Best Lab Compound Binocular Microscopes in 2020

Swift SW350B 40X-2500X Magnification, Siedentopf Binocular Head, Research-Grade Compound Lab Microscope with Wide-Field 10X and 25X Eyepieces, Mechanical Stage, Abbe Condenser Review:

This is not at all like my $5000 Olympus dual head microscope that I use in my work as a pathologist and I would not expect it to be. For the money, it is a decent teaching microscope. The objectives and ocular lenses are of good enough quality so that what is seen through the scope is decent with good resolution with the 40x objective. I did not try the oil immersion. The condenser is not bad, with little to no artifact at the edges or tissue refraction artifact. The light through the condenser is slightly off center, with no way to adjust this as far as I can tell. The light is ok, would be nice if it were a bit brighter. Would I use this for patient diagnosis? No. But it is more than adequate for students or basic microscopic work.

TELMU Microscope 40X-1000X Dual Cordless LED Illumination Lab Compound Monocular Microscopes with Optical Glass Lenses & 10 Slides  Review:

 This microscope is very easy to use. It does not take long for my 10 years old to learn how and begin to use it. The package arrived in well shape and the contents inside are well organized. Everything was easily located when I opened the box. No assembling requires. I was surprised that it is also came with 4 specimen samples to get me started to test out the microscope mechanism. The usage operation is very smooth. The focus lenses smoothly rotate and lock-in to position. I struggle bit at first when I tried to get a focus on the specimen with 40x lens, the lens is small, the specimen is need to be aligned precisely within lens focus. Best thing I like about this microscope is the smart phone mounting kit which I can place the phone camera and align it with viewing lens, so that allow me to video and/or take picture of a specimen under microscope. This mounting accessory best if use with lighter weigh smart phone. I get a bit struggle when using with my samsung s8 note due to weight but when I manage to mount and align the lenses, the small multiple sucker cups hold the phone very well. If have a kid who love exploring micro level this is a good starter kit.

OMAX Built-in 3MP Camera 40X-2000X Digital Biological Compound Binocular LED Light Microscope with Double Layer Mechanical Stage Oil Immersion NA1.25 Condenser Review:

The following are my opinions based on my purchase and use of this microscope and 35 years of experience teaching science.

A. Easy to put together, and works well.
B. Looks like a professional model with heavy metal construction.
C. Stage has smooth action (x, y, and z dimensions) and spring loading clips for holding slides.
D. Two pairs (10x and 20x) of ocular lens
E. Calibrated transition of objective lens: 4x, 10x, 40x, and 100x. (I did have to tighten a couple of lens on my scope before they
worked appropriately).

Magnification Tip: Total magnification (in two dimensions or area) can be calculated by multiply objective by ocular lens, (e.g. total magnification would be (100x)(20x) or 2000x. The magnification in one dimension (length or width) would be the square root of the total magnification or about 45x for 2000x. Students /hobbyists typically use more magnification than is appropriate so only use the oil immersion lens when absolutely necessary.

ViewingTips and Adjusting Microscope
A. Typically raise brightness as magnification increases (but using too much light, is a very common error).
B. Incorrect adjustment such as lighting, focus (including vertical stage distance), iris control, and magnification can be very detrimental for appropriate viewing.

1. Students often (except animal histology and microbiology application) use a higher magnification than is appropriate. Avoid
using the oil immersion lens unless it is absolutely necessary. If it is used, make sure oil is applied and never use the
course focus or vertical stage adjustments. Because there are no safety brakes (typical with most compound microscopes)
using this magnification incorrectly might easily damage the objective lens and slides are very possible.
2. Usually, the objective lens are installed so once the focus is obtained, moving to the next higher lens should only require the
fine adjustment (typically about one complete turn in one direction or about two turns back in the opposite direction).
3. If your microscope does not comply with the previous tip, make sure your lens is screwed in tightly, If this does not work,
the "O" ring (gasket) might be missing,damaged, or the wrong size. (I have made temporary gaskets from several different
cardboard thicknesses to check the size needed. They will work fine unless you get them soaked with oil or water etc.).
C. Instruments (especially microscopes) are often blamed when the fault is due to inappropriate use. Manuals are sometimes poorly written when produced in some countries, but most compound microscopes work the same way and other manuals might be more applicable for you. As always, the more you use it, the greater your skills will become. (Some negative reviews are inappropriately given because the user has poor skills or familiarity with the product).

