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4 Pack Baby Gates Wall Cups, Safety Wall Bumpers Guard Fit for Bottom of Gates, Doorway, Stairs, Baseboard, Work with Dog Pet Child Kid Pressure Mounted Gates Review:

We have two baby gates, but not for a baby. We use them instead to prevent our young/lumbering/largish dog from coming upstairs. I've been through three different types/sizes of baby gates and they all SORT of fit in the places I want, but not completely. I am apparently the only person on Earth who wants to prevent another mammal from going up the stairs, but also has a stairway with one side being wall and one side being open wood railing. The number of options for this scenario are staggeringly limited. We really wanted to avoid having to drill it into the wall since we had that type for our actual human babies, but even the ones you drill into the wall don't have a good option for what to do with the side that is a banister. So then you're stuck with fiddling with the tension settings of each end of the gate to try and make it tight enough that it stands up, but loose enough that you can still open the gate. And, because of the setup of our stairs, the area where we can fit it above the floor board caused it to constantly sit at an unstable angle.

I've tried all different placements, and really wound up with one TINY area of the stair landing where the gate could reach both walls. However, even once we *finally* get it to hold in place, all it takes is one kid leaning on it, another kid closing it too hard, or the dog seeing the cats and using it as a prop to stand up to see better, and the whole thing is humpty dumpty. I bought these wall cups because the pressure from the gate end pieces was damaging the wall/wood banister, and every time the gate would fall over, the wall would get scuffed and knicked. I had hoped these would help prevent some of that wall damage as well as give it a little more stability. We also had the issue that even though the gates say they fit certain widths, they really don't do certain widths in a secure way. You have to untwist the ends almost to the point of falling out. I MacGyvered the crap out of all the different possible combinations of the gate + add on + removing certain pieces of the pressure knobs, but the addition of these cups on one side only was JUST the right size for the gate to hold. These gave it just the right additional length to fit in the spot I needed the gate, as well as help secure the gate from constantly sliding out of place. I am very happy to say that since installing these, the gate is just the right snugness, and has only fallen over once when my four year old was hanging on the door.

So I really probably didn't use these exactly for their conventional use, but if you are trying to maneuver your baby gate in an unusual place where nothing else quite fits, I recommend you trying these. I can also attest that they do help prevent wall damage and limit the gate's mobility against the wall. Very happy that this little purchase saved the day.

Wall Nanny - Baby Gate Wall Protector (Made in USA) Protect Walls & Doorways from Pet & Dog Gates - for Child Pressure Mounted Stair Safety Gate - No Safety Hazard on Bottom Spindles - Saver - 4 Pack Review:

We have four baby gates in our house (my wife now refers to our house as a "gated community"), and we use wall protectors for all of them. We have been quite happy with this particular rectangular model (when used in the appropriate locations -- see below). They are easy to install, their rubber grip minimizes slippage of the gate, and they leave very little marking behind on the wall when they are removed.

Wall protectors come in several different shapes and sizes, which is good because baby and pet gates can be installed in different types of locations (staircases, doorways, large walls, etc.). It is important to select the proper wall protector based on where you plan to place your gate. So...


1) Wall protectors don't just protect your walls from dents and scratches; they also usually provide a better grip between the gate and the wall. This means your toddler or pet will have a harder time pushing the gate out of place (though they will still try!).
2) Almost all wall protectors will still leave a small mark on your wall, especially if it's painted drywall. There are ways to minimize the mark left behind, but it's probably unrealistic to expect absolutely no evidence that you had a gate installed. The protectors do, at least, help minimize the risk of DENTS in the wall.
3) A larger wall protector will generally have a lower risk of denting your wall than a smaller one because it will distribute the pressure from the gate over a larger area of the wall.
4) On the other hand, the larger the wall protector, the farther that contact point of the gate will end up being from adjacent structures like the floor. For example, with a large circular wall protector, the opening where you fit the gate's tension screw is a few inches from the edge of the protector, which means the bottom of the gate will be an inch or two off the floor. Obviously having the horizontal bar at the bottom of the gate's opening floating a few inches off the floor would create a tripping hazard!
5) Therefore, in general the best wall protector to use for each of your gate's contact points is the one with the largest surface area that will fit into the space without displacing the gate. (Obviously I'm ignoring aesthetics here...)

