Best Light Covers & Lenses in 2020

REVION Autoworks 2015-2020 Dodge Charger Tail Light Tint Kit | Precut Dark Black Smoke Vinyl Overlays for '15-'20 Dodge Charger Taillight | Tinted Dry Application Film Review:

I would suggest anyone to install from the outside to the trunk, and the ones on the trunk, from the trunk to the side of the car. A heat gun will really help you. First time installing something like this and i did it without a heat gun and it came out perfect, so i would assume that anyone with a heat gun would have less chances of making a mistake specially because if you do heat it up (seen this in videos) you can peel it off a couple of more times to reposition it if you make a mistake. Lastly do not start intall without washing the area very good and after if you have a claybar, alcohol, or goo gone use it after the wash to ensure a much much better bond of the adhesive. Last tip, I was my car at night and the day after when it got really sunny I made my install helping myself with the heat of the sun sence I didn't have a heat gun.

Airisland Brake Light Cover for Jeep Wrangler Third Tail Light Cover Rear Lamp Protector for 2007-2017 Jeep Wrangler JK and JKU Unlimited Accessories Durable Aluminum with Black Coating Finish V2.0 Review:

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 Was very shocked at the quality for the price. This item is METAL, not plastic. EASY to install! Took about 30 seconds to put on. Cool little accent piece for the 3rd brake light.

oEdRo Rear Tail Light Guards Cover Compatible for 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited JK Taillights Brake Light Black Protector - Pair Review:

There are a lot of different taillight guards available for the Jeep Wrangler, and while none of them are up to bashing against trees and rocks, they'll at least keep sticks and brush that get kicked up by your tires from breaking the plastic lenses and light housings. The main difference between the various taillight guards is in the style, attention to detail, and overall build quality. That's why I'm so pleased with this set from oEdRo.

These have a unique design which makes them both lighter in weight and stronger than expected. Rather than bent-and-welded round bar stock, these use a rather thick-gauge stamped steel which provides equivalent strength while allowing them to fit more tightly against the taillight housing. There are no unsightly welds, and the black paint seems to be thick enough to provide years of corrosion resistance.

One of the nicest features that sets these apart from others is the contour of the outside edge of the taillight guard, which follows the subtle curve of the Jeep JK's body tub. Lesser taillight guards are made without this curve, which gives them a very unprofessional and unfinished look. See the attached photos in which I try to show the nice fitment of the taillight guards against the body of my 2010 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. The embossed oEdRo logo is another nice subtle touch.

I was concerned that any taillight guards would interfere with my Rigid Industries lights which mount to the OEM taillight housings, but the oEdRo taillight guards turned out to be fully compatible with the Rigid mounting brackets and lights. My Jeep also has CoolTech UltraMount CB antenna mount in the OEM license plate housing. If the oEdRo taillight guards weren't such a close fit against the taillight housing, I would not be able to install my antenna into the quick-release mount seen in the photos, but thankfully there is again no incompatibilities.

It's hard to get excited about a simple set of taillight guards, but I find no faults with this set from oEdRo. Based on my experience with these light guards, I will definitely consider purchasing other products from them for my Jeep.

REVION Autoworks 2014-2019 Dodge Durango Tail Light Tint Kit | Precut Dark Black Smoke Vinyl Overlays for '14-’19 Dodge Durango Taillight | Tinted Dry Application Film Review:

Ordered from another company on Amazon previously had a horrible time installing and their quality was very poor leaving creases in the film.

This kit is 100000 times better as it comes with 2 additional precut films and the tool making them extremely to install.

Quality film is clear and has the non moisture technology allowing you to be able to push the liquid and bubbles out. Took me maybe 30 minutes.

If I dont come back up an update im a happy customer. Photos of my blue Durango attached showing backup lights (leds) and reflectors are all still visible!!

VViViD Air-Tint Dark Black Headlight Taillight Tint Air-Release Vinyl Wrap Film 17.75 Inches x 60 Inches Roll Review:

I really liked this vinyl VViViD Dark Black Headlight Taillight Tint Air-Release Vinyl Wrap Film 17.75" x 60" Rollfor taillights. It was my first experience with tinting the lights so I was checking what way is easier to wrap this vinyl wrap. I did one side with applying water on the vinyl and headlights and another side just dry. My suggestion would be make it dry ,eventhough with using water I got good result there were a few water bubbles that were hard to move out. And by the way it was enough just for two back lights nothing left so keep in mind if you want to wrap more then two you need more .
Very easy to apply , gives an amazingly dark shade to headlights, good price , I really loved it but I couldn't enjoy it I had to pill it off because I found out that it is illegal in Virginia . I'm glad that I had to try it and let others know about this product .
Seems like some people are not happy about pilling it off, But firstly it wasn't too bad took a few mins to get it done and secondly please before you order some stuff please read the PRODUCT DESCRIPTION which says (These films are made for headlights and tailights that would normally be impossible to wrap) and sure because of this it's very sticky .
As soon as I got some extra money I'm planing to try the Red Carbon wrap from vvivid , let you all know