Seriously, this microscope is an excellent value that you will not regret purchasing (assuming you learn how to use it). Some negative comments appear to be from individuals who don't know how to use/adjust the microscope (software may be more problematic depending on what computer system you 8.0 worked great but I had problems with an older laptop. I was a college science instructor (including department head responsible for purchasing microscopes) for over 30 years and have never seen microscopes this nice for less than $1000 and these did not have the computer hook-up. If you need a microscope, this is a wonderful deal.

AmScope B120C Siedentopf Binocular Compound Microscope, 40X-2500X Magnification, Brightfield, LED Illumination, Abbe Condenser, Double-Layer Mechanical Stage Review:

I originally bought the microscope and 1.3 mp digital camera and was so disappointed with the camera that I returned it. However, I was impressed with the microscope itself so bought it on it's own. As a Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology major I have spent many hours using a light microscope in the labs at school and wanted one that was comparable but without the price tag. This definitely met my expectations. The first microscope I purchased had obviously been bought and returned before. It did not impact performance, just something I noticed due to the way the second microscope I bought was packaged. I had to attach the lenses as they were not already attached, and had to clean some lubricant off some non-moving parts, but it was totally worth it. The optics work marvelously and all parts move smoothly. Though the pictures provide do not do the microscope justice, all images through the eyepiece are crisp and clear. I even added a tick leg using the 40x objective lens, though I would not advise using it like a stereo microscope, you CAN make out some detailed anatomy if using the camera and highest light setting.

UPDATE 9/25/18
I recently had to order an objective lense (40x) and found that a replacement was only $20 from AmScope. While it's taking a while to get to me, I did get an email regarding the delay and was asked if I wanted to cancel my order or just wait for the part. I opted to wait and it should be arriving soon. I also prefer my microscope to the ones at school and use it for projects as it's not abused and I can clearly see my samples. I can definitely say that I will be buying AmScope products again.

AmScope M150C-I 40X-1000X All-Metal Optical Glass Lenses Cordless LED Student Biological Compound Microscope Review:

Really REALLY great price! For what it does and the functionality it is defiantly the one you should buy. Got mine very well packaged and fast shipping. It comes with a 10x and 25x interchangeable eyepieces so that is how they get it up to 1000x. Oh and also it doesn't say this but it does indeed have a fine's the blue part in the picture. The zoom is great and was able to see my blood cells moving around on the slide. Also, it comes with batteries AND a cord so u can plug it in or take it around with you using it anywhere. Comes with a protective " bag" like thing for transportation. I would highly recommend this product to ANYONE, especially a high school student because this one is the same quality as the ones we use in school AND it's only 80 freekin dollars! Great great microscope.

Awarded 2018 Best Compound Microscope - OMAX 40X-2000X Lab LED Binocular Microscope with Double Layer Mechanical Stage w Blank Slides Covers and Lens Cleaning Paper Review:

This is a top quality microscope for several reasons. I am a college student studying microbiology and this microscope exceeded my expectations and fit my budget perfectly. For the price I really could not ask for more. I will provide a detailed review and pictures of organism I have observed using my OMAX microscope. FYI I'm writing this review by comparing the OMAX to name brand microscopes such as Olympus and Nikon because these are the microscopes typically available at any JC, SU, or university.

CONTRUCTION - First off, the construction of the OMAX mostly metal. There are few plastic part, but these part are the buttons, switches, and knobs. The main body, head unit, arm and stage are metal and very sturdy. The plastics parts are fine and do not compromise the structure and stability of the OMAX. The microscope is a slightly smaller than name brand microscopes, yet it does not fail to produce the same results as name brand microscopes. The light source is LED. This provides the user with a low power light source great for viewing live organisms and enough power to brightly view all other types of specimens.

OPTICS - Next the optics are excellent and provide the user with high resolution of anything bigger than a 0.5 micrometers. You can use this microscope to view bacteria, fungi, protozoa, etc. The microscope comes with a 5x, 10x, 40x, and 100x objectives. Also it comes with 10x and 20x ocular objectives. The 20x is nice and makes it slightly easier to view organisms. The main viewing objectives are removable for replacement or upgrades.

