Best Keyboard Benches in 2020

RockJam KB100 Adjustable Padded Keyboard Bench, X-Style, Black Review:

Our daughter's piano teacher told us we needed to get a higher seating to properly align her hands with the keyboard so we read the reviews and selected the RockJam KB100. It is comfortably firm, seat adjust to different heights, and it doesn't take up a lot of room. It arrived without any defects. It arrived in two days, just in time for the next piano lesson. Thanks Amazon!! still wish you would have come to our neighborhood in LIC!

SONGMICS Padded Wooden Piano Bench Stool with Music Storage Black ULPB55H Review:

Purchased to replace drummers throne I use to practice guitar/bass. While it's a tad high for me by 2" (I'm 5'6" w/long legs), problem was solved with my guitarist's footrest.
Bench itself it what you'd expect for the $40 price point. Compressed wood & chipboard with a semi-glossy, vinyl "PU Leather" padded seat. But it looks quite nice really. So much so in fact we purchased a second one to use as an entry-way seat for removing shoes.

Easy-to-assemble Kit (please see my photos) that took less than 15 minutes to assemble. I'd recommend ditching the "included wrench" & using a real tool tho. Once I did, assembly went much quicker. The included hardware was all present and of good quality. The bolt assembly makes for sturdy legs that I don't worry will come loose and send me crashing to the floor.

The interior storage area is a little flimsy due to chipboard bottom. (One of our benches had a crease chipboard defect, but it still holds-up fine).
Don't expect to store heavy books, etc. But for a few pieces of sheet music, tuners, etc., or gloves & caps (entry-way seat usage) it's fine. Just the convenience of having a little hideaway spot is a bonus.

Legs are even & sturdy. (Heaviest person in this family is under 170lbs, just for reference).

With Prime shipping, item arrived in 48hrs, as expected.
Shipping Box does depict item enclosed - just be aware if purchasing as a surprise gift.

Please note this is not a piece of fine furniture, is fairly short in width (19") & will only seat one person. If you require higher quality, more room (a wider bench), or storage for a lot of music/items, then this probably isn't a good choice for you.

Overall, we're very satisfied with both benches we bought & recommend it to others with similar needs.

Thank you for reading,
-CC, Amazon Prime Member-Reviewer

Kealive Piano Bench Wooden Duet Piano Bench with Comfortable Padded Cushion and Double Keyboard Stool with Music Storage, PU Leather Heavy Duty Keyboard Bench, Black Review:

First thing I was hesitant to buy this as this is not on prime but still want to give it a try as price pint was right. People were selling the used one for $30. So I decided to go for it. It came little late but it’s pretty solid amazing bench. It’s sturdy and assembling is very easy all the hardware is included including socket 🔧 . The height is just right for my daughter. It has nice storage space as well to keep the he piano books inside, easy for my daughter to find them. There is enough room to sit two peoples. The finishing is shinny and top cushion comfortable to sit.
I would recommend this product.

SONGMICS Wooden Duet Piano Bench with Padded Cushion and Music Storage Black ULPB75BK Review:

Nice looking bench and good size, but the quality is quiet poor. The screws on the legs stripped the wood quite easily despite trying to be careful with the amount of pressure applied to the screw driver when tightening. Leg were wobbly and still wondering if my kid is going to fall off at some point.

Also the "locking hinge" would fine if the overall construction quality wasn't so poor. If you try to close the lid without disengaging the hinge first (which risks pinching your finger), the cheap wood being held down by the screw doesn't hold and the screw instantly strips the wood with the smallest amount of pressure.

This company should take their design to someone who knows how to build furniture that won't fall apart. Reminds me of the chair Mel Gibson was building in the movie "The Patriot" -- looked good but fell apart when he sat on it.

-- Update -- the manufacturer sent me a replacement bench. This time the screws on the legs did not get stripped and I was able to fully tighten the lock washer and the nut, leading to more stability when sitting. Also, although there is still the click-locking issue with the hinge for the top drawer, I learned from my previous experience and always disengage the hinge before trying to close the top. I'm updating the review to 4 stars due to the consideration of the manufacturer and fact that the legs are stable now. The bench is a good looking bench and a nice size.

Yaheetech Duet Wooden Piano Bench Stool with Padded Leather Cushion Deluxe Comfort and Storage for Music Books Sheet Black Review:

Needed a new bench for my piano so started shopping around. Never thought of Amazon till recently and voila! There were many to choose from. Being on a semi-limited budget, I had to find something that would be nice and stable and yet, not a lot of money. This was it! I bought the black one and it looks great. Wrench that it comes with is not great but all you have to do is put on two washers and a nut on each of the legs...and it's set up. I would get a better wrench to do the trick and it will be quicker!

Kuyal Piano Bench, Adjustable Height X-Style Keyboard Bench Padded Seat, Black Review:

I am in my 80's and have trouble getting down on the floor, but this bench is a comfortable height to sit on when I need to work on something near the floor, like making an adjustment to the TV for example. It is just what I needed and I keep it near my chair- our TV has some annoying problems at times and I am happy that I can sit on my bench and reach the knob that is too near the floor for me to get to it ordinarily.

Yaheetech Piano Bench with Storage Duet and Comfortable Padded Cushion Wooden Keyboard Bench Stool Seat,Black Review:

Excellent bench

Can’t believe how nice this is for the price!


Use the included wrench just to to set up the legs, then a socket wrench or channel locks for the final tightening since a lock nut is employed. The back legs don’t have a lot of room for the included wrench to work well. Finally, if permanent, use liquid thread lock to keep nut from loosening forever.

Greenpro Adjustable X Style Cushion Padded Piano Keyboard Bench- Black. Review:

I purchased this so that I could sit down and enjoy playing my guitars near my amps. No arms or backrest to interfere or possibly gong the guitars into. Lightweight, easy to maneuver and move about the room, then stow away when necessary. It arrived fully assembled and after opening it outward I tightened the knurled knob very securely. This is important as it helps keep the legs properly aligned and the load on the four points underneath the seat even.

Having not been to many salad bars in my lifetime, I'm now toting a bit of a load and this bench didn't groan or moan when I sat down on it. Now, I weigh nowhere near the stool's limit but I'm still overweight nonetheless. Seems quite stable, sturdy and comfortable. It's a stool. It's not a sofa or an armchair. And it's much more comfortable on my tuchas than a wooden crate, the steps on a Brooklyn stoop or the flat of a stone ledge. If you are chair rocker and like to tip forward and backward with your weight while seated, you will torque and twist the legs and eventually break the stool.

I suspect that the one leg adjustment bolt it is shipped with is a lower grade of steel and susceptible to being stretched and broken under load, especially if the knurled knob isn't tightened very securely. The holes in the legs become guillotine-like and eventually slice through the bolt. I suggest going to a hardware store and buying a Grade 5 or Grade 8 bolt and washers of identical size to replace all BEFORE it gets damaged or breaks.