Best Oscillating Power Tools in 2020

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Oscillating Tool, Brushless, Tool Only (DCS355B) Review:

I purchased this tool to help with the installation of a new dishwasher in our kitchen.

Since there are many companies out there who make oscillating multi-tools, I should point out that I did not purchase the DeWalt based on any comparison of other brands vs. this, so much as ‘DeWalt brand loyalty’. I have a collection of various DeWalt tools from the 20V MAX system so my motivation for purchasing the DeWalt was because I already have the batteries and chargers from other tools.

That said, like all my DeWalt tools the build quality seems excellent and the tool has a reassuring and solid feel to it. Blade installation using the quick-release lever is great (just a few seconds), and does not require any other tools. I also really like the ‘soft start’ trigger which allows the tool to start up very slowly if the trigger is only gently squeezed, as this helps ensure an accurate start to a cut without risking the tool skidding across the surface.

Our new dishwasher required an opening in the side panel of the kitchen cabinet next to it to allow for water, drain and electrical connections. Furthermore, the dishwasher needed to be pushed almost flush to the wall to prevent the front of it sticking out beyond the front lip of our worktop, which meant having to try to cut out a hole flush with the back and floor panels of the kitchen cabinet. After trying to do this manually for a few minutes with a small pocket saw and scrubbing my hands against the back of the cabinet, I realized ‘life is too short’ and went ahead and purchased this tool.

In the end, this proved to be the perfect tool for the job since no other type of tool can cut a straight hole into a wooden side panel right up against corner (a multi-tool can, due to its offset blade design). I don’t know how long I might have spent trying to fumble around cutting that hole by hand, but with this DeWalt tool the whole job was over in a couple of minutes. A nice neat hole, perfect edges, and exactly where I wanted it.

One mildly annoying discovery was that even the bare tool that I purchased does comes with blades. It was not apparent from the pictures on Amazon that this was the case, and so I also purchased the DEWALT DWA4216 5-Piece Oscillating Accessory Kit. In the end, this was a needless purchase, because all I really needed was at least one blade, and the bare tool does come with blades.

A friend of mine who does woodworking jobs in his own home came to visit recently and I showed him this tool. One comment he made was that the DeWalt was very quiet and refined compared to the noise of other multi-tools he had seen and used in the past. I admit this is a completely subjective statement, and it wasn’t even me that had the experience of other brands to compare against, but I thought I’d mention his comments if that helps at all.

Although this may seem like an extravagant purchase for one kitchen appliance installation job, I have already identified other jobs I can now do with this tool that would otherwise have been done (in a much longer time) by hand.

Dremel MM50-01 Multi-Max Oscillating Tool Kit with Tool-LESS Accessory Change- 5 Amp- Diy Multi Tool with 30 Accessories- Compact Head & Angled Body- Drywall, Nails, Pvc Cutter, Remove Grout & Sanding Review:

The day that I received this tool, I immediately reordered for a replacement because the blade does not sit straight, i.e. perpendicular to the tool (i.e. see photo where I put the blade on a very straight iron bracket.) It is offset just a little bit to the left and there is no way to make it straight, no matter how much the blade is tightened down. The replacement arrived two days later and IT TOO HAS A CROOKED BLADE. So annoying. So what happens is, if you are trying to slice into a piece of drywall and make a perfectly clean, sliced cut by going into the wall with the blade evenly resting against the wall straight across, you actually have to adjust the tool slightly at an angle to make sure it cuts straight and have the blade meet up with the wall all the way across. Not what you want to have to do when trying to make precision cuts. I am not going to bother returning for a third try and it isn't a big enough deal to return for a complete refund, but someone at Dremel needs to be aware of how these are being assembled. Maybe some sort of calibration on the assembly line is slightly off or something, because it seems odd that two tools in a row would have the same defect.

**Edit** Someone asked if the blade can be mounted at a 90 degree angle, which it can. I've uploaded a couple photos.

DEWALT Oscillating Tool Kit, Corded, 3-Amp, 29 Pieces (DWE315K) Review:

DEWALT DWE315K Multi Material Corded Oscillating Tool Kit

Once you’ve own this Dewalt, you’ll never look back. My trusty and reliable Ryobi battery powered multi-tool schooled me in the art of patience with the blade mounting facilitated by a multi part head clamp, while balancing the tool, and while locating the Allen hex wrench. It really forces you to pre-plan your moves. It worked great otherwise but the battery power left it breathless too often.

Enter Dewalt with a fast blade change, endless horsepower and perfect balance. Add the fence guide option to keep the tool on target or pre-set the depth of the cut. Marvel at every imaginable blade option available. No more man-boy tooling around. This is real. Really good.

So far I've used it to pierce siding for expanded electrical outlet service, cut through 3/4" M and L grade copper pipe, randomly slice voids into old lumber, clear broken tile grout, and precision trim door molding. Yep, you too can be the "fastest multi-tool slinger in the west".