FUNCTIONS - The OMAX has lots of useful functions. The ocular objective has interpupillary adjustment. In other words the ocular objectives can moved closer or further apart depending on the users preference. Also the ocular objectives can be independently adjusted to be further or close away from each eye. Again the OMAX come with 4 main objectives (5x,10x, 40x, and 100x) and 2 sets of ocular objectives (10x and 20x). These objective are on a turret for ease of switching objectives. The stage can be moved on a X,Y,Z axis. There is an iris adjustment to control the amount of light focused on an object or organism. Also tthe light intensity can be controlled with a separate dial to control the amount of light actually being produced; this is the dimmer dial, There is a knob that controls the height of the iris, but I'm not really sure what purpose this serves. The OMAX has a coarse and fine adjustment knobs.The head of the unit can swivel 360 degrees.

UPGRADES - The ocular objectives are removable, so these can be swapped out for better ocular objectives, Also the main objectives (5x, 10x, 40x, and 100x) are removable, so these can be swapped out for better objectives. The power source seems looks like a cheap phone charger, but it gets the job done, and it can easily be replace with a better one if so desired. The use can attach an ocular camera. This is handy for pictures and use with the computer. Filters are available for the OMAX to do Dak Phase and stuff like that.

THE PACKAGE - The OMAX came with the microscope along with the 4 main objectives and 2 ocular objectives. The OMAX included a power source. It came with a soft plastic cover to keep the dust of the microscope. I bought the OMAX promotion set, so mine came with a 2 boxes of 50 blank slides, a box of 100 cover slips, and 100 lens cleaning papers. The OMAX came with a small bottle of oil for the 100x oil immersion objective. The OMAX also came with a two ocular covers, so if one would like to store the microscope the ocular objectives can be removed and covers can be placed in the eye piece slots.

OTHER COMMENTS - The OMAX is user friendly. It was fully assembled when I opened the box. All I had to do was plug it in and pop in the ocular objects to begin viewing things under the microscope. This microscope is perfect for any hobbiest, student, or even professional. If your thinking about buying this microscope, do not hesitate. This is a great high quality microscope that produces the same results as name brand microscopes. Some people might be tempted to purchase a microscope for more money because of the rationale that more money equates to better quality but the OMAX delivers the same results as the Olympus and Nikon microscopes for a fraction of the price. Unless you work in a laboratory for City of Hope, Kaiser, or Cedar Sinai this microscope should suffice. The microscope was well shipped. It came in a box with plenty of padding.

Conclusion - You really cant ask for more from a microscope costing only 200 dollars. The OMAX has high quality objectives, excellent construction and design, lots of useful functions, accessories, customizable, and a lot of fun to use. If your looking to buy to buy a microscope to do college or professional work or use just looking to buy a hobby microscope look no further. The OMAX is for you.

CONS - I have only owned the OMAX for a month, so I can not comment on how long this microscope will last, but based one what I have seen so far I would say that the OMAX would last a long time if well care for. The coarse and fine adjustment knobs feel rough compared to the Olympus and Nikon microscopes. The knobs do not move with the ease of high end microscope, but this is not a issue for me or working in general. The stage does not have the same range as high end microscopes. With Nikon and Olympus microscopes on campus I can view a slide in its entirety from one end of the slide to the other end. With the OMAX i can view probably about 95 percent of the slide because the X axis does not have the same range as high end microscope, but this is not an issue for me.

LAST THOUGHTS - I highly recommend this microscope to everyone. You cannot be this quality for such a great price. I am sure anyone who buys this microscope will be happy with their purchase. I was hesitant to buy this microscope because of the low price, but was pleasantly surprised when it came operated like and better than the microscopes on campus.

*The images included are Staph aureus, Bacillus subtillus and cerus, Clostridium rubrum, Aspergillus and Geotrichum. This review will be updated in a June at the end of my semester to comment on the durability of the microscope.

