Best Lantern Flashlights in 2020

Etekcity 4 Pack LED Camping Lantern Portable Flashlight with 12 AA Batteries - Survival Kit for Emergency, Hurricane, Power Outage (Black, Collapsible) (CL10) Review:

Hurricane Matthew reminded us our hurricane supplies were either old or missing so I ordered these for emergency lighting. They came ready to go with batteries and I tried them out and just one lights up a room really well. The 4 pack will light most of the house no problem. I figure a 7 hour battery life will work a full night with power to spare so a couple dozen more AA's and we are all set for next time. Mine will sit in the closet until the power goes out, but these could also work really well for camping or even cooking or whatever in the back yard if you didn't have ample lighting. Seem well made and they have excellent light for their small size.

Vont 2 Pack LED Camping Lantern, Super Bright Portable Lanterns, Must Have During Hurricanes, Emergencies, Storms, Outages, Original Patented Collapsible Camping Lights/Lamp (Includes Batteries) Review:

 Note: Requires 3 AA batteries.

- Surprisingly lightweight for the size.
- Feel solid; not cheap-o China plastic.
- Bright: They've packed in some many LEDs it's ridiculous how bright this thing gets.
- Versatile: I hang this and also simply put it on the table like regular lantern.
- Low-profile: It folds up compact and is black (not an annoyingly loud color). It looks almost tactical.
- Easy: It's so easy to turn on. Simple open it up and *bam* it's on (see video). No need to fumble in the dark for a tiny switch or button.

- We had a cabin fire and I threw this out the window to break the glass so we could escape. It got lost in the bushes, and now I am saddened that my lantern is missing. This has been a test to see if you've read my review this far. If so, congratulations. I owe you lunch. And I am sorry for lying to you just now.

Wsky Led Camping Lantern - Best Rechargeable LED Flashlight Lantern - High Lumen, Rechargeable, 4 Modes, Water Resistant Light - Best Camping, Outdoor, Emergency Flashlights Lanterns Review:

Update: The seller saw my review and contacted me. Sent me a replacement which works wonderfully. Change the rating to 5 stars.

I compared similar lanterns on amazon before buying. This one has the best functions combined:

1. Rechargeable yet can use batteries, make it ideal for home use AND outdoor multi nights camping trips.
2. Magnets at the bottoms really comes handy sometimes.
3. Flashlights. Some other models have flashlights too, but you need to remove and reattach the handle at a different positions. Imaging doing that in the dark?
4. Hope I don't ever need the SOS lights but glad to have it.
5. It is much brighter than my other lantern which uses 30 tiny individual LEDs.
6. Seems durable enough if you don't throw it around and fight raccoons with it.

Could be just mine since I don't see others mentioning this problem. Mine stays on with batteries installed even with the top pushed all the way down. Hope it's just mine doing this? Otherwise it's pointless having "backup" batteries when it drains when you are not using the lantern. Anyone know this? Need to decide on returning or replacing. Thanks!

Other than that the functions are exactly what I need it for. Camped for 2 nights so the internal batteries lasted probably 6 hours with plenty bright lights at least. Flashlight function is very convenient with the dual handles. Magnets at the bottoms works well. And the emergence light could be useful.

Etekcity CL30 2 Pack Camping Lantern LED Portable Flashlights with AA Batteries, Upgraded Magnetic Base and Dimmer Button-Collapsible Survival Lights for Emergency, Hurricane, Black Review:

I live in Florida. Last year, after Hurricane Mathew, I was left in the dark, so I purchased two sets of these and gave one set to my neighbor for the next time we had a hurricane, so we would have light to carry around and set down and be able to see. We got to use them sooner than I had wanted this year with Hurricane Irma. When I went to get mine ready for the storm, I realized one of the lanterns would not turn off when I closed it. I ended up taking the batteries out because I didn't want them to burn out, making it not useful trying to fumble in the dark to get the batteries in correctly. After the storm, I called Etekcity and talked with Sam. I hadn't realized how upset I had been about the storm and started crying. She was wonderful and was very understanding, and said she'd have a tech call me. The next day, I got a package in the mail, they had sent me a new one! I felt their customer service is extraordinary and I applaud them. I really like the lanterns so I got back on to order more for the next storm and they had improved them! Now they are even better, not only did they add a dimming button, when I took the first lantern out of the box, I saw 4 small metal buttons on the bottom and thought, "these look like magnets," and sat it on a metal shelf and it stuck. You can actually have your lantern be on its side or upside down, if you can find something metal for it to stick to! I love it! These little lanterns are very bright and give ample light. I won't be in the dark next time there's a hurricane. I also bought a set for another neighbor of mine so she won't be in the dark either. I guess they can only improve them if they make them waterproof, solar, and have a phone charger! I'm sure they are working on something as we speak.

