Best Manual Can Openers in 2020

Adoric Can Opener, 3-in-1 Manual Can Opener, Stainless Steel Smooth Edge Can Opener with Ultra Sharp Cutting, Ergonomic Designed Comfort Grips Great for Seniors with Arthritis (Medium, Silver) Review:

I love this 3 in 1 can opener and I have tried many different brands and types.
This can opener is not just easy to use but is also safe to use. This opener works great, especially for people like me with arthritis. The handle is also ergonomically correct which is extremely helpful.
Cleaning this can opener is a breeze! Simply place under running water and dry with a clean cloth, that’s it! This can opener is also rust resistant and compact in size.
Once you use this can opener you won’t want to try any other. Enjoy!

OXO Good Grips Can Opener Review:

I’ve been using this for about 6 months and think it is by far the best manual can opener I’ve ever used. I even bought one for my 75 year old mom and she absolutely loves it. It makes opening cans of tuna fish a breeze. As anyone old enough can tell you, the cans used today for tuna fish are ridiculously thin and lots of times are difficult to open. Not with this opener as it simply works.

The grips and especially the handle part that you turn are very comfortable to use. I honestly couldn’t be happier with this purchase and I’m seriously considering buying another just to have as a spare. There’s nothing worse than being extremely satisfied with a product and over the years it eventually breaks and the replacement product just isn’t as good. I think OXO definitely hit a home run with this can opener.

Kebley Stainless Steel Can Opener Manual Food-safe Good Gripswith Built-in Bottle Opener Review:

I made a note on the 1 star ratings. 2 said they had issues using these on the MX922. I bought not one but two MX922 so my wife and mother-in-law - between them would hopefully learn how to use the printer and help each other instead of calling me every other day (lol). I own a couple of CIS and some other non-OEM replacement ink cartridges and I can say these were the most professionally packaged and beautiful color production non-OEM cartridges I have ever seen or used.

I'm sure you will agree some other "brand" printers have worked more on protecting their ink delivery system to MAKE you buy their products than on the print and document management technology (you know who I'm talking about). In my opinion, they are no longer a technology company but an INK company. I am replacing a printer that is only 5 months old. It's making noises and the mechanics sound like they are failing. But the bigger issue is, you spend $100 - $150 on a printer and after you buy just one or two sets of replacement ink cartridges, you've spent enough to buy another printer. It is outrageous. So now when I look for a replacement printer,the first thing I do is also find non-OEM ink replacement supplier - or I don't buy the printer.

I saw some notes that said they had no issues on the Canon MX922 but a few that did but I took the chance anyway - and glad I did. I installed one printer with the OEM ink and the other, just started with these cartridges. I have an older MX870 with a different supplier for non-OEM ink and when I printed the same document on 3 printers - MX922 with OEM, non-OEM and MX870 with different non-OEM ink, both MX922 images look great. Rich color, couldn't tell the difference between OEM and non.

Buying these for the non-technical members of the family, these cartridges are a BIG PLUS. The packaging looks almost exactly as the OEM. Nice shrink wrapped, pull tab for air hole and the orange bottom ink holders are molded to the plastic. You have to break them off - as you do with the OEM cartridges, not just laying in there like a lot of other non-OEM cartridges. I can't see my misses or her older Mom ejecting ink to refill these but at $9.99 for a complete set of 5 cartridges - there is no need. I will be buying these as needed. If you have a small business - these are the correct replacements to get for your staff.

Helpful hint - breaking off the orange under carriage, I did splatter some ink. Make sure it it upside down (and mine were) and I suggest you throw a paper towel over it when breaking off the tabs. It takes some force and can be messy if your not real careful.

Blake Printing Supply just became my new go-to ink supplier. Not that cheap, if you don't mind getting rainbow colored fingers China replacement cartridges you can find all over the internet. Great professional supplier for home or business ...quality product.

Can Opener, 3-In-1 Manual Can Openers, Cordless Tin Opener with Lids off Jar Opener and Bottle Opener in One, Smooth Edge and Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Sharp Blade Review:

I have to make an apology here.
I was looking to order a side cutting can opener, and believed that I did.
However, it does appear I ordered a traditional top cutting opener by mistake.
And, it didn't work as a side cutting one would expect, but it works just fine as a top cutting opener.
So, I wrote a review based on my misuse of the product.
Once I realized my mistake I realized it works very well.
So, 1 star goes to 5 stars.
On the other hand, the reviewer gets 3 stars. One for the initial erroneous review, and two more for realizing the mistake and correcting the review.

Manual Can Opener, Adoric Stainless Steel Can Opener with Ergonomic Designed Comfort Grips, Smooth Edge-Ultra Sharp Cutting Tools Great for Seniors with Arthritis Review:

Impressive to say the least, leaves very smooth cut, is multi-function, has a tab lift on the front for things like oysters, sardines and other pull top cans. 2 different bottle openers, 1 for screw tops and 1 regular...4 functions in all. This can opener even comes with 2 sets of replacement blades. My wrists and hands are horribly damaged. For this last year I have needed someone else to open cans and bottles for me. Thanks to this can opener I can do this myself..I cook a yes this is a life changer for sure :) The only thing I would change is to add non slip surface to the knob.

