Best Nail Art Fimo in 2020

Modelones Nail Art Decoration Kit, 10 Striping tape & 15 Pcs Nail Brush Painting Pen & 5 Pcs Dotting Pen & 1 Pc Striping Roller Box & 1368 Pcs Rhinestones & 2 Pcs Water-based Sticker Manicure Kit Review:

I bought this kit due to all the different tools it had to offer. I loved all the brushes, so many different shapes and sizes - can't wait to create amazing nail art with them, and to be honest, I will use some brushes for makeup as well. The diamonds that come with the kit come in all different sizes so you can really make a lot of designs. I only used a few diamonds the first time bacsue I thought they would fall off after a few days, but its been over a week and they are on strong so next time my design will be more elaborate and on more nails. overall, this kit includes so many different options to add design to your nails in just one kit so its so worth your money.

3000 Pcs Nail Art Slices,FANDAMEI Cute Design 3D Nail Art Stickers Fimo Fruits Animals Flowers Emoji Nail Art Slices for DIY Crafts, Nail Art and Cellphone Decoration Review:

This is a really great set! I got these because I wanted to encapsulate Fimo on my nails. I also am going to the avocado festival next week and need avos for my nails. These had the cutest avos, and I also like this set because it seemed to have so much variety, and boy does it! You’ve got flags from different countries,dice, cards, fruit, flowers, butterflies, leaves, hearts, carrots, bunnies, stuff for almost any American holiday, snowflakes, Jolly Roger, emojis, chanel and Dior logo, smiley faces, paw prints, watermelon slices different ways. Rainbows different ways, astrology symbols, candy corn, sunglasses, Disney, it goes on and on with many different colors. These are also pretty small, and all pretty thin, some so thin you can see thru them, and others a little thicker. Works for me, depending on where on my nail I want them. These can also be flexible, and that helps too. I love that there are different pieces that revolve around the same theme too. Like cards and dice, or different shapes of the American flag, or carrots and rabbits... you can be a little more creative with the same theme or holiday. Def recommend! Great deal for something I can use to add more creativity and color to my nails all thru out the year:)

DIYASY Mini 1/4 Inch 2300pc 3D Nail Slice Fruit Face Decorations Christmas Slime Making Supply for Sticking to Slime and Nail Art Review:

Quite a few were broken and mainly the Strawberries. But it came with a plentiful amount and a wide variety of fruits to use although not all of the fruits were their which kinda disappointed me but the amount of the others was fine. I decided to repurpose the broken ones for my cousins slimes or to just used as smaller fruits. I would most definitely buy again it is amazing. The sorting process does take a while though so you must have patience.

DECORA 8 Cases of Fruit Cake Flower Animal Slices Perfect for Sticking to Slime, DIY Crafts, Nail Art and Decoration Review:

Worked awesome! We used these to put in clear slime and they looked so cool. Very fun! (It takes the clear slime 2-3 days to truly look clear after all the air bubbles are released just fyi in case you try it :) )

48 Bottles Nail Art Decoration Slime Supplies Kit 3D Nail Art Glitter Powder Confetti DIY Design Accessories by Happlee Review:

 This set of 48 3D Nail art is super cool!!! we can't wait to use them all, you get so many different colors & shapes, like hearts, glitter, pearls, butterflies, messages, you get a lot to pick from you just need your imagination! every color, and shape are in a different little bottles and it comes with an organizer so you can always have them in order, you can also pick some and take them with you anywhere you go. we Love them!! I do recommend them to anyone that loves to paint their nails and loves to decorate them!

DECORA 1/4 Inch 3200 Pieces Mini 3D Fruit Slices for Slime Crafts Nail Art and Face Decoration Review:

Worked awesome! We used these to put in clear slime and they looked so cool. Very fun! (It takes the clear slime 2-3 days to truly look clear after all the air bubbles are released just fyi in case you try it :) )

Dip Powder Nail Set with Dip Powders Nails System Of 10 colors No UV/LED Nail Lamp Needed for French Nail Manicure Nail Art Review:

I already had another set in this brand so I knew I liked the product. I wanted to get more colors and these ones are really affordable for gel polish. I love the colors and I'm glad I bought this set over the other colors sold by the brand. I want the whole range of colors eventually, but these colors are my favorite of the 14 colors I currently have.
Some things I love about this set -
They come in a very lovely box that would make the perfect gift for any nail art lover. The set even includes stickers to go on the bottles so you know what color is inside. The last set I got in this brand did not include those so I labelled the bottoms with those sticky circles that keep binder paper from ripping.
The colors are opaque. One coat is plenty for most of these polishes. The only ones that aren't opaque are the ones that are meant to go on top of other colors (the glitters)
The colors are so pretty. There's not a bad color in the whole set. I am gonna get a lot of use out of these colors.
They don't take too long to cure. I test a UV light and a LED lamp. Both are effective. Cure it and wipe off the sticky layer. Easy as that. I don't use top coat as I don't like my nail polish to be too thick. They are so shiny and nice on their own.
The bottle size might be a problem for some, but I personally prefer the smaller sized bottle. I find that smaller bottles actually get used. I've thrown away literally hundreds of nail polishes that I never used up. This won't be a problem with these polishes. I've had the other set for months and I still haven't run out of any color. I'm running low on my favorite color in that set and I have used it so many times.

Overall, I love this set and I think it's a great value. I'd love to eventually have all of the colors. I think the bottles are so simple and pretty and the actual polishes are so nice. I really like the darkest pink in the set and can't wait to play around with the glitters.

One Step Gel Nail Polish Pen, No Base Top Coat Need, Saviland 3 in 1 Soak Off UV LED Nail Varnish Nail Art Kit (Red Black Pink)) Review:

So I have been my own nails for a long time and I’ve been wanting to get into gel, these seemed like a cool concept, I wanted to try it out. I was a little skeptical because the reviews weren’t that good, but I’m so happy I did. They work so well. I used a regular base coat just in case and did about three coats, 60s of UV light in between each coat. They feel just like salon gel, don’t know how long they will last but seems promising. The color in the photo is a little brighter because I used flash. I also included the machine I used.

I did my moms nails with the burgundy color. It looks more like a red and chipped the next day after washing dishes