Best Maternity Casual Dresses in 2022

Last update: November 26, 2022

KIM S Women's Maternity Casual Dresses Sleeveless Bodycon Dress Review:

Very well suited. Due to being 32 weeks pregnant, I ordered one size larger than usual because there is still room to grow. The dress's lightweight and comfortable fabric was ideal because my shower was in June and I didn't feel too overheated. I did wear a naked spanx-like undergarment, and I had no trouble seeing the lines. Definitely a recommendation!

AUSELILY Women's Summer Sleeveless Loose Plain Maxi Dress Casual Long Dress with Pockets Review:

**EDITED AS SMALLER SIZE REORDERED! I placed an XL order for this garment. I usually wear an XL, but I believe that in this dress I might be able to wear a large. I adore it utterly. It comes down to my feet, is cozy, and fits my breast (40DD) wonderfully. It also covers my stomach. With it, I can wear heels or flats. (5'4", 190lbs) I wore it with a belt since I thought the elastic in the middle was lacking something. Very flattering, very comfortable, and incredibly cute! I'll purchase in more hues! Edited to include Another color in Medium that I bought fits even better than the first. The elastic is slightly under the chest and is more constricted, fitting nicely in the chest. The medium looks amazing without a belt, so I don't need one.

Hello MIZ Maternity Floral Lace Baby Shower Party Cocktail Dress with Ribbon Waist Review:

This dress has a lovely blue color and is constructed of very delicate lace that is layered over a wonderful liner. The fabric is really flowy and has a lovely weight to it. It effectively conceals panty lines and other unsightly creases thanks to the liner. Despite the fact that I'm not a very small pregnant woman at 5'3, just over 200lbs, and 30 weeks pregnant, the skirt has plenty of material to conceal a developing bump as well, and I thought it to be really flattering. I felt at ease even stooping over in it because its length comfortably reaches my knees.But the ribbon sash isn't exactly adorable.It's made of a ribbed, scratchy cloth, and when knotted, it doesn't make a pretty bow. To finish the costume, I ultimately had to purchase a separate sash. Instead of being traditional belt loops with a set top and bottom, the sash's loops are just elastic bands that start and stop at the same place, much like hair ties. Instead of lying level and smoothly across the middle as a result, the sash bunches and twists at the sides as a result. Finally, despite being soft and lovely, the lace material is quite delicate and seemed to catch on everything. In order to prevent the lace from being damaged in the washer, I will probably have to hand wash this dress.I was quite pleased with this purchase overall, and I looked gorgeous at my baby shower!

Viishow Women's Short Sleeve Empire Waist Maxi Dresses Long Dresses with Pockets Review:

So even after washing, it is a little bit lengthy. fits everywhere else well. I simply have to exercise caution when using the stairs. I often wear 1- to 1.5-inch heels, so if you're 5'3" and do the same, I believe you'll be OK. I cover it with grey or naked underwear. My family claims that when I'm in strong light or sunlight, they cannot see my underwear. I hope they aren't playing a prank on me. Lol. The thin fabric is advantageous in temperatures above 100 degrees. It most certainly breathes.

Kancystore Women Long Sleeve/Short Sleeve Plus Size Long Maxi Dress with Pockets Loose Casual T-Shirt Dress Review:

The fabric is really comfy and soft. The dress is incredibly well-fitting in all the right places. I'm 5'7" and it comes down to my ankle on me. Plus size clothing internet buying is difficult for me. I have a pear shape, therefore I occasionally have trouble choosing the proper size. When these arrived yesterday, I took them out of the bag right away and put them on since I was so excited. I chose to wear the black one out on a date night with my husband even though both of the ones I ordered fit perfectly. Someone complimented my outfit as soon as I entered the restaurant through the door! I believe I would like one in each color.

