Best Miter Saw Accessories in 2020

DeWalt OEM N126162 Miter Saw Dust Bag Review:

This may be DeWalt factory dust bag but it's not the same quality as the one it is replacing (10 years old at least!). It's a smaller bat overall, with lighter fabric and the "slide on" mouth of the bag is significantly bigger than the old one. You have to wrap the outlet from your saw with duct tape to make it big enough to be snug. It works fine thereafter. Longevity? Who knows??

DEWALT Miter Saw Stand, Heavy Duty (DWX725) Review:

This is the 2nd DEWALT DWX725 Heavy Duty Work Stand I purchase. The first I purchased in 2008 to hold my miter saw which worked great but I decided to purchase the longer Dewalt heavy duty DWX723 miter saw stand leaving me with the work stand I originally purchased. So I cleaned it up well ( looks almost new despite heavy usage over 10 years) and purchase this 2nd stand to match. Went to lumber yard and purchased a couple 2" x 4" x 36" (actual measurements = 1.75" x 4" x 35.75") boards made of popular to attached to the tops of each. I also purchase a set of Dewalt DWS5026 hold down clamps to put on each end to hold down my work when needed. When the stands first came out, Dewalt offered a carrying strap accessory which sadly the discontinued so years ago. Very well made product.

DEWALT DW7029 Wide Miter Saw Stand Material Support and Stop Review:

The idea for the wider support is definately a good one and is really needed if you cut wide stock. The ones that come with the mitre stands are narrow and don't provide much support for wider material. The width is nice but unless you locate your saw way back on the stand (not centered or forward) you loose a couple of inches or more because the mitre fence will be to far forward. For smaller saws it might be OK to locate it further back but if you have a 12" saw you are probably going to want it centered as much as possible to support the weight for the saw especially if it is a slider. With this said there is no front to back adjustment on this like there is on the smaller one so some of the width is lost and unusable. It's also not easilly adjusted height wise because the front and the back of the brackets are adjusted independantly of each other. Overall, great idea but a little lacking on the implementation. Still, better for wide stock than the ones that come with the mitre stands.

DEWALT Miter Saw Stand, Heavy Duty (DWX723) Review:

I bought this for my husband for his birthday in June so we've been using it for around 3 months. I also purchased this: DEWALT DW7029 Wide Miter Saw Stand Material Support and Stop after reading some reviews that it was helpful in stabilizing wider pieces. It's a great set-up and I have no regrets about the decision to purchase it. I was debating about the portable, collapsible saw stand but am glad that I chose this one.

It was pretty simple to set up, just attaching the included mounting brackets to the saw and then moving it to the easily set up base. The brackets slide over the rail and snap in place. The stand didn't look as though it would be solid and sturdy enough (to me) to hold the saw but it certainly is. The extra material support that I also purchased slid on the support arm and tightened down securely. It was nice to have the end of the workbench back too, although it quickly was filled up again. There's never enough horizontal space!

We are weekend builders, so this hasn't gotten the regular use that tradesmen would give it. It is a very much appreciated saw stand, however, and relieves the frequent battle we had with space. We had the floor space to place it in so it's been a winning purchase for us.

If we have any more to add as we continue to use this, I will update my review.

Edit- We've had this for a year now and my husband has commented about how much easier it is for him to use his saw, thanks to this stand. Being able to place it in the "open" with this stand allows him more flexibility with the longer pieces of wood that he cuts. The supports do droop a bit the farther they go out, but that's to be expected, isn't it? You will need stationary stands for more reliable height control. The stand folds easily and conveniently to transport. The saw removes quickly and easily too, once the brackets are attached. Love it, and would purchase again!

DEWALT Clamp For Tracksaw (DWS5026) Review:

Very functional product. Fits on to Dewalt tracks nicely and clamps with just the right pressure (a light squeeze on the trigger after contact is all that is needed). My complaints are these:
1) The sliding part of the clamps do not slide well. A two-handed operation is often needed.
2) The removable plastic extension block is a nice touch. It has a rubber pad on top which can be removed and placed on to the jaw when the extension is not needed. But one of my blocks is loose and tends to slip out. Fixed it by adding a small piece of tape on the bottom of the block where it contacts the jaw. No big deal, just annoying.
3) Some reviews complaint that the top metal piece on the clamp has welds that prevent it from sliding into the track. This is no longer the case. In fact, there is no sign of any weld at all. I guess (or hope) the weld is done on top and then ground flat. Despite this improvement, quality control is still poor. The top metal piece seems to be welded on in a random fashion because it is definitely not at 90 degrees to the bar. In fact, one of my clamps tilts up while the other tilts down. Again, no big deal, but I hammered them back unto correctness anyway.