With those principles in mind, let's consider three of the most common shapes of wall protectors for baby gates and where they might best be used:

1) Round: These wall protectors are usually 5-6" in diameter, with an opening in the center where you insert the gate's tension screws. Their biggest advantage is creating less pressure on your walls due to their size (which is especially important against drywall). However, they won't fit in some places and they probably shouldn't be used against the floor, where they could prevent your gate from sitting flush against the floor. So use them on your gate's upper contact points wherever you have a large wall space.

2) Rectangular: These are usually about 2" x 6". They put slightly more pressure on your walls than the large circular protectors, but they fit into places the circular ones won't. I suggest using these in two types of places:
- In the horizontal orientation for ALL lower gate supports, EXCEPT in places where your horizontal wall space is only a few inches (such as the bottom of a narrow door frame). This will allow you to position the gate as close to the floor as possible.
- In the vertical orientation for UPPER gate supports in a narrow door frame.

3) Square: These are typically about 2" x 2" -- in other words, not much larger than the gate support. I would use these in only one place: for the LOWER gate support at the bottom of a narrow door frame, where really nothing else would fit.

Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Adjustable Baby Gate and Play Yard, 4-In-1, Bonus Kit, Includes 4 Pack of Wall Mounts Review:

My 88 yr old father just moved in with me ... and with Dad came his 50lb dog. Now, I live in an apartment and I have 2 cats and I a granddaughter. This dog has, shall we say, minimal training and she's been known to nip when she feels threatened. So I kinda have my hands full with this dog.

Sadly my father and step mom adopted this dog and she would have been a project for a seasoned dog trainer.... they were definitely in over their heads with her as they are NOT dog trainers. She has always been wary of strangers and nips at their legs/etc if they turn their back on her.... bad enough with a grown adult, but if she does this with my Granddaughter or her friends, we're going to have trouble. She has almost no exposure to kids so that alone is a pretty big challenge. On top of that she's got a chase urge and hasn't been around cats in about 8 years. One of my cats is a real "scaredy cat" who hides if you look at him sideways just to complicate matters. I have a lot of work ahead of me.

When I knew I was going to have to take her on along with my father, I started researching gate options. I need something that will hold her in (thankfully she doesn't test these things though!), while allowing my father to get through with minimal struggle. His mobility is pretty compromised (he uses a Rollator) and he's a fall risk so he has to be able to get through easily. I realized I likely needed more than one gate. And I realized that until the dog was here, I really wasn't sure exactly how it would work out.

When I saw this gate/yard, I knew it was my answer to my problems. I have tons of options with this so as things (hopefully) change I can alter how we set this up. After trying multiple configurations I ended up with 4 panels at one end of the long living room to lock the dog in both when we go out (she will crap if left in a large enough space) as well as a place to put her if we have company to keep them safe while she's learning her manners. We have 3 more panels at the other end of the room to keep her in with us most of the time while allowing the cats a safe space where they can get to their litter and food. (It's ended up also being great for keeping one of my cats from escaping through my sliding door when I'm Bar-B-Quing!) The only thing I haven't used is the actual gate because my father's Rollator won't go through it, but that's ok - it may come in handy in the future. We will be moving to a house soon, so I love that I can take this with us and adapt it to the new space.

Dealing with the issue of this dog has probably caused me more stress than any other part of the move... or at least it's right up there with the more stressful parts, because I'm realistic that if she so much as nips at one of my Granddaughter's friends or even an adult that she could well be impounded and even put down. The burden of this feels bigger than the "burden" of dealing with my ailing father. So I'm really relieved that we have this in place now. It's working great! She's already learning to not chase the braver cat who comes and goes through the gap we left so he could get to the Living Room. She also seems to be ok with staying in the smaller space when we go out. I honestly couldn't have chosen a better option for my needs.

This thing is quite sturdy yet light for such a big set. There are seriously sooo many ways you can configure this thing depending on your needs. And the price, for a gate with 8 panels, is amazing. I was getting quite discouraged when I started researching for a gate because I really didn't know exactly how I would set things up and I didn't want to have to buy 4 different gates (or more) to figure out what would work.

So if you have any kind of situation where you need to separate groups of animals easily and quickly, this is your gate. If you have an awkward shaped space to cordon off, this is your gate. If you are traveling and need to have a movable pen, this is your gate. If you have someone who can't get through the standard gate that most of these things have, this is your gate. I'm going to upload photos in the next day or so to show how we have this set up for our current situation.

Although I'm a reviewer here I purchased this item at full retail price as a PERSONAL purchase and am reviewing this because I want to. I have not been asked to write a review and I have no personal connection with the seller. As usual my opinions and experiences are a real and true reflection of my experience with the product. I hope my review helps you in your purchase decisions!

Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate, Bronze (28.5 - 48 Inch) Review:

*So for everyone who just wants to know if this is a good buy and worth the money, yes it is. It is well constructed, looks very nice and is infinitely sturdy.

For those who want a more detailed review, here we go! So, starting with the look of the gate, it is less like a infant/dog gate and more like a tiny garden gate. We use it on our stairs so that when we're away it ensures the dogs don't find themselves a fancy new potty spot or new pair of underwear to toss around. It is important to note that this gate has a door for a reason, it is not the traditional lightweight wooden and white plastic baby gate, this thing is STURDY. It's very high quality metal that requires an (pretty easy) installation. So its not something you'd want to buy if you're looking to take a gate up and down as it would be way too cumbersome for that.

Although we don't have to worry about tiny hands trying to open the gate door, I'm sure that's the reason many of you are interested in this product, and I'll tell you it is really well designed for that function. It has three different childproof mechanisms, the first is that you have to slide a tab over at the top of the gate to release the door latch, the second is that you have to actually lift up on the door itself for it to open at all, and the third is that it is spring loaded with a pretty sizable spring force in order to close the door behind you. While I love the first two mechanisms because they have been added in a way that doesn't add any visual bulk to the gate, it's the third one that concerns me. This is why it lost a star- as I said it really does have a sizable force behind the spring and this thing will SLAM shut. So in the (albeit unlikely) instance of any little fingers making their way in there, it wouldn't end well, and as unlikely as it may be with the first two precautions, trouble like that just seems to follow kids around so you might as well take it into consideration.

Overall this product gets 4 stars but I would certainly recommend it for its sturdy construction and the way it blends into our home without looking like a cheap baby gate. The spring loaded door return is too intense for my comfort and makes a loud slam when you go through if you don't hold and close it behind you. That being said, I'm really glad we bought this because its definitely the best thing going as far as its function and design.

***Did you find my review helpful? I hope so! Let me know if you have questions by using the comments section below ***

Regalo Easy Step 38.5-Inch Extra Wide Walk Thru Baby Gate, Includes 6-Inch Extension Kit, 4 Pack Pressure Mount Kit, 4 Pack Wall Cups and Mounting Kit Review:

 Purchased back in September of 2015 to keep our newly adopted pup from our furniture (we weren't sure at the time if she would tear up through our furniture if we left her alone). The gate did its job just fine. But then again, we have a 25-lb Chihuahua mix, so we didn't need a massively sturdy gate to keep her at bay. Now, we did take care of my friend's 40-lb Shepherd mix who had some major issues with thunder. He would get pretty panicky during a storm and constantly jumped and leaned on the gate. I'm happy to say that he never toppled the gate over. He did manage to jump over the gate some how. Don't know exactly how, me must have used some secret Parkour skills or something to get over it. So, as far as sturdiness goes, it passes by my standards.

As it relates to durability, I see no issues. Of course, we don't have kids pull on the bars and bang on the gate, so I just may have not seen any of the issues just yet. If I do, I'll likely update this review.

As far as operation goes, I like the old version better. The old version was probably a tid bit easier to open with one hand. Now I read a few complaints that this gate requires two hands to open. That's not true, just look at my video. It's possible to open with one hand and really isn't that hard. May take a bit to get used to, but not impossible like some reviews make it seem to be. The major downside I see in the operation of this gate is that it only opens in one direction. The old version of the gate opened both ways, which was really convenient. That said, make sure you have the gate opening in the direction you want. Don't want to second guess yourself in the middle of installation because its a pain to loosen everything up and flip it around.

Setting up the gate wasn't hard, but it wasn't super easy either. You have got to screw those side bars out pretty far to close the gap between the gate latch and the post. And the farther it goes, the harder it is to turn, so get ready to put some elbow grease into it. Once you have the gap small enough so that the gate can lock in place and stay secure, its pretty much guaranteed to be rock solid. One recommendation: buy and use the "Wall Savers for Pressure Gates" if you can (the pressure mounts puts some massive point pressure on your walls). If you don't, you could damage your wall. In my case, my opening was too narrow to fit the wall savers, so I had the pressure mounts pushing directly against the wall. It didn't damage my wall, but it did peel off the paint. In an effort to prevent this from happening again, I cut piece off of a Kleenex box and put it between the pressure mount and wall.

In conclusion, as my headline says, this gate does its job, at least for me. As I mentioned earlier, the real major negative on it is that it only opens in one direction. Now if you have 70lb and over dogs to keep at bay, not sure if it'll be able to handle. My take is that it should, it would just take some major tightening of the pressure mounts.

