Best Interdental Brushes in 2020

GUM Proxabrush Go-Betweens Interdental Brush Refills, Moderate, 8 Count Review:

My dad's oral hygienist recommended the Proxabrush Sunstar 625UC GUM Go-Betweens Proxabrush Handle with Refill, Nylon Bristle to help him clean gaps between his back teeth. He's older and has humongous hands, so using floss is downright impossible. The Proxabrush does a better job than floss and is easier for him to use. Keeping between his teeth clean is helping with sensitivity also. I've purchased refills along with the brush handle, and the hygienist told him to reuse the brushes, rinsing them with water and with mouthwash before leaving them to dry. She said the brushes should last 2-4 weeks, depending upon how much he uses them, so I bought quite a few extra, choosing the wider triangles Sunstar 614D GUM Proxabrush Go-Betweens Wide Refill, Nylon Triangular Shaped Bristle, Pack of 8. She recommended using the Proxabrush once a day. So far, so good. Very pleased with this purchase.

DenTek Slim Brush Interdental Cleaners | Slim Brush for Extra Tight spaces | 32-Count | 1-Pack Review:

Worked amazingly. I've been needing to do more than brushing per every dentist I've ever seen but absolutely hate flossing. The first few days using the DenTek brushes my mouth looked like the aftermath of a warzone but after a week no bleeding at all. I can eat apples in peace again and my breath smells better than ever. Great purchase and extremely easy to use.

Piksters Interdental Brushes (40 Pack, Size 1 (Purple)) Review:

These things are life savers when I'm out and about. As I've reached 40 and now 50, the space between my teeth up around the gum line has gotten more and more apt to collect food, especially after eating fibrous foods like meat or celery for example, and feeling stuff between my molars pressing up against my gums drives me just about insane if I'm out and away from home. I always have one of these piksters in my 'emergency' dental hygiene kit in my purse, so I can excuse myself to the restroom and go between the molars and push out the offending foods, and oh what a relief it is. Occasionally I still have to resort to a little packet of disposable travel floss, but for the most part the piksters can provide enough relief to get me through until I get home where I can use my waterpik. I would like to add that I've tried just about every other brand of these same types of go-between tooth pick brushes and this Pikster brand is the absolute best - the others are harsh or ineffective or don't fit as well regardless of the size, or they just plain have stupidly thick/large handles and aren't really portable like these mini Picksters, which waste no space trying to look more substantial. Their performance speaks for itself. I had run out of my supply after buying a box years ago and couldn't remember the brand name and ended up searching on Amazon for HOURS until I finally found these again -- for some reason they are not high in the results when I do a search for this type of item, but they really SHOULD be number one.

GUM Proxabrush Go-Betweens Interdental Brushes, Micro Tight, 10 Count Review:

This is a wonderful oral hygiene product by a leading oral hygiene company, and at a great price, so affordable no reason not to try these. There are different sizes to fit different size spaces between your teeth and you may find you will use more than one size depending on your particular needs. At this price, no reason not to try them with confidence. Very promptly received and in good condition. I highly recommend them to be used in conjunction with your floss. From a dentist who has been recommending hygiene products for over 30 years!

The Doctor's Traveler OraPik Interdental Pik Review:

I am always getting food stuck in my teeth, and it drives me nuts to get it out. I hate to use my fingers but i can't get everything with just my tongue. I try to keep a couple tooth picks on me but i always seem to forget and even then it doesn't help get everything. I see other people comment that they should have put the chain connected to the base not the cap, but if they did that every time you went to pick your teeth you would have a handful of keys instead of a discreet tooth pick.

GUM Go-Betweens Cleaners Wide (Pack of 3 (10 Ct)) Review:

My oral surgeon recommend these. I have a hard time finding them in the stores. Found on Amazon and they were in stock. When I first started to use them I had difficulty using them especially on the back teeth. I figured it out and now I only have an occasional problem. My oral surgeon is happy and was glad to hear that these are available on Amazon.

Doctor's Brushpicks 275 Count Package Review:

I wish I'd known about these brush picks the minute they were available. My teeth have very little room in-between and nightly flossing was something I never looked forward to. I wasn't sure I would be able to use these, but took a chance and ordered them, anyway. It took a few uses to find the proper angle to maneuver the brush end of this little invention, but I did master the technique. This tool is fantastic and it's so nice not to dread flossing as a part of my bedtime routine. The first three or four days, I did experience mild soreness in some areas, but that wasn't unexpected. I'm actually using these brush picks twice per day, now and hope never to be without them. Many thanks to the brilliant person who came up with this idea!