Best Nursery Night Lights in 2020

VAVA VA-CL006 Night Lights for Kids with Stable Charging Pad, ABS+PC Bedside Lamp for Breastfeeding, Touch Control&Timer Setting, White Review:

Absolutely LOVE this light! It could easily pass for an Apple product bc it’s so innovative and chic and easy to use. I love how it can toggle between a soft yellow light or an LED white light. And I like how you can just tap it to go from bright to dim. No buttons or switches to fumble around for in the dark. And no batteries (it’s rechargeable) or cords so you can carry it from room to room as needed. I use it out in the living room on the back of the couch at night when my newborn twins are sleeping on their boppy pillows or in our bedroom late at night to tend to them in their bassinets so I don’t wake my husband up. I also take it into the nursery and set it on the changing table late at night so I don’t wake the babies up too much. I can’t speak highly enough about this light! Very high quality—they could easily sell this thing for $45-50 bc it’s really that nice. In a world of cheaply made crappy stuff it’s refreshing.

Moon Lamp,GreenClick 3D Moon Lamp 3 Color Moon Night Light with Stand,Touch Control 3D Printed Decorative Moon Lights for Birthday/Lover/Friends Gift (5.1inch) Review:

I like the multi-kelvin settings on this lamp, providing warm or cold white light, as well as a range of brightness values. One of my favorite features about the lamp is that it can be hung rather than rested on its base for use in a room. Also, I would like to say that the seller was amazing to work with when the lamp I ordered for a Christmas gift didn't work properly. I could not get the lamp to recharge after it was opened and used on Christmas Day, and I sent a message to the seller the day after Christmas. The seller replied within an hour or two, assured me this had never been reported before as a problem, and had a new unit shipped out to me immediately--that day, or the day after--without waiting for me to send the original unit back in as proof of trouble. The replacement unit arrived quickly and worked perfectly. Now, it's not like I spent a lot of money on a car that turned out to be a lemon, but I still spent money, and this seller's instant attack on the problem changed the whole shopping experience with them--and all on the day after Christmas! Online shopping and customer service can be a scary, disreputable thing, but not here. My great experience with this seller is worth letting you know about!

Miroco Night Lights for Kids, LED Bedside Lamp for Baby Breastfeeding 100% Toddler Safe, Touch Lamp with USB and Stable Charging Pad, Dim Nursery Lamp Warm Night Light, Soft Eye Caring, Timer Setting Review:

 I bought this nursery lamp for my sister. She has a baby just two months. This night light is designed with breastfeeding in mind. It has simple one-hand touch controls so my sister can operate it while holding her baby. She love this gift. In the middle of the night, she needs to change the diaper for baby. She said this nursing night light helps her much, she can adjust the light to brighten just enough for her to see her baby without waking the both of them up too much.
I also bought one for myself two days ago as a bedside lamp since this nightlight is very simple to use and I love the shape and design of it.
Once I have turned it on I can adjust the brightness by touching the nightlight at the top.
Change the light from bright white to a warmer orange glow by touching the logo Miroco.
I love that it has another option: press the power button once, it will enter "Anti-touch" mode. In this mode, I can only adjust the light by press the power button on bottom, press it to cycle through 100%, 50%, 10% brightness and SOS, it won't be triggered accidentally when I take this night light in my hand. I am excited to take it on future road trips with me for camping
Besides, switch the night light to “touch mode” from “Anti-touch" mode, just double tap the top
Before I go to sleep, I would like there is a little light in the room. This light is great for me since it has the dimmest mode and 1 hour timer.
Hold the lamp top for 0.5 seconds, it will turn on the dimmest mode. (tap top twice to turn off the light, then hold the top for 0.5 seconds to enter the dimmest mode)
Set the 1 hour timer, just tap the logo Miroco twice, the Indicator light above the brand will turn green.
I made a video to show how to use this touch lamp. Hope my review is helpful! Thanks

Kids Star Night Light, 360-Degree Rotating Star Projector, Desk Lamp 4 LEDs 8 Colors Changing with USB Cable, Best for Children Baby Bedroom and Party Decorations Review:

 This small globe is plastic, and makes a great nitelight if you keep the plastic shield on it without emitting so much light that it keeps my youngest awake. We like how the colors can change. Theres so many different selections to choose from. (The buttons that switch the colors etc areare a little confusing at first
Take the shield OFF and its an amazing dance of stars on the walls. About the size of a 6" in diameter ball. The top half of the globe/ball is where the stars project. If you put the globe in the center of your room, it will illuminate all your walls and ceiling, then the close or further you put it to a wall, decides how big, small, and how much the projectory will be- so the only adjustments to the size of the stars on the wall is moving the actual product.(A knob to adjust this would be awesome)
I do wish that it could gain and hold a charge so instead of having to use batteries if it's not connected to the power cord, it would run for a bit off the charged up globe.
Also, a 10-15min timer would be great and less wasteful.
Its a neat light and we like it. For the price it shouldnt have to use batteries but, I do love the stars and the look in my daughters eyes as she stares at them all around the walls and ceiling.
I plan on buying another- just as soon as we know if we are adding a boy or a girl to our little family. This will be amazing for a babys room!