DEWALT Miter Saw Stand With Wheels (DWX726) Review:

I ordered this item for our shop at work. We received it yesterday and I put it together (sans instructions... they were not in the box). It was not difficult. Oddly enough, I couldn't get the stand to go from the open position to the closed position. I looked through the reviews and saw that many people were having this problem as well (that's when I found the instructions in a pdf on this page).

I noticed that some people posted ugly comments about "user error" and things of that nature. I found, however, that the "locking" mechanism wasn't actually working quite right. When you're looking at the rails under the stand, you will find a black plastic piece that looks like a "Y". Pop it off!! (Don't worry... it goes right back on). check and make sure the tension is tight enough on your cable. If there is too much slack, this can cause it to not undo the latch. I had to "loosen" (lefty loosy... I turned them both counterclockwise) the nuts on either side of the yellow piece of metal that the cable runs through Also, on either side there is a lever that is operated by springs. One of my springs was not moving (WD-40 was my answer for that one). I tried to post a video but had no luck. I will keep trying...

I hope this helps!

DEWALT DW7053 Universal Dust Bag All DEWALT Miter Saws Review:

If your looking for the dust bag for your DW708 12" Miter Saw you've come to the right place. This DW7053 is the exact Dust Bag that originally came with the Dewalt DW708 saw. It is a OEM Dewalt part that comes in a Dewalt package. It has the Dewalt Name on the side of the black fabric bag in large Dewalt yellow letters and the zipper on the pouch works perfect for easy emptying. It also has an black plastic adapter to fit the bag onto the dust chute (the area of the saw blade cover the bag attaches to) in case you have another model saw. With the adapter it should fit lots of other models.

This dust bag connector tube is just slightly larger than the dust chute on the saw so you'll need to slip the adapter on the dust bag and the other end of the adapter into the dust chute on the saw. Watch out though because the only issue I have is when I inserted the adapter into the dust chute it split (cracked) the dust chute. If you don't want to use the adapter just wrap Duct Tape around the outside of the dust chute with about 2 layers of tape and that should make a tight enough fit that the dust bag won't slide off. The bag works great and catches all the wood chips and dust as it should. Hope this helps any of you with the older DW708 saws.

BORA 530401 MiteriX Angle Duplicating Tool. Miter Duplicator / Angle Measuring Tool That Splits In Half So You Can Transfer the Exact Miter Angle to Your Miter Saw Review:

I am always doing small projects around the house. We are about to replace all of our baseboards and install crown moulding. I live in a new construction home where the craftsmanship is not what it was years ago. Not every corner is 90 degrees, or squared, or level. This little piece of magic allows me to quickly take an angle measurement and transfer it to my miter saw and cut away with upmost confidence. Just finished my first room and all my corners are tight and joined perfectly. It made a difficult job much easier.

DEWALT DW7231 Miter-Saw Workstation Tool Mounting Brackets, Large Review:

First off - Let me start by saying - I love you DeWalt! Your quality products enrich my life in so many ways... Mostly by making my life so much easier... I have never been let down by any of your products, ever, and I love you for that... *BTW - I'm in no way sponsored to say that...

I'm a full time Craftsman, Woodworker, Metal Worker, and Handyman. I feel compelled to also disclose that I'm also soon to be Inventor of the next Million Dollar Idea.....(at least in my head)..... You know, I live and love all that stuff, but I am also just as passionately a connoisseur of tools. I can be quite fickle with my love, and have courted many different brands in my lifetime.

These particular mounting brackets were purchased in an attempt to mount my 13" Ridgid planer on my DeWalt DW723 miter saw stand. I figured that in theory, the 16' span of the stand could easily help me manage and plane down my longer pieces of lumber. Sure as Sh!t, I was right! My ingeneous idea worked like a charm! All I had to do was add a couple of boards to raise the height and account for the larger width, but I was planing (and not complaining) within no time.

My next improvement will be to add a pair of DEWALT DW7027 Wide Roller Material Support to the contraption. That will be Nirvana...

Anyhow, buy these with confidence. "They're Greeeeat!" - Tony the Tiger