Best Pepper Mills in 2020

Kuhn Rikon 25550 Ratchet Spice Grinder, Black Review:

I knocked this Kuhn Rikon grinder over and it took a long fall from a high shelf to smash it open on my hard bamboo floor. So I am here to order another one.

Mine was THREE YEARS OLD. It was used vigorously EVERY single day.

For almost 1,095 days, it worked flawlessly.

It was dropped on a hardwood floor more times than I can remember. After one of those hard drops, the little door caved in. It took some effort to get it back in place. After that, it was a lot trickier to fill, but it still continued grinding away for many months.

For about $5.50 A YEAR, this little beast of a mill did a perfect job grinding my coarse Himalayan Sea Salt.

Of course, it is NOT going to last forever. No sensible person can expect that. You would have to pay 10xs more for such a mill. Even if it exists, it would be heavy stainless steel and likely not as easy to fill like this one. I gave away my old pricey attractive wooden pepper mill after I used this one for the first time.

I've bought many for gifts. It's plastic with the always ingenious design of Kuhn Rikon. I have been happy with all the Kuhn Rikon kitchen tools I own.

Just plan to replace it every couple of years.

Pepper Grinder or Salt Shaker for Professional Chef - Best Spice Mill with Brushed Stainless Steel, Special Mark, Ceramic Blades and Adjustable Coarseness Review:

I barbecue in the warmer weather and cook Italian in the colder seasons. Cooking is one of my passions and this grinder was a great discovery.
The weird part is I had to order the grinder due to a mistake I made during a recent shopping trip. I buy pepper and other seasonings quite frequently. I saw peppercorns on sale and thought I was purchasing a bottle with a grinder. I wasn’t, by mistake just a bottle of peppercorns. Anyway, I decided to order the "Pepper Grinder or Salt Shaker for Professional Chef " to grind the peppercorns.
It was a great experiment and works great. It has a knob for adjusting the size of the pepper grinds and is very comfortable to work with.
Plus, I got this at a very reasonable price. Anyway, I'm going to purchase another one for salt. (I'm very fussy regarding what I use for my cooking projects). I often wonder how it will work with basil and oregano. Time will tell.

I’m Carl and I approve this grinder!

COLE & MASON Derwent Pepper Grinder - Copper Mill Includes Gourmet Precision Mechanism and Premium Peppercorns Review:

I'd bought my usual Lifetime Supply of grinding salt at a certain huge warehouse store whose name begins with a C, and found the plastic grinder was nonfunctional. Returned the salt (this C---- outfit being the one that will accept returns of practically anything, practically forever). After some calculation, the customer service clerk managed to get the busted grinder lid off the thing, leaving me with a lifetime supply of fancy pink salt but nothing to grind it in. I decided the path of least resistance was simply to buy a real grinder and fill it with this decorative salt, which I kept. So naturally, the minute I got home it was Off to Amazon!!! After perusing customer reviews of several salt grinders, I found a one by some guy who said he was a pro and wouldn't have anything other than the Cole & ordered it up. Hot diggety: along it comes a few hours later...and it even comes with half a container of free salt! Add some of the pink salt, mix it up to make it look pretty, hold it over some food to try it out, and...

Lo! It WORKS. It works exceptionally well. Not only does it produce a grind perfect for the dinner table or for cooking, you don't have to flip it upside down to dispense the salt. Just turn the mechanism on top. It's ridiculously easy to refill, and to my taste its design is attractive.

Can't speak to its durability, because I've only had it a couple of weeks. But I'd venture that it LOOKS sturdy and feels substantial and sturdy in the I'm guessing it'll probably last for awhile.

OXO Good Grips Lewis Pepper Mill Review:

I ordered this for my dad who loves to cook because he had been using a scrappy stand-up knob-style pepper grinder for a while and knew he deserved something better. I was actually pretty hesitant in buying this pepper mill, because there were others sold on Amazon that had much more buyer reviews and were a little more expensive. I hope that this review can help change that.

It is literally the best pepper mill I have ever used. Finally got to see it in person at my parents' house and was blown away by the simplicity of the design of this thing. Here's a list of why it is great:

- Really sturdy. Made out of plastic, but seems very durable.

- The size is PERFECT for holding in your hand (this was one of my biggest fears because the picture makes it look quite big in my opinion).

- The loading door is great and the mill holds a very generous amount of pepper.

- Very easy to turn, easy to change coarseness (the lever-arm style pepper-mill is really what I was looking for because it is just much easier to turn than a knob-style). Also, the black knob on the lever can rotate independently from the lever, which is key to making it very easy to turn.

- The cover cap that comes with it is great so that you don't get pepper all over your kitchen counter.

Overall, really a great product. I couldn't be more impressed with it.

UPDATE: December 04, 2012

It has been over a year since this product was received and is in use at LEAST once every day (and by once I mean over the course of one meal).

