Best Internal FireWire Port Cards in 2022

Last update: January 12, 2023

Are all FireWire cards the same?

No, all FireWire cards are not the same. While they may all offer the same basic function of providing a FireWire connection, they can differ in terms of features, speed, and compatibility.

Are FireWire cables obsolete?

FireWire cables are not yet obsolete, but they are no longer commonly used. FireWire was once a popular interface for connecting digital devices, but it has been supplanted by newer technologies like USB.

Can I add a FireWire port to my PC?

Adding a FireWire port to a PC is possible, but it may not be the best idea. FireWire is a legacy technology and is not as common as it once was. It is also not as fast as newer technologies like USB 3.0.

Can I convert FireWire to HDMI?

If you have an older Mac with a FireWire port and a TV with an HDMI input, you can use an adapter to connect the two. This will let you play videos from your Mac on your TV. To connect a FireWire device to an HDMI input, you will need an adapter. There are a few different types of adapters available, so you will need to choose the one that is compatible with your equipment. Once you have the adapter, you can connect it to the FireWire port on your Mac and the HDMI input on your TV. You may need to

Syba SY-PEX30016 3 Port IEEE 1394 Firewire 1394B & 1394A PCIe 1.1 x1 Card TI XIO2213B Chipset Requires Legacy Driver for Windows 8 10 Review:

This card is the solution to your issue if, after building or acquiring an Intel Skylake Core i7 CPU and ASUS motherboard, you are experiencing legacy Firewire troubles with a pro audio interface, camera, video camera, etc. After constructing a powerful new studio computer for $1500 worth of parts to run my Pro Tools interfaces and everything else, I was really frustrated. The SIIG N342534X that AVID recommended I buy did not function. On either Win7 x64 pro or Win10 x64 pro, it would display in the OS without issue, however Pro Tools would always crash with the message "ASIO device could not be loaded." I tried everything, including changing BIOS settings, the ordinary MS FW driver, the heritage MS FW driver, and even the TI FW driver, but the problem persisted. Purchased a second FW card that AVID recommended, the Pyro API-316, same problems. I submitted a support ticket with ASUS after spending hours exploring the AVID forums. Is there a beta BIOS I could try? Nothing could function. I am a Senior Systems Administrator with 18 years of experience working for one of the largest organizations in the US, and I am very experienced and A , NET certified, so I am not simply a hobbyist who doesn't do his study before designing a system. It worked if I slowed down my 32GB of G Skill memory below a certain point, so I knew it was a DMA and memory timing issue, or something similar, but I couldn't adjust the AVID HW buffer and other things to where they needed to be. I think the issue is that the more recent Skylake Architecture just makes it impossible for the older TI XIO2213A FW chipset to reliably clock or time. On GearSlutz, I was able to resolve my issue (thank you GearSlutz, you guys are awesome). Without any BIOS tweaks for power management, C-States, Turbo Boost, etc., the more recent TI XIO2213B can sync correctly. The time I wasted trying everything, restarting, testing, adjusting, changing drivers, rebooting, testing, etc., is hopefully saved by this review for someone else. Since I don't need anything more modern for my project studio, I built my new system because Skylake is the last architecture that will support the pro audio hardware software platform I use. I'm grateful that my Digidesign Digi002 mixer is now functioning properly, and I hope to get another 5 to 7 years out of my hardware.

Emakefun Nano Terminal Expansion Adapter Board for Arduino Nano V3.0 AVR ATMEGA328P with NRF2401+ Expansion Interface, DC Power Supply Interface (2PCS) Review:

I work on A LOT of Arduino projects at home, and these are perfect for prototyping and testing. I find the 5.5mm barrel jack that may be used for power to be extremely useful. The Vin pin on the Arduino is connected to the end of the 5.5mm barrel jack. Since the Arduino won't start up with 5V on the Vin pin, I often utilise a 5V power supply with a wire jumper from that pin to the 5V pin.

