Best Portable & Arranger Keyboards in 2020

Yamaha Ypt260 61-Key Portable Keyboard With Power Adapter (Amazon-Exclusive) Review:

I am really happy with this instrument, and surprised at the quality of the sound and the price. I've always liked Yamaha products, tuner/amplifiers, guitars, and now keyboards. It's been awhile since I've bought anything, so was a little concerned whether the quality was still there. I'm happy to say the quality is sti.ll there!
This device has many diff sounds and options, but all I really wanted was a piano type keyboard, and this one fills the bill. The keys are full size, the touch is fine, and it really sounds like a piano. I fiddled with a cpl other optional sounds, guitar, voice (chorale, really pretty), I guess Grand Piano is the default. I'm not an expert, I can't address what qualities make a good piano good, but for my beginning needs and questionable talent this keyboard is just right. It's light enough that I can move it around, set it on a coffee table ( it has soft pads, won't scratch anything) or whatever; just plug it in and play. 61(full size) keys is plenty for me, and makes the size good for serious work while still being portable. Tones gradually fade if you keep the keys depressed, like a piano, or stop abruptly if you raise up your fingers. I believe a Sustain pedal is available, plus a stand if you need one (I don't). I haven't hooked it up to any other devices, spkrs or whatever, but the sound from the instrument is better than I expected and all I need for now...and plenty loud enough; I just had it on about 1/4 volume. I bought it to replace a Casio I had yrs ago, and every thing about this keyboard is better than my old Casio, and $50 less in price(the Casio did have a stand, and no complaints).
It may not be a professional type electric piano, but it's def not a toy. I'm very happy with this purchase!

Casio SA-46 -Key Portable Keyboard Review:

 I've been recording and writing music since 1984, Currently, I mainly write commercial licensed music under BMI, Inc. I play many instruments, but my main instrument is synthesizer, and also the instrument that I have played the longest.

I actually played the very first CASIO keyboards when they came out in the early to mid 1980 from the very small Casio VL-1 to the Casio MT-100 . I wanted a Casio keyboard that was very basic like the old Casio MT-100 that I had way back when. So I found this Casio SA-46, and bought it.
I have posted a sound clip video in my post here in regards to what the keyboard sounds like, and it should show the awesome capability of this instrument. If your a parent and your Son or Daughter wants to play a synthesizer, buy this first before investing in a large keyboard.

If You or some one you know, is looking for a keyboard to add some "color" to their songs, in regards to layering.. this keyboard is awesome. I think it is FM synthesis with some PCM recorded sounds also mixed in.

If you have this keyboard, or are getting it, check out these tone (sound) presets (this is what I call them, and they are very close)
Tone preset 12: Hammond b3 Organ (Sounds like "Love Song" - by "The Cure")
Tone preset: 00 Piano
Tone preset 14: Fast Leslie sounding organ
Tone preset 08: vibraphone
Tone preset: 09 xylophone ( You can play the Peppa Pig theme song... brilliant)
Tone preset: 29 thru 32 Bass
Tone preset: 41 synths
Tone preset:42 synth slow attack
Tone preset: 45 orchestra hit (sounds like a few 1990's songs)
Tone preset: 46 trumpet (This is one of the original Casio tone presents - "I'm not the one" by The Cars uses this one)
Tone preset:50: french horn
Tone preset::51 Hard Brass - (Play the theme song from "Rocky")

I hope that was useful to some of you out there, that are thinking about buying this. Also to note, this is the only keyboard in the low price range that as a "head phone jack" that is 1/8 size, not 1/4// but regardless.. you can buy a 1/8 male to 1/8 male cable here on Amazon to record this into your mic jack on your computer, or you can buy a 1/8 male to 1/4 male cable to hook this up to an amplifier. - Tom

RockJam Portable Keyboard (RJX29) Review:

I have a Casio Privia 160 and had the single crossbar stand. It rocked when I attempted to slide in on the chords. With this stand there is not any movement at all. It is rock solid. Set up was a snap. It took maybe 5 minutes including adjustment time. The straps seem to be useless for me though I have yet to flip my keyboard over and verify. My first look did not show any obvious connection points. I have had it about a month and play at least an hour every day. I have carpet and have simulated a hardwood floor by placing small pieces of 1/8" Masonite almost the exact size of the bottom piece under each bottom leg of the stand. Even without these there was virtually no rocking. This is a well made product despite what I have read on some of the negative reviews. You will not be disappointed purchasing this stand.

