Best Plug-In Dimmers in 2020

Outlet Timer, Digital Programmable Timer, CANAGROW 7 Day Weekly Heavy Duty Smart Indoor Timer for Electric Outlets, Wall Timer Switch Grounded Review:

I tried the timer and it works fine. The setup is pretty simple, even though the instructions have a lot of broken English sentences. It is a little bit of a pain that you have to go through all of the "On-Off Programs" from Number 1 and up when you want to adjust any of them (there are 20 possible programs). For example, if you want to change Program #7, you have to go through Programs #1 through #6 even if they are to remain unchanged. You do not have to program all 20 Programs, only the ones you want to use.

I particularly like the "random" function that turns on the timer outlet at each program start time but turns it off after a random period ranging from 10 - 60 minutes. Without this feature, I probably would never use all 20 programs. I would probably set a daily schedule to run for an hour or 2 in the morning and then 2 or 4 hours in the evening. However, I can see setting 20 start times throughout the week knowing that the stop times will be random. This feature would really make the house look occupied while we are on vacation.

Otronics 800W Outdoor Dimmer for LED String Lights,Wireless Remote Control dimmer control,100Ft Range with 8 Brightness Mode, Timed off,Memory Function Review:

Just what I've been looking for...hard to find a low watt outdoor flood light bulb...this does the job and then some... dim when I want to chill .......bright when I let the dog out.....perfect!!!......update....purchase April 17th.....stopped working Sept. 22nd... 5 months!!!!!! really....return and product support both expired!!!!! manufacture wants orig. box and papers for warranty....who keeps that after 2-3 months? customer support through Amazon and they responded right away.....they had no problem with helping me out...they sent me out a new unit at no cost to me...they also kept in touch with me (via email) until I received the dimmer..GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE/SUPPORT! Will not hesitate to purchase from them again...Great job guys!

Leviton TBL03-10E Tabletop Slide Control Lamp Dimmer, 300-Watt, Black Review:

This works great for dimming the LED light strings I got for my Christmas tree. The only thing to be aware of, is that due to how LEDs dim, you'll want to use string lengths of the same size. For instance, on my tree I matched what was pre-existing on the tree (had to re-pre-light a pre-lit tree on which the lights that came with it only lasted a year) which was a 50 light string on the top and bottom, and a 100 light string in the middle. On the low settings of the dimmer, the middle section is much lower than the top/bottom due to it having twice as many lights. Had I used all 50 light strings, it would be even through the entire dimming range. Still, that only happens at the dimmest setting. Once you move it up just a bit, it evens out. If you set it all the way to the bottom, it works as an off switch. The quality is nice and there is plenty of cord to place the dimmer in an easy to reach area.
I am extremely happy with this purchase.

Outdoor Dimmer for String Lights SUNTHIN 240 Watts Wireless Remote Control Dimmer 50Ft Distance Auto Off Switch Timer for Led or Incandescent Strings Lights Patio Lights Dimmer Included 3 Prong Plug Review:

I was so hopeful that this would do everything I wished it to, but it fell short. I thought I'd be able to get this to "time" for 6 hours by combining 2hr & 4hr buttons. I have a very large, deep, porch that faces woods and it's like a dark hole without some perimeter lighting. My goal was to turn the timer on before bed and have 6 hours of light out there so if I have to get up I could see someone if they were on or around the porch. The choices for timer are 1/2 hr, 1 hr, 2 hr, 4 hr. Who needs 1/2 hour timer???? Or 1 hour? It would be better if it was 2, 4, 6, 8 hours. I'm happy with the fact that I can hit the remote and turn it on/off and the dimmer is functioning beautifully, I just wish the timer had more logical amounts of time on it.

Lutron Credenza Plug-In Dimmer FOR Halogen and Incandescent Bulbs, with Locator Light, TT-300NLH-WH, White Review:

What I love about these dimmers is that I can plug in all the lamps on a switched circuit, adjust the brightness of each one to the perfect level, and then when I use the wall switch to turn them off all off, then turn them on again, they are all still set at the brightness level I set them at. In other words, unlike wireless dimmers I've tried, you can still use the wall switch and your setting is saved until you readjust it at the dimmer. If you want to readjust one, the module is right there at your fingertips and the slider is so easy to use and responsive instead of poking away on an electronic pad. I've had two of these plug-in dimmers for years, don't even know how long, it's been that long, and they're still working great. I just added this new one so every lamp on this circuit is dimmed.

I tried adding a wireless dimmer on this lamp and it was a big pain in the neck. The switch no longer controlled it so I had to turn that one on and off separately with its own control, and I had to turn it on, then adjust the brightness level, every single time. And there was another switch to mount on the wall or keep track of. I decided it wasn't worth the hassle. I find these ones so much simpler to operate and they are so reliable.

Keep in mind, this model is for incandescent and halogen bulbs. If you have gone to LED or CFL bulbs in your lamps, you need the Model Number TTCL-100H. They actually have several models of these that look the same but have technical differences.

Lutron Credenza Plug-In Dimmer for Halogen and Incandescent Bulbs, TT-300H-BR, Brown Review:

This does exactly what it says on the package. I bought it because I strung up fairy lights on my headboard but I found them too bright for trying to sleep (yes, I'm 25 and I still like a nightlight occasionally whatever). So I bought this. The first one didn't actually get sent to my address (something about my delivery address not existing even though it definitely does and I'm here), so they had to send a second one. Amazon was really great about getting the new one to me the next business day which was great. Anyway, this works just like you'd think. You plug it in, then the lights into the dimmer, and it...dims. Lights. It makes my fairy lights go from "electric city" to "oh man maybe there really are living things strung up in a line giving me enough light to feel safe". This dimmer was a good investment and I'm excited to try it out during Christmas.

