Best Pizza Peels in 2020

Pizza Royale Ethically Sourced Premium Natural Bamboo Pizza Peel (Extra Large) Review:

I have owned many pizza peels and they have always splintered, worked, and ended up breaking in half. When I ordered this I was a little skeptical because it sounded so amazing, but everything they say is true. Not only is this board beautiful but the quality is outstanding ! It is perfectly smooth with a nice beveled edge, comfortable grip, cleans nicely and works perfectly, we use it in our outdoor pizza oven and the pizzas with a little cornmeal slide right into the oven with ease, the company was a very efficient, the board arrived within days, and the owner of the company contacted me shortly after to ask if I was satisfied with the product when I said I hadn't used it yet she checked back in a week and said they were a small company and she just wanted to make sure that I was happy with my purchase. Not only am I happy with my purchase but I am also happy with this amazing small family Business and I wish them the best of luck in the future I recommend ordering from this company anytime they're great! Thank you Melisse

The Ultimate Pizza Cutter Rocker Blade. Very Sharp Pizza Slicer with Protective Cover. Safer Grip than a Pizza knife, Sharper than Pizza Scissors. Great on All Types of Crusts. Stainless Steel 14 inch Review:

I just received this pizza peel. And unfortunately I can't use it--I have a baking stone inset for my grill, and the wire handles that hold it in place only have a slightly larger than 12 inch wide space in which to insert a pizza peel flat on the stone. So, this pizza peel is too wide. The stone itself is 14 inches, but I wouldn't have been able to know this until I bought the insert for the grill and measured the space between the handles. Lesson learned, I guess.

No worries, though. This particular pizza peel is particularly well made and designed. It has a neat feature where the "dimples" are meant to be dusted with flour, which is released as the pizza is slid across it, to prevent the dough from sticking. The sides also would help me from dumping the pizza off of the sides. (My coordination isn't what it used to be!)

I am still going to keep this one for occasional indoor use, as we have a rectangular baking stone I can use in the oven. But, I really wanted to use this on the grill outdoors. I am going to have to order the Weber pizza peel since it does fit the stone. It's a little more pricey, but at least I know it will be of better quality than the off-brands, and will fit the stone.

Chef Pomodoro Aluminum Metal Pizza Peel with Foldable Wood Handle for Easy Storage 12-Inch x 14-Inch, Gourmet Luxury Pizza Paddle for Baking Homemade Pizza Bread Review:

We use this paddle strictly for removing a pizza or turning it. A wooden peel with cornmeal is used to slide the pizza onto the stone. The wooden peel doesn't work well for us after getting the pizza into the oven. It's just too thick. However, this peel easily slides under the pizza to rotate it or remove it once the bottom of the crust is cooked.
My own experience with pizza peels is to use a wooden one for sliding the pizza onto the stone, and then using a metal one to remove the finished product. Once the pizza is in the oven the next one can be assembled on the wooden peel. The metal peel is used to turn the pizza halfway through baking, and then to remove it to a wooden cutting board for slicing.
This peel works very well once the bottom of the pizza has set up. No sticking, nice and slick. Because the metal peel is thin it easily slides under the pizza.

I use this peel with the knob facing down. As a retired engineer it seems mechanically more sound to use it with the handle support on the bottom of the peel, not the top. But that's just me and it probably doesn't make any difference.

I wish the bulge on the handle was on the other side, as it requires more loosening turns of the knob to get the peel to fold past that bulge. Because of this it doesn't fold flat and takes up a bit more space than it should.

Checkered Chef Pizza Peel Extra Large Pizza Paddle With Folding Handle Review:

Super sturdy... didn't think it would be, but it's serious pro grade. The folding thing is nice & super secure... there's nothing flimsy about this bad boy. Folding fits in the lower rack larger than a dinner plate, but smaller than a cookie sheet. I use it in my gas fired pizza oven outside... very secure & easy to handle... unlike the round handle peels I used to use in high school pulling pizzas, those would be all wiggley.. the wide flat handle allows for a positive sure grip. I've made the pizza on this thing before but i'd not recommend it... we make on a wood peel with semolina & put the raw pizza in oven with it... it's larger & we can make nice size pizza... this thing works great to pull the pizza & turn it, & if the pizza is larger, no biggie as long as it's cooked it shouldn't flop over the side. I also turn it over & use as a sort of scraper to scrape the burned semolina & other toppings that jumped ship. Really, really good peel... trust me, I've pulled thousands of pizzas in my time

Heritage Acacia Wood Pizza Peel, Great for Homemade Pizza, Cheese and Charcuterie Boards - 22" x 14" Review:

I read a lot of reviews for wooden pizza peels before I ordered this item. I finally decided that this would be the one. I have to say I am very pleased not only with this item but with the customer service that I didn't even need from this company. Once they knew I had placed the order the owner sent a nice email stating he hoped I'd be happy with it and has the most unique, original way of informing you that your pizza peel is on its way. When the item arrived I was just thrilled with it - it is beautiful. And even more importantly than that, it is great for sliding pizzas off into my pizza oven. The pizza dough did not stick at all with the use of a little bit of cornmeal on it. It was so easy to use. Since I've never used a wooden one before I was not sure what to expect but I need have had no fears whatsoever. The peel is so pretty it is now hanging on the wall in my kitchen on display in between uses with my pizza oven. So, I plan to use the wooden one to place the pizza into the oven and my metal one to remove the pizza since I want to keep this one looking pretty. We made five pizzas over this weekend and the peel worked like a charm. I just cleaned it with a damp cloth when I was finished. The surface of the peel is very smooth, the grain is just beautiful, the pizza slides off easily, and I know I'm going to enjoy using this peel for very long time. The owner also sends you an email after you've received it just to check on how you liked your item. What more could a person ask for? Buy this one; you will love it.

