Best Lap Desks in 2020

Laptop Desk for Bed, TaoTronics Lap Desks Bed Trays for Eating and Laptops Stand Lap Table, Adjustable Computer Tray for Bed, Foldable Bed Desk for Laptop and Writing in Sofa and Couch Wood Review:

I never write reviews for products but I have to give this thing props. It really is perfect for my needs and it's construction is excellent.

I've been wanting a little desk for my laptop for when I sit in bed and game for awhile now. I've been a lapdesk and while it's very nice, I just can't get comfortable with it. I feel stuffy and suffocated with a heavy laptop on my lap, and I usually like having the screen quite close to my face so having it on my lap is annoying. I also notice that I sort of slouch down to see the screen better and it was really irritating my back.

I've had bad experiences with these sort of over-the-lap desks in the past. The kind I had as a kid were clunky and wooden, extremely unwieldy, heavy and constantly falling apart and breaking. As and adult with actual money to spend, I took to amazon to see if there were any higher end options nowadays instead of the pieces of crap we used to get from walmart. This product looked good from the pictures, with many points of adjustability and a sleek, non-clunky design.

The desk arrived in a cardboard box with a convenient little handle. I took it in and when I started to open it, I noticed Chinese writing on the outside. This made me a little skeptical as I'm sure we've all had bad experiences with low quality products from China.

When I took the desk out I was impressed at how light yet solid it felt. The legs are metal instead of plastic or wood, and adjusting them is SMOOTH. Don't you hate it when you get an adjustable product and it's an absolute pain in the ass to actually adjust, so you end up never bothering with it? Not the case for this desk. The button you press to raise the legs presses super easily with very little pressure needed, then all you do is slide it to wherever you want it and release. You don't actually even need to press the button to raise the legs, only to lower them. That to me is very thoughtful design and it makes things as uncomplicated as possible.

There's a very secure pull tab that you use to tilt the desk downwards if desired. There's also little tabs at the edge of the desk to keep your computer from sliding off should you choose to tilt the desk. They lock in securely both ways so they're not flipping around (like some other products I've owned in the past).

The feet on the legs are very long so the desk feels very stable even on a soft bed and on top of blankets. The desk is spacious, fitting my 15" gaming laptop perfectly for with more than enough room for me to use my mouse to the side of it. The surface works well with my Razer mouse, and I don't feel the need for a mousepad if I'm doing something lowkey like an MMO. If I were playing something like a FPS I would probably grab a mousepad, just so things aren't as slippery, but to be honest I probably would be playing a FPS on an over the lap desk in bed because I don't hate my teammates and I want to actually win.

As I was playing, I noticed how comfortable my wrist felt as I moved my mouse. I looked down and realized that there's a small, EXTREMELY soft strip of rubber or some material of that nature at the bottom of the desk where your wrist rests when you use your mouse. I didn't even notice this when I took it out of the box. It's very small and inoffensive, not huge like some of those mouse pads with giant gel-filled lumps that makes your wrist arch updwards. It's just something soft and lightly cushioned to make your wrist more comforable without altering the way you hold the mouse. It's almost unnoticable, but it's an incredible detail. It really illustrates, to me, how thoughtfully deisgned this was. Comfort and ease of use were the priorty, not just cranking out cheap crappy products to make a buck.

Overall, I would highly highly recommend this product if you spend any significant time chilling in bed or on the couch with your laptop. This would be great for when you're sick, or if you work from home. You can also eat off of it, zone out with an adult coloring book, embroider or cross stitch or draw or whatever the hell else you feel like doing in bed. I notice now as I type this review on this desk how much better my posture is versus when I had my computer sitting in on my lap desk.

It's a bit pricier than the usual junk you see around but it's well worth the money. I know I'll be getting a lot of use out of it and comfort is a priority for me. I can't speak to the longevity of this product since I just got it today, but it feels very solid and seems like it will last quite a long time just because of the quality of the materials used and the smoothness of the adjustible parts.

