Best Lighting Filters in 2020

Selens Universal Flash Gels Lighting Filter SE-CG20-20 pcs Combination Kits for Canon Nikon Sony Godox Yongnuo Camera Flash Light Review:

Gels are great. In the visual arts, color theory is a body of practical guidance to color mixing and the visual effects of a specific color combination. There are also categories of colors based on the color wheel: primary color, secondary color and tertiary color.

Using this gels you can use as primary or secondary or tertiary .

We can trick the camera also. Some times I use CTO gel ( color temperature orange ) and keep the white balance in the camera for 3200k (or depending on the ambiance, close to florescent) . The flash with CTO will be hitting subject’s nose at 45 degree angle. This usually create a blue background with original skin tone with out changing the color because of CTO .

It can be done in other way also. By keeping the color temperature 10000k (or close to tungsten depending on sunlight and ambiance) and using CTB color temp blue, it creates a background with warmer color with skin tone not changing .

Like this we can experiment with many color as this product comes with many gels. One more trick I use when I have lot of trees and plants in the background is, I put a green gel on my Godox flash with zoom 20mm and power 1/64. The greenery looks much greener to the eyes because of the Gel

Definitely worth the price.

Flaws : user experience is not great . Taking out gel and keeping another gel will consume two minutes . In the middle of shoot if you want to change your flash positions , camera settings and flash gels, better have an assistant.

One major disadvantage is if you are using garryfong or any sort of diffuser . The rubber holder which they give is quite thick . It’s nearly impossible to use diffusers or garryfong with this rubber holder.

Find your ways though: I use rubber bands , thin hair bands or double sided tapes .

Creativity has no limit .


14 Pack Color Correction Light Gel Filter Sheet Colored Overlays Transparency Film Plastic Sheets, 11.7 by 8.3 Inches, 7 Colors Review:

I have never bought gels before, so I'm not sure how to compare them against other suppliers, but based on my experience with these alone, I thought they were of pretty good quality for the price I paid ($13.89). I received 2 sheets of 7 colors each. The thickness was good. There was a protective plastic on both sides, which was nice, so I could draw over them with a sharpie and cut out the shape I needed for my lamps, then remove the plastic (and stray sharpie marks). The yellow and green, looked a little greenish and bluish, respectively, but if I doubled them up, they looked more rich. The red and blue look good without having to double up. I would say that it's nice that the filtering isn't to aggressive, so I have the opportunity to use two filters to generate a wider template of colors.

Neewer 12 x 12-Inches Pack of 8 Transparent Color Correction Lighting Gel Filter in 8 Different Colors Review:

I got these purely for the yellow, orange, red filters. I cut them with an exact-o knife (I don't know who ran off with my paper cutter ... ) to fit the screen of my Kindle Paperwhite because at night the PaperWhite turns into a Paper-GREEN! I read my Kindle at night while I am winding down in bed, but it puts on this intense Green-blushish light which the research suggests is the worst for disrupting circadian rhythms and sleep parameters like to time fall asleep, and the restorative quality of sleep. Now my Kindle is 100% perfectly readable at night, no distortion or blurring, and it is a RED light, as far away as I can go on the visible light spectrum from green-blue. Right now I a cutting to fit a yellow or orange filter and attaching velcro strips to the edges to put on my laptop screen at night so I can still get work done, without compromising my sleep. The only thing that you need to know is that these do appear to scratch easily, so be mindful of that. On the upside, at least at the time of my purchase, these are really cheap so worst case if you scratch one up its an easy replacement. Previously I was wearing the UVEX industrial orange glasses at night with my kindle, which also function perfectly well, but I like to read my kindle laying on my side, in which case the glasses dig into my face and negates any enjoyment I have reading. I still use the UVEX for other applications and they are a fantastic product.