UST 30-Day Duro LED Portable 700 Lumen Lantern with Lifetime LED Bulbs and Hook for Camping, Hiking, Emergency and Outdoor Survival Review:

After a recent power outage I purchased both the Streamlight "Siege" and the Ultimate Survival 30 day lantern.
Both of these units rated higher in reviews I found than the Ray-O-Vac and others.

STREAMLIGHT SIEGE (model #44931) Compact Lantern

* THE GOOD: Very well made. Metal Carabiner clips instead of plastic. 2 meter (aprox 6.5 ft) Impact resistance.
Pleasing light.
Has red light to preserve night vision (kind of a gimmick for some but you don't have to use it if not interested)
$3 - 4 dollars cheaper (as of 11/01/2014) than the Ultimate.

* THE BAD: Maxiumum runtime on low is 12 days.

________________________________ VS. _____________________________________


* THE GOOD: It purports to run * 30 * days on the Low setting. I have not tested this.
The quality of light output is very very close to the Streamlight Siege.

Color options: They make a bright orange colored case version of this Ultimate lantern which seems to cost $8.00 more. It might be more conspicuous / findable in that mess of stuff in the basement : ) in a hurry. Just mentioning it for those who care.

I have two of these Ultimate units. On one of my two Ultimate units I had to fuss and fuss and realign and it wouldn't latch or work right. I kept looking at the markers provided, etc. On the 4th try (removing / replacing / checking batteries and line-up) it finally latched and worked. IN AN EMERGENCY THIS COULD CAUSE MAJOR STRESS. Suggestion: Keep the batteries in it, ready to go. Check them once a month if you want to make sure they are viable / no leaks.

The hanging clip on the bottom is plastic, not a carabiner and is obviously less durable than the Streamlight.

By the way, I've experienced more (occasional) leaks over the years from the major name "D" brand than the major name "E" brand of batteries.


OVERALL DESIGN, DURABILITY & EASE OF USE: Streamlight is the winner.

QUALITY / QUANTITY OF LIGHT THROWN: Slight edge to the Streamlight.

SHEER LONGEVITY OF LIGHT OUTPUT (TRUMP CARD?): Ultimate is the winner (by paper specs, we'll see).



The brightest setting on both lanterns is substantial. Clearly lights up a 12 X 12 room.
The middle settings on both lanterns is "not bad" you could still read by it if sitting close to the light and not lose your eyesight.
The very bottom ("Low") setting on both lanterns is fairly dim. It's survival. "Just enough" to make out your surroundings. If you want it running in a room you don't frequent that often during an outage - fine. It'll probably keep you from tripping over something. Some say they can read by this Low setting. I wouldn't want to read for pleasure using the low level of light output. Yes light will reflect off a map, or instructions and you can read them on Low. You'll want the lantern close by. YMMV.

Regarding the claimed 30 day output on Low with the Ultimate: has anyone who's purchased this unit done a real life test on that? That's the thing with specs and claims. Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics. I'm going to ASSUME that the 30 day claim is true.

TIP: I have found the Dial D-Cell Storage Box by Walter Drake to be useful for holding backup batteries.

For now, the way I solve the choice dilemma is to own both units. As far as physical size, the volume and weight of both units is very close. The Streamlight is lightly more "svelte" and has slightly more "throw" on High.

SUBJECTIVE USABILITY CONCLUSION: The Streamlight is more "fun" somehow.

You probably couldn't go wrong with either of these.

