Best Manipulation Therapy Products in 2020

Professional Cupping Set *Made in Korea* (17 Cups) with Extension Tube($3.00 Value) KS Choi Corp Review:

I'm a PTA and in a Doctor of Physical Therapy program. The best example of these is a shoulder patient I had. He had a mumford procedure about 5 years ago and was complaining about pain and pinching in the same shoulder. Noted major scapular dyskinesia and serratus anterior weakness. I cupped along his rotator cuff and mid & upper traps. Then had him perform AAROM in flexion and abduction with the cups in place. (Note: performing motions with cups on is not a comfortable procedure so only do this for low irritable patients). Immediately after cup removal he had a decrease in pain and increased AAROM in all directions. We then performed strengthening exercises. The cupping allowed him to have a decrease in pain and improved mobility so he could perform strengthening that could not have been done as efficiently without the mobility improvements.
* With any modality, pairing it with the correct strengthening exercises will be more effective than the modality alone*

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Yamuna Body Rolling Foot Wakers Review:

These really do work. I was struck down with plantar fasciitis in both feet about a month after I started rucking. I was shocked as I spend much of my time barefoot and have never had any issues with foot pain. I also run (although I'm not particularly fast) and had never had any foot pain from running. So... too much ruck weight too far too fast, I guess. The pain was mostly in my arches although I did have the burning / tingling / aching / swelling throughout the soles of my feet. Every step felt like being stabbed in the arches with a knife. It was agony.

I tried many things, all of which helped: stretching my calves like it was my second job, foam rolling, going to massage therapist, using a night splint (which I never attempted to sleep in, but I did wear it while watching t.v.), rolling my foot on a lacrosse ball, wearing Crocs around the house (they helped a lot, but I sure did miss the sensory experience of bare feet). My feet improved significantly for day-to-day light activity, but if I walked more than a couple of gentle miles, my feet really started to hurt again. One time I had to sit down on the curb in some neighborhood and take my shoes off to massage my feet just so I could limp home. How embarrassing!

I bought the Foot Wakers in desperation. They are expensive for basically plastic nubby things. At first, they hurt so bad I thought I was going to cry, but I've stuck with it, and 3 weeks later I am operating without any noticeable ongoing pain. I'm back to barefoot around the house, and I am building my ruck weight back up (gently this time!) with 1-hour long rucks. This past Saturday, I actually forgot to stretch my calves mid-way through my ruck because... nothing hurt?! It actually seemed kind of weird afterwards which is both sad and awesome, lol. That particular ruck was a little longer than planned, too, because I spent an extra 20 minutes helping a lady find her lost dog (Victory!). :)

A few tips: Use them as often as you can, several times a day at least. If it hurts too much when you start out, wear socks which will blunt your suffering until the pain starts to improve. Eccentric calf raises on these have been very helpful for me. They come as a pair, but I take one to work during the week. This way I have one at home and one at work so I can always be working on my feet (even if it's just one foot at a time) without having to remember to carry them back and forth every day. They travel well, so don't forget to take them with you!

Sensual Massage Oil with Relaxing Lavender Almond Oil and Jojoba for Men and Women – 100% Natural Hypoallergenic Skin Therapy with No Artificial or Added Ingredients - Made by Maple Holistics Review:

This oil is perfectly sexy. The scent and slight tingle are very heightening to the senses. I really love to use this when we get started playing! It sets the stage very well.
The slight tingle I mentioned is not a burning sensation like cooling or warming lubes. I feel like it just makes my skin and the area hypersensitive - which I enjoy!
This oil doesn't really have a taste or at least it doesn't bother us. This oil is definitely worth the {low} price. It stands out in this category for sensual massage oil. I would love to try some of the other oils and scents this seller offers. You should absolutely give it a try!

doTERRA On Guard Protective Blend - 15 mL Review:

