that the results are repeatable and surprisingly accurate. Also fairly quick and simple to set up.The following are the reasons it isn't a 5-star product and might not be worthwhile to purchase.1) The toolshaft, which has some runout, is where everything moves off of. The case does sag a little in your size. Although not bad, it is obvious.2) There are two useless bearings. When the cutting process with this tool is smooth, the casing is trimmed. My case—is it over? The bearings are weird, I guess. Japanese sealed bearings, costing $30–$40 per pair, are required.3) The cutting component is passable. After 500 rounds, the case is becoming boring and chatty. A carbide cutter from RCBC costs $32; hopefully, mine arrives today.Finally, everyone should budget $150 for this. It ought to be a pretty effective tool. If the carbide cutter doesn't fit for some reason (maybe due to thread variances), I'm returning everything and getting the Dillon trimmer for my 750 instead. My pocketbook will suffer, but after using gadgets like these, my hands should be pain-free.

Milescraft 1304 Drill90PLUS - Right Angle Drill Attachment Review:

It's a great product and very helpful when I need to drill a hole in a small space, like the bottom of a bathroom cabinet, where I can't fit my drill straight in. I used this right angle at that time, and the results were great. Without this product, I'm not sure how I would have been able to drill a hole in the bottom of that tiny cupboard because there is no way I could fit my drill inside. I can now drill a hole at a modest angle thanks to this tool. For its small, the product's build quality is good.

ShopSeries RK7033 6.2-Amp 10" Drill Press Review:

I've had this set up for about two weeks now after receiving it as a Christmas present. This small drill press is functional. Particularly for $190. This drill's features are all well-built and attractive. There are a few things I wish it had, but they don't detract from its overall design.To begin with, it arrives to you disassembled. Separate components include the base, post, table, height adjustment, and top assembly. The allen wrenches are included, but a separate wrench and socket are required to install the three bolts at the bottom. If you are purchasing this, I'll presume you already have the necessary equipment.The drill press was easy to put together, however the instructions were not clear. There are a couple steps with photos, but I wasn't really able to understand what they were attempting to convey. It was simple to put together freehand, and it was clear. Make careful to provide the spline some room to move up and down by about 1/16 when you attach the height adjustment spline collar. In this manner, it can spin without binding around the post. The chuck is also detached. It's a taper style, so slide it on, draw the handle down on something like a 2x4, and squeeze it firmly. It's standing still. It should be possible to attach a keyless chuck if you want to. You might want to remove the chuck first if there isn't a drift included before attaching the one that comes with it. Finally, a small knob hidden beneath the press handles allows you to release the motor mount and tighten it for changing speeds or tensioning the pulleys. It runs smoothly.The table was out of the box and inclined to zero when I checked to make sure it was square. Good to go. Although I haven't tested the run-out with any tools, a spinning bit appears stable and good. It cuts well, and I've used it to drill a couple 35mm forstner holes for Euro hinges. When you press on that, you can hear the motor's pitch slightly shift, but it drilled them without any issues.The pulley chart inside the cover is deceiving, and that is the only issue I can think of. Next to it are a list and a graphic. The speed appears to be related to the number next to the image at first glance. Closer examination reveals that there are position letters (A,B,C,D,E), and while the list accurately describes each position, it is confusing in places when it is not necessary. (See the photo of my client)I wish the press handle had a lock so I could lower it and keep it there, but for this price, I can overlook that. The press features 2" of travel and an easily adjustable depth stop (I would have preferred 3"). The vertical size is respectable for a 10 inch press, and everything is smooth. a great deal bigger than most others I've seen.Remember that a drill press with a ten-inch capacity can only drill a hole into a board that is ten inches broad at its widest point. That indicates a 5-inch throat. This one is actually 5 3/16 in. To have a larger work surface and to ensure that the table can handle it, I intend to add a second table to this one.This is not a production machine overall, but that is not its intended use. It's more than sufficient for the home enthusiast like me.One thing that worried me when I looked into this unit (after receiving it as a gift) was that I couldn't locate any information on it. After some investigation, I discovered that it is in fact a Rockwell, despite the fact that the company/name has changed hands a few times and that this is a retail series or something similar. On their website, it isn't mentioned. The "Shop Series" tools aren't all of them. Rockwell could list these tools along with more images and specifications on their website in order to increase sales. Can Rockwell or their "Shop Series" marketing team fix the title, please? I've noticed the same typo in every online business I've seen. The 7032 is "Replaced" by this device. not 'Replaced By'UPDATE: The updated Amazon listing now displays the correct title.