If you're waffling on if you should pull the trigger on this bad boy take my word for it and go for it.

Laptop Bed Tray Table, Nearpow (Larger Size) Adjustable Laptop Bed Stand, Portable Standing Table with Foldable Legs, Foldable Lap Tablet Table for Sofa Couch Floor - Large Size Review:

This table is perfect for me! I'm a lady and my hip/thigh area is fairly large causing me to hesitate to commit to buy any of these lap trays. I was afraid that they wouldn't fit around me. However, I find that this actually gives me the perfect amount of wiggle room under this table- I can actually sit comfortably in a relaxed Indian style pose. I use this table on my wide recliner for the most part and on occasion in my bed. I ordered that black/gray color. It is a warm gray with a very faint hint of a reddish under tone which my boyfriend can't see; he claims I have cyborg eyes when it comes to colors though lol

Some reviewers say the the table is a bit too high for them even on the lowest setting which concerned me. However, I think the height settings for this table is perfect. I use it while I watch tv (my tv is on a 3.5ft stand so its higher than most entertainment centers) so I can work on my computer while comfortably glancing at the tv without having to wrench my neck around my computer screen.

The larger size desk is perfect for my 15" MacBook Pro and has enough room to place a full size mouse pad next to it. I was worried about the mouse stopper ledge being painful to rest my wrist on and it is NOT because the stopper is a soft silicon that collapses under the weight of your wrist. I can't even tell that it is under my wrist when working other than the fact that it keeps my mouse from sliding off. It came attached to my lap desk when I received it and I'm too scared of ripping it off to see if its detachable. The ledge that holds the laptop on is definitely detachable and is held in with tension alone. Because of that, I would suggest not to constantly take it on and off due to loosening the holes in the mdf board over time. I was worried about it being in my way but, it's positioned perfectly in the center so while typing my wrists don't really come in contact with it.

I don't use this on any kind of table because to me I'm scared it may get bumped and tip over with my weighty MacBook Pro sitting on it and I'm not willing to chance it! I think its stability is subjective really depending upon what you're sitting on it and how well the weight it distributed, yah know, common sense stuff. I do agree with others that say this slides too much to be used on a table but, that can be fixed easily with gripping, rubberized furniture feet that you can purchase here on Amazon- cut to size, peel and stick. Seems simple enough a fix to me.

Not sure about the sturdiness of the legs so far since I've only had it a week. So far, I haven't had any issues with them but, I'm very careful with my stuff. They do seem pretty light weight but not so light that it can't support my computer and the weight of my arms while typing. They are held open with tension and if you slide it to the left or right too far, the leg may close. My table isn't wobbly like some people say- another thing I worried about. I find it very stable when typing.

Overall, I can't believe anyone would hate this table. If this desk breaks one day, I would definitely buy it again to replace it. I don't know how I would go on using my laptop without it! Love, love, love it. Highly recommended! Pictures show the desk sitting around me on the couch.

Laptop Desk Nnewvante Table Adjustable 100% Bamboo Foldable Breakfast Serving Bed Tray w' Tilting Top Drawer Review:

Terrific desk. What you see is what you get- solid wood construction, adjustable height legs, tilting work surface, etc. It's all engineered really nicely to get the most out of all the features (the legs especially) without making it heavy or cumbersome. The bolts that lock the leg height can be set anywhere you like, and hold tight so I'm able to use this in bed, on the sofa, and so forth- all keeping my work-space at the optimum height with just a few quick adjustments. On that merit alone this thing is head and shoulders above a much more expensive model I bought from a big box store a year ago. The one "downside" if I had to pick something, would be the drawer. It's tight enough that it won't fall out when you move the desk, but at the same time it's not really big enough to really be useful for anything. You can fit pens in there, but the width and depth of it won't allow for much else. Beyond that, this desk is exactly what I was looking for in every regard.

I have bought much more expensive desks before, so I was leery that this wouldn't be great considering the price, but it's been everything I wanted and more. If you need a laptop desk, look no farther- this one rocks!