First of all, clove oil is an antimicrobial & antifungal agent which explains why so many reviewers say it works. Its not just for sore throats!!
There is nothing to dislike about this product. It's a miracle in a bottle if you are plaqued w/ toe nail fungus. As an RN I used to wear thick supportive hose every shift to prevent varicose veins but instead developed ugly thick nails from lack of circulation of air to my toes. It started when I was 30 yrs old...31 yrs ago. I tried EVERYTHING! My Dr told me the nails were so thick & brittle that my only option was to have my nails removed. Then when I went to a spa in Hawaii & had a pedicure, the owner gave me a bottle of this little miracle which worked! I have NO fungus in my great left toe & all other toes are near normal after using only 1 bottle! I would dab the product around the entire cuticle every a.m. ( keep at your bedside table so you'll develop a habit of using it 1st thing every a.m.) I also dropped a couple drops so it dribbled down into the tops of my toes. I was truly surprised bc I tried all known homeopathic & Rx solutions with NO improvement. My big & second nail on left foot look normal & all other toes look improved after using only one little bottle but I used it religiously. I just ordered two more bottles from Amazon ( OMG gotta love Amazon for all the products they sell right???) I found a 'special' for less $$ if you buy 2 bottles so I did.
For the record, I am NOT a 'professional' reviewer, I did NOT receive anything for this review & am personally sick of people who glow about products they write reviews for.
They all need a hobby & stop w/ their stupid reviews. I used to rely on reviews for items purchased & would be so disappointed when the items were crap. All I can say is NOTHING I've ever tried for this darned, stubborn nail fungus worked EXCEPT this product.
I really hope if you try this for toe nail fungus that it'll work for you totoo bc there's really no other options available. The Rx taken by mouth for this fungus is hard on the liver so try this before you go the RX route!! Don't let the small bottle fool you!!! You need only about 3 or 4 drops per big toe then 2 or 3 dtops for your smaller toes. There was enough in that bottle to get all of my toes to near normal & am no longer embarrassed to get pedicures.

Yoga Tune Up Jill Miller's Therapy Balls Pair with Mesh Tote, Aqua Blue Review:

When they first arrived I was a bit taken a aback by some cosmetic imperfection around the rubber ball. However, when I went back to my gym and inspected the balls they used, seems like these cosmetic uneven texture is common and cannot be avoided. There are days when I'm on my feet a lot without wearing the most comfortable shoes, I like to use these balls to roll my feet. I believe that they do help, if not, the sensation is just pleasant. There are so many ways to do a self-massage with these balls which is economical and convenient.

I was hesitant with the price at first but overall happy I have them.

Überlube Silver Good-to-Go Traveller Set - One Silver Case with One 15ml Refill + Two 15ml Refills Review:

Wife and I are constantly trying out different lubes. Since we have no kids or pets, we get to test a lot. So far we are very happy with this one, no need to test new ones. I know it's pricey but it works really well. It never gets sticky like some of the cheaper ones. The size is discrete to travel with, The dispense makes it easy to apply.

Pivotal Therapy 1950 Occipivot, Shape Review:

I've had TMJ disorder for as long as I can remember. Out of sheer desperation on night, I searched "TMJ" on Amazon and this came up.

Naturally, I immediately bought it because... hey, I've had my teeth shaved down, braces for 3 years as an adult, countless massage therapists and chriopractors... For the last two years, I've even been getting Botox in the muscles of my jaw and temples.

The first time I used this thing, it was for 30 seconds on my hardwood floors. It kept slipping around, but when I *did* balance on it, it hurt! I had what felt like bruises on the back of my head for at least 3 days. Obviously I was doing something wrong. I threw it in the corner and considered it more money lost.

Two weeks later, I picked it up again. This time I used it on my very comfy (read: very SOFT) bed, which immediately solved the problem of it slipping around. However, I could only lay on it for 30 seconds before it hurt. Again, I convinced myself I was doing something wrong, but this time, it felt less bruise-y!

The next day, I forced myself to use it for a minute or hurt, but not as bad as the first two days!

I kept this up, adding a few more minutes each day. By the end of 2 weeks, the mere action of resting my head on it caused my muscles in my head, neck, shoulders, and FORTUNATELY, JAW(!!!!) to immediately relax!

I've spent thousands on braces, Botox injections, night name it. Turns out, I have "head forward" posture that means I always look like I'm slouching, no matter how straight I make my spine, and that causes the muscles in my neck and shoulders to do a heck of a lot of work. This occupivot didn't cure my TMJ disorder, but made it way, way more manageable.

I've since told everyone I know who sits at a computer all day to get one. I'm here buying another one because I lend mine out so much that I need one I can actually use! I can confidently say that every single person I've lent it to has gone on to buy their own and at least two have bought another one for other friends. I should honestly be a distributor for these, lol.

Like I said, my TMJD isn't cured (I'm still a terrible teeth grinder), but I was able to go an extra 6 months longer before getting more Botox injections!

