Best Outdoor Benches in 2020

Christopher Knight Home 300496 Colonial Outdoor Finish Acacia Wood & Rustic Metal Bench, Sand Blast Finish Review:

I just received and assembled this bench, so I have no comments on how it looks long term. However, I am very impressed with the quality and ease of assembly.

The photos are accurate, not enhanced to make the product look better than it really is. It is heavy; not at all a cheap, lightweight piece of furniture. It comes partially assembled. Although the instructions recommend two people assemble it, this is not at all necessary; it is easily assembled by one person. The instructions estimate 30 minutes; this is accurate. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. No unusual amount of dexterity is required during assembly. A non mechanical person would not be challenged by what needs to be done.

There are more bolts and washers than needed. Although not powder-coated, the metal base and supports are heavy and well painted. That includes the bolts and washers. Rusting should not be an issue going forward. The base and supports appear to be well over-engineered. This bench should be able to take a beating and hold more weight than you would ever expect to need it to hold.

Quite honestly, I am amazed at the quality of this bench and would expect it to cost much more. I expect a similar bench of the same quality would sell for around $500 in a patio store. I buy a lot of things on line and this is one of the very best deals I have made. There are no negatives I can identify with this bench. One last thing, it may take two people to lift and move this around.

Ala Teak Indoor Outdoor Patio Garden Yard Bath Shower Spa Waterproof Stool Bench Fully Assembled Review:

I looked at many teak shower benches. Sizes, ratings, prices, and this was by far the BEST one. Most def not to small or short. Perfect. I am not short either. This would be great for any size man too.
Came straight out of the box in perfect condition. Wrapped up and sealed nicely.
Like most people I rinse off any soap on bench and let air dry. It is sturdy when I sit on it.
I'm young so I use it for steaming or washing feet, legs. It looks really nice. And so handy
I was going to purchase one for twice the cost of glad I didn't.
This one is super nice. I like that the slats have a bit of a space (not too much) between them so they can air dry nicely also.
If youre on the it. Why have to put one together when this was out of the box and in my shower in minutes.

2x4basics 90134ONLMI Custom AnySize Chair or Bench Ends, Sand Review:

I bought 4 of these to place around our new fire pit. Very good reviews and I liked the fact that they were a long lasting combination of wood (treated lumber) and plastic. That meant they would be heavy and durable. I live in a place where the wind either blows from Kansas or sucks from Texas. Lol! I'm not a novice to working with wood. I have a radial arm saw, router, levels, vices and tape measures, carpenter squares and a bunch of other wood working tools. I built a deck around my pool from a pile of treated lumber from a big box place.
Having said that, these are horribly engineered. The product itself is pretty solid. Putting the wood on it is not easy. The back of the "any size chair has spacers for the boards. The bottom of the chair has no spacers. How effing hard would it be to do that? Seriously. These could be built by a novice in an hour if they just put spacers on the seat! What level of engineering do they have there? Maybe I'm OCD. Maybe I want too much. Maybe I want a product worthy of its rating.

Update: Finished the chairs and side tables. They are very solid and heavy. They will last a long time. Like I said, they aren't as as easy to put together as advertised. I like the fact that they are manufactured in the USA and they seem to be very good quality.
Construction Tips:
1. I used treated 2×4's and routed the edges. Didn't want my friends going home with splinters!
2. I put a stain/sealer on them.
3. Try to attach them "cup side" down. Circle of the wood grain downward.
4. I drilled pilot holes on all boards before screwing them down. Especially the stringers. Stringers will split on the end of you don't do this.
5. I spaced the seat boards with a 1/8th inch dowel rod. 3/8th didn't seem to work out for screwing down the boards.
6. I used Irwin Quick Grip clamps to hold the seat boards in place while I attached them.
7. Remember to add the width of the chair arms to the seat width you want. If you want a 24" seat you need to add 5.5" to the boards when you cut them.

The directions provided aren't very helpful. Hopefully my advice will help!

I added a "star" and photos.

Redmon 5323 Teak Collection Bench, 20 x 13.5 x 17.5 Height Review:

I got this to go in my walk-in glass shower as part of a whole zen, fung-shui, spa-like thing I'm trying to do in my bathroom, and it works perfectly.

I also got it bc of the bottom shelf. I hate clutter and this allows me to hide hair stuff (in gray plastic bins) on the shelf and cleaning tools under the shelf...bc clutter isn't fung-shui. If I push my little bins all the way against the wall, you barely see the stuff that used to look like utter clutter in my shower.

I've had it for months. It's not gotten any stains, discolorations, or instability despite daily showers. I haven't treated it with anything yet but probably will at some point to insure it's longevity.

Best Choice Products 50" Patio Garden Bench Park Yard Outdoor Furniture Steel Frame Porch Chair Seat Review:

Review is from wife of "1Parrot Dad".

The bench is perfect for the front garden area of our cottage. I chose this particular bench for its scroll-work design which compliments the
scroll-work on our mailbox.

