Best Mail Sorters in 2020

DecoBros Wall Mount 3 Tier Letter Rack Organizer w/Key Holder, Bronze Review:

- Excellent quality metal and classic design.
- Great price for the durability and excellent appearance.
- Two sizes of screws and two wall anchors came with the purchase.
- This rack is very strong and with proper attachment to a wall, it can hold a lot of weight hanging from the hooks.
- The dark bronze glow is very attractive and accents the wooden tables in my kitchen.
- If I were using this for mail it definitely fit every regular mail envelope I had, and if I did need a mail holder in my home, this would be my first choice.
- Arrived 2 days from ordering as expected.
- I originally bought this item to create a hanging succulent garden in my kitchen and it worked out very nicely. I cut out flat pieces of mesh that sank right into each tier with enough room for small succulent to pour out. I used two med-size hooks with anchors and it feels very sturdy and able to hold much more weight. It has been over two weeks now and I am so pleased with this rack as the frame to my project. watering is very easy, one a week in the sink or outside just pour in each level and let drain for 15 mins before re-hanging.


Overall Review:
Five stars, I love it. If I needed a mail holder, this would be my first choice.

More Time Moms - Family Organizer Wall Calendar - September 2019 to December 2020 (2019-2020) Review:

I love this calendar! As a mom with a busy household, this calendar is a lifesaver. We currently have 10 people living in our home with varying and diverse schedules. Several are working full-time, some with night schedules, some working days, and most with schedules that change from week to week. In order to keep track of work schedules, homeschool field trips, medical appointments, and more, I use color coding to put everyone's schedules on the calendar for all to see.

My one complaint is a fault with the formatting: the first week of the month contains 11 lines per square, and the second week only 9 lines. The remaining weeks (which are on the bottom half, below the spiral binding) each contain 10 lines. If the weeks on the top half also contained 10 lines per square, the calendar would be perfect for me. As it is, that second week always feels cramped.
To my disappointment, it looks like the 2020 calendar has the same format. It's the best I've found, though, so I will probably be buying it anyway!

MyGift 2-Pocket Vintage White Wall-Mounted Mail Sorter & Key Hooks Review:

I got this product for my boyfriend's house because he is always losing his mail and misplacing his keys. Not sure if thing is going to work in my situation, but it sure as heck looks cute and Its been helpful to guesses who come and hang their keys. The product itself is very sturdy, only negative is that it probably needs to have a wood finisher on it so its not so sharp.

mDesign Wall Mount Metal Entryway Storage Organizer Mail Sorter Basket with 5 Hooks - Letter, Magazine, Coat, Leash and Key Holder for Entryway, Mudroom, Hallway, Kitchen, Office - Bronze Review:

I bought this for a key holder in my kitchen. The bronze color is just perfect for my kitchen. I looked at several colors and finally decided which to buy after reading advice given to another buyer. He said to look around the area and see what colors you've used in that room. My counter tops are brown, black and beige with backsplash of several different shades of brown. Bronze had not been my first choice but after following his advice I chose the bronze. It is a mat color - not shiny and looks great on my beige walls. I hung a combination bulletin board/whiteboard above the key holder. This makes a great organization place for the family to keep up with keys and important dates (Social and appointment dates) for our family. The combination of bulletin board/white board and key holder looks great together. I forgot to mention how attractive this keyholder is. I'm glad I bought this one instead of one of the plain holders. Looks just like photo.

MyGift Wall Mounted Mesh Metal Hanging Mail Sorter, Storage Basket w/Chalkboard, Cork Board & Key Hooks, Black Review:

This is a great little wall organizer. We hung it in our kitchen and use it for incoming mail and a place to hang keys. It is durable and looks very nice. It comes with the needed hardware to hang it, and all in all took less than five minutes to get on the wall. Highly recommend.

Rustic 2-Slot Mail Sorter Organizer for Wall with Chalkboard Surface & 3 Double Key Hooks - Wooden Wall Mount Mail Holder Organizer – Wall Décor for Entryway made of Paulownia Wood - Rustic Blue Review:

I am pleased with my purchase. I ran to every store in town looking for a mail organizer with a key holder. Most of the ones I came arcoss were just too plain looking. This one is very nice. I did notice some of the wood stain isnt even or missing on some spots but it doesnt bother me it goes with the rustic look. The only reason I dont give is the mail slots arent that big and dont hold a lot of mail. In the bottom pocket long envelopes stick out of the top and cover the upper chalk board a bit. I thought the pockets would be a little deeper. It works though!

