Best Nail Art Glitters in 2020

Holographic Nail Sequins Star Leaf Iridescent Nail Glitters Flakes Resin Nail Art Decorations Chunky Glitter Flower Stickers Decals for Nail Art & Crafts (SET015A) Review:

This is a great buy for little girls to play with! I purchased this set for my daughters and I to have "girls night" doing nails. We made some pretty cool designs, and they've used the extras for so many other art and craft projects. With what's still left, they've been making family member's birthday and Christmas cards. The best part is there's plenty to go around. I haven't heard them argue once over a certain color or decal. This is an amazing price for so much variety! Something like this with this much variety would cost much more in stores, I've looked. I'm really happy I found this!

BBTO 24 Pack Nail Paillette Chip Foil Nail Glitter and Ice Mylar Shell Foil Slice Nail Art Design Decoration Review:

I really liked these. There are some good and bad things about them though.

This comes with a total of 24 little containers in 2 convenient containers.
There's a lot of very pretty color choices in both the shell flakes (which just seems like iridescent glitter flakes to me, not shell) and the foils.
All of the containers are surprisingly full.

Both of my containers are cracked. However, that's not a major issue.
A lot of loose flakes ended up in the bottom of the colorful glitter case.
The metal foils don't break apart very easily like other foils I've used. They're a little on the thick side, which could be great for nail artists, but I personally would have liked to have the more delicate metal foils.

Overall, I'm glad I bought this. Even when the little containers are empty, I can use them for something different. I love that they came in cases to keep the containers together. All of it worked out really well in UV resin.

NICOLE DIARY 8 Boxes Chunky Glitter Nail Sequins Iridescent Flakes Colorful Mixed Paillette Festival Glitter Halloween Christmas Cosmetic Face Hair Body Makeup Glitter Nail Art Review:

 I love these glitters! The rose gold is my favorite, in the sun it looks like it's own "bling filter" it's so dang sparkly. I use these glitters in a hard gel manicure. The smaller glitters are very easy to use, the larger hexi pieces just take a little skill to use, so practice, practice! I did a glitter fade with three of the big violet hexies and my husband said, "it looks like a little jewel!"

12 Shaped Holographic Nail Sequins Iridescent Mermaid Flakes Colorful Glitter Sticker Manicure Nail Art Design Make Up DIY Decals Decoration Review:

These are not really holographic. They’re more like duo chrome that shift colors in the light but are in no way true “holo.”

First off, there’s a nice variety of shapes you can use to put on your nail. I love the little circle ones cause I used them to fill in any large spaces on my nail for my mani. I laid down some large pieces like the hearts, triangles, or moon, and used the little circles to fill up large, empty gaps.

The only problem is that my fingers are skinny and therefore I have small nails. These little pieces are quite stiff. They are not flexible and do not lay flat against your nail. Using the star or the large heart were very difficult because the corners or edges would stick up and I couldn’t get them to lay flat to cure on my gel mani. Even if I pressed it down while under the lamp, it didn’t stick. I could only use the smaller shapes like the moon or tiny triangle or circles. That’s the only complaint I had for this item.

Over all, it made a very cute mani. The base color I used gave me a very natural, clean look, and these gave it that subtle pop of fanciness. I received many compliments on my nails.

I would very much recommend to purchase this. Even though there are pieces I will not use because it doesn’t fit my nails, I definitely got my money’s worth with that one manicure I did at home compared to if I were to go out and get it done.

Laza 12 Colors 120g Chunky Nail Art Acrylic Nails Powder Glitter Mixed Retro Copper Chunky Sequins Iridescent Flakes Ultra-thin Paillette Sparkles Tips for Cosmetic Face Eyes Body Hair - Golden Age Review:

I was pleasantly surprised by this set of glitters. Although the containers are small they are really full, which means they will last a long time. This set includes 13 glitters. The colors are somewhat similar, but still different. The colors are perfect for fall. They work well with acrylic which you can see from my pictures. I mixed them with clear acrylic and the colors are gorgeous. I would definitely recommend these glitters.

Teenitor Fine Glitter, 32 Jars 8g Each Glitter Set, 32 Assorted Color Arts and Craft glitter, Eyeshadow Makeup Nail Art Pigment Glitter, Glitter for slime Review:

As a future Sister of Perpetual Indulgence, this was the perfect starter for my manifestations. Whether to be applied along with makeup or added to nail colors this is great. I cannot wait to use all the amazing colors provided in full mini jars. There are other glitters out there, but none with this many colors for this price.

Surepromise 45 Colors Eyeshadow Makeup Nail Art Pigment Glitter Dust Powder Set Review:

Terrific bargain. These aren't the highest quality glitter I've used. As a face painter and MUA I prefer Ben Nye glitter to all others for price to quality ratio but this is super fun and a great value at the price. I've gotten to try out colours I probably wouldn't have purchased. My ONLY complaint is that many of the colours are so close to each other they are virtually indiscernible on the face or body I am working. I'll definitely buy another set once this one gets too low.

Warmfits 24 Boxes Nail Sequins Iridescent Mermaid Colorful Nail Glitter Nail Art Decoration Holographic Shining Nail Flakes Semi-transparent Thin for DIY Nail Art & Crafts Festival Face Eyes Body Review:

 Overall they all look great, some sparkles in the packaging but doesn’t seem to be from a compartment being open. Lots of variety, I will be using for nail art, and I know a few of my clients will be super excited. There are some shapes that I don’t expect will be used, but always better to have more than you need than feel like you’re missing something! *In the video it is not attached to my nail in any way, just trying to show the iridescent effect!

Beauty Glazed Compacted Glitter Eyeshadow Palette Pigmented Glitters Halloween Makeup Creamy Glitter Pro Makeup Palettes for Glitter Eyes Shimmer and Gorgeous 15 Colors Waterproof Magnetic Review:

I saw this palette going viral in the instagram makeup world and I am a unicorn who NEEDS all things glitter. I am not going to lie, I was a little iffy about the product. I remember those so called pressed glitters you got as a child and it was basically a gel like product with glitter thrown over the top of it. Greasy and gross.

I use a lot of loose glitters and it is a hassle sometimes. It gets all over the place and you end up wearing it not only on your eyes but your clothes and your hair. So when I saw this pressed glitter eye shadow I about lost it. I shouldn't be purchasing more makeup....but I did. I am so glad that I did.

-Color pigmentation
-Stays in place well
-Variety of colors

-You use a lot of it to get the desired look
-Doesn't seem like it would last long
-Red applies more like pink
-Fall out

The con about the using a lot of product and this product not lasting very long is mostly for those of us who would be using it on a daily basis.

I will also suggest that you use your finger to apply the glitter. I tried several brushes and a brush with setting powder...if you want good pigment use your finger.

I really love this product and will certainly be a return customer.

***I bought this item at full price and did NOT receive it discounted or for free.***

Acrylic powder Shiny Glitter Nail Art Decoration Acrylic Nail Kit Review:

Not worth it. The nail tips do not stick to the mannequin finger or my sisters nails. The monomer drys out really fast so you can’t form a decent bead. The nail tip trimmer gets sticks and you have to pull it apart to release it to move on to the next nail. The brush is like the kids water paint brush and doesn’t do well with the shaping and flattening of acrylic. There’s more but those are the main aspects I find important