Sofia Sam Oversized Wood Top Memory Foam Lap Desk with Detachable USB Light and Tablet Slot (Black) Supports Laptops Up to 20 Inches Review:

I purchased this Sofia + Sam Oversized Memory Foam Lap Desk after first receiving the LapGear Deluxe Laptop LapDesk 91485 Silver Carbon for Christmas. The Sofia + Sam is a better price, better build quality and better design.

As a rule, I prefer the type of lap desks that have the microbead filler because that can be molded to conform to your lap a bit more comfortably than any type of foam bottom, including memory foam. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate a suitable replacement for my standard-size microbead-filled laptop desk, so I purchased this Sofia + Sam as the next best option. Upon receipt the box just struck me as too thin and, indeed, the memory foam cushion is not quite as thick on the bottom as I had hoped. However, the woodgrain makes for a nicer appearance. whereas the wrist-rest serves as a lip to keep my MacBook from sliding forward while tilted.

My reason for selecting this lap desk is to accommodate a mouse to the side of my laptop. I prefer to center my MacBook on the surface of the desk so there's not quite as much room as there would be otherwise. Still, there's just enough space to accommodate a compact mouse. Unlike the competing product, which consists of two parallel cushions with a gap running down the center on the underside, the bottom of this cushion is solid (unbroken) so it will accommodate shorter leg lengths. (The problem with the competing model is that my knee, while seated, would hit the center of the underside where there was no cushion, causing the whole thing to tilt toward the floor — an immediate deal-breaker as I am relatively short.)

At first I debated whether to order the Sofia + Sam lap desk with the tablet nook and/or the USB light but I'm glad I stuck with the basic version because, once my 15" MacBook Pro is placed behind the wrist rest it nearly abuts the back of the lap desk with only ~3/4 inch to spare. Had I ordered the deluxe model with the cutout for the tablet, it potentially could have made for an uneven surface while using my MacBook. Ditto for the USB light. With my mousepad in place, there isn't much room to spare for another pass-through for a light, cords or similar. And so, in summary, the basic model serves my purpose very well. These lap desks are getting hard to find at local office stores and the like, so I am glad to have found a solution here on Amazon. Now the only thing that remains to be seen is how long it will hold up.

Winsome Wood Ventura Bed Tray, Natural/wht Review:

While it's not made from the highest quality wood it still remains a very functional lap tray that can be used for various purposes. I noticed other reviews complaining about the sides coming off due to the fold out stand. That can very easily be amended with brad or finishing nails in minutes along with re-gluing. The trim corners are fastened together with biscuit joints and the hinges and other parts are well secured by small screws. The overall texture of the wood can be felt on the hands and yours might have noticeable marks from production. The desk is held by a magnet and a small wire will prop it up for writing or reading. A more expensive desk is going to feel smoother on the hands and be a little better constructed, but for what this is it's more than good enough for as little as you end up paying.

Honey-Can-Do TBL-02869 Portable Laptop Lap Desk with Handle, Black, 23 L x 16 W x 2.5 H Review:

I chose white because I can pic the personal decal of my choice. Hopefully I will remember to upload a pic of when I put it on. This thing is BIG!!! In the first pic you can see that it reaches both arms of the lazyboy recliner, a big thing itself. That make the arm placement very comfy. The surface is smooth and easily cleaned. The handle is handy. The back is a bit unusual to me. It's attached by a rectangle of very tough velcro. The problem here is the materials used. First the pillow. I have absolutely no flippin reason to explain the stupidity of this materials use!!! You wanna know what it's made of. You know those cheap sorta cloth bags that come free with things you purchase, like some of the cloth grocery bags, like what the little square organizer folding boxes. If you pull hars, the material comes apart. Like a liner. I show a close up of it! I don't understand why it was not covered in real material??? I just hope it holds up. The one and only other issue I have with it is the material used to the table itself. It's very light weight pressed cardboard. Not hard and heavy like pressed wood. I have seen this used in other products to make them lighter in weight. But, I don't believe it's a good material for a lap desk. Where some people may use it to eat and drink at. Yes new the paint makes it smooth and easy to clean, but what will happen once it gets a scratch and moisture gets in?? It will swell and crumble. With suck a wonderful design, why the he&& use crap materials. Nomatter, I plan to sew a cover for the pillow. I will also use a couple coats of lacquer on the top once I apply my decal. I'll make it last because I adore the design that much. I won't let the materials use hamper that for me! ;)