Hooke Road Black Angry Bird Headlight Cover Clip-in Bezels for 2007-2015 Jeep Wrangler JK & Unlimited - Pair Review:

Admittedly, these were not for me but for a friend. My friend couldn't figure out how to get them clipped in correctly (these had 3 clips, two on the top and one on the bottom) and I was starting to get salty about buying a defective gift. Several reviews said to rotate the covers until they click in. I noticed there was a dimple on the interior of the light by the grill, line that dimple up on both the car and the cover and push it in, it will pop in perfectly which worked better for me. The Jeep's expression will only be a little annoyed, not Air-Strike Angry so don't try to over do the incline of the cover or it won't fit correctly. It allows for a quick and easy modification that is pretty cool and different and when you get tired of it, you just can pop them out.

MICTUNING 52 inches Universal Straight and Curved LED Light Bar Cover - Water-resistant, Windproof, Dustproof, Snowproof Scratch-proof Protective Sleeve Review:

I tried a different one that is plastic with magnets that hold it. The glue would dislodge when hot. I thought I'd give this a try. It was half the price of a competitor so I wasn't expecting a lot. However, it is made of top materials with a soft inner lining so it wont rub the equipment. The velcro is stitched nicely and goes from one end to the other. The only thing I had to do was cut slits at each end to go around the mounting points. I've had this for several months and it's held up to the environment as well as staying attached at cruising speeds. I would highly recommend this.

LinkedGo Self Adhesive Red Gloss Vinyl Headlight Foglight Tail Tint Wrap (12"x48") Review:

Overall I'm very happy with this tint. It is very easy to work, even without the air release glue pattern other companies offer.

I've dont a lot of interior and exterior wrapping and this was very thick and sticky.
I was wrapping G37s headlights and it came out perfect.
Make sure you have:
A small razor/exacto
A small table or crate
A seat.
A blow dryer. (Heat gun is too hot for beginners, it can damage the tint if overheated)
A new felt squeegy
A spray bottle with water.

For the install:Wash the light and about a foot around it with normal wash and dry it.
Then peel the backing , and spray it with water heavily, spray the light and the area around it heavily. Set the film on the light with 3-6 inches extra all the way around. Squeegy out the flattest spot on the light to hold it in place. Then pull the extra tint tighter on each side and stick it to the car, to take up any slack. Spray the whole thing again with water.
Now pick the way you want to go and start to push out the water with the squeegy.
Heat the whole area a little and readjust the extra around the sides to always have a little tension; always be slightly stretching it. Work your way to an edge, then repeat for the other half.

The extra being stuck to the car is like having 4 extra hands always keeping that little bit of tension. Esspecially when you're heating and squeegying at the same time, and cant pull the tint too. Just pull it up,stretch it and stick it back to the car.
Hope this helps.

12 by 48 Inches Self Adhesive Headlight, Tail Lights, Fog Lights Tint Vinyl Film (12 X 48, Red) Review:

When the smashed-up roll of film arrived, I immediately felt I had just wasted my money. I ran to the reviews to see what other people thought about the film. I read all of the One-Star reviews looking to agree on what we received. I saw novice reviews and pro reviews, but they all sounded like it was going to be their first time applying tint to a taillight to me. This was going to be my first time too, so I thought, why not give it a shot!

I researched YouTube for 30 mins, then attempted my first piece. The sheet of tint is not that much, so I decided to tape the film to the car, then trace the light out with a marker. The film comes with a clear protective sheet on the front AND back, so what I marked and did not cut off came off with the plastic. Alone with it being my first time, I got a bit heavy-handed with the blow dryer and found out about working with vinyl FAST. It does not need too much heat. Don't melt your vinyl.

Once I tinted the two lights on the trunk, I didn't have much tint left to work with. I was going to remove what I applied and order tint on a spool. I then watched a few videos of people applying "Pre-Cut tint" made for their taillights in particular. I then took what I had left to the car and traced around the meat of my taillight, and the top corners of the lights pointing forward. I fried the tint a few times trying to dry water bubbles, so it's definitely not perfection, but I'm proud. The tint looks very sleek at night; I've got the aggressive look going on now.

I wrote this review after worrying I wouldn't be able to use this product, subsequently using all of it. It comes rolled up like a blow dart gun, smashed with creases. However, when you un-roll the tint, it is predominantly the protection that is creased and the film is fine. I suggest you tape, trace, and pre-cut the tint before applying. Do not slap this whole tint sheet over your light. It worked great in pieces, rather than when I tried to tint the entire light. Heating the tint will allow you to stretch and form the vinyl around the light, but too much heat will start to melt it. And don't use a credit card, the blade should be rubber. Check out YouTube.

I am pretty satisfied for the $6 worth of tint. Once you do your first light, you get better and better until your out. I want to order another sheet to practice now but I am out of cars. Once I perfect tinting taillights, you might catch the service posted on OfferUp!