Best Magnetic Tape in 2020

Magnetic Squares - 110 Self Adhesive Magnetic Squares (Each 4/5" x 4/5") - Flexible Sticky Magnets - Peel & Stick Magnetic Sheets - Tape is Alternative to Magnetic Stickers, Magnetic Strip and Roll Review:

As I school librarian, I often need to hang signs or labels on metal shelving. These handy little magnets really do the trick. I used to use magnetic tape, but these are much quicker and easier. The adhesive on the back sticks well and stays secured. The magnets are strong enough to hold cardboard signs, but not so strong that they can't be easily moved around. They can also be cut in half for smaller jobs.

10 Adhesive Magnetic Sheets - 8.5" x 11" - 20 mil Magnet - Peel & Stick Review:

I bought these magnetic sheets with adhesive backing to make magnets for Anime Expo. I did some drawings, colored them on photoshop, had them printed multiple times. I laminated them with self-laminating sheets and then applied to the magnetic sheet.

This magnetic sheet is SUPER STICKY. Once you put it on, it's not coming off, unless you want to ruin whatever you stuck to the magnet. So basically it's super strong.

Once I got everything assembled to the magnetic sheet, I wanted to cut out my drawings, sometimes in shapes, and sometimes in simple squares. The squares were easy with regular scissors, or something a little more heavy duty. When I started out trying to cut shapes and precise cuts, I was having a difficult time with regular scissors, or xacto knife. I then tried box cutter. Then I tried nail scissors. NOthing was working great until I asked around and went to Home Depo and bought a pair of tin snips, and another small, easy-to-handle pair of metal cutters (like scissors) and then I had an easier time. So this magnetic sheet is a little thicker than those simple magnets you get from like pizza chains or whatever. So it's a little tougher to cut, but not terribly bad.

Overall, I really liked this magnetic sheet, it's strong, it's durable, it holds things to the fridge. It makes pretty good crafts. After I bought one pack, I bought 2 more packs of it, so I'd say it's pretty good! The only complaint I have is it's a tad bit expensive, but the avery magnetic sheets are just as costly for only 5 sheets. So...if you really want to manually make your magnets and stuff, this is the way to go.

Hope this helps some poor, inexperienced crafter, like myself. :)

Magnefic Magnetic Squares, 1 Tape Sheet of 70 Magnetic Squares (each 20x20x2mm), Magnet on one Side, Self Adhesive on the other Side. Perfect for Fridge Organisation, Art Project, Vision Board Review:

I purchased these to make refrigerator magnets with puzzle pieces that were missing the full set and would have otherwise been thrown away. The adhesive is very strong and stuck to the wooden pieces nicely. The adhesive side will not come off the objective you stick it to without some force which is great. I wouldn't count on the magnets to hold anything onto the refrigerator, not even paper. This was not an issue for my project as these were meant for the kids to play with and not to hold papers up. These magnets are more for sticking to the back of items such as post cards, photos, and similar light items to display them. According to the package, one magnet holds up to 10 grams. The magnets came in a cardboard envelope which is convenient for storing them. I would definitely purchase again!

Magnefic! Magnetic Squares, 1 tape sheet of 70 magnetic squares (each 20x20x2mm), magnet on one side, self adhesive on the other side. Perfect for fridge organisation, DIY art project, vision board

Flexible Magnetic Tape - 1 Inch x 10 Feet Magnetic Strip with Strong Self Adhesive - Ideal Magnetic Roll for Craft and DIY Projects - Sticky Magnets for Fridge and Dry Erase Board Review:

I needed a more secure storage solution for my collection of miniatures. Some are fragile or unfinished, and I didn't want any paint to chip off during storage or transit, so I glued them onto steel discs and used these magnet strips to hold them in place (2 strips side by side). They work perfectly! The minis are easy to remove but don't shift at all, even when held upside down.

The adhesive is very strong, so make sure you have it where you want it to go before you place it because you likely won't be able to move it after it's adhered to the desired surface. Since they come in a roll, I recommend sticking the magnetic side to your fridge for a couple of days before use to straighten them out.

Flexible Magnet Dots with Adhesive by House Again – Perfect for Crafts & DIY Projects, Hanging & Organizing Light Objects at Home Office or Warehouse, 70Pcs Review:

I have been using these magnets for three days. If things change over the next few weeks I will update this review. Otherwise, assume these are still good.