RockJam KB100 Adjustable Padded Keyboard Bench, X-Style, Black Review:

Our daughter's piano teacher told us we needed to get a higher seating to properly align her hands with the keyboard so we read the reviews and selected the RockJam KB100. It is comfortably firm, seat adjust to different heights, and it doesn't take up a lot of room. It arrived without any defects. It arrived in two days, just in time for the next piano lesson. Thanks Amazon!! still wish you would have come to our neighborhood in LIC!

Yamaha Psr-Ew300 Sa 76-Key Portable Keyboard Bundle With Stand And Power Supply Review:

Several keyboards share this page but this review is for the PSR-EW300 76 key keyboard and includes the AC power adapter. This is a portable keyboard, weighing just under 14 pounds and if desired, it can be powered by six AA batteries. Included is the keyboard with separate music holder (snaps into back of keyboard), power adapter and Owner’s Manual. There is no complicated setup. Connect the AC adapter to the back of the keyboard, plug into a wall outlet, press the power button and it is automatically in grand piano mode ready to play.

Before arrival, my main concern was whether the keyboard would have a similar touch and sound like a genuine instrument because although I never became proficient I lived with and tinkered on the full-size piano in my childhood home for at least fifteen years. The answer to that question is surprisingly, yes.

The touch is almost indistinguishable from the one I practiced on replicating things such as the instant reaction to various degrees of pressure exerted on the keys to the subtle sound made when my inept fingers slip-off rather than fully strike the key. This is level of response is what I would expect from a professional grade keyboard with a much higher price point.

The manual is an excellent resource to use when exploring the keyboard’s impressive array of features. But, nothing is difficult or complicated, it is just a matter of learning the steps. And some choices, such as switching instrument sounds, are printed on the face of the keyboard with confirmation appearing on the display screen, etc. So, much can be done intuitively.

Listen through earphones, connect a speaker to improve the small on-board units, connect to a computer, etc. The keyboard has many built-in bells and whistles which are clearly detailed in the product information so I won’t repeat them here.

After about a week of use I’ve played with many of the features but continue to gravitate to the grand piano mode. Granted, this reaction is highly variable and completely dependent on individual use but there is no doubt these different voices, instruments, styles, etc. add to the enjoyment and level of creativity that may be incorporated.

The only other items needed are seating and something to hold the keyboard. I had a small repurposed piano bench which is now being more properly utilized with the instrument. To support the keyboard I purchased a simple adjustable collapsible metal X style stand here on Amazon and it is working out well. I bought an On Stage basic model but there are many brands available with various price points and features.

Lightweight so it is easy to move, store and transport, this keyboard is a good choice for a beginner to learn on or as a way to return to the piano without making the physical space and financial commitment required for a full-size instrument. Excellent.

Casio SA76 44-Key Mini Personal Keyboard Review:

When reading this review, please keep in mind that I am an advanced pianist who has played professionally for decades.

Take note that this is a greatly-reduced octave keyboard. There are only two fully workable octaves. It has suited my purpose well as I use it when I'm away from my large keyboard to plunk-out new tunes generally in bed or on the sofa at night before bedtime. I would recommend this for very young beginners only - or for use such as mine. I would not recommend this for older children learning to play due to the smaller reach/range of key placement. They may grow use to this & when migrating to a piano or keyboard that has full-sized keys, it could present issues as they will have become accustomed to the smaller key spacing.

Battery usage is excellent. I tinker with the keyboard almost every night and the batteries last about 2 months.

