Best Outdoor Kitchen Cooling Bins in 2022

Last update: January 15, 2023

TOURIT Soft Cooler 20 Cans Leak-Proof Soft Pack Cooler Bag Waterproof Insulated Soft Sided Coolers Bag with Cooler for Hiking, Camping, Sports, Picnics, Sea Fishing, Road Beach Trip Review:

Before I made this purchase, I did a ton of research and watched a ton of YouTube videos. For me, the Tourit 20 is the ideal size, and it has a lot of insulation to keep things warm. Since I have a Yeti Tundra 65, I am familiar with how well those coolers work. My friend bought a transportable Yeti. When I asked him how long ice lasted, he said no more than two or three days. He said the zipper was a problem because it was so difficult to open and close. After doing some research, I decided to buy Tourit. I couldn't be happier with my choice! As soon as we left for Virginia Beach for a soccer tournament, the cooler was put to the test. Although it was in the low 90s, the cooler spent the entire day outside, protected from the sun by a tent, and only around 20% of the ice inside may have melted. After returning home, I brought the cooler to a golf outing where I felt I could bring beer onto the course in the cooler because it was a fundraiser and best ball competition. I assumed it would be acceptable. I made a mistake, so I had to leave the cooler in my car's trunk. On that day, the temperature was 89 degrees, with a relative humidity of 85%. I checked the cooler after about 10 hours of golf, drinking, and eating anticipating much of the ice to have melted. It was only around 30% melted, which surprised me. These are merely my educated guesses as to the rate of ice melting, but you get the idea. Things stay chilled in the cooler! One problem is that, after being used for soccer tournaments every weekend for about a month, the covering on the zipper handle is wearing off. Since I am concerned with how long items stay cold, it is not a major worry for me, but the business should look into it. Given the price and performance, I definitely suggest the cooler!

Clevr 80 Quart Qt Rolling Cooler Ice Chest for Outdoor Patio Deck Party, Grey, Portable Party Bar Cold Drink Beverage Cart Tub, Backyard Cooler Trolley on Wheels with Shelf, Stand, Bottle Opener Review:

Although we haven't utilized it yet, the size is ideal for pool parties. The tray underneath will be handy for storing cups, and the bottle cap catcher slips off for easy cap disposal. I appreciate how smoothly the wheels move. My spouse said it was "simple" to put together. Despite the cooler's appeal, it did arrive quickly and with two minor dings (not from delivery). For me, this is not a deal-breaker because sooner or later, we will dent, scratch, and otherwise damage it. I was mistaken in thinking that the lid was somehow connected to the base; in reality, it just rests on top, costing me a star. Because I only have one hand and am crippled, I will likely struggle to open it without fully knocking the top off the base. So she might have trouble if someone tried to use it one-handedly (perhaps with a baby on their hip). My family and acquaintances who use two hands should be okay.

Best Choice Products 80-Quart Steel Outdoor Rolling Cooler Cart w/ Bottle Opener and Catch Tray, Drain Plug, Locking Wheels Review:

This was a present from a friend, easy to put together, with generally decent fit and finish. When the cooler was delivered, the bottom had a dent (first image). I don't anticipate this flaw to have an impact on operation because it looks to be cosmetic. A replacement drain plug and a thin wrench for installation were shipped with the package; the original drain plug was already attached. Because the access to tighten the wheels is so small, a conventional open end wrench cannot be used, I also have a spare drain (you never know when you'll need a spare) and a wrench that would have been extremely helpful. The wheels might have utilized a thin wrench. So, although it is brand new and looks beautiful, it was not made in the United States (China on the box). After use, if there are any functional problems, I'll update.

VINGLI 80 Quart Rolling Ice Chest on Wheels, Portable Patio Party Bar Drink Cooler Cart, with Shelf, Beverage Pool with Bottle Opener,Water Pipe and Cover (Rattan) Review:

I would start by giving this purchase a 5 star rating, however the bottom tray arrived with the front and back bent, which is poor from a cosmetic standpoint and made assembly difficult. However, the cooler is just how I imagined it to be. Awesome lids, a nice deep cooler, very pleasant and robust. The trashcans (2) that I also bought with it match perfectly and look fantastic on the patio. After a wonderful, hot day, I'll update:)

