Best Knife Blocks in 2020

In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block Holds 12 Knives (Not Included) Without Pointing Up PLUS a Slot for your Knife Sharpener! Noble home & chef Knife Organizer Made from Quality Moso Bamboo Review:

We have too many knives, and the knife blocks are way too unsightly on the counter. We need something to place our knives neatly away from view, and provide proper safety in accessing the knives. This is it! We wish it could have increased by 3 more knives, since our drawers are a bit wider than most average smaller homes. Overall, it's splendid to have.

- All knives fit into the slot, even my 10in santoku and chef, with plenty of room to spare.
- All steak and smaller knives (paring, utility, etc.) fit quite well in the smaller slots.
- Width of the slots are perfect for most blades.
- Wood is soft enough to prevent edge from dulling too quickly, or destroying the edge like similar non-wood knife blocks. I use the steel before every use, and always keep my blades sharp like razors. This block reduce the amount of time I have to resharpen my blades from poor storages.

- Width of slot will not support a cleaver. Yes, I have cleavers. I have to make my own holders for the cleavers in the same drawer.
- Slots at the edges don't have side supports for larger, heavier blades. Place all large and heavy blades more towards the center slots, while smaller and lighter blades at the edge slots.

Overall, I love the block. Went and purchase 2 more to store my other knives, after the first serve us well during our family's gathering in a very crowded kitchen.

Magnetic Knife Holder with 50% Stronger Magnets -Better Bamboo Wood- Magnetic Knife Guard Holder, Organizer Block Without Knives-by Kitchendao Review:

The magnets are extremely strong and have no problem holding my knives. I have a meat cleaver which weighs 1 lb 8 oz and I do have to pull it vertically instead of directly towards me, otherwise it will tip over. All my other knives are light enough that I can pull them directly towards me. I also have a 17" honing tool (12" steel, 5" handle) which does adhere to the block. I am extremely pleased with the look and performance of the block. My only suggestion is for the manufacturer to consider making the base a little wider which would add to the stability of the block.

Cook N Home 02660 knife storage block 20 slots, Acacia wood Review:

This product is made from 100% real Bamboo. Even though I read through the negative reviews from people who have no idea what they are talking about I decided to buy one.

Bamboo grows as a hollow round tube. It is sliced into slats that are approximately 1/8" wide and can be as long as the Bamboo stalk is (generally about 12").

Once you have a stack of these slats they are then glued together to make boards, planks or in this case a block. Bamboo can be glued together either vertically or horizontally each of these two techniques will give the end product a completely different look. (Vertical grained glue ups have very little grain and present a very linear appearance, meanwhile Horizontal glue ups show much more grain and that little Bamboo detail (little ziggly lines) that we all recognize as bamboo).

This particular product is made by gluing the Bamboo vertically. You can clearly see this in the product as it appears to be made up of tiny strips. Some people are mistakenly stating that the product is made from veneer. This is false as veneer is paper thin sheets of wood. Hardwood trees can be cut into boards or planks as they are solid inside. The cutting mill simply decides what cuts are the most efficient (get the most linear feet out of that particular tree) and then a trunk is milled or re-sawed to make the boards. This of course can n ot be done with Bamboo as it is once again hollow in the middle.

So let's look at the actual product.


9" at the tallest point
10" long (across the bottom)
4 7/8" wide


3.5" at the top of unit
2x 2" wide on left
2x 1 1/2" on the right
1 1/2" on left
1 1/4" on the right
2x 1" towards the bottom
1 1/4" by 1/2" slot for scissors
8x steak knife slots are approx. 7/8" wide

All slots go all the way through the block and are open at the bottom.


Very good overall, I did notice that a few slots have some rough spots where the slot was machined but they did not take the time to sand it down properly. Not a big deal does not effect its ability to hold knives.


I am giving the product 5 stars. The main reason is value. A solid wood block that is well built and costs under $20!

Yes better blocks are available but cost much more. As a side note to those people who complain that their knives don't fit, that's not the blocks fault, it's theirs for not measuring before buying. This for me was a very good purchase at a ridiculously great deal. (Under $20 with Prime shipping).

Stainless Steel Universal Knife Block Holder -Detachable for Easy Cleaning- Round Knife Holder For Safe, Space Saver Knife Storage - Unique Design Slot to protect blade-Dishwasher safe- by KITCHENDAO Review:

After YEARS of shopping on Amazon, this is my very first review of a product. I wanted to start with something I really loved, and has held up over time (so far, so great). As you can see from the photo, I have 30 knives, 1 icing spreader, and 1 scissors, all with EASY access, right on my kitchen counter (and out of my drawer that my grandchildren can reach when they visit). I LOVE that I can see which knife I am grabbing, by length. IF I could change anything, I do wish it was 1-1 1/2 inches Taller, so I could put my bread knife it in too, and I would have it come in a White version (to match my other kitchen items). Otherwise this is PERFECT. If the company happens to see this and does add a white version to their lineup, that is a bit taller, PLEASE let me know!! I will absolutely buy it, and give this to one of my married children, assuming they have not already bought it themselves, since they know how much I love mine.

