Best Letter Trays & Stacking Supports in 2020

Safco Products Onyx Mesh 8 Sort Vertical Desktop Organizer 3253BL, Black Powder Coat Finish, Durable Steel Mesh Construction, Eco-Friendly Review:

I have been looking for something for YEARS that worked well with my baking pans in our cupboard. I used to use a lid holder that was decent but not wide enough to keep the pans level. I tried another file holder that wasn't sturdy at all. I saw this last week when browsing office supplies for work and I instantly thought of my cupboard of baking pans! I'm glad i got this particular one and not the shorter one. It fits great and it is very sturdy!

I am a little sad to say it doesn't quite fit my glass pans, but I am okay with that considering it's in an overhead cabinet. You could make it fit if you bent the sides a bit, but they're pretty sturdy. It goes work with my regular metal/nonstick cakepans which is great! I can fit 2 stacking cooling racks (with folded legs) into one section bit it's a tight fit due to the shape of the legs.

Super pleased!!!

Fellowes Workstation Letter Size Desk Tray Organizer, Wire, Black (60112) Review:

As a retirement community program planner I receive and keep loads of brochures and info sheets for performers, speakers, trips, vendors, etc. and have had piles stacked up on my bookshelves for years. Recently on an office supply hunt, this item popped up as a lowered-price "Add On". After reading other reviews I decided it was just what I need.

It's a great basket with a simple function: to hold things, presumably paper but other items large enough to not slip through the wires. It's 3" deep which is great. You can grab the basket easily with your fingers through the wires. I like that the open wiring makes it virtually see through when empty, so it's not like a big heavy blob on your desk or file cabinet. It's sturdy when filled with heavy paper weight, i.e. magazines.

Two slight drawbacks: (1) it isn't quite wide enough to hold a file folder without bending it, but hey, you should be putting those right back into the file cabinet. (2) it has nowhere to put a label for the box if you have multiple boxes on shelves which I do. But I realize that I can leave on the stapled Fellowes product information and paste a label on that, or I can bend an index card and staple it myself.

I ordered about 15 of these so I can take some home and give some away to people who need one. Great product.

SimpleHouseware 6 Tier Wall Mount Document Letter Tray Organizer, Black Review:

Quick to setup and easy to install onto the wall!

I wanted something small, but with a lot of shelves that didn’t take up a lot of space. It was a good cost and well made.

I just was hoping that the shelves didn’t slide in without some form of locking into place. Meaning if you remove something like a bill the meshing shelf may come with.

Simple Trending 5-Trays Mesh Desk File Organizer Vertical Document Letter Tray Holder with Drawer Organizer for Office Home, Black Review:

Since my son is in high school, he has a lot of file and paper since it’s summer and there is summer homework. His desk was really messy and everything was just on top of each other so I bought this for him. The product was easy to put together and nothing was heavy. It is also very strong because the last stand holder I bought was very flimsy and if I put a lot of stuff on it, the stand will fall. This however I can put a lot on and it won’t tilt or fall. It is also very spacious so I can put a lot on it.

Rolodex Mesh Collection Stacking Sorter Review:

I have a 60+ year old oak desk in my "office/computer room" at home, one I actually used at work in the late 60s (company bought new desks, and I bought this one for $10). I decided I wanted to utilize the large File Drawer for filing stuff that I'd been stashing everywhere. I didn't want to set up the full Pendaflex rack, so I bought this:

Pit it in the drawer and then discovered the hanging folders I had wouldn't fit in the drawer (opps!). Drawer was 1/4" too narrow, even though this rack fit in there fine.

Then I saw this. And figuring in for a penny, in for a pound…I bought it. It fit in the drawer. and … just about perfect! The folders, without using the Pendaflex hanging things, fit in there and the dividers keep them from falling over too much. And I can keep other stuff in back of it as well.

Recommended if you need to create a small file "cabinet" in a larger drawer.

Easepres 6-Tier Mesh Desktop File Organizer Document Letter Tray Holder for Office or Home, Black Review:

Not sure what some people don't like about this but it is a bargain for the price. Heavy mesh and frame. They even provide a screwdriver to assemble the two bracing rods, and gave me 2 extra screws. Shelves are easy to remove if you need a slot that is higher for large folders, etc. One person said the shelves fall out. That is only possible if you tip the file forward at a steep angle. Then they will fall out, along with all your files. Duhhh! Well balanced and sturdy. I would recommend this to any person who needs it for home, or office.

3 Pack - Stackable Desk File Document Letter Tray Organizer, Black Review:

I'm happy with this set. In fact, I bought two sets and have 4 "drawers" set up in a cupboard under my printer. Hold all that I need there - paper, cardstock, photo paper and ink cartridges. The drawers seem sturdy enough. Extra two drawers fit perfectly into a standard K-Mart, Target 12" white fiberboard cubes. I do have two cubes together in that photo, so they are 24" deep, so the set does go deeper than the 12"
PS - looks like my photos are going to appear sideways - no idea how that happened. I took them, and have them on my desktop, as straight up!! And yes, I just cleaned out both of those cupboards!!!

SimpleHouseware 6 Trays Desk Document File Tray Organizer with Supplies Sliding Drawer, Black Review:

This product is great for the price. Easy enough to put together and sturdy. Mine was off balance after I put it together but I just left off one of the feet and now it is perfect. I’m not sure if the balance issue is from how I put it together or a manufacturer error but regardless it works great how it is now. Shelves slide in and out easily, which is good for adjusting height but can get a little annoying with every day use. I just put double sided tape at the back of them to prevent this.

Officemate OIC Achieva Side Load Letter Tray, Recycled, Black, 6 Pack (26212) Review:

I have been looking for a cheap but effective shelving system to keep my desk organized and I am very impressed with this so far. The package comes with 6 shelves that can be arranged as you choose. My main concern when buying these was if it would sag in the center of the trays under weight and so far I have been really impressed. I have a 3.5 lb book on my center tray and barely notice any sag. Each tray can accommodate a standard 2 inch thick binder in terms of the height and width, but the binder will stick out between 1-2 inches, but that doesn't bother me. You can see in the picture the minimal sag and how the binders fit in general. Overall, I love these trays and highly recommend them! They're a great, simple way to get organized!

Rubbermaid Regeneration Letter Tray, Six Tier, Plastic, Black (86028) Review:

This tray has saved my sanity! I am a classroom teacher, and could not find stacking trays anywhere locally for a reasonable price. I had multiple classes all turning in their homework to the same tray, which was an organization nightmare waiting to happen. Now I have 6 trays that stack right on top of each other and don't take up any more counter space than my current system! The trays are made of a heavy duty plastic that should last for several years, and labels peel off easily when I change classes from year to year. I know this is a lengthy review for a letter tray, but it has made my job SO much easier!