Best Mattress & Box Spring Sets in 2020

Continental Sleep, 8-inch Fully Assembled Split Box Spring/Foundation For Mattress, Queen Size Review:

I have a very old house with low ceilings and a narrow staircase leading up the stairs. The old queen box was just a hair to wide to maneuver. This split box spring was exactly what I needed. Light enough to handle by myself yet very sturdy Fits my existing frame and mattress perfectly! Can't beat it for the price!

Smile Back Folding Bed Rollaway Bed with Mattress for Adults Fold Foldable Guest Beds Portable Beds Twin Size, 5 Inch Memory Foam Mattress, No Tools Required, Easy To Assemble Review:

This bed is amazing for price, durability, and comfort. So pleased!

Easy assembly (though my husband did it instead of me). He didn’t have extra or missing parts, so the instructions seemed clear. The mattress is thick and provides firm support but isn’t hard. The length is great for our taller folks. Easy fold for storage and the wheels make moving very easy. High quality materials. We let it air for a couple days once received. I didn’t notice an intolerable smell, it had one but it aired quickly. The memory foam expanded very quickly. We have even had a couple adults (200 lbs +) napping on it at once without issue. The bed didn’t have any snapping or popping or other issues. We aren’t rough with it (no jumping, no plopping down, etc) but we aren’t delicate either. The mattress is β€œsquishy” enough to be comfortable but has enough support to prevent back pain. Firm doesn’t mean uncomfortable in this case.

It has been in constant use for the last six weeks...mostly by me to sleep near our newborn and to escape the snorelax that is in the master bedroom. I had a couple nights of adjustment pains, but that is typical for me when sleeping in a new bed.

I highly recommend for anyone needing an extra sleeping space for guests, friends of children staying over, etc.

Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed – Twin Size - with Luxurious Memory Foam Mattress and a Super Strong Sturdy Frame – 75” x 38 Review:

This is a quality bed and I couldn't recommend it more highly. While on leave from the military, my wife and I have slept on a sleep-sofa several times while visiting my parents home. It was 20 plus years old with a 4 inch innerspring mattress. OMG, was that painful. It got so bad we dreaded visiting, and we ultimately purchased a blow-up mattress. That wasn't too bad, but no matter what brand of mattress, and no matter what price range we choose, we always seemed to lose a little air overnight. A little annoying, but mainly it just wasn't that sturdy, but still far better than the sleeper-sofa. Now, we have several visitors coming and we wanted to make everyone as comfortable as possible in out limited space. Considered purchasing a sleeper sofa, but couldn't in good conscience put anyone through that kind of pain. Considered purchasing a good quality air mattress, but was concerned about the slow air loss. In the end we decided to buy the best folding bed I could find, and the Milliard Diplomat reviews, along with the slightly higher price, prompted me to go with this. Boy am I glad I did!
The frame certainly is sturdy and no doubt will last many, many years. My only recommendation is to be sure to let the vacuum packed mattress fully expand before use, or even trying it. After 24 hours I could still feel the frame bars under the mattress. After 48 hours I still felt the cross bars. Tzippora from Milliard contacted me offering to assit me, but after a week, all is well. I'm sure my granddaughter will love it!

Luxtouch 10" Comfort Premium Memory Foam Mattress and Frame Set - Twin - No b. Review:

I wanted to wait and review this bed after my husband and I had tested it for a while. I am happy to report that this bed is incredible! Our last queen sized pillow top mattress was at its end, totally dented to the point neither or us were sleeping. Some friends of ours recommended this bed and after "testing" theirs out, we decided to purchase the king size bed. I can now happily say we are sleeping better than ever. I am a side sleeper and my husband sleeps on his back. The memory foam is conforming to your body and supportive and we love we can no longer feel each other's every movement. My husband did think he was getting a little hot at night so I purchased an inexpensive mattress protector and that solved this issue (I did not notice the heat personally).

I will say when you open the bed there is a stench, we let the bed shape for 48 hours with the windows open as much as possible. The smell is gone now. We did decide to put the bed on risers to make it a little taller. You will need at least 3 packs of risers (we got ours at Target). We are so happy with this bed and have recommended it to our friends. You won't be disappointed!

