Best Planners in 2020

2020 Planner - Weekly & Monthly Planner with Tabs, 6.3" x 8.4", Hardcover with Back Pocket + Thick Paper + Banded, Twin-Wire Binding - Mint Floral Review:

Can I please say, "OH. MY. GAWD!!" this planner is beautiful and well made. Gold coil on the left hand side to keep the planner together. The size to me is just perfect for your purse or back pack, you have your planner on hand all the time! The planer is hard cover both front and back of planner...pretty sturdy! Has a quick reference page for your information. Next page "yearly overview" 2020 & 2021. Next a holidays page. Next 2 contact pages. Next 2pg monthly starting with January 2020. Next, weekly 2 page for the month. Last page of planner is a state, capitals & time zones. The back hard cover has a pocket and a "page keeper" attached by a piece of garter.
Price was really good for the product that I rvcvd! Ample space to write anything!!
Definetly will be purchasing another one come 2021!! What are you waiting for!?! Oh you hvnt places your order yet! LoL
Happy PLANNING everyone!!!

2020 Monthly Planner - 12-Month Planner with Tabs & Pocket & Label, Contacts and Passwords, 8.5" x 11", Thick Paper, January - December 2020, Twin-Wire Binding - Black by Artfan Review:

I really loved the way this planner came out! The text color is more of a dark gray, but I can see it perfectly. The cover on each end is very sturdy. The laminated tabs for each month make it easy to flip to where you need to get to. They offer plenty of extra pages for notes, contacts, passwords, etc. There is also a Holidays page that has the holidays for the next 3 years. The last "page" is a clear pocket that you can put things in. It's too small for an 8-1/2 x 11' paper, but you could use it to hold receipts or small paper items. Overall for the cost, you can't beat it!

2020 Planner - Weekly & Monthly Planner, Flexible Cover, 12 Monthly Tabs, 21 Notes Pages, 6.25" x 8.3", Twin-Wire Binding with Two-Sided Inner Pocket Review:

I have worked as a project manager, private investigator and now in human resources, juggling work, gym, kids, sports, finishing my master’s and my husband’s schedule, I am literally losing my mind. This is exactly what I needed, I have overpaid for daily planners that are sub-par at best, this one is perfect.
A quick rundown of why this makes sense, btw I read reviews before I buy and I take the good and bad into consideration before purchasing, my review is not to sell a product, but to tell the potential consumer what to expect. It has a section to put in names and numbers of contacts (2 pages), more than enough space to add your important and not so important contacts. There is a quick reference page for emergency contacts your own information, close friends, and family. There is a page that shows the holidays for 2019-2012, great for my mom chaos, knowing the days they fall on for the school year. Each month has the tabs, making it easy to navigate through the months, starting July of 2019. The month is laid out to quickly jot down notes on days, with a small note section. You have the days of the week following the calendar of the month, plenty of room to write your daily activities, to-do’s, or obligations. Oh, and the full month shows what day of the year the day is and how many says left of the year, example July 2nd, 2019 shows 183/182. I didn’t realize how helpful this was until I needed to use it (to plan out a vacation).
The planner ends on July 2020, I know some planners go longer, but I find this more convenient, I hang on to my planners and this makes it simpler for reconciling meetings, activities, appointments. There are a ton of pages for notes and it has a map of the U.S. with time zones. I love the little plastic pocket in the back for holding my post-its or receipts. It fits perfect in my purse and in my briefcase, easy to use quickly or find what I need to look up easily. For the price its perfect, I rely on daily planners and I bought one for my younger son to help keep track of his own activities and assignments due. Its well made, it has high quality paper and the binder appears to be sturdy, won’t break down over use. All in all I am very satisfied.

Planner 2020 - Weekly & Monthly 2020 Planner Jan - Dec, 8.5" x 6.4", Flexible Hardcover, Strong Twin - Wire Binding, Thick Paper, 12 Monthly Tabs, Inner Pocket, Elastic Closure, Inspirational Quotes Review:

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 This planner is so cute, I really love it! It’s a watercolor cactus design on the front and back. The cover is very sturdy and hard so it should definitely last the whole year. It has a very strong spiral binding that lets the pages lay completely flat. There is a pocket in the back to store a little papers and an elastic holds the whole thing shut. There are calendar pages and weekly pages for notes. Perfect for anyone with a really busy schedule like myself!

2020 Planner - Weekly & Monthly Planner with Calendar Stickers, 5.75" X 8.25", A5 Premium Thicker Paper with Pen Holder, Inner Pocket and 88 Notes Pages Review:

I’m always hesitant to purchase things like this online, only because the reviews show them to be a hit or miss. But after chancing $22, I can say that I’m satisfied with this planner. I’m a new college student and I’ve been getting academic planners since I started high school and I can tell you that this one by far has been my favorite. It came in a box which was cool, made it more exciting to open. It feels genuine, not cheap or flimsy. It has two strings going down the middle as bookmarkers, a pen/pencil holder on the spine, and a stretchy band that holds the book together on the back. There’s enough space to write everything I need to get done, which I enjoy. The only modification I would make would be if they came with plastic tabs instead of sticker tabs, as you have to fold the sticker around the page to create the tab (see photo above). This just makes it harder to open up but I just have one of the string bookmarks on each new week which makes up for it. Otherwise, a solid 10/10, would recommend, purchase from me.