LE Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern, 1000LM, 5 Light Modes, 3600mAh Power Bank, IPX4 Waterproof, Perfect Lantern Flashlight for Hurricane Emergency, Hiking, Home and More, USB Cable Included Review:

This appears to be a common design marketed under several different distributors/brand names. I was able to grab one during a lightning deal at a reasonable price.

Main function - Spotlight [5/5]. Modes: Bright and medium bright. Brightness intensity is really good, very bright and tight beam. Also, the two light levels are controlled by a rocker switch, excellent as you know immediately what the power level is. In comparison, flashlights & tactical lights you typically have to click a button multiple times to cycle through light modes, not so with this lantern.

Secondary function - White LED panel [5/5]. Use - for area lighting. Two modes, bright and low. Very useful.

Secondary function - Red LED panel [2/5]. Use - emergency beacon. Flashes on/off. Signaling emergency such as a stranded situation/warning. The red LED panel would be far more useful if there were a steady on mode as well as the flashing mode. A low output red LED light source is useful for reading/viewing during nighttime when you don't want a bright white LED. Of course since it only flashes, the use is very limited.

Secondary function - Charging port [3.5/5]. It's got a 3800 mAh of battery power that operates all the light modes, and in addition, can be a source of re-charge for your electronic device via the single standard USB port. The good - it's a standard USB so it's easy to charge your device no matter the type. The not so good - you've got to have a USB to USB cord (included) to charge the lantern itself. USB/USB is not nearly as common as a USB/micro or USB/c type cord (which I have laying around by the dozen.). You'd be out of luck recharging the lantern if you lost or forgot to bring along the USB/USB cable.

Ergonomics/General [4/5] - It's large full-sized lantern but far lighter than you'd expect especially if your used to the old 6V style lanterns. Handle is nice plenty of room to grip with a gloved hand, there are little feet on the bottom of the unit, and it's water resistant, I've left it out in the rain. Buttons are all large, operation is common sense. The main beam is fixed and cannot be adjusted for wide/focus. Four bright blue LEDs on rear indicate charge capacity remaining. There are four blue LEDs that indicate charge remaining. I've subtracted a star as this meter isn't very accurate. What usually happens is that it stays at 3 or 4 LEDs for 90% of the remaining life and then suddenly goes dead. Similarly when recharging it, it will jump 1, 2, 3 LEDs, then recharge the 4th LED for most of the charge cycle.

Aside from the quirks and oddities, and the suggested improvements/changes, I'd buy this item again. Rechargeable is the way to go and it hits the mark with it's spotlight main function being super bright and the addition of a side white LED area light panel, a very useful secondary. I'd even pay a bit more for the same item if it packed a larger battery capacity, but improve the power remaining meter, please.

HeroBeam LED Lantern V2.0 with Flashlight - The Original & Best Lantern/Flashlight Combo - Latest COB Technology (350 Lumens) - Great Light for Camping, Car, Shop, Attic, Garage etc. Review:

This Lantern is very cool! It's compact in size + lightweight and puts out a good amount of light. Try not to stare at the COB LEDs while it's on, it will burn an temporary image in your eyes. A safe distance to do so would be 9 Ft. and more. I'm using Cheapo Harbor Freight Thunderbolt heavy duty batteries and I'd say they have lasted about 36 hours worth of good light output. I'm also amazed at the still usable light with near dead batteries with a voltage of 0.84 volts each.. I've included photos of that, tho the pictures don't give it justice, much better in person. Overall I like this item. Just needs a dimmer switch* perhaps V2.1 on their next model.

Dorcy LED Bright Mini Lantern 70 Hour Run Time, Assorted Colors Review:

This lantern is so bright, but it doesn't shine in your face because of the translucent top. I love how the light spills out and fills up the tent or room - instead of like a typical flashlight and a directed beam. The base unscrews so they don't fall out easily or require screws and it takes a few AA batteries, which seem to last for quite a long time - probably because it is LED. It is a nice, white light. I also love how the handle has a clip so you can hang it from anything.

The handle does seem a little fragile - but with careful use it has lasted very well!

(My kids love to use it too and it seems to be easy enough for them to turn on and off, as well as durable enough.)