SONGMICS Multi-Function Lapdesk Table, Foldable Bed Tray, Adjustable Breakfast Table, with Tilting Top, Storage Drawer, Bamboo Wood, Black ULLD01BK Review:

I was in need of a lapdesk for a while now and when I saw this I thought it was perfect. Made from sturdy bamboo I was sure it would be really nice and last for a very long time.
I love to draw, doodle, paint, ect, and I'm not always near my desk with an active kiddo so it had to be portable and not extremely heavy. When I opened it I took note of how well constructed it seems, the top is smooth and the legs are sturdy the little drawer slides out with ease however it's a little rough but since it's bamboo this is to be expected.
There are 5 levels on the desktop to adjust to any angle you like and this really handy for painting because it's like a portable easel bring your travel pallet and paint supplies to the park or to the living room, really anyplace! I am excited about this so very much! The legs are adjustable in height and stay locked in place with a twist of the knobs. If you should want to stash things in the little drawer make sure they small like maybe your clips, tape, a tiny travel watercolor set, basically anything that's smaller than the height of a pencil.
Over all I really love this desk for the purposes I need it for. I would not however leave my laptop on it for a long period of time as there are no cooling slots built in but since I bought mine for art it's perfect!

Laptop Table for Bed-Moclever Multi-Functional Laptop Bed Tray with 2 Independent Laptop Stands-Foldable Adjustable to 2 Different Heights-Internal Cooling Fan for Laptop Desk-LED Desk Lamp-4 Port USB Review:

I use this bed laptop stand for gaming on my bed when I don't want to use my desktop. It will fit a laptop cooler and still have about 4-5 inch of clearance for your mouse depending on how you place the cooler. It will fit a 17 inch laptop even with out the cooler and still have room for a mouse which is great if you don't like using your laptop mouse pad.
Build quality is Ok not great, the deck is plastic but sturdy, as well as the legs for the stand. The legs lock in place which is good. I have fell asleep this the stand next to my feet and I did kick it once but it didn't fall so the leg lock works wonders. The deck is adjustable and so is the mouse pad and you can also store some cables or pens under the mouse pad if you need to take the stand anywhere. The fan and led light is powered by a mini usb plug or you can add batteries underneath to turn the fans and light on, just remember to take them out since the fan doesn't turn off unless you unplug it.
I'm a pretty big person and its great that it fits with both my legs laying flat on the bed instead of having to cross them. The fan on this is ok but I don't really use the fan and the led light that comes with it since my laptop has a backlit keyboard and I have a laptop cooler.

Folding Lap Desk, laptop desk, Breakfast Table, Bed Table, Serving Tray - The lapdesk Contains Extra Storage space and dividers, & folds very easy,great for kids, adults, boys, girls Review:

My kids love using this for their homework, especially if they don't feel like working at an actual desk or table, and I especially enjoy the storage space inside--if I don't have time to finish dealing with some papers, I love being able to open the lid, throw everything in so that it wouldn't make the area seem untidy, and I'll pull it out whenever I'm ready to get to it again.

Mind Reader Portable Laptop Lap Desk with Handle, Built-in Cushion for Comfort, Black Review:

I was tired of using a folded blanket or pillow as a table top on my lap, plus it caused the laptop to overheat. This is flexible plastic, so not sure how long it will last, but it works great, is lightweight and is much easier to take notes on than a pillow! Easy to transport with the handle, which makes it easy to bring along to waiting rooms or church to use while seated in my wheelchair. Nice product for the price!