Best Mosaic Making Supplies in 2020

60 Pieces 5D Diamond Painting Tools, PETUOL DIY Painting Accessories Diamond Cross Sticky Drill Pen Clay, Plastic Tray Kits and Fix Tool Diamond Painting Roller and Embroidery Box for Adults or Kids Review:

Kit that includes most everything. All very functional. Ideas for improvement for the seller: use all clear, not colored drill boxes in the box set. A glue tub, such as a sample side cosmetic jar works MUCH better than the loose squares. Given that, i plan to refill my tub with the squares... they are the correct size for that. Better quality bags would be nice, those are hard to handle and tear quickly. The cheap plastic spoons, crappy metal tweezers, not sure what to do with those. Love the extra variety of drill pens, the squeegee for straightening the rows, the roller, the zipper pouch, light board clips, labels, and the variety of trays.

SanerDirect 121pcs 5d Diamond Painting Accessories, New Design Light Drill Pens, Diamond Painting Tools for Adults, Diamond Embroidery Storage Box for DIY Craft Review:

When this arrived I opened the box and kept pulling things out - don't know how they got it all packed in! It has absolutely everything you need tool-wise for doing the diamond paintings. I particularly love the one tool that is for scooting the placed diamonds into a neat little row. Before that I was using an old credit card. And having some of the extra glue is going to be very nice - as occasionally I have found the canvases to be a little spotty glue-wise and hope this will solve that problem. Large trays and lots of them to hold many selections of diamonds at one time - no having to put the back into baggies when I had only one tray. Can't wait to try the lighted pens, the have a good light and I think they will assist with reading the pattern. Love the 10 space storage box. Great purchase all around. You will not be disappointed.

Mini 1" Inch Small Round Glass Mirror Circles for Arts & Crafts Projects, Traveling, Framing, Decoration (50 Pieces) Review:

These mirrors were exactly what I was looking for! I was a bit nervous at first because of the other reviews, but they came to me without chips or broken mirrors. I put in the mirrors as a separate order and so they came in a separate box. The package that surrounds them breaks easily so if you are taking them out the box, keep them there until use. I would recommend these as long as you place the order separately.

Super Z Outlet Mini Round 2" Inch Small Glass Mirror Circles for Arts & Crafts Projects, Traveling, Framing, Decoration (50 Pieces) Review:

I was going to hang the mirrors on the wall around a larger circle mirror but these do not come with sticky backs which is OK for me. I just stuck sticky velcro on the back of the mirrors and the other piece on the wall and it worked perfect, they're light enough that the velcro could hold them up. These mirrors were just what I was looking for and I didn't have to use all of them (50), so I'd say a great value for the price

Crafts Graphy 5D Cross-stitch Painting with Diamonds Kit Full Drill – Circular Drill, Love Street, Large Size 16 x 20 Inches Review:

I first encountered the "diamond painting" paint by numbers or "cross stitch" concept at a local beauty spa owned and operated by women from Eastern Asia. They informed me that these sparkling unique portraits on the walls had been made by carefully placing little shiny plastic diamonds into the numbered spots on a canvas to make a "painting" come to life. Imagine how thrilled I was to see this item pop up on Amazon a couple months later....I had to have it, since my hobby is to collect hobbies ;) It really is cool though. Honestly, this beats those "stress-relief" adult coloring books any day of the week - at the end of the project you're left with something really cool to hang on your wall. Good eyesight and manual dexterity as must!

AIRDEA DIY 5D Diamond Painting by Number Kit, Full Drill Peony Flowers Rhinestone Embroidery Cross Stitch Supply Arts Craft Canvas Wall Decor Review:

I got my diamond art kit 2 days after ordering it and I am very pleased with the purchase. It came with everything you need to get started except directions. No problem, I just searched "diamond art how to" and watched a 45-second video on YouTube, easy-peasy!

In the second picture, you can see that I have already started on the top left corner of the canvas and it looks great! For the price, this product is perfect. This is my very first diamond art project so I'm excited to see the finished result. Fantastic new hobby.

Self-Adhesive REAL Glass Craft Mini Square & Round Mirrors Mosaic Tiles NEW Review:

 Absolutely love this product... my daughter wanted one of the expensive mirror jewelry armoire that’s being sold but after looking at the prices I decided to do it myself and this is what I came up with

Self-Adhesive Mini Square Glass, Decorative Craft DIY Accessory Mirrors Mosaic Tiles (5 x 5 mm, 1200 Pieces) Review:

They make it so hard to compare prices. But for the money, I spent I did not receive very many mirrors. They make it sound like a lot, 800 mirrors, so not really a way to compare prices. I have purchased before from Amazon and eBay and have felt satisfied but this time I felt cheated. I had 2 strips, about 6 small tiles wide. I ordered 2 boxes and spent $18 and had 4 pieces not even 12" long. Of course, everything is in MM so I should have investigated further before I purchased.

Adarl 5D DIY Full Diamond Painting Rhinestone 3D Peacock Pictures of Crystals Embroidery Kits Arts, Crafts & Sewing Cross Stitch D Review:

Because the above product description was written by someone who is unfamiliar with the product, and some of it is incoherent, here is what you need to know: The finished part of the canvas is 9 inches by 13 inches. It is not full drill--the old man only has drills--not the owl or the rabbit at his feet. Drills are round. There is already glue on the old man and it is covered with a sheet of plastic. The package contains canvas, tray, one drill pen, red wax, and drills. The drills are in plastic bags that are not resealable--you will need a drill storage box. The package came in a plastic envelope and not a box with instructions. But then, if you run your cursor over the picture of the box and look at the instructions, you will see they are pure gibberish. (An alcohol-impaired hamster could have done a better job.) If you need instructions, go to YouTube--there are many instructional videos. I think this would be an excellent first project because it should not take long to finish.

1000 Pieces Mixed Color Mosaic Tiles Mosaic Glass Pieces for Home Decoration or DIY Crafts, Square (Square,1 by 1 cm) Review:

This was such a fabulous set of mosaic tiles. It came in a full variety of colors and I did not think it was uneven amounts of colors. We used it for a mosaic tile project in a nursing home and the paitients were very pleased with how easy it was to grip these tiles. Also, a lot cheaper than purchasing the same amount at an art store chain (trust me, I checked).