TELMU Microscope for Students 300X-600X-1200X Magnifications Compound Binocular Microscope with Metal Arm, Base and Handy Storage Case(70pcs+ Accessory Set) Review:

This microscope was purchased as gift for my kid.It is a great microscope for his fifth grade life science about cells and bacteria.I love the case with everything well organized and he love to put all the samples he collected in the tubs that comes with it.The microscope well made with plastic and metal.Two batteries(Not included) inside the bottom.Very easy to setup.Recommended as beginner microscope for kids!

Swift SW380B 40X-2500X Magnification, Siedentopf Head, Research-Grade Binocular Compound Lab Microscope with Wide-Field 10X and 25X Eyepieces, Mechanical Stage, Abbe Condenser, Ultra-Precise Focusing Review:

I bought a different Swift microscope (SS300B) last fall that I liked and ,in fact, ended up donating for a school charity thing. Saw the new model that came out, decided to give the SW380 a try, and I'm pretty blown away by the quality, especially at this price point. I'll take some of the features point by point:

-Optics: can't believe the level of detail I can get on this microscope, even at really high magnifications where cheaper microscopes tend to start getting blurry edges or losing definition. It's clear to me that Swift doesn't skimp on their glass for the objectives. Getting two different magnification eyepieces bundled with the microscope is a great bonus too for expanding the range of detail I can see.

-Focusing: I can see why the product description calls the focusing knobs on this microscope "ultra-precise." The fine focus is exponentially better than all other microscopes I've tried at this price range. Super smooth and actually makes a visible difference. The inner fine focus knob moves independent of the coarse knob, which for every single style used for this level of microscope moved together. This let me easily bring the right layer of the slide into clear focus.

-Body/build: I love the triangular base on the SW380 and the curved arm handle. Looks sporty and modern. It's nice when companies pay attention to these kinds of design details. It reminds me of a 2-3K Zeiss. The built-in power supply is also a smart upgrade since it makes the power cord less bulky. It's really clear that a lot of thought about the user went into these changes and they weren't done just for an upsell.

-A couple knocks on packaging: the included manual was clearly not written by an English speaker and leaves a lot to be desired in terms of actual instruction. Also, the revolving nosepiece was a bit loose when I unboxed the microscope. I had to tighten it manually so it wouldn't spin when I was switching objectives. Works fine now but still not a great look.

Overall: really incredible microscope, unbeatable price point. I continue to be impressed by Swift!

OMAX 40X-2000X Digital LED Compound Microscope with Built-in 1.3MP Camera and Double Layer Mechanical Stage Compatible with Windows and Mac Review:

I found this microscope just what I needed until the light went out I called Omax and was told that it was still under warranty that all I needed to do was wait two to three days for e-mail with instructions on returning it.Now it has been seven days and no e-mail and now I cant get through when I call I'm on hold for several minutes then recording saying pretty much that it wont be answered at this time. I'm very frustrated at this point I will continue to try and get through via phone and give another review once this is settled on customer service. I'm still hopeful that everything is resolved and I get my microscope fixed. Don't get me wrong I really loved this microscope and used it a lot this is why I am so concerned about getting it sent in so I can get it back so I can enjoy it more! Omax please send me an e-mail that I am waiting for I'm not sure what the problem is with your phone service maybe today will be a better day for my microscope anxiety. got my light fixed and I'm so happy with omax and Amscope! thank you amscope!!

AmScope B120C-E1 Siedentopf Binocular Compound Microscope, 40X-2500X Magnification, LED Illumination, Abbe Condenser, Two-Layer Mechanical Stage, 1.3MP Camera and Software Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 Review:

 I am amazed and delighted! Granted, I am not a professional, I bought this out of a memory of the fascination I had for the microscopes in high school. But I am very impressed with the quality of this microscope! It is substantial and heavy, with a rotating eyepiece turret with fully adjustable distance between the eyepieces, two sets of eyepieces, a very smoothly operating mechanical stage, smooth and precise dual-precision focusing, and an Abbe condenser with an optional blue lens that pivots out of the way. The LED light is on a dimmer, so you can control the brightness. I've having a ball culturing a hay infusion and seeing all the paramecia and other denizens of the unseen world. If I had to find a fault, it's that there isn't a case or holder for the eyepieces that are not in use, to keep them for getting dusty. The lenses are sharp, and good quality. The camera pickup is good, too, although the depth of field is limited (see the attached image). I'd have to say that this is an excellent student microscope.