Bamboo Wood Knife Block without Knives, Countertop Butcher Block Knife Holder and Organizer with Wide Slots for Easy Kitchen Knife Storage (Large) Review:

I have several mismatched knives and used to use a magnetic strip in my old house. My new home had no room for a strip, so I had to find a knife block. I searched several options and decided on this one. It has a pine core, which was fine for my use, and decently thick bamboo with chamfered edges. There's another reviewer that attached an image of their black Shun modifications, which is what sold it for me. I already have some gray cabinet paint for fixing up the old house, so it'll be easy to throw some on this block and make it look more professional. I think I'll leave mine without a logo for a clean look. It's not a professional block, but for the price you won't be disappointed.

As for knives fitting, I was impressed my Calphalon contemporary bread knife and steel both fit without poking out the bottom. In fact, all of my longer knives fit depth-wise. Only issue was with some of the fatter handles touching if all inserted facing the same direction. I can skip holes, or insert them alternating directions so the handles don't touch. Not an issue with the product since it wasn't made for large handles and they all still fit, but makes it a little harder for me to organize my knives how I'd like without being crowded. Maybe the supplier could come up with a "fat knife handle" version with spacing increased by maybe 1cm.

BAYKA Knife Block In-Drawer Knife Holder, Moso Bamboo Kitchen Knife Storage Drawer Organizer, Large Handle Spacing Knife Block Without Knives, Fit for 16 Knives and 1 Sharpener Review:

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 Lovely looking wooden block knife holder. Very smooth and perfect finishing. Holds knife in place perfectly. I'm happy about getting this product.

Universal Knife Block knife holder- For Safe, Space Saver Knife Storage With Clear Barrel - Unique Slot Design to Protect Blades and Detach for Easy Cleaning - Black by KITCHENDAO Review:

I'm not a great cook but recently I've started working at improving my skills and repertoire. I quickly learned that I'm long overdue for owning some decent knives. I actually had nothing that could cut a large spaghetti squash, which is embarrassing to admit. I've now bought a couple of nice knives, sorted out the cutlery drawer, dumped the junk, and had to decide how to store my knives - the nice new ones and the rest that survived the culling.

I've always been leery of wooden knife blocks. They must not be lethal harbors for bad germs, because they're in common use, but I get squicked out thinking about it and just do not want one of those.

Instead, I'm delighted to have found this knife storage solution. It all comes apart for a good wash, holds the knives securely and visibly, and looks nice on my kitchen counter. I wondered if it would be up to the size and weight of my new 8" chef's knife. It is, no problem. Love it!

Coninx Magnetic Knife Holder with Powerful Magnet - Bamboo Wood Magnetic Knife Guard Holder, Organizer Block Without Knives Review:

I opted for this as I only wanted my three main chef knifes on it. I have limited counter space and rarely use the other kitchen cutlery. I had originally purchased a metal magnetic bar to mount on the wall but the magnets were too weak to hold the blades securely and I discovered the main power into the house and breaker box was directly on the other side of the wall. All the power in the house ran right behind the only wall mounting space I had and traditional knife holders are too bulky and dull blade edges. This was a perfect solution as it could easily be cleaned or moved to any counter spot desired.

The magnet is nice and strong which I really like but the base is a bit on the small side so you will need to old the block steady with your other hand while removing a knife. Otherwise this would easily be a five star item but it's a trade off for not taking up much space which is well worth it to me in my small limited counter space. I highly recommend this to anyone who is tired of useless, clunky, oversize knife holders that have spaces for knives you rarely use taking up valuable counter space. Unless you enjoy sharpening your knifes before every use this is a great option for those that formerly were keeping knives in a drawer where the edges would clash against each other and other implements in the drawer with every opening. It's only good for knives up to 9" so don't think it will be ideal for the rest of your kitchen cutlery. If like me, you use a chef knife for all cutting tasks, you'll wonder how you lived without it for so long.

16 inch Wood Professional Magnetic Knife Strip - Space-Saving Knife Rack/Knife Bar With Powerful Magnetic Pull Force Review:

Didn’t install it yet as we are waiting for our new island to arrive. The item is truly wood, covered/dipped in lacquer. Came with screws and anchors which was nice. I tested the sturdiness by sticking my knives on the block and swinging it around. No injuries followed, so it passed. Took one star off because lacquer was applied in a sloppy manner. Most importantly, I was offered a gift card for a review, which is actually my honest opinion.

Mantello 2 Tier Universal Wood Knife Block Knife Holder Storage Organizer Review:

We are extremely pleased with our purchase. We already have a traditional knife block with the traditional slots and knives that came with it, but we wanted something else to take our miscellaneous knives out of our "drawer of destruction." This was the answer! In the top section, we've got five knives in it - it would be a tight squeeze but the top section could probably handle one or two more knives if necessary. In the bottom section, we've got two meat forks, a paring knife, and an ice pick. The bottom section could also probably hold one or two more knives/implements. This was less expensive than the other similar items shown and it's perfectly acceptable. It looks nice on our counter top. It arrived in a very nice box making it just fine for a gift. Would recommend!