Word of warning: check your fairy lights before you plug them in! This is NOT for LED lights. I don't know if it would be dangerous to plug them in, but it might cause overheating, which can lead to fires! My fairy lights are not LED and they're under the max wattage, so the dimmer does NOT get hot or buzz or any of those weird things you might read in previous reviews. I have the dimmer itself suspended so max air flow can circulate around it, but neither the dimmer nor the lights have been hot to the touch, and I check pretty often. Please make sure you're using the correct type and wattage of lights for this!!!!

Photos are pre- and post-dimmer with my overhead light off to show just how bright the fairy lights are.

[UPGRADED] Salt Lamp Cord with Dimmer Control and Base Assembly, Betus [Original Replacement] Power Cord with Dim Switch & Base for Himalayan Salt Lamps - UL Listed 6 Feet Long with Two FREE 15W Bulbs Review:

I have several Himalayan salt lamps around our home and love the soft, warm glow they give off. Some of my original lamps are several years old and the light fixtures are going to pot. I chose this product because it was UL rated. The item is plastic, but where it differs from the original is the bulb does not rest directly against the metal the lightbulb screws into. I had to remove a metal piece from the bottom of the lamp and re-screw the base back into the lamp, but this a much improved design from the original. Several of my original lamps had metal prongs which took a concerted effort to extract the light source from inside the lamp. This unit has 3 prongs which secure the light, but don't require smashing fingers or tools to move it in or out of the base. I ordered 3 units and am so pleased with my purchase I will be ordering several more.

Leviton 6672-1LW SureSlide Universal 150W LED/CFL Incandescent Slide-To-Off Dimmer, White Review:

I paired this with 104 watts worth of dimmable LED lights in my living room and it works amazingly. It controls all eight lights evenly with no flicker and no buzzing. You do have to slide up to aprox. 25% before they turn on and then slide down if you want dimmer, but that doesn't bother me. it dims the lights down to about 10% at the lowest, which is lower than i expected but it would be nice if you could dim all the way down to 0%. I don't know if it is the switch or the lights that regulate that. I like that you slide to off, instead of having a separate on/off switch because we always set it at different levels depending on our mood or tasks. The separate switch is only beneficial if you want the lights to turn on at the last setting. In conclusion, it works as advertised with a smooth sliding action and i approve of this product.

Outdoor Dimmer, Wireless RF Smart Plug-in Outdoor Dimmer Switch, Remote Control Dimming Controller - 200W Max Power/150FT Max Range/IP68 Waterproof/Stepless Dimming for Dimmable LED String Lights Review:

I was a little worried because the FEIT LED string lights from Costco did not contain the magic words "Dimmable" anywhere in the product description on the box or on the paperwork inside. (Which is funny because all replacement LED bulbs you buy at Home Depot do specify whether an LED bulb is dimmable, even ones made by FEIT).
The undimmed new 1W LED bulbs are a beautiful warm white (not yellow) color - identical to the original 11W incandescent bulbs they replaced in a side-by-side test at night in the same string, which is exactly what I wanted - but they are so efficient that the new 1W LED bulbs seemed even brighter than the 11W bulbs they replaced. That's fine for cleaning up after the party or for searching if someone loses an ear ring, but not optimal for mood, once the grilling is done and the music and wine are flowing freely!

Since the whole 48ft LED string (1 Watt 2700K bulbs) only cost me $40 on sale at Costco ($10 off), and this dimmer cost me the same amount on Amazon, I was going to be pretty bummed if it didn't work - but I took a chance.
Happy to report they work beautifully together! I only use 3 buttons on the remote: 100%, 75%, and "Min" (which appears to be 50%.) They should not even bother having all the other silly buttons on such a little remote!!!

Another pleasant surprise is that when I adjust the lights to 75%, and allow the timer to turn the light string off automatically at 1:00 AM, when the timer turns the lights back on the next eve at 7:00PM they come back on at the same dimness level. (I thought the might default back to 100% when they came back on, and I'd need to manually re-dim them again w/ the remote each evening I wanted them dim - which is almost always. But fortunately the dimmer "remembers" what level it was last used at, which is typical for mechanical switches but not necessarily so for soft-touch buttons like the ones on this remote.

I'm sure this dimmer won't last as long as the LED bulbs, ie 7 years or so, but if I get even 2 years or so out of it, then it's definitely well worth the $40!! (I'm only using it on a single LED light string for my application, but if you plugged multiple LED strings into the single dimmer in a series, then the $40 dimmer cost would seem even more reasonable, ratio-wise.)

Instapark Remote Control Wireless Dimmer Switch for Lamp Plug-In Lamp Dimmer with Wall Mount Included, Easy Installation Review:

I have to admit I was skeptical about this dimmer switch. It looked like it was going to be bulky and ugly and have a big Rudolf-esque red light on the plug part. The reality is all those things are true and yet somehow none of it matters because the world of non fitted dimmers is not a big one. Either they are Alexa based, which I didn’t want, or they are the long cable and slidey switch variety, and I refuse to have more cables. This plugs in and then you attach the remote to the wall or don’t - it comes already paired. The red plug light is only on when your appliance is on, so if you are worried about it glowing red like HAL watching you in the dark, worry not, and the red nose doubles up as a kill switch too. The remote looks good enough, kind of like a wall fitted light switch, but the buttons are not the most receptive to a push. This is not a deal breaker though and the package comes with a ton of spares, which was thoughtful. 3 or 4 different dimming settings are available, although the brightest is dimmer than if the appliance was plugged directly into the wall - but not by very much. $25 isn’t my favorite price for plastic junk, especially if you’re thinking of getting a few more, but these do work and they feel pretty well made and would seem less prone to burning down the house than other junky things available. As ever one wants to keep a regular feel of their temp and not overload your sockets. A good buy.