SOAIY Aurora Night Light Projector and Sleeping Soothing White Noise Sound Machine for Baby, Kids, Adults with Bluetooth 4.1, Timer, Remote, 6 Soother Sounds, 7 Lighting Modes for Kids Room Review:

I was honestly impressed with the quality of this item for the $35 I paid. The bluetooth/white-noise speaker is more than loud enough for it's size. Plastic feels thick and durable for both the rippled light wheel and the main housing of the unit. Since it's using LEDs and a laser for the lights, I'm sure they'll last a long time. And given how simple the device itself is, I'm assuming the internals are of the same quality as the rest. I'm feeling confident in having gifted these to my five nieces and nephews, all from different families. Basically, I took a chance and got one for each house. =)

When the first one was delivered I took it out and played with it for an hour, and it's gorgeous. The remote is easy to use, once you understand that the track forward/reverse buttons are also the volume buttons. (Just tap when in white-noise mode or press and hold when in bluetooth mode, to adjust the volume.) The light intensity adjustments are very handy, since it'd be very bright in a small, dark room at the lowest setting. But, it could probably fill a 200 square foot room at the brightest setting. Just remember it's an aurora light show, not a lamp. lol It's not dim, but you're not going to be able to easily read a book with just this on in a large room. You will get a colorful light show the dances around on the ceiling.

Note: Do not look into the lights/laser at even the lowest setting when the smoked cover is not on!

So far, the kids all love them. No one has had any trouble plugging them in. Though, I did need to point out the the smoked cover can be removed to shine the aurora on the ceiling. Otherwise, the smoked cover really dims down the lights at even the highest setting, so it can be used as a soft nightlight. The box doesn't really make it clear that it's a dual purpose unit and most people don't actually read the entire manual. ;) Speaking of, the manual is fairly well written. You can tell it was translated to English, but there are just a few grammatical/syntax errors. They were just minor errors, which are no trouble to overlook and still understand the meaning of the sentence.

All in all it's a really fun, well made unit that was definitely worth what I paid. Fulfillment by Amazon meant I could be certain they would arrive before Christmas. And it turned out to be such a unique gift that the kids and parents were excited by it. My only regret is not buying myself one...

Plug-in Night Light for Kids, Compact RGB Color Changeable LED Night Lamp with Dusk to Dawn Sensor, Warm White Night Lighting for Baby Room, Bedroom, Hallway, Kitchen, Bathroom, Stairs (2 Pack) Review:

This is an absolutely perfect night light! I didn't even realize how amazing this product would be, especially for the price. Just the right amount of light. Lights up the area very well, not too bright or too dim. Easy to use ... just touch the light on its touch-sensitive dot to change the color. Every time the light turns off and on again (it automatically senses the ambient light in the room), it remembers the color you had selected previously. Exactly what I hoped for! I love keeping these on a warm color (more yellow or red) in order to sleep better at night (bright white or blue is not good for sleeping ... especially in kids' rooms). A terrific product and I'll probably buy another pair to use in my other rooms. Love them!

LED Nursery Night Lights for Kids: Baby Girl Gifts, Lumipets Cute Animal Silicone Baby Night Light with Touch Sensor - Portable and Rechargeable Color Changing Lamps for Bedrooms Review:

 I am SO excited I got this! My son’s other night light went out so I needed a replacement. His favorite color is green and he asked for a green night light. I found this one on Amazon. I was a bit concerned that it might be too bright but it is perfect! In all color modes it emits a very soft light - enough to produce a glow but nothing blinding or too bright for a child’s bedroom. I just bought another for my 20 month old’s room. Great buy!

Update: After 1 week of use, it stopped working. It won’t turn on or charge at all. My son is so bummed. I’ve reached out to the manufacturer and am awaiting a response. I’ve amended my review from 5 stars to 2 and will update again when/if I get a response.

2nd update: Customer service reached out and is mailing me a new base. Revised review back to 5 stars.

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Night Light and Time-to-Rise Review:


We needed a night light for our 3-month-old's nursery and this has fit the bill beautifully. To be clear, this machine works via Bluetooth, NOT via WiFi. This has advantages and disadvantages which I'll mention below. Overall, though, there's a lot to love about this machine and only a few small quibbles I have with it.