UPHA 80 Quart Rolling Outdoor Patio Cooler Cart on Wheels, Wicker Pattern Portable Drink Beverage Bar for Patio Pool Party, Ice Chest with Shelf and Bottle Opener, Brown Review:

holds a lot of drinks and ice! Despite the plastic shell being an imitation wicker, it seems to be of high quality. Good looking. The cover fits perfectly, but if you live in a windy place, exercise caution. It once blew off because it was so light. The issue was fixed by using a few tiny bungie wires to connect the knobs to the side handles. It doesn't roll about because of the breaks on the wheels. A couple strange things happened during assembly: the bottle cap catcher was light grey instead of the dark brown it was depicted in the product photo. That's okay because we didn't want it attached in the first place. Additionally, two additional light grey metal handles that didn't seem to fit anywhere were included. I believe the packaging was incorrect. Each leg contains three pre-drilled holes in the bottom of the cooler, but you can only use two of them because the third hole is blocked by the leg post. The integrity of the unit is unaffected. The final assembly performed well.

Cooler Cart Cover - Universal Fit For Most 80 QT Rolling Cooler (Patio Cooler On Wheels, Beverage Cart, Rolling Ice Chest, Party Cooler) Protective Cover, Water Proof Review:

I had bought an 80-quart Pepsi-Cola rolling cooler for our deck during the summer but was unable to find the right size cooler cover through Amazon Prime because the ones they had were too small for my unit, which measures 38"w x 18.5"D x 34"h. I waited until I decided to look again in Amazon and discovered Lodgewerks cover and I took a chance in the hopes that the cover would fit. Without removing the push handles from either side, it fit flawlessly. Even in this chilly climate, it is remarkably adaptable. If necessary, I'll buy again.

VINGLI 80 Quart Wagon Rolling Cooler Ice Chest, w/Long Handle and 10" Wheels, Portable Beach Patio Party Bar Cold Drink Beverage, Outdoor Park Cart on Wheels Rattan-Wagon Review:

It's always a good thing that the cooler arrives a week earlier than expected. I've never seen a product that says "some assembly required" put together so quickly. Except for the two caps on the lid, which needed a Phillips screwdriver, all bolts were similar. The device already came with all of the nuts inserted. Everything worked out as promised. really cool (no pun intended). Even if I only need one, I would still buy one.

dbest products Ultra Compact Cooler Smart Cart, Black Insulated Collapsible Rolling Tailgate BBQ Beach Summer Review:

For comfort, I ordered this so that when I go into labor, I can bring my own drink and food for my husband, allowing him to stay by my side rather than having to go get something to eat. I must say that I adore the print. The blue and white design fits the decor well because we are having a boy. Additionally, the cooler provides a great deal of space. I was concerned when I ordered that I might have to jam everything in, but that is not at all the case. It offers enough space for many water bottles and a variety of food products. It is just the right size to be completely functional without being cumbersome or bothersome. Lastly, the cooler is quite portable. Which is a feature that, on behalf of my husband, I greatly appreciate because he will have a lot of things to put into the car and haul to the hospital. It's nice to know that the cooler won't add to the weight of the food and water since those two items alone will weigh down the cooler. Additionally, it has wheels. Consequently, moving it to my hospital room will be considerably more convenient and simple. No better cooler could have been requested! I am quite happy!

Backyard Expressions 913284 Decorative Outdoor Wooden Cooler, 87 quart, Brown Review:

This cooler is great. I've already received numerous comments on it and requests for one from friends. I adore how portable and light it is, as well as the rustic appearance. Additionally, it remains comfortably cool throughout the celebration. There is also plenty of space; I was able to fit 2 bags of ice and 3 cases of drinks inside without running out of capacity. The item's construction is my only quibble; it might use clearer step-by-step directions and pieces that are labeled, but it doesn't require much assembly, so it's not a major concern. A brief trip to the hardware shop will take care of both of my wishes for the wood's weatherization. Overall, I think this is a fantastic cooler, it makes a terrific present, is well worth the money, and I would purchase it again in a heartbeat.

Permasteel PS-203F1-BLK-AM 80 Quart Portable Rolling Patio Cooler, Black Review:

This is the nicest standing cooler we've ever had despite having numerous over the years! Absolutely worth the cost. Heavy-duty, well-sealed seams, a useful shelf underneath, and no water collects on it. In the cooler on our back deck, our beverages remained chilled for THREE DAYS. Such a pleasant surprise! It will be simple to store on your patio if you purchase the waterproof cover, in my opinion.