New Star Foodservice 50219 Aluminum Pizza Peel, Wooden Handle, 9 x 11 inch Blade, 26 inch overall Review:

I've really gotten into making my own pizza lately. And I desperately needed a better way to transfer the assembled pizza into the oven. I chose this particular one because of the great reviews, plus I assumed that the metal blade would be smoother and more slippery than wood. It works very well with store bought pizzas as well as my homemade pizza dough. However, I used it with pre-made pizza dough (the kind that comes in a cardboard "pop" tube) once..disaster! The dough was much too sticky, even with handfuls of flour. As I attempted to slide/jerk it off the peel onto the stone, the crust remained on the peel and all the topping slid off onto the stone.

This thing is sturdy. Some of my pizzas end up being pretty hefty and I have no worries re: this peel bending.

Also, this peel is large. Great for pizza making, but not so great for storing in a home kitchen. A hole drilled through the handle, maybe with a leather loop, would make this product so much better....that way I can hang it from a hook. It's easy enough to DIY, but would only had a few seconds to the manufacturing process....

Fiery Chef Bamboo Pizza Peel with Foldable Handle for Easy Storage 12 x 14 inch Blade, 22.9 inch Overall, Gourmet Luxury Pizza Paddle for Baking Homemade Pizza Bread Review:

I like it especially because of the folding handle. It does what is expected and cleans up easily. The most convenient thing is the swiveling handle. I'm sure you must hear that frequently. It makes storage so easy. Ordered a wood fired pizza oven and needed a pizza slider. The one that came with our pizza oven was bulky and did not fit anywhere. This one can actually fold the handle in which majes it more convenient for storage. Have used this multiple times and it is not loose or unsturdy. It cleans easy, packs away nicely and works well with moving pizzas in and out of the oven.

Epicurean Pizza Peel, 17-Inch by 10-Inch, Natural Review:

This is our 4th Epicurean product and all of them are great. When I received the peel it smelled absolutely terrible, like formaldehyde. This has not happened to the three other cutting boards but they were purchased in a store. I looked for a solution and Epicurean recommended washing 3-4 times in the dishwasher or hot soapy water. I opted for the dishwasher. After three cycles the smell is completely gone. I like that it can double as a large cutting board also.

Now, for the smoked pizza. Use whatever recipe and toppings you want. Get your grill turned all the way up. Just before you put the uncooked (and un-topped) pizza on place hickory wood chips in a tin pan under the grill surface. Slide the crust, using the epicurean peel, onto the grill surface. Toast it for 1 minute per side. Remove (using peel) and top as desired. Turn heat down to low and place pizza back on the grill. The wood chips should be giving off a good amount of smoke still. Give it a quarter turn every 2 minutes or so and watch it closely. The smoky flavor is so good.

Kitchen Supply 12-Inch x 14-Inch Aluminum Pizza Peel with Wood Handle Review:

I purchased this over a year ago and haven't really mastered the prep to make it work and time it all and had mostly unfavorable results than I wanted with the crust. I was about to give up using it but really loved how the pizza stone cooks it over the other method of using a perforated pan and spraying a generous amount of oil so it won't stick. Using parchment paper made this whole process much easier with great results now.

First, measure the parchment paper (not wax paper, it will burn) to the size of the peel surface so you know your pizza size limitation. Flour it so your dough doesn't stick while shaping it.

Now you can take the time shape the dough and make the pizza ahead of time and let it sit ready to cook while your stone and oven is heating up. Since it's on the paper you will slide it to the peel so it won't deform it transferring it and most importantly not having it stick to the peel right when you're about to slide it off... You will also cut down on the flour used to ensure it doesn't stick. I tended to over flour the dough and peel where it was obviously visible.

My last 2 pizzas using parchment paper made it a joy cooking on the stone and using this peel. None of the pizza stuck to the paper and the bottom crust came out golden brown as if it was cooking directly on the stone.

If you're frustrated with the sticking, give parchment paper a try and hope you can better results.

New Star Foodservice 50226 Wooden Pizza Peel, 12" x 14" x 22", Wood Review:

I purchased two peels--14x16 ($18) & 12x14 ($14). The 12x14 is probably all I need. Both arrived in good shape. Before using the 12x14 peel, I sanded it with 220 grip sand paper. The 12x14 peel is the perfect size for my 8oz dough balls. I had no problem moving pizzas from the peel to the cooking steel in the oven. However, I do use a bit of flour and semolina on the peel.
I attached some photos: new peel out of the package, peel with pizza, completed pepperoni/sausage pizza on a cutting peel. I use an acacia wood peel for cutting & serving (Mountain Woods PPAL Gourmet Acacia Hardwood Pizza Peel/Cutting Board). Pizza: 8oz ball, 24-hour cold proofed dough. Cooking time: 7 min, 45 sec. Oven: 500 deg-F. Cooking surface: Lodge cast iron pizza pan.