Best Kosher Salts in 2020

Redmond Real Sea Salt - Natural Unrefined Organic Gluten Free Kosher, 16 Ounce Pouch (1 Pack) Review:

I was introduced to this salt by a Chef in Las Vegas. This salt contains natural minerals and is less harsh than regular salt. It is also more attractive as the flecks of minerals are visible, adding flecks of color.. Because it is so flavorful, I find I use less in both cooking and at the table. I feel this is healthier for everyone but particularly for those with high blood pressure. Disclaimer: I didn't sleep at a Holiday Inn and I'm not a Physician! But I see both my Mom and hubby, both of whom have to watch their blood pressure, using less of this salt and their numbers are good.

At the table, I prefer the coarse version and grind it fresh while my husband prefers the finer table salt. I use both the fine and Kosher for cooking. For special occasions, I shave some fresh off the 5 pound chunk shipped to me directly from the mine. That chunk of salt is a prized possession and kept under domed glass on a cheese tray for display because it is so unique and beautiful.

Tip: Take baking potatoes, scrub, pat dry, pierce, wipe down with olive oil and sprinkle generously with Kosher RealSalt. Bake directly on oven racks 60 minutes at 350 degrees in a conventional oven or 50 minutes at 340 degrees in a convection oven. You'll never go back to regular plain baked potatoes!

Once I tried the RealSalt, I got rid of the grocery store salt. While RealSalt is more expensive than grocery store salt, the taste is far superior and you use less., so I think the cost is a wash. Treat yourself and try this wonderful salt - you won't be sorry!

Morton Kosher Salt, Coarse, 48 Ounce Review:

I have been brining chicken and other poultry in a salt and sugar mix for several years. I first add course Kosher salt and sugar into a few quarts of water and then heat it until boiling. I stir until it is dissolved and then cool it to room temperature. I add the chicken and the brine into a gallon zip-lock bag and store it in the fridge over night. It REALLY adds flavor the what could otherwise be a bland tasting meat.

For some reason salt with iodine in it does not taste very good when used for brining, in my opinion. The price via the Amazon Prime Pantry program was better than at my local grocery store (1.69 for the 3 lb. box at the time of this review.) A staple in my kitchen and I will be adding this to my Prime Pantry box every month.

Himalayan Chef Pure Himilian pink Salt, 2 lbs Pouch Fine Grains Review:

Taste is perfect. Granularity is perfect. I'm not sure why it's not quite as pink as other Himalayan Pink salts I've used but since I'm a guy - frankly - I don't care.

I will say that there is a slight caking in the settled shaker. Easily rectified with a light tap before you tilt - and I certainly would rather have that than an inorganic caking agent used in so many others.

Price was EXTREMELY perfect as well. So - if allowed gradients I would probably do a 4.5 star - but I'm a generous guy so 5 it is.

Natural Pink Himalayan Cooking Salt in Refillable Grinder - 8 oz Healthy Unrefined Coarse Salt Packed with Minerals - Kosher Certified Review:

Works great. Doesn't allow to adjust size of salt and if have issues with arthritis, it's hard to grip the edge and turn. I rated high because it works well and I've been through more expensive ones that didnt even work or worked for a very short time. Also, it could be just me but felt the salt that came in it was less salty - weird. I switched salt out for some I normally use. It's not glass- seem more cheaper parts but works better then the expensive ones.

David's Kosher Salt 2.5 Pounds (40 Ounces) Review:

I prefer to use kosher salt when cooking because it doesn't make your dish taste as salty as table salt (the larger crystals cause it to not be packed as densly, so a tbsp of kosher salt is actually less salt than a tbsp of table salt), it doesn't impart the iodine flavor that table salt does (because it's iodine-free), and the larger crystals are ideal for drawing moisture out of the meat.

The flat flakes of this salt is much nicer than the pebbly bits that Morton's brand kosher salt has. It's less dense than Morton's kosher, so again you're using less salt.

I've tried a few brands, and this is my favorite. Thanks, David's!

Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt, 3 lbs - Pack of 2 Review:

This stuff is the best. Kosher salt is just salt with no addives (e.g., Morton has added iodine - which is not needed if you eat a balanced diet - and anti-caking agents).

Be aware there are two types of kosher salt: coarse and flake. This type here is flake. What’s the diff? The coarse stuff (which is often in supermarkets) are very large crystals. Added to wet recipes (e.g., soups/sauces) either type is fine. As a finishing salt you definitely want the smaller flake type. Why? Coarse crystals are crunchy and are unevenly spaced on your food which leaves some parts of your food saltier than others. This type of salt is rolled into flakes. Advantage? Flakes stick to food better and won’t fall off (really good on meat). Also, the flakes are smaller than standard salt. That means that if a recipe calls for one teaspoon of regular salt you will need two teaspoons of this kosher type because the flakes take up more space than stansard salt, so it’s sort of fluffier. So put in double the amount of this in recipes. Culinarily, this means that you can get more even coverage on your food and will not fall off or roll leaving you with inconsistent coverage. Another advantage is because it’s half as salty volume-wise it’s easier to control your salt level on your food and harder to accidentally over-salt your food. Thus, if you want a light amount of salt it’s easier to add just a little to help taste, but easier to have less salt if you’re trying to limit salt in your diet. This also means that beceause you need twice as much as regular salt you can more evenly cover your food. Regular and coarse salts, for example, when put on steaks prior to grilling will fall off leaving you with uneven coverage. This flake kosher salt - being flatter - will adhere better to the moisture on the surface of meat like a magnet.

365 Everyday Value, Kosher Sea Salt, Coarse, 2.2 lb Review:

It's kosher salt. Big granules. There's not much to say. It's exactly as promised. Tastes salty. However, I found the packaging slightly irritating in that there was no way to easily re-close the top, so the box sits in my cupboard, just waiting to spill...

EDIT: I recently learned that there is more of a difference between kosher salt brands than I originally realized. Some people recommend avoiding salt with anti-caking agents, which can throw off taste and chemistry - this brand does NOT have those agents, which makes it preferable to Morton's.