ELIATER PCIe Firewire Card for Windows 10, IEEE 1394 PCI Express Adapter Controller 4 Ports(3 x 6 Pin and 1 x 4 Pin), 1394a PCI-E Firewire 800 Adapter for Windows 7/8/Mac OS with Cable Review:

With only 2 reviews at the time, I placed an order without knowing what to anticipate. possessed a digital video camera that hadn't been used in almost 12 years. The product was flawless. FireWire device was plugged in and installed; it functioned well. There are no device reading errors or drivers to install. Great value for the money. Highly suggested. 4 port PCI 1394a FireWire Adapter Card - 3 External 1 Internal (PCI1394MP) Review:

For several reasons, but chief among them being the presence of an integrated firewire port, I chose a Dell Precision while looking to buy a new laptop for audio and video processing. Anyone who has lately looked for a laptop knows how uncommon that is these days, so having to give up a perfectly decent audio interface just because I couldn't find a laptop with firewire didn't excite me.Because there are reportedly several different kinds of firewire chipsets and most audio interfaces favor ones that use Texas Instruments, it turns out that I did not conduct enough study. Without the Firepod losing sync after around 5 minutes, I was unable to record anything. It was quite upsetting.I spent several hours exploring forums until I found the advice to acquire a TI expresscard. I followed their suggestion and bought this card as a last resort, and it has been fantastic! When I plugged it into my computer, it was immediately detected, and I had no issues at all connecting my Firepod. I'm delighted to say that last night, I recorded 2 hours of a 4-channel podcast without any issues. I appreciate you saving me from having to throw away my brand-new laptop, Startech!My computer runs Windows 7 Professional, 64 bit, for those who are curious.

FebSmart 4 Ports USB 3.0 Super Fast 5Gbps PCI Express(PCIe) Expansion Card for Windows Server, XP,7,Vista,8,8.1,10 PCs-Build in Self-Powered Technology-No Need Additional Power Supply(FS-U4-Pro) Review:

Lack of USB 3 ports necessitated the addition of some. I have a couple cards lying around, however they are all powered by a sata power line. Since it didn't need a power cable, I saw this and decided to buy it on a whim to test how it would perform. The packaging was adequate but "blah." The board came neatly packed in an antistatic bag. As soon as I plugged everything in, Windows started installing generic drivers. Although it came with a driver disk, who even owns an optical drive these days? I went ahead and downloaded the appropriate drivers from their website (which I was unable to share here because of Amazon). To find your device, scroll down. On a flash drive, I ran Crystal Disk to see how it would perform. There will be two results displayed. The onboard USB port is the first, while the FebSmart add-on is the second. As you can see, the onboard is a little bit faster, but not significantly, in my opinion. Massive backup disks and large file transfers are probably not something you want to use, but for the majority of tasks, I doubt you'll notice a difference. I would purchase another add-in if I ever needed extra ports. You hardly even notice it is in the system because it is so tiny and inconspicuous.Just as a side note, I wouldn't advise using any USB-powered devices on this as it might not be able to pull enough power from the pcie port to power them. I believe a small flash drive or similar device would be acceptable, but larger hard drives, gadgets with lights, and other such items should be avoided. I haven't tried it myself yet, but I'd stay with gadgets that solely use this as an interface.

Longruner for Arduino Mini Nano V3.0 ATmega328P 5V 16M Micro Controller Board Module with USB Cable for Arduino 5Pcs Review:

This product is excellent. First of all, unlike other times with Amazon, it arrived quickly. It arrived on the morning of the second day after I bought it for two-day shipping. The Arduinos were individually covered in electro-protective coating for optimum packaging. When delicate electronics are delivered without static shielding, it is always annoying. Then, each of these was packaged up in a strong cardboard box.Keep in mind that a small cable is required to access these Arduinos. Essentially, this is the cable used to attach the previous PlayStation 3 controller (among other things). I observed that a few individuals required assistance with the Chinese usb to serial converter driver. They appear to have been able to resolve problem by looking for and downloading the ch340/341 driver on Google. The most recent Arduino IDE version allowed me to successfully execute it. I did, however, need to change the Arduino IDE settings' com port option.The board arrives unassembled, as you can see in the picture of it being opened. Even though I'm not a master solderer, I managed to put it together in about 10 minutes. The best part is that I can simply solder cables into my low-profile projects. It's difficult to comprehend how little these things are.In general, this is a fantastic product at a fantastic price. It is especially helpful for projects where you need compact form factors or lightweight components (like rc aircraft) (like wearables). Additionally, since you are essentially purchasing them in bulk, you don't have to worry about burning any out or digging them out of old structures, making them excellent for experimentation.

