Best Music Lyres in 2020

American Plating Lyre (517N) Review:

My son plays the alto Saxaphone for his high school marching band so I orders this lyre after reading some good reviews on it. I recurve it today and I'm so happy that I ordered from this seller. The lyre is solid and fits perfectly. I highly recommend to anyone in search of one of these as it is great quality and a great price.

Rode Compact On-Camera Microphone with Rycote Lyre Shock Mount, Black (Videomicro) + 1 Year Extended Warranty Review:

These are amazing little microphones! I bought this RØDE video mico mostly because of the wind dampening furry foam cover. But it also has the added benefit of removing any camera handling noise from videos. The lyre mount looks and feels pretty breakable to me. But there is no way to make it beefier without it being able to do its job. The shoe mount is handy if you have a recieving receptacle.

I am very pleased with the sound quality. I am by no means an audiophile but I can detect no noise or other distortions thus far. The only problem I had was getting it to work with my smartphone. You have to have the special cable. And RØDE wants $11 to $15 for their cable. There are cheaper options available.

All in all I think this is a pretty reasonably priced entry level microphone. As I am an entry level hobbyist I would like to think I know what I am talking about.

DEG Trombone Marching Lyre Review:

I recieved this and it already came with a few extra music sleeves.(about 6) That's great, I can move my music over, and bring a few pieces of music over to the other sleeves because flipfolders that clip to the bell, can't be flipped very easily. Also I'm worried for my instrument as the flipfolder stays on the bell through tightening a piece of metal. Could leave a small dent, but I haven't used it long enough to find out.

-More durable than a lyer
-Comes with extra music sleeves
-Rubber on ends of the clips.

-Can't be flipped as easily
-Isn't positioned properly on bell. (This might just be me not positioning properly)

Overall- For the price it's a good deal. It's outlasted 3 of my lyers.

American Plating 502N Valve Instrument Lyre N.P Clamp Review:

This is my favorite style of trumpet lyre because I have poor vision. It allows me to adjust my music to what is most comfortable for me to look at. Definitely more flexible to the user then a traditional trumpet lyre.

Yamaha YAC 1520N Nickel-Plated Lyre with Ring for Bb Clarinet (YAC-1520N) Review:

This is my youngest daughter's first year in band. The band director wanted her to get this for her Clarinet to use when marching. It is a nice looking little thing and it does what it is supposed to. It is attractive and well made and we have had no problems with it.

I'd recommend it if you're looking for one.

American Plating Trumpet Marching Clamp-on Lyre Review:

Perfect gift for band student.

Yamaha YAC 1505G Lacquered Brass Trombone Lyre (YAC-1505G) Review:

I ordered another similar LYRE from Amazon and returned is immediately. It is amazing the such a simple item can be constructed so carelessly - the set screw did not line up with its threaded hope rendering it useless.

I purchased the Yamaha Trombone Lyre. The Lyre perfectly fit my medium bore marching horn and it is a robust design and construction.

Yamaha YAC 1515G Lacquered Brass Saxophone Lyre (YAC-1515G) Review:

 It's a decent lyre. Fits my Yamaha with no issues. Make sure that you measure the lyre box, as this post is about 5mm (3/16 inch), which is larger than most. Some saxophones may have a 4mm box, which means this won't fit.

This is made of stamped steel, which has a brass plating. There is no lacquer. The plating will tarnish similarly to bare brass. There may be some sharp spots on the edges, which you can file down if you need (I had a slight burr on the side of the thumb clip). The rugged construction prevents it from bending around, and makes it quite durable.