Best Lamp Holders in 2020

Leviton 7090-M Medium Base Interior Only, Shell Incandescent Lampholder, Removeable Turn Knob, 2-Circuit, For 3-Way 2-Filament Lamps Review:

I had to order this because my not so often used 3 way lamp would not turn on using a standard incandescent 3 way bulb or a Cree BA21-16027 LED 3 way LED bulb.

To replace the socket:

1. Disassemble the lamp, not all lamps are the same.
2. Unscrew or break the crimp around the socket cover. Again, this depends on the lamp
3. Either unscrew or cut the wires going to the old socket.
4. I kept the polarity the same of my rewire but I have been told that the polarity does not matter.
5. Use wire strippers to cut the sleeve off of a 1/2" of wire. Do this on both wires.
6. Using your fingers, roll the wires into one wire (each wire will be made of a lots of smaller wires, we need one solid wire per wire)
7. Wrap the wire leads around the screw sets on the new socket and tighten the sockets, making sure that your wire does not come out.
8. Reassemble your lamp loosely to test. If it works, finalize the reassembly.

In other words, easier than baking a cake!

Leviton 55 001-000-000 1-Circuit Keyless Weatherproof Lamp Holder with 6 in Pigtail Leads, 660 W, Incandescent, Medium, 1 Pack Review:

These are great little basic lampholders. I install plugs onto the wire ends to make little drop lights that I can hang from an extension cord to light up an area I'm working on. They are awesome for that. The rubberized coating on the socket allows them to be thrown into a tool box and beaten up without breaking, unlike the brittle phelonic plastic whatever that other sockets are made out of.

Leviton has been manufacturing these things for decades. There is a reason why they are still making them.

Leviton 19980-M Medium Base Interior Only, Shell Incandescent Lampholder, Pull Chain, Single Circuit, pack of 1, 0 Review:

Have two identical floor lamps, and one of them got stuck switched "on". Pull the chain and nothing would happen.
Really did not want to replace the lamp without replacing the second one, nor I was excited about replacing both when one was working just fine.

Took the broken lamp apart and found something almost identical to this item inside. Decided to order this and see if I could make it work. I didn't have to do a thing to make this work - it swapped in perfectly and easily without any modification needed. Spent more time disassembling and reassembling the lamp (due to how the lamp is assembled) than I did actually installing this piece. I was even able to swap the chain for the original with a small pliers and an extra 5 minutes of effort.

The switch action is smooth and easy, and much better than the switch originally installed in the lamp. In fact, I've ordered a second one of these to swap in to the second lamp just because the switch action is so smooth.

I'm very pleased I took the lamp apart and found this piece alone could be replaced. Time and money saved by not having to shop for entirely new lamps!

Leviton 8101 019-0-000 1-Circuit 2-Piece Keyless Lamp Holder with Tew Wire Leads, 660 W, Incandescent, Medium, White Review:

Just what I was looking for. Could not find a replacement at the well-known big stores. Didn't feel like traipsing all over town searching assorted hardware stores. Good reviews on Amazon influenced my purchase. Fast delivery, popped it in, flipped the switched, and now have a light pole on my front lawn that works.

Ajax Scientific Mes Type Bulb Holder (Pack of 12) Review:

These little bulb holders are perfect. They are not super sturdy, but they are solid enough for what they need to be. They have a plastic base - the mounting holes are big enough for a #4 but if you use a #6 it will a little tight. The screw-posts for the electrical contacts are very good quality and you can tighten them down on your wire without fear of the assembly cracking.

Leviton 10083-M Electrolier 1-Circuit Lamp Holder, 250 W, Incandescent, Medium, Phenolic Body, Aluminum Shell, Contractor Pack, Black Review:

Install one of these in a lamp with 3-way sw. We thought at first it was defective as the lightwould go out at different times. Used a second one (same delivery) and same thing. To shorten the story, found the LED bulb to be defective (1st one I've had problems with, (the bulb). Replaced it, and have had no issues since. Have a couple more lamps to convert from 3-way to single throw switches.

Leviton 9874 Porcelain Outlet Box Mount, Incandescent Ceiling Lampholder, Keyless, White Review:

Just like the old ones but smaller in diameter. The old one had an additional set of holes beyond the pair in this one. This version has one pair of holes that do match the box, but the diameter of the unit is almost exactly the same as the circular box, and thus does not completely cover the opening unless it is situated precisely in the center of the box. Not a problem for the garage though

Leviton 80054 Miniature Bi-Pin Base, G4, G6.35, GY6.35, GX5.3 MR16, GZ4 MR11, Halogen, Incandescent, Ceramic Body Lampholder, Mounting Holes, Side Wired, White Review:

These are perfect for the G4 base Philips LED modules I bought. (I've posted a picture here.) Other bases I've tried that claimed to fit different base types had holes that were too far apart and/or not tight enough to grip the bulbs firmly. Not so with these Levitons. I do have to say that I can't picture them working on an MR16 base bulb - the holes were tight enough with the G4s and the pins are a lot thinner than the MR16s.

Also found to be fine for MR11 base bulbs.

Leviton 001-09880 PORCELAIN LAMPHOLDER, White Review:

the ceramic is very brittle and prone to flaking off. You have to handle them with care. I had some chips come of the first one. Lesson learned, the second one went on fine. I do have some ceramic bulb holders from several decades ago, which don't seem to have this problem, but the whole genX and millenials have been born since then.