Pangda 9 Pack Gel Filter Colored Overlays Correction Gel Light Filter Transparent Color Film Plastic Sheets, 11.7 by 8.3 Inches (Red) Review:

My alarm clock glows a bright white-blue, and it was keeping me awake. I remembered from when I worked in an astronomy lab that red flashlights preserved night vision, so I figured I would try to put some red film on my alarm clock to help out. I bought this, and it works great. I trimmed to the size of the face of my clock and then taped it on with electrical tape around the edges to keep any light from escaping around the side. I had to use three layers to make it dark enough, but now I can sleep peacefully, and when I wake up, I can still see my clock. The numbers glow a dark red like on a regular clock now. I'm thinking of trying out another sheet as a night overlay on my tablet so I can read books on my screen in the dark without hurting my eyes.

eBoot 9 Pieces Gel Filter Transparent Color Film Plastic Sheets Correction Gel Light Filter, 11.7 by 8.3 Inches, 9 Colors Review:

Just like another user, I needed only red. (In fact, I originally ordered a single sheet of red, but the shipping was delayed, so I went with these instead, despite now also ending up with a lots of colors that I don't need).
(That being said, the yellow and orange ones are great for putting over your monitor or laptop screen when you want to filter out the blue light before going to sleep. Lots more comfortable than wearing amber glasses.)
We purchased a new air conditioner, and the numbers showing the temperature are a blinding white color, so I wanted to change them to red. In order to get the shade of red that we wanted, I needed to stack several layers. Originally, I had stacked two pieces and taped them down at the edges. Then I decided to go darker, so I removed the pieces and peeled off the scotch tape so that I could add two more levels to the stack. When I peeled off the scotch tape, a thin layer of film came off with it. I then flipped the piece over, applied a bit of scotch tape to the corner and more film came off the other side.
To me this is not an issue. I have no idea whether this film is supposed to be removed or not. (The description does say: 'comes with protective coverings, protect the filter from being scratched'). But it is not clear if these protective coverings are meant to stay on once you actually use the filters).
I ended up removing this film from each of the four pieces in my ultimate stack (easy to do: apply a small piece of scotch tape to a corner and pull back).
There are other, similar products sold on amazon. Some of these have received 1-star reviews because they were used near lights and the top layer 'melted'. I'm wondering if everything would have been fine, had these reviewers first removed the outer film.
This is NOT to say that you should ignore the instructions in the description, which read, 'Please do not leave the product to close to the light which is on, or it will be melted.'

Best Starloop 21Pack Light Gels Colored Overlays Transparency Color Film Plastic Sheets Correction Gel Light Filter Sheet, 8.5x11 Inch,7 Assorted Colors 3 Sets Review:

I actually got this product to replicate stained glass windows in my room. I didn’t want to black out the window completely but the morning sun was brutal. They worked pretty well for what I used them for. However the lighter shades that the pack comes with, i.e. green, orange and pink, are for the most part translucent and don’t throw that much color. This info I’m sure would be help for for those getting it for its intended use. All I could think of would be to double up those gels for more saturation. OH EACH GELL IS INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED IN PROTECTIVE FILM. It’s a bitch to get off and time consuming to find a corner to peel from

SAKOLLA 16 Pack Color Correction Gel Light Filter - Transparent Color Lighting Gel Filter Plastic Sheets, 8.5 by 11 Inches, 8 Colors Review:

Bought these to cover some crazy bright white lights on my over-the-range microwave. Used a combo of a green and yellow to mute the harshness of the light.

There were 2 of each gel color, and they were pretty sturdy and hold up to the heat from the range so I'm sure they'd be great on flash bulbs or anything under 60, maybe 100 watts.

Neewer 16x20 inches Gel Color Filter, Colored Overlays, Transparent Color Film Plastic Sheets, Correction Gel Light Filter for Photo Studio Strobe Flash, LED Video Light, DJ Light, etc. (Red) Review:

I purchased this red gel filter in order to shield a pair of utility lights and the light in the hatch of my car. This is because I routinely host and participate in star parties--public astronomy event-- for my college. Red light generally minimizes light trespass and preserves dark adaptation. This was a necessity since the design and placement of the hatch light switch does not allow me to extinguish the light while the hatch is open.

Neewer 12x12inches/30x30centimeters 4-Color Correction Gels Light Filter Transparent Film Sheet for Flash Strobe: Red Yellow Green Blue Review:

I purchased this set as the cheapest means to get a red gel to dim the light from a new bedside clock radio after my trusty Sony DreamMachine died after 30 years of service. Cheap enough that I just cut it down to size, used some dual sided tape to hold it in place and now it's great!

Scotch Double Sided Tape with Dispenser, 1/2 x 250 Inches (136)