Faux Wrap Maternity Dress with Adjustable Belt Review:

I was amazed by this dress.I purchased two maternity dresses in an effort to decide which one I would prefer for my baby shower. I made up my mind as soon as I put this one on.For me, the fit was perfect. I purchased an XL and usually wear sizes 14 top and 16 bottom. Being 7 1/2 months pregnant, it goes without saying that my midsection is a little on the plus size, but my bra size is 36DDD and my hips are 45. My naturally smaller waist was beautifully accented by this dress, which also highlighted my growing baby bump. Although it was a little on the long side, it wasn't particularly draggy or bothersome. I'm only 5'5", but if I were 5'7, it would have been okay.The comfort of this dress was its best feature. The comfort, wow. It is made of a stretchy, but accommodating material. It fit my hips and belly just right. The top's wrap style was elegant and lovely. The print was also stunning. People admired it and complimented me all day.Any expectant mother should buy this dress, in my opinion.

Women's Ruched Floral Lace Maternity Nursing Party Maxi Tank Dress Baby Shower Pregnancy Photography Long Gown Dresses Review:

It was definitely worth the money, I have to say. I'm six months pregnant and typically fall between a small and medium. I ordered a medium because I was afraid it would be too tiny for my baby shower, which is in one and a half months, but it's really stretchy. I'm 5'5", and the length is just right for me. The colour is exactly as shown in the photographs.

Beachcoco Women's Maternity Sleeveless V Neck Maxi Dress Made in USA Review:

This outfit is basic but adorably adorable. I adorned it with a gorgeous necklace and other accessories and used it for my baby shower. I purchased a mint color, and it is exactly what it looks like; it is a darker, somewhat more greenish mint, not a light mint. I got a small, and it fits me perfectly even though I am 34 weeks pregnant and weigh roughly 117 pounds. If you are any larger than I am, I would advise ordering a size up because, despite the fact that I thought it fit good, it was practically skin tight yet still really comfortable. The rayon in the dress is wonderful because it is elastic, but you can definitely see panty lines due of how closely it clings to your skin. Even though I tried to cover the panty lines by wearing a thong with it, it was still challenging to prevent any lines from peeping through the dress. The dress was far too long for someone my height (5'1), so I had to trim it. I removed around 2.5 inches from the dress since I wanted to keep it long but prevent it from dragging. It was a little bit of a pain in the butt for me to hem this material because I'm not a seamstress, but it wasn't really challenging. You should have no trouble hemming it yourself if you can use a machine for the fundamental tasks. Overall, I'm happy with the purchase and intend to continue wearing it even after I give birth. (will likely need to hem once more to wear after delivery)

Hello MIZ Women's Floral Faux Wrap Side Tie Nursing and Maternity Dress Review:

Finding flattering maternity apparel has been really challenging for me, so I was overjoyed to find this dress. highly suggestableSizing: Prior to being pregnant, I wore a Small because I was 5'8" and 135 lbs (jeans size 27, dress size 2). I would have best fit a Large in this outfit while pregnant. This item tends to run a bit short behind, so if you're on the taller side, I'd go larger.ProsBeautiful fabric with a romantic, vintage floral patternCut is flattering; it doesn't squeeze the stomach too much or add bulk. The smallest portion of your waist is highlighted by a waist tie.It was so unbelievably comfy that I struggled to take it off. I would gladly sleep in it because it is so cozy and soft.Wearable throughout pregnancy, with a cut that accommodates belly expansion during the third trimesterWould be ideal for breastfeeding in after childbirth.ConsBy fabric, length and cut vary; I got many prints and sizes and discovered that the length varied greatly. I suggest placing many orders so you have options.

GULE GULE Women's Long Sleeve Loose Plain Maxi Dresses Casual Long Dresses Pockets Review:

I enjoy the outfit. I am 5'5", so it is the right length and size XXL (220 lbs) The sleeves were likewise not overly long or restricted. This dress is constructed of t-shirt material, which makes it highly comfy and wrinkle-free but also very lint-attractive. The neckline is definitely too high and can feel constricting, so I do wish it were a little bit wider. Finding pockets astonished and delighted me! So helpful! A very understated, straightforward dress that can be accessorised to look dressy or casual. To create a different look, I advise experimenting with belts or statement necklaces.