Doukey LED Camping Light [2 Pack or 4 Pack] Portable LED Tent Lantern 4 Modes for Backpacking Camping Hiking Fishing Emergency Light Battery Powered Lamp for Outdoor and Indoor Review:

REALLY FINE packaging. Outer box, plus each light bubble wrapped in its own smaller box. Added my 3 AA batteries for each lamp and let there be light! I went out to my laundry room to simulate my tent with no moon and just one lit the entire closet. I may keep one out there instead of turning on lights. I like the fact that the battery holder only fits in one way. I also appreciate the small carabiner that hangs from the base of each lamp. There is also a looped lanyard-type cords for each as well. This will give me more than one option for hanging them both inside and outside my tent. I’ll bring the other two inside for the night since I’m not sure if temperature will be an issue, but will update my review after camping ⛺️ this weekend. My only (petty) gripe is that batteries are sooo expensive and there are more earth-friendly 🌏 methods of powering our various devices these days. It’s a bit disappointing that I’ll be buying quite a few batteries if these stay in my outdoor arsenal. Since I’m reviewing the function and not necessarily the design, I’ll still give them a cautious four stars for now. Will let you know how they worked in a few days!

SUAOKI Collapsible Clover Style 18 Led Camping Tent Lantern Lighting Lights Flashlight Rechargeable Battery Powered by USB Charging and Solar Panel Review:

New update: it's been two years. We still use our clover. It still charges itself. We have to plug it in bf a trip to get that battery full or it discharges pretty quick.
We do tend to extend the petals and leave hanging in the tent while we're off. But if I'm around I like to lay it out in the sun. I like to plug it into my other solar panel too to try to top it off before nightfall.
Loose petal is still loose but not exactly broken. My kids have been much more careful.
I have other lights now but if this product had a red light it really would be perfect.
This light has been put through the paces;
Michigan winter camp. MI wet spring camping. MI hot dry and hot humid camping.
Missouri hot humid camping
Oklahoma storm survival camping
High altitude desert camping. Brutal day heat, brutal night cold.
It still survives camping with kids.

Update: We've been using our clover light for about 3 months now. We still LOVE it, but here is the news: one of the pedals has developed a looseness about it. The kids love this product and tend to fight over it, play with it, man handle it... looseness and even broken is really just bound to happen- but I am reporting my experiences to you anyway.
It was left on one evening while we were out hiking- we left it on purposely so we could find our tent in the dark. Alas, it had died at some point and our tent was as dark as the surrounding forest. So we learned the hard way that the batteries only lasted (for us anyway) about 3 hours, maybe a bit less.
Bonus, it will charge off a battery pack.
We still wish it had a red light, and a dim (very dim) setting. It is insanely blinding to turn it on in a dark tent in the middle of the night.
Original post:
I just got my little Clover light and I am just so happy with it; like little kid on Christmas happy. It's simple, and it is just as the picture shows it. I hung it in my tent already and am thrilled there too. It isn't too big to hang in my Kelty 2 person backpackers tent.
The petals fold up nicely, I don't think it will be difficult to pack into a backpack. I might try to find a way to protect it in the pack.
Flimsy is NOT a word for this product, but perhaps it is on the delicate side. Its not a torch like a Maglite, or a baseball bat. This is like an illuminating flower, and like any flower, if you are heavy handed with it than it will break. But if it gives you an idea, my 3 year old son has baby handled it and so far it still works -he even dropped it on tile and yet it works.
If you are looking for a durable light built like a club to knock out wild dogs, then this is not your item.
If you want something that people are going to see and comment on, ask you where you got it; then this is it. It works great, its lightweight, its smaller than I expected and perfect for what I want- hanging it in the tent and being exactly what it is.
It definitely has the cool factor.
Dimensions: it is 6" long and about 2.5" wide when closed. Opened up it is about 10 long.
It weighs exactly 6.4 oz.
Edit: So we've used it a few times now in the tent camping and the only thing we have talked about it not being able to accomplish is a dim light, or a red light. The lights are white and bright and there is no midnight low light. But its still freaking awesome.
It charges all day though the canvas/nylon of the tent. I have not tested the longevity of the light on a full charge- there didn't seem to be a need.