Best Matzo Crackers in 2020

MANISCHEWITZ Matzo Balls in Chicken Broth, 10.5-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12) Review:

It is really tough to find pre-made matzo ball soup, so we were so thankful to find it on Amazon. We just moved and were celebrating our holidays (Passover for my husband and Easter for me.) We had to relocate because of a fire in the building where we lived, so we were having to replace everything from our prior kitchen. Making three holiday meals was overwhelming, but we served this soup and everyone loved it! Easy to prep - tasted great! Very thankful - highly recommended.

Manischewitz Passover Matzo 5 lbs (5 Boxes) Review:

After writing the company, they resent it and it was excellent. I would give it 5 stars, but I only got 2 boxes when I had originally ordered 3. Still. They did try to make it up to me.

There are three boxes. One came with the plastic opened, and another had a smushed side. I'm very disappointed. My son and I were craving matzo but not like this.
Even worse, I can't return it. We won't eat anything that looks to have already been opened in this day and age. For shame.

Yehuda Passover Matzos, 5 - 1 lb Packages with one Resealable Stay-Fresh Pouch Review:

I used to find this Israeli brand at SAMs Club, but unfortunately they stopped carrying it. The local supermarkets where I live only carry the Manichewitz and Streits which are not as tasty. So thankfully I can get them through Amazon.
I received 5 boxes and they were well packed and protected as none of my Matzos were broken. There are 14 Matzos in each box which is more than you get from other brands. The flavor is toasty which I love. It is a plain Matzo, not salted or with any other flavors. It is amazing to me how something this plain can taste so good. I will keep on buying them even when it's not Passover as they are tasty and can substitute any crackers. Love them with butter, jam or a dip. Can wet them, add eggs and fry them. My family also eats them just plain as a snack. Simply the best Matzos I ever tasted!

Yehuda Organic Ancient Grain 100% Spelt Matzo 10.5oz (3 Pack) Review:

Excellent product! Love the fact you are using spelt flower instead of processed, bleached flour. The taste is noticeably great. Thank you for making this wonderful product. Also, thank you Amazon for giving your customers such a healthy, good quality food for us to chose from.

Yehuda Matzo Matzo Squares Gluten-Free 10.5 oz. (Pack of 2) Review:

Mmmmmm yummy :-)
Helps me out at Passover because I just don't tolerate gluten well.... why be sick on the holiday, oh yeah... Tradition!!! LOL but now I can enjoy :-)

I would actually eat this all year round but it's kinda pricey. But I love it.

Matzo Passover Matzah Israeli Kosher For Passover King David Matzos Five Individual One Pound Boxes (Total of 5 LB) Review:

I only ordered, this time as I have never had nor know of anyone to recommend this brand.

Very surprised, at the quality and texture of this product. I have just ordered another 5 box for Pass Over. This product not only supports Israel, but I actually enjoy Matzos the reset of the year. This is one I wish to stock up on. Enjoy!