Evolution Power Tools EVOMAG28 1-1/8" Magnetic Drill Review:

Since I've owned this drill for a year, I've used it to drill over 300 holes, ranging in size from 1/2" to 1-1/4", through steel and aluminum plate that is 1/4" to 1" thick. It's done a fantastic job. It works excellent when I clamp a piece of plate steel to aluminum, attach the drill to that, and drill over the end. The one speed RPM is 570, which I've found to be too rapid for titanium (and maybe stainless, though I haven't had to drill that with this). It's great for steel and aluminum. Although most holes were vertical and upright, drilling 1" holes in steel while the drill bit was angled sideways wasn't a problem. I just once succeeded in lifting it off the steel base plate while using a titanium attempt that required most of my whole weight. Using an annular cutter on that material is not advised. I wish the coolant bottle attachment had been designed with more care because I easily misplaced the two tiny mounting screws. The guide rails offer enough vertical height to use a Weldon shank twist chuck, which is a required component. The Morse 2 taper attachments are not used with this variant. This is an excellent item for the pricing.

SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press Review:

I don't typically write nice reviews. How many individuals must agree that a thing is good before it can be believed? However, I made an exception in this case because both the drill press and Amazon's customer service have really impressed me.Initially, Amazon customer support. The column base was shattered when the drill press was delivered to me. The packaging itself has a problem, but it's not Amazon's fault and I don't really blame the shipping (see image). I was on a Caribbean island, so getting back was both pricey and complicated. If I could get the drill press fixed here, Amazon would give me a discount to keep it, which I did. Thank you, Amazon.The drill press is next. I have experience with tools as a former quality control manager for a sizable tool manufacturer. My first impression of the product "out of the box" was pretty favorable; the table is beautifully machined, the painting is good, and the fit and finish are overall excellent. Easy and straightforward, assembly went quickly. (Note: Over the years, I've met with several customers who failed to clean the drill chuck and spindle before installing them, and some of them even used oil. As a result, they struggled to keep the chuck on the spindle taper. The chuck taper and spindle taper must be thoroughly cleaned with a solvent. The chuck won't stay on if either taper has any oil on it.)I used a top-notch machinist square to position the table to "0" and threw a piece of drill rod into the air. The zero indication was just a little bit out, but not enough to interfere with most jobs. The drill rod's parallelism to the drill column was then examined, and to my great astonishment, I found that it was practically perfect. I must admit that I'm impressed.I measured the runout by inserting a drill rod into the chuck and measuring 100mm away from it. Runout indicated was 0.009 "which, while a little more than I'd like to see, is still not awful given how much this unit cost. The amount of "slop" between the quill and the head casting was then measured. It was 0.006" at full extension and 0.012" at full extension. That's actually quite impressive and superior to what I've seen on certain drill presses that cost considerably more.The lack of a lever or other mechanism to provide tension to the drive belt is not a problem; simply loosen the two wing nuts, apply pressure to the motor to tension the belt, and then tighten the wing nuts. However, I don't see this ever becoming a serious issue. The drive belt is standard low quality Chinese and is "shedding" within the belt cover more than I would consider usual.However, I am a little worried about the motor because it becomes extremely hot after operating under very small load for around 15 minutes and drilling 1/8 "Pine has holes.However, I don't think the laser sight is all that helpful. The "X" formed by the intersection of the two light beams is quite large and difficult to see in bright light.Overall, I'm happy with this little drill press. It is precise, well-made, and durable. It is without a doubt the nicest compact drill press I've seen, and I think the majority of users would be satisfied.