Tone is muted - so you won't get that full-bodied sound as in larger keyboards. I've found less that five sounds that are pleasant to play. It's very portable; I stick it on a shelf. I always cover it before storing it away. Also - do not cut the power until you have turned the sound level to the lowest setting. This applies to all electronic instruments for lasting usage. The key-spacing is mightily reduced in comparison to an extended keyboard. Hand spreads will leave your thumb and little finger outside of the chord range.

Alesis Melody 61 MKII | 61 Key Portable Keyboard with Built In Speakers, Headphones, Microphone, Piano Stand, Music Rest and Stool Review:

Keyboard was purchased for grandchildren's enjoyment. Surprisingly good quality and sound, although it would be nice if it powered up at low to moderate volume rather than full volume. Although it does not have weighted keys, the key feel and the array of sounds are very good for the cost, especially considering that the kit included the keyboard, seat, headphones, microphone (which is made for 3-4 year olds' use), and the keyboard stand (which is a bit too deep front to back for the keyboard). To accommodate my small grandchildrens' use, I shifted the seat guides outward and put a piece of thin plywood on the stand to allow the keyboard's rubber feet to sit securely on the stand. Nevertherless, it's an excellent value.

RockJam 61-Key Electronic Keyboard Piano SuperKit with Stand, Stool, Headphones & Power Supply, Black - RJ561 Review:

STAND: I feel the stand works quit well. Once you have everything tightened and the key board actually attached to it, it all feels very sturdy. I love that it is adjustable in height. I purchased this for my 5 yr old, (although it can be used for an adult as well), and the adjustable stand brought the keyboard down to just the right height for her. (it goes pretty low to normal height)
SEAT: is not adjustable, but since the stand is, so it doesn't matter. The seat is a bit small. It's probably fine for a very small adult and children. But if you are an average to larger size person like me, then you will want to purchase the piano separately and get a larger keyboard/piano bench.
HEADPHONES: not a very good quality. They crackle at times. I use a child's headphone set because it limits the volume output.
LCD SCREEN: Is nice. If you want to know what a key is, you just press the key and it shows up on the grand staff on the screen. But I use sticker notes for my daughter, and you can see them better. Nice to have a built in metronome.
CON: (-1 star) Every time you turn the keyboard on, the default volume is max, and you have to adjust it. I don't see a place where I can change this to default to a lower setting. My casio turns down extremely low, and when I turn it off, the next time I use it, it is still at the volume I left it on. I wish that is how this one was.
KEYS: I find these keys are stiffer than my Casio keys. I was worried about my 5yr old being able to use them, but she seems to do fine with them, so they must not be that stiff.
OVERALL: great set & great price for a beginner.

RenFox 61-Key Keyboard Piano with Microphone & Music Stand Portable Electronic Kids Piano Keyboard for Beginners 22.9x7.9x2.3 Inch Review:

 It is really good for the beginners to get in touch with the music, and introduce to the keyboards. My daughter likes to play it. Even through she doesn’t know how to play music, there is a automatic play function to let her choosing her favorite music. The sound is nice and clear. In addition, there are two ways for the power. One is USB, another is regular AA battery. It did has plastic smelling when I just received and opened, but the smelling went away next days. It is not expensive, I feel it worth the money I paid.

RIF6 Electric 61 Key Piano Keyboard - with Over Ear Headphones, Music Stand, Digital LCD Display, Teaching Modes and Adjustable Stool - Electronic Musical Instruments Starter Set for Kids and Adults Review:

This keyboard is perfect for my five kiddos who are just beginning to learn. The older kids (13 and 12) like that it has different beats they can use and record, and the younger ones (11, 8, and 4) love the tones/beats, recording feature, and especially the demo function that plays more songs than I can count. My husband and I love that it came with an adjustable stand & bench, and especially HEADPHONES. Seriously, the fact that they can have tons of fun and we don't have to hear a single sound is the best ever. And I don't have to worry about them banging on it because it was so affordable, AND it can take a serious hit (there's 5 of them. They're practically animals). I assembled the bench and stand with my 11 year old, and we were playing it within 20 minutes. You won't be sorry about this purchase!