KitchenAid KC130OHAQA Classic Can Opener, One Size, Aqua Sky Review:

I have had this can opener for about 8 months. After having to constantly buy can openers because they would rust. I decided to start buying quality. I run my can openers through the dish washer, every time they are used. I thought that this technique was the problem, because after 2 or 3 months the can opener would be rusted. I guess that is not the case, because I have done the same thing with the can opener and it has not rusted yet. Love Kitchenaid. Just watch the price because they price can go between 10 and 30 dollars.

Good Cook Can Opener, Safe Cut Manual Can Opener, no Sharp Can Edges, Black Review:

I enjoy minimalistic designs, and this can opener is exactly that. It's less bulky and complicated than your standard can opener while doing a better job at what it does. It hangs onto the can just like any other can opener would, but cuts into the side instead of the top while creating a dull edge that won't easily slice into your finger. It also releases more easily since you simply turn in the opposite direction to let go. It also doesn't drench the blade, so cleaning it is much easier and you could feasibly reuse it many times without having to give it a wipe. I don't remember if it's dishwasher safe (probably not) but you shouldn't really need to throw it into the dishwasher ever. Just hand wash it with soap and water, rinse, and dry in less than a minute when it needs cleaning, and I suspect it's far less likely to rust with its simple design.

This was really handy when having to reach into a can of fruit and contending with the sharp edges that are created when you open a can with the built-in tab. Not only did it dull the edges of the can, but made it easier to reach into. I wouldn't suggest you press your finger along the edge, but I feel your likelihood of cutting yourself on the edges this can opener creates is far less than the alternatives. Definitely worth the $8 price.

OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener Review:

I have only opened a few cans so far but it has performed perfectly on them. A couple of quick things to note.

1. You are only supposed to hand wash these not put them in the dishwasher. This advice was tucked away on the packaging and isn't mentioned in the Use & Care booklet so easy to miss.
2. If like me you come to these from more conventional can openers then you may expect the lid to lift off while still in the grip of the can opener once you have cut once around the edge. However these openers seem to lock onto both the can and the lid so even after the lid has been separated it may seem like it has not. The trick is to follow the instructions exactly, i.e. after turning knob clockwise until resistance drops, turn knob counter clockwise once, THEN OPEN HANDLES. That results in the lid AND the can being released. At which point you can use the jaws on the side of the opener to grab the lid. Not doing this may be why some users perceive that the lid has not been cut from the can, which was my initial perception too.

Just to add that the turned over edge on the can is very smooth. I wouldn't recommend making a habit of running your finger around the edge but I did so carefully and was very impressed with how much safer this is than the raw edge usually left by can openers with no burrs or other sharp edges.

Time and use will tell regarding reliability but so far very happy.

ZYLISS Lock N' Lift Can Opener with Lid Lifter Magnet Review:

After almost 4 months of use, I can say that this is, without doubt, the very best can opener I have ever owned and that includes sundry electric can openers as well. Over the years I have purchased various types of can openers from various vendors, and none - absolutely none - have worked as well as this one. In fact, I would rate all the other openers I have owned as zero or perhaps a negative rating except for an electric opener I have owned for years and that one I'd rate a 3. This opener is hands down a 5 and is the only one I use now.

However, I will say this: there is a tendency to really squeeze this opener (and I mean get a death grip on the handles) as I am turning the crank. This arises from my sorry history with manual can openers. It was necessary to really clamp down in order to keep the cutter running through the metal. I have to remind myself to ease up, relax, give the tool a break. It locks into position and it only takes slight pressure to keep cutting the can while easily turning the handle. But I can see why a number of unhappy buyers broke the opener; for years everyone has had to physically wrestle with the appliance to get it to work and even then it wouldn't work well. So I think that all of us who have had such a miserable history with this device naturally go at this product with hammer and tongs when we first get it.

I would advise anyone buying this great little tool to ease up by 90% and you will be amazed just how quick and easy it is to open a can. Really. It is almost effortless.

EZ-DUZ-IT Deluxe Can Opener with Black Grips Review:

The beauty of a device like this EZ-DUZ-IT Deluxe Can Opener is it's designed to do one essential job perfectly. And that it does.


+ Huge handle for great leverage, though you won't really need that because...
+ It cuts through the top of cans like a hot knife through butter.
+ All-metal construction, save for the rubberized grips covering the metal handles.
+ All the welds feel solid and the joints operate smoothly.
+ It's relatively inexpensive.
+ And it's made in the USA, baby!


- Unlike the previous EZ-DUZ-IT we owned, the grips tend to slide off of this one, which is annoying.


* Our previous one of these rusted badly, which was why it was replaced. Wish it were all stainless steel. Would shell out the extra for that.

Here's reality: most can openers are junk. This one isn't. If this one never rusted, it would be darned near perfect. Time will tell how long it will last, but it will certainly last longer and perform better than all the other can openers out there.

Stop looking and buy this one.