NOVA 58000 Voyager DVR Drill Press Review:

This is a reliable piece! I bought it because I loved the strength and the claim that it could work with a variety of materials in the advertisement. The additional intelligence on this unit was a benefit, although I didn't anticipate using it much. Boy, was I mistaken. They really facilitate drilling.It is simple to utilize the speed dial and screen. The screen may use some expansion. Everything fit and finished perfectly, and there were no problems during assembly. Although it is a very sturdy and hefty equipment, a word of caution: getting a joist or other people to assist you will be crucial. I had a neighbor help me put the head on. It just slips down over the column and proceeds fairly easily. However, it was difficult to raise the head to the top of the column. I used adhesive to repair one of the labels that was somewhat peeling away in one corner. The directions were detailed, but I didn't feel like I really needed them because theI didn't really realize it at the time of ordering, but it's amazing how much of a difference not having to fiddle with belts makes. Because there are no pulleys or belts, everything is quicker and simpler. It is fantastic not to need to open the side and adjust a belt. In addition, it is more quieter than my previous one and doesn't tremble like my previous drill press did.There haven't been any problems thus far after rigorous testing. I drilled roughly 200 holes in maple for one job. The machine handled it flawlessly, without burning out, and it was quite quick. On my old drill press, a similar task would almost completely burn out the belts. I conducted a quick test drilling and tapping into steel, and once more there was no issue. I haven't yet tested it on glass or tile, but I will.It's wonderful that the program may be updated for free by downloading new versions from the business website to add new features. Since my computer already has the most recent version, I haven't done this yet, but I have bookmarked the site and will return in a few months.Overall, I'm glad I made the switch to this machine. I've only had it a week, but it's already made my life in the workshop a lot simpler.

Slugger by FEIN JHM Series ShortSlugger Magnetic Base Drilling Unit, 750W, 2" Cutting Depth Review:

Buying this kind of tool from Amazon for the first time. The tool arrived in fantastic shape, but as is customary, if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. All of the accessories listed in the pictures were included, with the exception of the four pilot pins. I can confirm that it is untrue what I read in the questions and answers about how most annular bits contain these pins as part of the bit price. In my experience, the pins are typically offered individually. Why? Most likely to support this absurd plan to make money.I can also let you know that a local hardware store recently sold me a Slugger Mag Drill, which came with 4 Pilot Pins free of charge.I'm not sure why I received the 4 pins with my in-store purchase but not with my online buy. But as long as you are truthful about what you are selling, it really is not a deal breaker. Although the pins aren't outrageously pricey, I do advise using annular cutters with a carbide point. The split point just doesn't last as long, and you shouldn't believe the lie that you can get them resharpened because the parts typically break before becoming dull. It's just how the beast is.The cost is still reasonable for such a high-quality item. Just keep in mind that with internet purchases, you sometimes get what you paid for.

36/37 Precision Drill Guide For 3/8-Inch or 1/2-Inch Power Drills, Portable & Lightweight, Folds Flat for Storage Review:

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Should you wear gloves when using a drill press?

There are a few reasons why you might want to wear gloves when using a drill press. First, if the drill press is particularly powerful, your hands could get injured if they were to slip while the drill is in use. Additionally, gloves can help to protect your hands from getting dirty or calloused from holding the drill press handle.

What are the 3 types of drill presses?

There are three types of drill presses: the floor-mounted drill press, the bench-mounted drill press, and the radial drill press. The floor-mounted drill press is the most common type of drill press. It is mounted on the floor, and has a large base that helps to keep it stable. The floor-mounted drill press is typically used for heavy-duty drilling. The bench-mounted drill press is smaller and lighter than the floor-mounted drill press, and is typically used for lighter-duty drilling. The bench-mounted drill press is mounted

What are the disadvantages of a drill press?

A drill press is a tool that is used to create holes in materials using a drill bit. The drill bit is held in place by a chuck, and is rotated by a handle or a motor. The material is held in place by a vice or clamps. The disadvantages of a drill press include: -The drill bit can slip, resulting in inaccuracies. -The drill press can vibrate, causing the drill bit to wander. -The drill press can be difficult to control, resulting in uneven holes. -The drill press can

What is a magnetic drill press used for?

A magnetic drill press is a drill that is held in place by a magnetic field. It is used for drilling holes in metal.

What is a Weldon shank?

A Weldon shank is a type of tool used for drilling holes in metal. It is named after its inventor, Joseph Weldon, who patented the design in 1858. The Weldon shank consists of a cylindrical body with a fluted or spiral-shaped cutting edge. It is used in a drill press or lathe to create precise, clean-cut holes in metal.

What should I look for in a metal drill press?

When looking for a metal drill press, it is important to consider the type of metal you will be drilling, the speed of the press, and the size of the press. You will also want to consider the warranty and the customer service of the company you are purchasing from.