Oscillating Tool, 3.5-Amp Oscillating Multi Tool with 4.5°Oscillation Angle, Variable Speeds and 13pcs Accessories, Avid Power ADMT146 Review:

Needed an oscillation tool for my house renovation. And since I never used one I did extensive research. Now after 6 weeks this tool has held up better than me. The house was built in the 40s out of 100 year old corn cribs & tobacco shed. It’s sitting on 10x5 hand hewn petrified oak beams 30 foot long. Had to cut (4) 45* slots in one to get 2 supply & return 6” oval duct through. The thin blade that came with it lasted through multiple monster nails. And the wide blade is still going strong.
Chose the Master Works because it had high amps, wide oscillation angle, no tools quick blade change & only one with a multi position handle. Bought carbide blades to cut out the 6” square holes in the heavy sheet metal supply & return trunks. Handled the delicate job of cutting out 5” square hole in the vinyl soffit for outside door light just as well. Now that I've had it for months, got a chance to try the sanding side. And that works as great as the cutting

PORTER CABLE PCC710B 20V MAX Lithium Bare Oscillating Tool, 11-Piece Review:

Another in P-C's new line of 20-volt tools. Outstanding power and convenience with tool-less blade changes. Local Lowe's carries Dewalt blades which are compatible. Sent with a boxed set of blades which makes the value very attractive. I am a contractor who appreciates a whole line of tools operating off of a single battery-charging system.

Vibration annoying but typical for this sort of tool.

My suggestion to Porter-Cable: since this line is so outstanding, why not expand it with a cordless 5" sander, a cordless 4" planer, cordless caulk gun, cordless finish nailer, and so on. Now that the long-promised 4 amp-hour batteries are finally available, this line is overall the best value available at this time, IMO.

DEWALT DCS355C1 20V Max XR Brushless Oscillating Tool Kit Review:

This is the second multi-tool I have owned. The previous version was a corded version by one of the other major manufactures, and this one beats that one hands down even though I do have a couple minor issues with this package. The included battery, 2.0 amp hour battery will work for small jobs, but if you have a lot of work to do the battery doesn't last very long. Luckily I have other batteries 3 & 4 amp hour batteries which resolve the runtime issue. Usually I buy the dewalt tools without the battery, typically better deals, however this was on sale, so went with the package deal. Beyond the battery, this is a great multi-tool. The second issue is that there are only 2 blades included, it would be nice if a couple blades were included. The last issue is that while the tools is designed for belt clips, the attachment is not included. Not really a deal breaker, already had a couple extra belt clips from adding a second to my drill(it is nice having the belt clip on both sides). The quality of the tool is as to be expected with something from dewalt.

Oscillating Tool, 1.5A Oscillating Multi Tool Oscillating Angle:3° GALAX PRO 22000 OPM Multi-Tool with 3x Saw Blades, 1pcs Semi Circle Blade Sanding Plate, 6pcs Sanding Papers for Sanding, Grinding Review:

I have every tool needed to do what I need to do but they are hard to handle and will make a mess… like a circular saw or cutoff wheel. After nearly 60-years of home repairs and remodels I think I have everything to do whatever I need so I reluctantly purchased this because I really didn’t want another limited use power tool to end up in storage like all my other ones. That said, I convinced myself that life would be easier with a multi-tool so I sprung for the 32-buck purchase. I have several vinyl windows that needed to be replaced but after many years of siding work the faces had some steel siding and aluminum trim that needed to be cut back the get in an reach the nail flange to cut it off. I could have used a cutoff wheel on a saw but that’s not only messy but hard to do while on a ladder and I preferred not to remove the inside trim and bugger that up and make the mess inside. This tool, with the right attachments, allowed me to cut away the metal and then reach in to cut the nail flange with little effort and virtually no mess or over-cuts into the siding though I did have to make new trim pieces to cover what I removed. The other project was cutting back the trim on a doorway to widen it and the trim extended down into a tile floor. Again, this made a smooth and flush cut at the tile and didn’t damage the soft stone tile. Our house just had too many outside doors so we removed on in the kitchen and replaced it with a window and then found that the interior accesses to the kitchen were too narrow to get a fridge in or out so we needed to widen one. Now that those two projects are done I suspect this tool will get a long rest until we start to sand down some chairs in out dining room for a new coat of stain. I did have to buy a set of attachments because the lifespan of one can end quickly depending on what’s being cut. I can’t see buying something like this to cut a nail and what is being cut can be a rather slow process but what is sacrificed in speed is more than made up for in control of the tool and the flushness of the cut. Cutting off molding at the floor level is pretty much the best use of this tool and cutting out my windows is a lot of work, and blades, for this little 1.5a tool so I approached is as a throwaway but it survived so that’s a plus. I did do most of the metal siding cuts with a 4-inch tile saw with a cutoff blade and then squared off the corners with this tool but it was about the only way to reach in to cut off the nail flange since I didn’t want to have two hands on a larger saw while standing on an extension ladder. I chose this tool based on price and the fact it had a screw to hold the blade in place. the tool is for minor jobs and it’s loud but it was worth the purchase price though the extra blades add up quickly. If it dies in the near future I’ll update the review.

Genesis GMT15A Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool Review:

Work fantastic. I use mine frequently and it has lasted quite well. It finally died when I was using it to remove the particle board underlayment in my bathroom. I believe it overheated so it stopped working. But I have used it for various small projects with great success for 5 years before this so I think I got my money's worth. I decided to just buy another since they are so cheap and seem to work very well. Would definitely recommend it for the homeowner and hobbyist that doesn't want to spend a lot of money. It is an indispensable home improvement tool