SPREEY Twin Air Mattress with Built in Pump, Elevated Inflatable Mattress with Comfort Air Coil Technology and Flocked Fabric, Air Bed for Guests, Vacation, Gift - 196 Γ— 97 Γ— 51 cm Review:

Β Comfortable air mattress with plug in electric pump. It has small bag that makes it easy to carry. Electric pump is installed in the mattress body and can pump it in about 1min20sec!
Everything your need in one bag!

LUCID Rollaway Folding Guest Bed with 4 Inch Memory Foam Mattress - Rolling Cot - Easy Storage - Twin Review:

This bed is a great spare bed. Easy for storing in smaller areas, but folds out to a good size. It is very close to twin sized length with it being a little narrower than a standard twin. I use twin sheets with sheet grippers to hold them in place width wise. The mattress is nice and firm and comfortable. The bed has no hard braces across under the mattress, so nothing to irritate you when laying on it, but good support. I've laid on it and it's far better than I thought it might be.

As one other reviewer stated, the four long braces have a bit of a sharp edge - it's from the metal mold and easily fixed. Use a metal file and it smooths those edges. Also, yes I found that the holes on the short braces for the wheels weren't large enough for the wheel bolts to go through, drilled them out a tiny bit and they fit perfect. Easy fixes to make this a great spare bed.

We use it for the granddaughter's visits and she completely enjoys it. Overall we are completely pleased with this bed.

Continental Mattress, 8-inch Fully Assembled Split Box Spring/Foundations For Mattress, Queen Size Review:

Just moved & my Queen box spring didn’t fit up the stairs (older house). After sleeping on the floor for weeks (no fun), saw this online & figured I’d give it a try!

Wood frame covered in a heavy paper like product - be careful, mine had a couple of puncture holes (repaired with duct tape) & held together with large staples - had to hammer a few back down.

Overall no complaints - it does the job, I sleep well & I’m no longer on the floor.

Mattress Solution, 4-inch/Low Profile Split Box Spring/Foundation for Mattress |Full Size| Review:

This was an excellent solution for our antique Victorian bed. Our mattress was already quite high before I added a latex topper; after that, I had to hop onto the bed. This box spring lowered the whole assembly by 4 inches and now the mattress is at a comfortable height and well supported. Order to delivery and installation was under a week. These arrived in a single box weighing 25 lbs., according to UPS. The contents were safely wrapped in plastic. After unboxing, they only had to be placed in the bed frame and the mattress placed back on top. I highly recommend this box spring for anyone who finds themselves too far from the floor on a standard box spring and thick/pillowtop mattress.

Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base with Massage, Wireless Remote, Three Leg Heights, and USB Ports-Ergonomic, Black , Twin XL - 126010-5020 Review:

I went into this purchase knowing full well that you do get what you pay for, but still wanting adjustable bed frame that would help me sleep better, would be acceptable by my wife, but not in the costing me as much as a used car. I purchased two twin XL units in order to form a king size bed. It took me 30 minutes each to put them together, with no drama. If you've assembled IKEA furniture for your house, you can put these together as well. I did it by myself but I would say that it would come in handy to have a helper assist you.

The frames function as intended. I'm using them with 12 inch Dynasty mattresses which I absolutely love. My biggest gripe is with the legs: they are made out of a super soft metal, or as I call it "Chinesium" :) This wouldn't be a big deal if they were straight, but my concern is that all 12 of these legs attached at a slightly different angle. If you look at my picture that I uploaded you'll see how they kick off to the sides in different directions. It's only a matter of time until one breaks because the load is not square. When that happens I will notify the manufacturer and report back on the results.

Casper SleepBox Spring Foundation for Twin XL Mattress Review:

So far, so awesome. I’m picky and have issues falling asleep. I need to stay cool and need lots of space so i don’t punch my husband in the face. This mattress & sleep box just changed my life. One month in and Casper is my favorite bed. It is also very low, which i enjoy. Light weight, easy to assemble.. i might get one of these for my cat to play in. She digs it too.