Regalo Easy Step Extra Tall Walk Thru Baby Gate, Includes 4-Inch Extension Kit, 4 Pack of Pressure Mount Kit and 4 Pack Wall Cups and Mounting Kit Review:

I bought four different baby gates from amazon and made a table comparing them--north states is my favorite but the most expensive (pls see attached picture)

Overall, the Regalo brand is the least expensive of the four but it's not my favorite. This product (the Extra Tall one) is better than the standard size Regalo. Here's why:
***A toddler can open the standard size gate by lifting the handle. Yes there is a red latch to prevent this, but when the latch is engaged, now you as a parent (with your hands full) can't easily open the gate with one hand. If you buy this gate, buy the EXTRA TALL one so your toddler can't reach the handle and open the gate but you can still easily open it.
***The Regalo gate (normal and extra tall size) don't open both ways.


Questions to figure out what baby gate to buy:
***How wide do you need the gate to be? Most gates are built for a standard door frame--many come with extensions to fit larger spaces but some DON'T (ie you have to order them separately and pay more…).
***Do you want the gate to be normal height or tall? Normal height is good to step over easily. Tall is good if you DON'T want any kids to climb over it or you have a large/tall dog.
***Do you want it to open both ways? I like this feature a lot.

***All of these "tension mount" baby gates have four posts that screw outward until they reach the wall. They also have cups that you can install on the wall to make them more secure. You don't HAVE to install the cups to secure the gate against the wall, but you really must if the gate is in a high risk area--e.g. top and bottom of stairs or any rooms you would put them in where they are unsupervised (ie childproofed bedroom while you shower for example). A toddler can shimmy-shake a tension mounted gate away from the door frame. Or I imagine that a heavy/persistent toddler could lean enough times on a gate on top of the stairs to bring it down--basically, don't underestimate how strong or persistent your toddler is if it's your first kiddo and err on the side of safety by INSTALLING the MOUNTING CUPS.

Regalo 56-Inch Extra WideSpan Walk Through Baby Gate, Includes 4-Inch, 8-Inch and 12-Inch Extension, 4 Pack of Pressure Mounts and 4 Pack of Wall Cups and Mounting Kit Review:

 We got this gate to use between the living room and dining room of our apartment, which is a 58" span. We rent, and therefore needed a pressure mounted gate to fit the span -- drilling into the door frame was not an option. This gate seems to do the trick. Without locking it, the door is easily opened with one hand; with the lock it's a little harder to do so but still possible with some practice. My son has just started pulling himself up to standing a few weeks ago, and now can walk laterally using the gate as support. Thus far the gate is staying put despite his best attempts. We'll see if it holds up as he gets stronger and more determined.

UPDATE: Yesterday, my son (now 11 months and starting to walk) demonstrated he can open the latch quite adeptly when it is not locked. With the lock engaged, he tries and tries, but ends up mad instead. So the lock may be sometimes hard to operate but it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY with an older child. The pressure mounting has held despite his best efforts (he likes to hang from the top of the gate and try to scale it). The gate does move incrementally over time, so we've had to adjust it once or twice, but that's to be expected from a pressure mount.

He has managed to get his foot stuck once or twice between the bars where they curve slightly near the bottom. Getting stuck just got him mad but not at all hurt. Still a 5 star gate!

North States Easy Swing & Lock Pet Gate Review:

*Please note, this is an independent, verified, and non-compensated review.* Also, this product has been tested by 5 Kids, two dogs, and two frustrated parents...sometimes an angry Gramma, for a year.

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we?
You have kids and/or dogs (or maybe a miniature pony, were not judging) and they refuse to acknowledge that basic animal survival instinct of self-preservation.

*THIS* handy dandy little gate will assist in enforcing this principle, and will also do it with surprising style and ease of operation, WITHOUT resulting in broken toenails.

They may sob (whinny/bark), claw, attempt to climb, hang from the bars, and finally resort to begging or threats (if your dog or pony can do the latter, you need more than a gate) but alas, it will be to no avail! For the North States gate is equipped to handle pretty much anything they throw at it - except a parent’s emotional fragility. Don’t give in!