Blue Sky 2020 Weekly & Monthly Planner, Flexible Cover, Twin-Wire Binding, 8.5" x 11", Enterprise Review:

I am extremely dependent on my Monthly/Weekly planner, and it is one of my most important purchases of the year. In the past two years I have purchased the Mead Customizable Planner with the clear customizable cover, but this year the ones I saw, had very light print on the interior of the planners. So, off to try to find a new planner. I ordered 4 different planners (Yes, I really want to find the perfect one.) These are the ones I ordered (all large size or nearly 8 ½” x 11”):
Cambridge Color Bar in Navy

Cambridge Julep

Blue Sky Enterprise

Day Designer for Blue Sky

All of them have a stiff plastic cover. Both Cambridge Planners also include a clear plastic pocket on the inside of the cover. The overall paper quality of both of the Cambridge planners is thinner, and you can see the print through the page, especially on the Julep. The Julep is also showing a bit of warping of the paper from storage or humidity. The paper in the Day Designer for Blue Sky is also somewhat thinner, but not as bad as the Cambridge Julep. The Blue Sky Enterprise has the sturdiest paper, very nice quality throughout. As far as the layout, and print color comparison, see photos. The Day Designer really knocked my socks off when I saw the amazing Daily pages…it doesn’t have a two page (week) layout, but the features included on the daily pages look so incredibly helpful, that I’m going to keep it merely for that reason!! (It does fold over so that you can only see one day, so I will probably just use it for daily planning and not monthly or weekly planning. Ultimately my favorite, if I could only afford to buy one, is the Blue Sky Enterprise. It has nice dark print, a lined monthly calendar, and quality durable paper.

2020 Pocket Calendar - Weekly & Monthly Pocket Planner, Elegant Leather with Pen Hold, Inner Pocket, Banded, 6.4" x 3.9" Review:

This is a beautifully constructed pocket planner. The light-tan faux leather covering is elegant, the printing is clean and easy to read. and the book-stitched construction allows the planner to lay flat when open so both facing pages are easily viewed at the same time. There are two bookmark ribbons, a small pocket on the rear cover plate, an elastic band to keep it closed and a elastic side-loop that is perfect for attaching a small pen. It looks great and works as intended.

This is a professional-quality pocket planner and there is no comparison to the commonly available paper-backed, stapled trash that often is only slightly less expensive then these.

You do have to stick on the supplied month tabs yourself if you need them, but that only takes a few minutes and is easy to do.

Perfect size, well designed and constructed, fairly priced. What more could one ask for in an annual pocket planner?

AT-A-GLANCE 2020 Weekly Appointment Book/Planner, DayMinder, 8" x 11", Large, Black (G52000) Review:

Revised review on 11/04/2017: upgrade from one star to 5 stars after I contacted Amazon customer services to vent my did-satisfaction with the first delivery of the planner I ordered (see below, my first review on 11/03/2017). Amazon sent me an replacement and delivered to me at around 10 am today in less than 12 hours. The replacement has the item number G210-00 and as expected, a tabbed telephone/address section on the back of the planner (a total extra 13 pages of valuable space to use, photo attached to show tabbed section). For my purpose, this planner is very convenient to use and light enough to carry around in my brief case. I have used this same design from same manufacturer for many years and will continue to use in the future despite the issue I have encountered this time.
Amazon had done a great job to mitigate the problem that caused by the lack of quality control of the manufacturer during the productions.

First review 11/03/2017>>>I purchased this item G21000 which should have a tabbed telephone/address section however, the planner I received today does not have the tabbed telephone/address section. It is actually a basic planner that should have item number G20000 (without tabbed telephone/address section). I am expecting a resolution from Amazon as this is clearly a false advertisement. Please see photo included with this review.

Blue Sky 2020 Weekly & Monthly Planner, Flexible Cover, Twin-Wire Binding, 8.5" x 11", Laila Review:

Overall pleased with this purchase.
Pros: This 5x8 spiral calendar has double looped spirals, plastic laminated front and back covers to prevent rips, laminated tabs that do not stick out beyond the size of the covers. The interior has monthly as well as weekly pages - I personally never write things in the monthly, but only in the weekly. Otherwise I'm writing things down twice! The size is perfect for putting into my handbag without overwhelming the volume or weight. Pages open flat easily.
Cons: A few minor downsides. The pages are a bit thinner than my old calendar from another company that I can no longer find online...too bad. I included a photo showing that when I used a flair ink pen to write an entry, you can see a bit of it on the shared back side. Not a big deal, but I ended up writing entries in pencil instead of marker so that it doesn't seep through. Also, there are NO pockets. I thought there would be a folder pocket to catch my random receipts and papers, but alas, there are none. So I'll resort to using a binder clip. Also, the spiral is not large enough to slip in a pen, so I'll just use a pen with a built-in clip and leave it on the cover.

Blue Sky 2019-2020 Academic Year Weekly & Monthly Planner, Flexible Cover, Twin-Wire Binding, 8.5" x 11", Enterprise Review:

i bought one of these when i started my current job. i’m on my fifth blue sky calendar now. still like this calendar. still hate my job.