Best Office Labeling Tapes in 2020

Brother Genuine P-touch TZE-221 Tape, 3/8" (0.35") Standard Laminated P-touch Tape, Black on White, Laminated for Indoor or Outdoor Use, Water Resistant, 26.2 Feet (8M), Single-Pack Review:

Love everything about this tape - from the price to the look! The best feature is definitely how readable it is at a glance (I'm old so this is important to me). I also love that it is super easy to install, no wasted time fussing with getting it started or untimely machine jams. A cool tip to avoid that wasted 1" of tape before and after the text is to print the text for four or five labels on the same line with three spaces between each separate label. Cut after the last one and use scissors to cut your labels from each other. No wasted tape! The other thing that made using the label maker easier for me is to peel the backing off by gently folding horizontally in the middle - the tape is already split in the center and it pulls right up (no more fussing with trying to get the end to lift!). This is great tape, at a terrific value, in a generous amount of product, five stars all the way!

Label KINGDOM 4 Pack Compatible Brother P-touch TZ TZe TZe-231 TZ-231 Label Tape for PT-D210 PT-H100 PTD400AD PT-P700 PTD600 PT-1230PC Labeler, 12mm (1/2 Inch) x 8m (26.2 ft) Laminated, Black on White Review:

These seem to work just like the Brother brand labels. I accidentally sent a couple through the dishwasher and they didn’t come off, discolor, or otherwise look any worse for the wear. When I had to relabel a 5 gallon food bucket, I just peaked the label off and affixed it to the new bucket, no gummy residue, no issues with sticking on the new bucket. I’m so pleased to get such good quality at a more affordable price. I was going to have to hang up my beloved labeler, as I couldn’t afford the refills. Now I’ve been a labeling machine 😃. Oh, and these seem to last much longer than the brother ones, but it’s possible the first one I had was a trial size, I don’t remember. I had stopped labeling things for a while as I couldn’t afford the refills. We’re getting ready for an upcoming move and I’m so happy that I’ll actually be able to label all the boxes. I feel like it will save us from years of the “what’s in the mystery box game” and make he overall move so much smoother!
*Just an update to say that I have been labeling extensively for our move and the labels work really well on cardboard boxes as well. Just a couple things to note. They do jam up occasionally, not a lot, but enough that there is some waste of label due to need to reprint. I have found that keeping my fingers away from the cutter until it is completely done seems to help. I think I was bumping the cutter before. Also, they don’t seem to last as much longer as I was thinking, but they don’t last any shorter than the Brother brand ones either. I’m ordering my second batch as we’ve gone through so many already.

Brother Genuine P-touch, TZE2312PK, 1/2" (0.47") Standard Laminated P-Touch Tape, Black on White, Laminated for Indoor or Outdoor Use, Water Resistant, 26.2 Feet (8M), 2-Pack Review:

As I'm a labeling freak, I purchased two label makers. One is battery operated and the other is plug in. While there are colors available, I prefer the laminated black on white tape. I have many many garden markers that I use to keep the names of my daylilies and clematis straight. I like to know from one year to the next what beautiful blooms I'm looking at and as I have so many plants and my mind gets more senior with each passing year, I find that the labels are invaluable.

Some of these markers have been outside for three years or more and the label is as crisp and fresh as the day it was printed, truly a terrific quality product. Our Ozark summers can be brutal and the winds and rain of the winters bone chilling, but the markers stay in tip top shape. I also like to label my storage boxes in my basement and on shelves around the house and I prefer to use quart Mason jars ( a habit I inherited from my Mother years and years ago) to store rice, pasta, bisquick, small batches of different flours that I use in baking. These labels adhere and don't let go, nice and neat in my cabinets. I always keep at least one extra cartridge on hand.

Replace 12mm 0.47 Inch TZe TZ Laminated White Brother Label Maker Tape Work with Brother P-Touch PT-D210 PT-H100 PT-1880 Label Tape, 4-Pack TZe-231 Review:

HI all,

I have ordered this as a replacement for my P-Touch original tapes. My wife uses the P-Touch for everything. From labeling items to printing out greetings on birthday cards, thank you cards and invitations. We use a lot of tape. So, you can imagine I am not at all happy with the pricing from P-Touch for OEM tape. Way too expensive for the type of use we have. I was also concerned about the quality of non-OEM tape. Happy to say, we have been using this product now and it is great. Fits well, tape prints perfectly and sticks to everything just fine. My wife was concerned about quality and she is good to go. I was concerned about price and I am so happy with this product. I am ordering more!

Give it a try. You will not be disappointed.

Brother Genuine P-touch M-231 Tape, 1/2" (0.47") Standard P-touch Tape, Black on White, for Indoor Use, Water Resistant, 26.2 Feet (8M), Single-Pack Review:

Great to be able to order my favorite label tape from Amazon. No more driving to the office supply store. Great price too.

