Best Lamp Shades in 2020

Halloween Lace Halloween Decorations Lamp Shade Cover Halloween Decor Black Spider Web Halloween Lace for Halloween Lamp Decorations Festive Party Supplies, 20 X 60 Inch Review:

 Ready for Halloween with this lace curtain. Not only a lamp shade can be used on a table or on a wall has loops so options are open

B&P Lamp 5 1/4 Inch Modern Shallow Steel Canopy Kit (Black) with Hardware - Includes Screws, Nuts, Crossbar & Bushing Review:

Pros: Great price, complete kit, all the components seem reasonably high quality. Also one of the few canopy kits I could find in plain black finish.

Cons: The screws that go through the mounting bracket to attach the canopy are a little too long, so I had to back them out by around 1/8" so that the nuts that secure the canopy would tighten down all the way and snug it up against the ceiling.

If my electrical box was set back another fraction of an inch into the ceiling, it would have been no problem, but if the box was flush with the ceiling the screws would have been way too long, and required a trip out to the garage to fish through that bin of machine screws everyone has. Including a second set of slightly shorter screws would be a nice bonus, but it was only a minor inconvenience as it is.

White Drum Lamp Shades Set of 2 Modern Hardback 10x12x8 (Spider) - Brentwood Review:

It was a perfect fit for my silver 18" lamp(measuring from the bottom of the lamp to the top of the light bulb).
The lamp shade is 10"high and 12"wide on the bottom. You cannot see the material in the picture but it is a linen -so you can see the threads more vividly than a tighter cotton material. It is a white shade but when light is turned on just a little beige or more bone color shows through - very light not dark at all like some shades. It is a lamp shade that you do need a finial to hold it in place. It did not include a harp but that was okay for me since I used a lamp shade bulb clip that had a finial which worked fine for a smaller lamp. Very attractive drum lamp shade.

vLoveLife 20 x 60 inch Halloween Lamp Shade Lampshades Cover Topper Scarf Spider Web Black Lace Ribbon Decoration Review:

Product shipped from China, but arrived a week earlier than expected. Very cute. Advertised as lamp cover, however it is more versatile than that. It is a flat rectangle with embroidered holes at the top. You can use the ribbon that comes with it to thread and tie for a lamp cover, or you can put on a curtain rod or it would make a very nice mantel scarf. For a regular sized mantel, I think you would need 2 pieces.

Cleveland Vintage Lighting 30399A Clip-on Lampshade, Wire, Black, 8 x 7 x 4.5 inches Review:

Even though the measurements are provided, I was thinking it was smaller. That's my fault, I just liked it and bought it anyway. It was a little too big for the smaller mason jar lamp that I had made, but I have a wine cork lamp kit and it works perfect on a wine bottle lamp. Seemed more visually balanced for that.

United Shade 650000 Pleated Shade Repair Kit Review:

It worked as advertised. This was my first attempt at repairing a day/night shade for our RV. I was able to get it finished but it took longer than I expected and the most difficult part was actually the tensioning adjustments to get the shade to stay in place and remain level. I went to the product web site and reviewed their instructions and also looked at several youtube video's. A few were good and helpful, many were not. It is important to review the documentation and to make sure your shades are compatable with the product.
My shade used 4 cords and so was more really have to make sure you follow the cord stringing diagrams exactly, and don't get them mixed up in the process. It is also important to keep the shades together during the process. One video suggested using rubber bands which I did and that seemed to help make them more manageable. If I have to do another one, I think it will be much easier. I understand the process better and also now know the logic behind the tensioning process,and the parts that came with the kit were much easier to use for that process as well.

Original Arch Light Filtering Fabric Shade, White, 72” x 36” Review:

Extremely happy with this purchase. The shade looks nice, adds privacy and tones down direct sunlight without leaving the room dark. Most importantly, installation was easy. The rest of my review compares installation of this shade to a much more expensive department store shade.

This shade replaces two failed shades from a mall anchor store that cost 75 bucks a pop and look identical. The expensive shades disintegrated in the sun after only 15 months. Stupidly, I bought a second identical one to replace the first. Again, after just over a year the shades began to tear leaving my window looking like someone had cut a pie slice out of the covering.

Admittedly, when I opened this package the shade seemed chintzy. Instead of a plastic strut across the bottom edge, I found flimsy cardboard with two sided tape. It took less than a minute to cut the shade to size with a utility knife. I had to use a band saw on the more expensive shades, so plus one for the Redi Shade.

Installation is where this shade won me over. The expensive shades couldn't support their own weight which meant "fat guy on a ladder" yoga poses while I attempted to both hold the shade and drill and mount the support tabs. The Redi Shade fabric is light and the length is perfect to "spring" the shade into place under tension. The more expensive shades that I bought were inexplicably long which meant almost no tension, and as a result, they required plastic tabs for support.

The flimsy cardboard that I mentioned is partly responsible for easy installation. The shade with the plastic channels had to be snapped into place prior to sticking the base to the sill, which was difficult to do while holding the shade up. The plastic center mount has no channels so you only have to drop the cardboard end into place and press firmly.

Tip: Find the center of your window opening and make a small pencil mark. Center the plastic piece on the mark. To install, peel the double sided tape paper where the two ends meet in the center. You can peel the paper back while pressing the shade into place.

I can't speak for longevity. The sun could certainly destroy this fabric like it did on my other shades, but ease of trimming and installation have won me over. Couldn't be happier.

8" TooToo Star Lamp Shade Harp Holder and E26 Light Base UNO Fitter Adapter Converter Finial Set,Tall 8inch I.D. 1-7/16"(36MM),Detachable Parts Review:

We ordered (2) 8” silver shade adapters and harps. PROS: We needed the adapter because we purchased new harp style lamp shades and this set was super easy to attach in between the plastic screw-on bulb base. They transformed our old UNO style lamp into a HARP finial style lamp perfectly. We ordered the 8” harp which is good for a 10” deep shade. CONS: The top screw-on finial is not very stylish just a simple screw-on, so we updated it with a square crystal finial(see photos). The adapter ring is wide and very close to the lamp turn on knob, but not enough to affect functionality. You may need to bend and adjust the harp to balance your shade. TIP:make sure your bulb base will fit the adapter interior ring. You can’t go wrong with this adapter kit.

Aytai 18 x 60 Inch Halloween Black Lace Lamp Shade Cover with Ribbon, 3 in 1 Black Spider Lamp Shade Covers for Halloween Decorations Review:

The lampshade cover is nice enough...the design clear and sewn well. My only problem for me, was the length. I tried it on several side table lamps...all standard sizes but different width shades and found it exceptionally long....BUT I tried on my kitchen window and found that it looked very cute-accenting my Halloween decorations very well. It all depends on what you expect...or want to use it for. I’ve included a couple of images so others can see this item used both ways.

Darice Small Lamp Shade: Burlap, 4.5 x 8 x 7 Inches Review:

Replacing some old lamp shades in a travel camper and I ordered one of these because I liked the burlap look but wasn’t exactly sure how or if it would fit on the little lamps, look with light at night, etc. The first one was right, looked great day or night so I immediately ordered the other 4 that I needed. At approximately $10 each it was still cheaper than the lamp store I went to that wanted to charge 24.99 EACH for the same look and I only went there because neither of the 2 big chain home improvement stores in my city had anything that fit correctly for the camper. They were all the kind that clip onto a bulb which did not work with my camper lampposts at all. Very happy with these. Arrived on time, great price, the look great and are priced right.