I'm attaching a picture because I was really confused if I was using it right at first. It was painful and awkward and I wanted to make sure I wasn't hurting myself, yet I couldn't find any clear pics of people using it. Hopefully this helps!

In the pic, I'm on day 3 or so of using it. My neck muscles aren't straining... they're spazzing out trying to relax! The device itself is positioned such that if I rolled over and looked at it, the fingers would be curved like upside down rainbows. My apologies if it's not very clear, but it works best on me if those fingers hit right above the base of the skull. Once that relaxes, I slooooooowly move my chin up so that the "fingers" move up to right below my ponytail. Once I got the hang of it (and my muscles calmed down from the pain of first using it!), I just go straight to that spot.

I've also found more success if I use this time to meditate and focus on relaxing my muscles. For awhile I tried being on my phone or watching TV, but it really helps if you can focus your energy on relaxing! :)

Now go forth and relieve your pain! <3!!!!!

CranioCradle Home Therapy System - Head, Neck, Shoulder & Back Pain Relief - Relaxes Muscle Tension - Trigger Point Release - Treats Multiple Pain Symptoms - Myofascial Release Review:

this thing is a cranio-sacral therapist's dream. I got two, and now I can put myself into a deep relaxation--this simulates the effect of giving a cranial hold called the CV4, whereby cerebral spinal fluid production is pumped and milked (compression of fourth ventricle of the brain--that is what CV 4 stands for). The CV 4 provides traction to the neck--but contraindicated in cases of untreated whiplash and pregnancy.

Overall it's so fabulous, and I love all the other uses for it. The firmness is ideal. Also good to use on trigger points. I recommend watching the developer's videos on youtube, she teaches you how to use it. Great product and I can see myself using this on my clients. I bought two-one for my head, the other for my sacrum, or another area like the chest.

Lavender Essential Oil - Highest Quality Therapeutic Grade Backed by Research - Largest 4 Oz Bottle with Premium Glass Dropper - 100% Pure and Natural - Guaranteed Results - Essential Labs Review:

For a short time, this Lavender was not available and I was making a lot of products for myself, so I bought a variety of different lavenders. Some of them were horrible and one smelled as if it had been grown in an Italian restaurant. I love Italia restaurants and the smell of the sauce cooking, but not in my lavender because it went on the skin smelling icky. Some of them were funky smelling or skunk. I was really not able to use them at all. I had been spoiled by this brand. I wasted money on the others and should probably send them back. Now that this brand is back, I am such a happy camper. I don't know how they do it, but they capture the essence of what Lavender is supposed to smell like. Maybe they harvest it and don't let it sit around before processing. Whatever they're doing, they're doing it right and I beg them not to change! I went through trying to find a new lavender when a famous English brand changed their lavender formula to include other scents. That had been my go-to scent forever and I was pretty bummed out about it. Now that I've found this brand, I couldn't be happier. Just don't waste your time with other brands. Like wine, lavender comes in a lot of different notes and tones, and this one is light and airy and smells of fresh air in the sunshine in a lavender field. I get many many compliments when I wear it as a scent. I add some to water in a spray bottle, shake it up, then spray it on myself. It is the freshest scent imaginable, and even better, you can layer any scent on top of it to create your own signature scent. I wish I hadn't jumped the gun and ordered all those other brands, but I learned a good lesson. Stay with this brand! And no, I don't work for them! lol.

doTERRA PastTense Essential Oil Tension Blend Roll On 10 ml Review:

After driving 6 hours to visit family I had a very stiff neck, shoulders and a building headache. My usual go to, a OTC pain reliver was not working.
My son offered his doTERRA Past Tense. I was skeptical, but willing to try almost anything to get some relief!
He handed me this little bottle. Then he said i only needed a little bit. More skeptism on my part. I was used to OTC bottles with deoderant sized rollers.
WOW THIS STUFF REALLY WORKS!! MINUTES after applying a single rolling pass on my neck muscles I was feeling relief. 10 minutes after the pain was virtually GONE.
The amount you need to use is minuscule, so this little 10 ml bottle lasts a long time.

On the down side, not everyone finds the scent appealing. Men seem to find it more irritating than women. But if they have muscle pain and are willing to try it they quickly accept it, unappealing scent or not. It has never sent strangers running for a bathroom. A nose wrinkle from strangers is as bad as it has gotten for me and that is only after being freshly applied.