SHINESTAR Firewire Card, PCIe Firewire Adapter for Windows 10 with Low Profile Bracket and Cable, 3 Ports (2 x 6 Pin and 1 x 4 Pin) IEEE 1394 PCI Express Controller Card for Desktop PC Windows 7 Review:

My desktop computer, an HP 580-137c, didn't come with a 1394 Firewire port. I produce videos, and my Sony CAM FX1 camera needs a Fireport connector to connect to a computer. I had thus purchased a PCI Express IEEE Card from a different business. I was disappointed after it was setup and ready to use. My screen turned blue and shut off instantly every time I attempted to record a video. I spoke with the manufacturer about it and even tried using the Legacy IEEE driver with the same outcome. The manufacturer simply blamed Microsoft without offering an explanation for why it was doing that. I was losing all motivation since I had to release my videos on schedule, and I was moving too slowly. In my desperation, I even went to a friend's house where his computer had an IEEE 1394 connector so I could record video to my external HD. So ! I gambled much and purchased the Card from SHINESTAR. I put in the card as soon as it arrived and started recording my video. BEHOLD, HERE WE ARE!!! It was operating flawlessly!!!!! no power It worked with just a plug and play! I feel such relief. I just hope that it continues to function well until I can purchase a new video camera that uses SD cards.

SYBA Low Profile PCI-Express Firewire Card with Two 1394b Ports and One 1394a Port (2B1A), TI Chipset, Extra Regular Bracket SD-PEX30009 Review:

Installing into a Dell XPS 8700 running Windows 8.1 was simple. By the time I arrived at the point where I could see the card was inserted, Windows had already recognized the card and loaded the TI drivers that included with Windows. I used the supplied cable to connect via Firewire to a Sony DCR-TRV330. I switched the camera to VCR mode, and Cyberlink Photo Director 10 opened immediately. I haven't done any lengthy captures, but my five-minute capture had no lag or dropped frames. I tested it out on a Hi8 cassette that had been remastered from a regular VCR tape.I did need to swap out the smaller bracket for the larger one, which just required me to remove and replace two screws.Attention users of Cyberlink Power Director. To do a capture, avoid opening Power Director. Simply connect your DVR or camera and turn it on. Power Director will launch shortly. Opening Power Director and then attempting to capture won't function.Since so many other reviews claimed to have experienced issues when they attempted to load the card's included software, I have not attempted to do so. The hardware complies with my requirements when utilizing the built-in Windows drivers. Since most of the inquiries I have received about it concern whether the card would operate with a certain PC, operating system, or editing program, I have detailed the environment it operates in. Hope this was of use. A request to fellow reviewers: When reviewing devices that might be sensitive to the environment they are inserted into, please specify your setting.

LinksTek PCIE FireWire Card for Windows 98/2000/2003/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/Server Desktop PCs(32/64bit)-IEEE 1394A FireWire 400-6Pin X3 Ports and 4Pin X1 Port-Include Low Profile Bracket(PCIE-1394A) Review:

Card seemed beautifully constructed and was packaged nicely. installed without a hitch, and Windows and the PC both recognized it. So why only four stars? The card operated for two hours before ceasing to function. I tried removing and reinstalling it, powering it on and off, and nothing worked. showed up in device manager but took more than an hour to detect the camcorder it had just successfully utilized.Was about to remove and return it but opted to wait until the next morning. The card continued to function the following day. I hope it holds out, but I am still a little concerned that it will stop working once more. So after downloading a lot of videos to my computer, I'll update in a month and either lower or raise the star rating.I didn't have to load any drivers, which was a plus. At first, right out of the box, it worked. The drawback is that it required a 12-hour break. Hopefully not once more.

Do computers still have FireWire ports?

Yes, many computers still have FireWire ports. FireWire is a high-speed data transfer protocol that is commonly used to connect digital cameras, camcorders, and other devices to a computer. It is also used to connect computers to each other for data transfer.

Does a 4 pin FireWire to USB work?

A 4 pin FireWire to USB will not work. FireWire is a completely different technology than USB, and the two are not compatible.

Does Windows 10 recognize FireWire?

Windows 10 does not have built-in drivers for FireWire devices, so you'll need to install them yourself. The good news is that there are a number of free and open-source drivers available. The bad news is that they're not always easy to install. Here's a step-by-step guide to get you started: 1. Download the driver from the manufacturer's website or from a trusted third-party source. 2. Unzip the file and open the folder. 3. Right-click on the setup file and select "Run as

Is FireWire still used in 2022?

Most likely not. FireWire was popular in the early 2000s as a way to connect devices to computers. However, it was replaced by USB in most cases. USB is faster and more versatile, so there's no real need for FireWire anymore.