The pepper mill is still going strong. There really isn't much I can add to the above original review of the product except that there have been no issues whatsoever and it has been working just as well since Day 1. Everyone who uses it loves it, it is VERY easy to use and get a lot of pepper from very little grinding effort due to the design of the lever-style crank mechanism, and it is very easy to clean (which rarely needs to be done since it's a pepper mill).

I have gotten other products from Oxo since this pepper mill and continue to be very impressed by them. Do yourself a favor: Do not be fooled by the other pepper mills that are often more EXPENSIVE - this one has been just about perfect.

COLE & MASON Capstan Wood Pepper Grinder - Wooden Mill Includes Precision Mechanism, 6.5 inch Review:

I am giving 4 out of 5 because of value for money. I fully admit that I knowingly paid for an overpriced pepper mill. However, it's not because I like brand name stuff; I couldn't find anything cheaper that fit my criteria of size, shape, and color. It does a good job at what it is supposed to do. No complaints there. The grinding mechanism is steel, which is nice. The finish on the grinder is smooth and comfortable. It holds plenty of peppercorns for many months of home cooking or perhaps a few weeks of professional work. I expect this to last. Honestly, now that I think about it, I do think I would make this purchase again if I had to, since I plan on getting lots of use out of it. Still 4 stars though, because it only costs this much because it's Cole & Mason. You could find just as good a grinder for cheaper if you aren't as aesthetically picky as I.

One tip while filling it: you're gonna want tp use a funnel when filling it with peppercorns. However, the steel rod that goes from the top to the bottom is very wobbly when the cap is off, which means that it's almost impossible to add peppercorns without pushing the rod against the side of the reservoir instead of keeping it dead center. No worries. Just be sure not to fill it will the way up; leave about an inch and a half of room at the top. Then, put the top on and loosely install the top screw (note: there will be tension against that steel rod because the peppercorns are trying to trap it to the sidewall). Gently shake the grinder up and down so the peppercorns rearrange and free the rod to move back to the center. :)

I included a photo near other items for scale.

Bazaar Anatolia Pepper Grinder, Spice Grinder, Pepper Mill, Turkish Grinder (4.2" Antique Copper) Review:

First of all, I read a few reviews that said this grinder is surprisingly small. Even with that, I was still surprised by its tiny-ness. It is small! While seated in the bowl, from the flat bottom to the highest point on the crank, it is a mere 4 3/8”. As a lady, my hands are fairly large, and I could see this item being difficult to use for someone whose hands are much larger than mine. That being said, this item yields some excellent pepper grounds! I am the disappointed owner of a $150 pepper grinder that has caused me more grief than any pepper grinder is worth. In my quest for a replacement, I saw this adorably crafted gem and thought it worth a try. For the price, you can’t beat it! And the decorative flare it offers my kitchen is an added bonus. It really is quite lovely. In addition, it grinds smoothly, evenly and efficiently. The directions said to grind dry rice through it before use, which I did. It was pretty tough to crank that rice through, and I was afraid it would be the same case with pepper. However, I was pleasantly surprised that with a few easy cranks, it ran the pepper through with no difficulty. The only downside is the slot where pepper loads. It’s tiny, making it a little inconvenient to fill. I wish this came with a peppercorn sized funnel for loading. But I managed and I am happy with my new pepper grinder. Would I buy it again? Sure!

Peugeot 23447 Paris U'Select 5 Inch Pepper Mill, Chocolate Review:

To waste time on any other pepper grinder is lunacy. The pepper is ground consistently, and comes out evenly. The pepper grinder can be operated with ease and refilled simply. I am in love. Well worth the price, a seriously great purchase. I will say though that the directions, ok the tiny pamphlet, state that the peppercorns should be sized at 5mm max. This intrigued me. Upon measuring Penzey's Tellicherry and Black Indian Peppercorns, I have discovered that over one-third of my batch of peppercorns measured 5mm or larger, some peppercorns even measured at 8mm. I have switched brands to Starwest Botanicals Black Peppercorns (ordered from Amazon) and have found the peppercorns to be much smaller, not as tough,and the taste similar to the Tellicherry flavor. My husband can't tell the difference. I am wondering if the Penzey's peppercorns is why my original pepper grinder, and subsequent cheaper models purchased before my Peugeot pepper grinder, have broken?

OXO Pepper Grinder, Clear Review:

This pepper mill grinds easily and quickly, so it doesn't take long to get the quantity you need for a recipe or for your plate at the table. It has an adjustment to change the grounds from coarse to finer (not a great deal of difference, but still a nice option). The grinder sits on the part you turn, so you're not left with pepper on the table or counter. The cap for refilling removes easily and covers a fairly large opening for easy filling. I've been using and enjoying this grinder for about three weeks.

Yugefom Stainless Steel Pepper Mills with One Hand Stands Mini Thumb Push for Peppercorns, Sea Salt, Spices, Table Seasoning Grinders (2) Review:

The simple design is easy to fill and easy to adjust. They hold more than most regular shakers for the table. I liked mine so much that I bought two more sets for gifts. The glass is thick enough to resist damage and the stainless looks good too. In short, this is a super buy!