Best Panko in 2020

Kikkoman Panko Japanese Style Bread Crumbs, 8 Oz Review:

If you enjoy cooking and have not tried Kikkoman Panko Bread Crumbs yet you are truly missing out!
Let me tell you first off I did not even notice I was ordering a 2 pound box so when it arrived I had a great laugh at how big this box is!
I have already given some to my daughter and mother because one box of this would last me years!
It comes with two separate bags in the box which reseal for freshness which is a nice touch.
Panko bread crumbs can be used for a lot of things but the way I use it most is as a crunchy topping on salmon, tuna, chicken, and pork.
Just mix enough olive oil with some crumbs to get the crumbs moist but not soaking wet. Add salt, pepper, and other spices as you wish to season. Cook meat or fish but at the last four minutes of the cook cycle add the topping (panko mixture) and put back in oven.
Panko crisps up / browns FAST!
It is so good and I just could eat it straight!
This box is a steal for the price considering how little panko you would use in a regular meal serving compared to how much you receive in this 2 pound box.
Give it a try and if you already know and love Panko I recommend this brand for sure.

Pork Panko - 0 Carb Pork Rind Breadcrumbs - Keto and Paleo Friendly, Naturally Gluten-Free and Carb-Free (16oz) Review:

Finally a no-carb gluten free substitute for bread crumbs! My first use was for oven fried chicken breasts. I seasoned the chicken first then rolled in the pork dust. The chicken came out with a great crisp coating. My second use was doing something similar with fish fillets, this time I mixed it with Parmesan cheese and spices. It came out very yummy. They don't stick well to the food unless you coat the food with egg first, let it stand for a few minutes so it gets sticky then roll in the pork dust. Use an oven crisping mat to maximize the crispiness. I'm not thinking these would work well for sweet preparations, best for savory. They do taste just like pork rinds, only not as strong a flavor.

McCormick Italian Herb Panko Bread Crumbs, 21 oz Review:

I've always used another brand of panko but it was expensive to buy small boxes. I saw this large jar of Panko for a decent price and I do trust McCormick so decided to give it a try. I love it and put it on Subscribe and Save. The flavor is bold and the crumbs are fresh. My husband and I both like it as much as the previous brand I was buying. Some of the crumbs are a little large so sometimes, depending on what I'm coating, I'll grind the amount I need for a particular recipe in my coffee/spice grinder. Don't need to that often but it's nice to know I have options...finer or coarser.

Jeff Nathan Creations Chef Gourmet Panko Plain Gluten Free, 15 Ounce Review:

Great tasting gluten free alternative. My husband and son like these better then regular bread crumb. When used for frying, they come out very crispy. They do not retain crispiness when reheated...but most bread crumb do not. They are "plain" so you can season them to your liking or just use them the way they are. I have also ground them into a finer crumb to use in place of regular bread crumb and they work out just great as well. They are are gluten free bread crumb of choice

Roland Foods Bread Crumbs, Plain Panko, 7 Ounce (Pack of 6) Review:

Hard to find Panko in whole wheat, but when you do, there are usually only a few boxes. Since I use them not only to coat food for frying or oven-baking -- but also in meat loaf, etc., in place of bread crumbs, I don't want to be running to the store all the time. Buying a multi-pack online through Amazon proves to be the solution.

These crumbs are sealed, so they are fresh tasting and the quality is great.

Ian's Italian Panko Breadcrumbs, 0.5 Pound Review:

These are really good. I made sheet pan pork chops with just a bit of olive oil to make them stick to the chops. I also pushed them in with the back of a spoon. I grilled thick chops at 400 degrees for 30 minutes and they were perfect. Nice crunchy coating; the Italian style required no additional seasoning. I would probably get 6 or 8 coatings with one bag.

Kikkoman Panko Japanese Style Toasted Bread Crumbs Food Service Pack 2.5 lbs (1.13 kg) Review:

Those little boxes of Kikkoman Panko crumbs are very good, but don't last very long, so I bought it in bulk, decanted it into three ziploc bags, and have Panko to last me into the new year, 2021. As long as the bags are sealed, the crumbs stay fresh. My experience tells me that Kikkoman's Panko crumbs are the best available.