Best Outdoor Seasonal Lighting Hooks in 2020

SEWANTA All-Purpose Light Clips Holder - Set of 400 Christmas light hooks - Mount holiday lights to shingles and gutters - works with Rope, Mini, c-7-6-9, icicle lights - USA made - No tools required Review:

Perfect for putting up rope lights on the gutter.

I was excited to find color changing rope lights at a local big box store. This meant I could put them up once and change the colors to reflect the festival flavor of the day.

However the plastic clips that came in the box were such a poor quality that most of them broke off.

Amazon to the rescue. This product is an amazingly large box of clips, not one of them broke off when I mounted them on the gutter and clipped the rope lights on them, and the result looks great.

If I manage to finish this box and need to mount more lights - rope or the regular strands- I’ll come back here to get these again.

GuangTouL Party Light Hanger Outdoor Lights Clips Party Supplies Apply to Edison String Lights Outdoor Hooks Courtyards Camping Tents Christmas Decoration Accessories(30 Pack) Review:

I needed something that would be easy to clip to the edge of our motorhome awning to hang our lights from and these were perfect. They were easy to clip and really easy to hook the light strand through the hook. I was really pleased! We have only used them for one camping trip so we'll have to see if they rust after a summer of Texas weather.

DOCAZOO DocaPole 5-12 Foot Pole Hook Extension Pole | Boat Hook Pole | Telescopic Pole Hook for Hanging Lights | Retrieval Hook | Pool Hook | Clothing Hook Pole | Telescoping Hook | Big-Reach Hook Review:

My sailboat's main sheet got fouled in the shrouds on a windy day. I needed a tool that could reach up over 20 feet to help untangle this line. The DocaPole with the addition of a well designed hook on the end did the trick. The pole is exactly as described, is well built and functioned perfectly. I particularly liked the lever locks to make the extensions; this is a much better and secure way to slide and lock the pole's extensions in place. Sturdy...a great product. r/A. N.

EVERSPROUT 5-to-13 Foot Utility Hook with Extension Pole (20 Foot Reach) | Installing and Hanging Christmas/String Lights, Birdfeeders, Reaching High Places | Lightweight, Telescoping Extension Pole Review:

I am sooo glad I bought this particular product as I read all the reviews of similar products. I'm only 5' tall and at 71 yrs there is no way I'm getting on a ladder to string my Halloween and soon to be Christmas lights. It was easy to lengthen the pole and it is very light and very sturdy. The tip that has the prongs that hold things, screws onto the pole so there is no way it can fall off if screwed all the way on. Really.... a GREAT PRODUCT!!!

Alamic Gutter Hangers for Lights Patio Light Clips 30 Pack Stainless Steel String Light Hangers Multifunctional Clip Hooks for Home, Patio, Garage, Party, Camp and More - Black Review:

These are great - I didn't buy them at all for the intended use but perhaps I will use them as light hangers one day. In fact I use it to hang some very small hummingbird feeders from poles and from a holly bush. Also I intend to use them on certain awkward and/or precious christmas ornaments later on. The clip is very strong so I feel confident when hanging things that I need to stay sturdy.

Holiday Joy - 200 All Purpose Gutter Hooks for Outdoor Christmas Lights - Made in USA Review:

I needed these deperately, and EVERYONE was out of stock. Amazon came through with these. The main thing that I was skeptical about was how it could hold the light bulb in the upright position when clipped to my gutter. It turns out that you snap off the holding clip and it has a spot to insert a tab into. Additionally, it is finitely adjustable as to the angle it holds the bulb. Much better than all fixed piece clips available. Too bat the description doesn't mention this and the pictures show it holding a bulb upright but not how you make it work... Anyway, you can't go wrong with these.

Picture 1 shows the clip as it arrives in one piece.
Picture 2 shows the spring clip part separated from the gutter clip
Picture 3 shows how you would use it to hold the bulb in an upright position
Picture 4 shows how you might use it to hold the bulb pointing outward from the gutter.

There are a ton of other ways you can use these with a variety of bulb styles and sizes.