I'm constantly labeling things in my recording studio. I use this tape to label patch bays where you have very little space for label.

I like this material because I can peel it back off a piece of equipment without leaving a bunch of sticky residue. I also like how tiny I can print on this tape and yet it stays readable.

I have four of the little green Brother hobby labelers that I've used for going on 20 years. Amazon is keeping me stocked up with label material so I can keep on labeling.

Happy labeling to all!

Oozmas Compatible Label Tape Replacement for TZe-231 12mm 0.47 Inch Laminated Black on White TZ Tape Compatible with Brother P Touch D400 1280 1800 1880 1900 Label Maker Tape, 4 Pack Review:

This Brother P Touch (like Deliverance) Replacement ribbon Great for the money. Only complaint is that when printing for some reason the lettering isn’t centered on the ribbon. I’m not sure if it’s just a batch that snuck through QC or if it’s just how the ribbon is. Nothing crazy but spacing is off for sure. Maybe 1/16” above center. If that is the kind of thing that would bother you maybe check to see if anyone else has had that issue.
Adhesive is great and seems to hold up well for UV resistance. I use mine to label my Dewalt batteries etc for work BC there’s several guys with them and I have yet to have one peeling off or faded. If they can make it through a group of carpenters outdoors every day then labeling for home / office organization would last forever!

Minus the spacing I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference from the Brother brand ribbon but WAY less expensive

Compatible P Touch Label Maker Tape, Replace 4-Pack TZe Tape 12mm 0.47 Inch Laminated White TZe-231 TZ231 Compatible with Brother P Touch Label Maker PT-D200 PT-D210 PT-D400 PT-D600, 26.2 Feet (8m) Review:

I had a stroke awhile back and can barely read my own writing. I used the label maker to add information to a card organizer. I had been using Brother label maker tapes, but the cost was too much so I gambled on these tapes and , boy, am a glad I did. The tapes came in a multiple package which I ordered for convienence. I have had this label maker for a long time and was worried that I might not find any tapes that would work. These tapes worked great! I definately got more bang for my buck!

Refill Replace Dymo D1 Labels Tape 45013 S0720530,1/2 Inch(12mm) W x 23 Feet(7m) L,Black on White,Labeling Tape Compatible for DYMO LabelManager PnP 260P 210D 280 420 160 450D Label Maker, 3 Pack Review:

 I love organizing and labeling folders, boxes and things around my house using these small labels. Are used to buy the refills at local Office Depot, but when I saw these for a third of the price I decided to grab them. Some people were complaining that these don’t work as well as the original ones, but I did a printing test and they work just fine.
Do not get fulled when you purchase these thinking they are OEM: these are not the originals from Dymo, that are made in Switzerland. These are Chinese versions of it, but to be honest with you they work pretty well. Why not pay three times Less for the same product. I will give it a four star just because it looks like you are buying the original ones If you look at the main image of the product, but indeed they are packaged differently from a different manufacturer.

DYMO Authentic D1 Label l DYMO Labels for LabelManager, COLORPOP and LabelWriter Duo Label Makers, Great for Organization, Indoor and Outdoor Use, ½” (12mm), Black Print on White Tape, Water Resistant Review:

I'm giving this product 5 stars because there is nothing at all wrong with this label tape. It does what it should, however it is NOT THE PERMANENT TYPE. This type is mislabeled in this ad as permanent. It is actually the "easy peel" type and will not stick well to plastics, smooth metal, etc. It does stick well to paper products and it is easy to get the backing off. If you are looking for the permanent Dymo tape do an Amazon search for 16955. That is the model number you need. It comes in 18 ft lengths (instead of the 23 ft) and is sold in a plastic blister pack. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find it in the white-on-black variation. I hope this helps you out and saves you from the trouble of having to return a nearly useless 10 dollar item.

3-Pack Replace DYMO LetraTag Labeling Refills Self-Adhesive Paper Tape Compatible with DYMO LetraTag Label Makers, Black Print on White, 1/2 Inch x 13 feet, 12mm x 4m Review:

My best friend and I were both doing diamond dot projects. I had bought a small drawer system that was probably intended to hold nuts and bolts. I bought myself a labeler with no refills. Well the starter tape didn't last long! Her birthday was coming up, so I bought her a labeler and both of us these refills. She still raves 6 months later it is is the best gift ever. We both used them the label our drawers, but then went crazy in our craft rooms. My husband asks for labels for his tool drawers occasionally but isn't allowed to touch it. Wait for your birthday pal! It made us all more organized. I think these rolls of labels will last longer than my need for organization 😁