I bought this so I could hang loose eyeshadows on my wall. I have an Urban Decay single eyeshadow, several Colourpop super shock shadows, and some Colourpop suupershock highlighters up there along with a sample size Nars blush. They worked so well the first day that I added two tiny palettes (think old 1980s drugstore palettes, not our current huge palettes) with three or four magnets each, and they are great (see my picture, and yes, that is a pizza pan, I don't use it but will probably paint or decorate it at some point to make it pretty).

These easily handle the weight in a full background. If the magnets are not completely in contact with the surface they stick to then the product will fall off.

These cannot handle BH glitter pots. I tried it on two and they seemed ok but fell down overnight. I do not know if it is the weight of the pots, or the fact that they are taller than the shadows.

I love it. I had these items all squished around in various drawers and wasn't getting much use from them.

Flexible Magnetic Strip - 1/2 Inch x 10 Feet Magnetic Tape with Strong Self Adhesive - Perfect Magnetic Roll for Craft and DIY Projects - Sticky Anisotropic Magnets Review:

I had originally ordered the adhesive magnetic dots as it sounded from the description and reviews that it would work for me. My kitchen trash bin cabinet kept opening after I closed it, even softly, so instead of spending countless hours on adjusting it, I got a bit ingenious and thought I'd try using magnets. So after the first failure with the magnetic dots, which turned out to be way too weak, I went through all the dozens of other adhesive magnetic products on here and finally felt good enough about this product and gave it an order. I am so happy as it worked perfectly! I simply cut the desired length of the magnetic strip, peeled off the plastic protector strip (on the adhesive side), stuck it along the top edge of my trash bin cabinet door, and now my cabinet actually closes shut. Both the adhesive and magnet are a lot stronger than I expected, but it's better than being too weak. Worked perfectly for my needs. So happy! Package came in a padded plastic envelope and arrived fast and safely.

Magnetic Dots - 80 Self Adhesive Magnet Dots (0.8" x 0.8") - Peel & Stick Magnetic Circles - Flexible Sticky Magnets - Sheets is Alternative to Magnetic Squares, Stickers, Strip and Tape Review:

I needed something to stick my shadows to the wall. These magnetic dots were the perfect size so I thought I’d take a shot. It was worth it. Just in case anyone is wondering- adhesive backing 3m is very easy to peel off and it sticks amazingly. Now I can do my makeup and don’t bother digging through my makeup bag and going through each and every one of my shadows…. Girls will understand lol

Flexible Magnetic Tape - 1/2 Inch x 10 Feet Magnetic Strip with Strong Self Adhesive - Ideal Magnetic Roll Tape for DIY and Craft Projects - Sticky Magnets for Refrigerator and Dry Erase Board Review:

We were looking for an easy solution to labeling our mailboxes at work to replace our old method of taping name tags to the mailbox slots. When someone left or joined the team, we would have to scrape the name and tape off. We would start the year in alphabetical order, but as people came and went, it became a nightmare to try to keep everyone in order. We recently purchased this magnetic tape and it is like magic! It is easy to add, remove, reorganize without the headache of scrapping off old tape and names in order to keep names organized. This has been the perfect solution to our problem! Easy to use, and just as advertised, the magnetic tape was a perfect solution!

Avery Magnet Sheets, 8.5 x 11 Inches, White (03270) Review:

I was a bit wary to order these based upon the other reviews. I hand-make birthday invitations for my kids and had the brilliant idea to make butterfly magnet invitations. I got discouraged after reading the reviews about this paper not being very magnetic, but decided to go for it anyway. Sometimes, I just get an idea and can't be stopped. Anyway, I cut out the magnet sheets into butterfly shapes that were approximately 3" x 3" in size. I rolled up a small piece of paper that have the invitation specifics printed on it and attached it to the butterflies with a pipe cleaner. Low and behold, the butterfly magnet held the pipe cleaner and the paper "body" on my fridge with no problem. Yeah!

Master Magnetics Roll-N-Cut Flexible Magnetic Tape Refill - 1/16" Thick x 1/2" Wide x 15 feet. (1 roll), 07518 Review:

I bought this stuff for a pc case mod I'm doing. I'm using it to attach a full sheet of acrylic to my pc case as a side panel replacement. I couldn't find any 5 star reviews for a magnetic adhesive backed strip so after picking the lesser of all evils I took a gamble on this one. I don't know why anyone would have an issue with this works great! I am using it on powder coated metal and it sticks really really well. Enough to hold a 11" by 14" .80 sheet of plexi to a case with only 1 10 inch strip...I consider that working pretty well. Hopefully this will get bumped up to 5 stars because it really does work.