What's great about this machine:

1) It looks stylish -- modern yet neutral. And because the light can be just about any color, it can fit in with whatever color scheme your room is.
2) It's easy to use. The downloadable phone app works for both Android and IOS and is very self-explanatory. Programs can be set to start and finish at any time each day (or set days of the week) and include settings for light color and brightness as well as your choice of sound (or silence) and the volume of the sound.
3) The sound machine function produces a wide range of soothing background sounds: "woodsy" noise (crickets), rain shower, white noise (like television static), singing birds, ocean waves, rippling water, a laundry machine, and three different sets of melodies. These sounds are surprisingly not nearly as annoying as I assumed they would be -- most of them are actually quite nice.
4) The "Okay to get up" feature will be great when our little one becomes a toddler. Basically, just set a program for a particular color to turn on at a certain time in the morning so your toddler knows it's "okay" to get out of bed for the day. I have no doubt this will come in handy!

A few things I'm not as wild about:

1) The volume of some of the sounds could stand to have a wider range, particularly on the lower end. For example, the white noise sound is quite loud, even on the lowest volume setting. We have it dialed all the way down and it's passable but still almost too loud.
2) The ability to program sounds and lights is a great feature, but it would be nice to be able to start a program on demand instead of only at a pre-set time. For example, we have our "overnight" program set to begin at 9 p.m. and end at 6:30 a.m., but sometimes our little one goes to bed a few minutes before or after 9:00. It would be nice to be able to start the overnight program with the push of a button at, say, 9:08 and have it still end at 6:30 a.m.
3) As I mentioned above, this machine is controllable via a phone app via Bluetooth, not WiFi. On the plus side, this means you don't have to plug anything into your router, and the connection is very easy to make. On the minus side, only one phone can control it at a given time. My wife and I both have the app on our phones, and if we are both close to the machine one of us might have to close the app for the other to use it. Also, because Bluetooth has a relatively short range, you may not be able to control this machine from more than a room or two away. Then again, this is a night light, not a baby monitor, so the "need" to connect to it from the other end of the house is not as great.

I'm very happy with this purchase and would certainly purchase it again!

*** UPDATE 12/18/2018 ***
We have been using this light for almost a year and a half, and we like it so much we purchased a second one to use for our son who was born a month ago. Although he isn't sleeping in his own room yet, we have the Hatch set up in our bedroom so he has a night light. So, this is the first time we have used the phone app to control more than one device. You can pair more than one device with your phone, but unfortunately switching between the devices in the app is a little cumbersome because you essentially have to "log out" of one device and "log on" to the other. It's not difficult, but it seems like a lot of steps. As I mentioned in my main review, I suspect this is because the pairing is via Bluetooth, not WiFi, which limits the complexity of the communication. And as a reminder, only one person can be "logged in" to a device at a time, so if my wife wants to change the volume or the sound and I was the last person to make a change, she can't do anything until I log out on my phone.

Fortunately this light will probably be used on a set schedule most of the time, so accessing it via the phone app is probably not something you will do very often once your have a set routine.

Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Nightlight Baby Sleep Soother - Owl Review:

Not as nice as the mobile one... I bought the $13 portable skip hop owl that attaches to a stroller or such and I absolutely love it. The only problem is that due to the nature of the battery life, there is only a 60-minute option. Enter the big, power-corded owl! This is a great set up in theory, but the speakers or the recording or something must be different because the calm ocean sound on this massive owl is quite frankly annoying in comparison to the mobile owl. And that sound/setting was the only reason why I purchased it. The quietest setting is super loud and I basically wrap swaddles around the entire thing to try to attempt to smother or lower the sound level. Otherwise, it’s super cute and has other lighting and projector options that may come in handy later as a distraction, but right now it’s just a waste of space and a disappointment. Also, beware that a friend’s owl went straight up exorcist on them - halfway thru the lullaby setting it starts summoning Satan. All of this aside, mine still works fine despite my annoyance with the sound quality or decibel level. Therefore, I will give it more stars than it’s probably worth simply because it’s cute and others may like the different sound options, and it may work great for them.

Moredig Night Light Projector Remote Control and Timer Design Projection lamp, Built-in 12 Light Songs 360 Degree Rotating 8 Colorful Lights for Children Kids Birthday, Parties - Black White Review:

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 Omg this projector is so cute! Different colors, rotating, or flashing! You can choose to have music or not too. The remote is very convenient because you can turn it off without going into the sleeping baby’s room with a risk of waking the baby up. You can also set a timer to auto stop. It also comes with two patterns too. Either use AAA batteries or USB charger.