Desk Mail Organizer wishacc Small File Holders Letter Organizer Metal Mesh Document/Filing/Folders/Paper Organizer for Desktop Review:

The desk organizer came all bent out of shape. The box was not smashed in any way, so it must have been put in that way. It's not a big deal as it is easily bent back into place. Once I did that it's really nice. On the small size. The metal lip goes lower than the foam piece on some of the sides, so the metal is what is hitting the desk, not the foam piece

Pacon PAC1309 Classroom Keepers Mailbox, 10 Slots, Blue Review:

It's great that this organizer is completely recyclable and is made (at least in part) from post-consumer recycled content. However, it comes with no instructions and they aren't provided on the manufacturer's web site either. Very strange! Anyway, I did manage to figure it out, so I hope this helps others who purchase the product.
a) Be sure you look at the product photo before you read the following, so you have a sense of what the mailbox looks like when assembled.
b) Understanding that blue surfaces of the elements face either inward or up will help you avoid running for aspirin or whiskey (though the whiskey might not be a bad idea anyway).
c) There are three elements of the kit:
- The "base", which makes up the top, sides, and back of the mailbox.
- An "insert" section that goes inside the base and provides the two vertical dividers and supports.
- Nine shelf pieces, each of which is slotted to line up with slots in the "insert" section.
Here we go!
1. Identify the "base." It's the largest element of the kit.
2. Square the base and turn it so the four odd-shaped flaps face up. These will make up the back of the mailbox when assembled.
3. You need to fold the upfacing flaps down so they interlock as follows:
- First, fold down the the wide-side flap with the widest outside edge.
- Next, fold down the two narrrow-side flaps.
- Finally, fold down the remaining wide-side flap and secure it under the first wide-side flap you folded down.
4. Rotate the base so the part you just worked on faces down. Now you'll be working in the open space to get your shelves and supports in place.
(The "insert piece is a bit tricky, so I hope this description makes sense.)
5. Identify the "insert," and lay it flat with the blue side up and one of the widest edges facing toward you.
6. Note the "insert" is scored in several places where you need to fold it in the correct position for assembly.
7. Fold the right and left sides in, using the innermost score lines to see where the folds should be. Now you should have something shaped like the letter U, with a score line remaining in each of the pieced facing up.
8. Fold the right and left sides out, using the remaining score lines to see where there folds should be. Now you have something shaped like a smaller letter U, with the pieces facing up having blue surfaces facing both right and left.
9. Rotate the base so the three tabs extending from one of the wide edges are closest to you and set the insert in, noting that the base now has the start of the three section for your shelves once you get them set up. The edge with the three tabs will be the top of the mailbox when you're done.
10. Take the first of the shelf pieces and note that it's a bit wider than the width of the base. This is because each shelf includes tabs that need to be folded in to provide vertical support between the shelves once the unit is assembled. Fold these tabs in with the blue surface of each facing in. You'll find that one on each side needs to be folded up and the other down.
(Before you continue, note that the sides of the base facing you include long, narrow flaps, which might be slightly attached to each other at this stage. Just be sure they stay facing up for now. These will help keep the shelf supports in place when the mailbox if completed)
11. Slide the first shelf (with its blue tab facing you) in place, lining up the slots in both the shelf and the insert, and gradually slide it down until it reaches the back of the base.
(As long as the three tabs in the inserted shelf line up with the three tabs in the base, and the blue surface of all tabs face the same direction, you are on the right track!)
12. Lock the fronts of the insert above and below the shelf (there are slight extensions on the insert edges that drop into slots on the shelf) to help prevent the insert sections from shifting right or left and to keep the sections nicely aligned from top to bottom.
13. Continue inserting the shelf units in place as you did the first; you might have to play with the support tabs a bit to they overlay properly, and with the blue surfaces showing in each case.
14. Finally, fold the long base flaps in so that they lock into place in the shelves above and below each one.
That's it; you should have something that looks more or less like the product image.