Very sturdy, arrived in perfect condition, no parts missing, I put it together by myself in about 25 minutes from the time I opened the box, laid out the pieces and assembled. The scroll-work on the backrest is solid, not hollowed out on the backside as I have seen on some other benches. Not to heavy to where I cant lift it and move it around but solid enough to hold 2 adults and a child comfortably.

Could not be happier; if you were hesitating on getting the bench… Don’t!

I have no complaints. See photo attached...

Premiere Products 5RCATA Tan Convert A Bench, Approximate Size: Table 27" H x 14" D 31" H x 58" L Seat 17" H x 14" D Weighs 38 lbs Review:

I LOVE IT! I ordered two so I could have a whole table. These are so easy to put together (I did it myself in about 20 minutes each). One unit is good for up to 1,000 stationery pounds! I have a lot of heavy people in my family, so that's comforting. Once assembled, these are light weight and easy to maneuver. They are SO worth the investment. They look really nice as a bench or a table. When not having a "picnic" on them with my daughter, I keep them set up as benches on my carport and they're both convenient and beautiful. I'm so happy with this purchase. ORDER IT! If you want a whole table, GET 2! You'll be so glad you did.

3 Foot Plastic Folding Bench - Lightweight & Portable White Resin with Sturdy Steel Frame, Perfect for Entertaining Indoor and Outdoor, Seats Many,- 9"x36" - by Ontario Furniture Review:

We ordered this bench for our soccer team after seeing a similar one being used at a soccer game. My husband found and ordered this one but it was smaller than he expected. It works great for us to sit 4 year olds on the side line because we rarely have more than 3 at a time on it. Three toddlers fill the whole bench. I would say if you were using for adults you could get 1-2 at the most. I would get the style that folds in the middle and is a bit longer instead of just the legs folding in as on this style.

FDW Patio Park Garden Bench Porch Path Chair Outdoor Deck Steel Frame, Black Review:

Looks great. Was easy to put together one afternoon with my step mother in law. Delivery was fast and it only took a few minutes to put together. I would recommend not to over tighten the screws or you may bend the metal in. It is hollow metal like someone else stated and I do believe the middle of the back piece is plastic. I knew it wasn't solid steel due to reviews and the price it was listed for. It doesn't bother me that it isn't solid. Looks great with some throw pillows added on. I wanted to add some nice seating options to our back porch that wouldn't be miss matched from everything else out there. It was comfortable enough for me to sit on myself and wont get a ton of use. I'm not sure if we will have any rust issues as we have had it only for a week and our back porch is covered so less chance of it getting wet.

Garden Bench Outdoor Bench Patio Bench Cushions for Outdoors Metal Porch Clearance Work Entryway Steel Frame Furniture for Yard Review:

Surprisingly sturdy and very attractive. Mine was well packed and arrived unscratched. It took me about half hour to assemble it by myself, it would be easier with two people. I put it near the entrance to my driveway, will be adding a Little Free Library next to it soon. I plan on giving it a fresh coat of black Rust-Oleum every year, to prevent it from the weather.

Keter Eden 70 Gallon Storage Bench Deck Box for Patio Decor and Outdoor Seating, Grey Review:

(See pics I've submitted for reference.)

I purchased this with plans to put it on a deck or large dock. I also have a couple of Suncast 50 gallon deck boxes, so I have something to compare this to.

-Great Value: Other smaller outdoor storage benches usually cost about 20%-50% more
-Large storage: 70 Gallon
-Comfortable: first time my wife tried the bench, she remarked that she could sleep on it! :)
-Lockable (you provide the lock)
-Looks very nice
-Durable (seems like the heavy plastic used for some outdoor kids playsets...should last many years unless you're a really, really big and rough kid).
-The open-slat back allows you to add on outdoor cushions (see pic I uploaded). Suncast and some others have solid backs, so you can't use the same cushions. This was another reason I chose this model.

-Plastic isn't as nice as the Suncast (as noted more like the kids' play set plastic), so it doesn't seem as 'classy'
-A lot of flashing on some of the pieces. Flashing is plastic overflow during the molding process. I used to build a lot of plastic models and flashing was usually a sign of lower quality/older molds used. Not a big deal to me since I just trim it out with a knife and most of it becomes hidden during assembly; however the Suncast product didn't have any of this.
-Bottom floor of box doesn't seem very strong. Since the floor is made of something like a big sheet of plastic corrugated cardboard (and screwed in on the edges with small screws), I wouldn't suggest putting in too many heavy items. Perhaps they should have used some metal slats to help support the floor. This isn't a problem for me (will use it for life jackets...great idea for a dock), but something to note for others.

Regarding some people mentioning it not being water tight, etc. I wouldn't suggest sealing the bottom since water may then accumulate inside. I believe it's better to allow water drainage in case water does make it's way inside.

Time to take a nap on the bench. :)