The Good:
• Easy to follow instructions. Unlike what I’ve heard elsewhere, I found the template to be a Godsend (but I’m a woman, and follow directions ;-). Just take your time! If you don’t have it or refuse to use it - like my husband until I took over - then use the “hold in place and mark” cheater method:
— Screw in bottom bracket on support side, making sure it’s at the height you want before completely securing.
— Figure out your width. You’re better off eyeballing it and going with the closest margin. Don’t completely secure the screws in it until you’re done with all steps, just in case the side screws don’t give the result you want.
— Insert gate on bottom support side, having a helper hold it level...which I didn’t and made it pretty tough.
— Insert and hold upper support bracket, and outline completely (pencil) the bracket on the wall/post. ALSO stick that pencil inside the drill holes so you know you’re both within the outline AND on-target for drilling.
— Remove gate, and install upper wall/post bracket using your penciled guides.
— Now, with everything on the support side intact, including having the gate hung, follow the same outline process for the opening side. The screws on every contact point make adjustments a breeze, but make sure you DO NOT TIGHTEN all 4 until you’re completely satisfied.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you read directions so you’re using the correct screw for each bracket!! Assure your locking harness (the largest, outside piece where the locking lever gets installed, is facing the right direction! Made that mistake the first time when I had two crazy toddlers trying to steal my drill. Also, play around with it before deciding its quality. If it doesn’t latch, try readjusting the screws so they fit higher or closer! It’s not going to glide into place, you have to lift or push it a little when you open and close it.

• EVERYTHING width-wise is customizable. First used it inside from post to wall (latch on post) which was an odd measurement. Then moved it to deck (pictured) and it fit perfectly both times.

• Metal. Everywhere. Except the latch housing, side brackets, and cover pieces to secure width adjustment - which are plastic, but incredibly STRONG. Basically, if you’re using this for an animal not within the sapien species, they’re still going to have a hard time chewing it. My mastiff tried and gave up. (...wonder if those tough dog toy makers know about this, she can chew those up in 5 minutes?)

• NO threshold to stub toes! I’ve actually used the sticky pads that come with the North States baby pens (I have 3) to pad my other gates with thresholds. Too many bloody toenails.

• WIDE width opening! I have some family members on the “thick” side - their words, not mine - and they can get through this one holding a baby, while they can’t with my other two gates.

• Can easily sustain a 22lb. baby swinging from it. Open or closed. Obviously, not recommended, but everyone either has, or knows of someone with one of “those” kids. Yeah, out of 5 I got one.

• This may be considered a bad thing by some, but when I removed it from the post in the house it really didn’t leave any noticeable marks. (See photo) on the post, but it did on the wall - easy fix.

• It’s not advertised for outdoor use, but it’s been out there for 6 months through blistering heat and freezing cold, with only a little rust to show for it. I think it looks awesome on my deck and keeps the kids and dogs safe (no pony, YET) so score!

Now, the Bad:

• The vertical piece of plastic that acts as the stop can pop out horizontally (bottom portion only); rendering the lock ineffective. It’s rather easy to pop back in, but if you have little hand strength you’re going to find it difficult.

That’s all I could find to gripe about!

If you made it all the way through this short story, and found it helpful, please click the little button below.

Regalo Easy Open 47-Inch Super Wide Walk Thru Baby Gate, Bonus Kit, Includes 4-Inch and 12-Inch Extension Kit, 4 Pack Pressure Mount Kit and 4 Wall Cups and Mounting Kit Review:

I've been trying to understand all the negative reviews of this item. I don't quite understand it and I have to put it down to people not understanding how to install it properly.

This is a sturdy metal gate with two extensions, one for either side. I have a 43.5" opening to my back hallway. I needed an extra wide gate so i picked one up at a local store. It was very high and was very, very hard to step over. I decided I needed one with a gate for walking through.

I found this one here on Amazon but balked when reading some of the reviews about it being "a plastic piece of junk", "unsteady and easily pushed over", etc. I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt since I'm on prime and could receive it quickly and make my own judgement. I figured I'd return either the one I bought locally or this one depending on how it went.

For my opening (again 43.5") I needed one of the extenders. They are two different sizes and I used the bigger of the two. Maybe some of the people who had stability issues with the gate used the wrong size extender? IDK...

So the gate has these threaded rods you spin to close the gap between the extender and the wall. They are really easy to adjust because they have adjustment knobs built right in.
NOTE*** - People mentioning that the gate and latch don't line up may have not realized that they do have a gap but once it is tightened in place, that gap closes up. So looking at the gate out of the box you could say it doesn't line up properly but once tightened up and in place it's lined up perfectly.

Within 5 minutes I had this thing tightened up and installed just fine. The swinging gate works like a champ and the locking mechanism is easy to use. I did read about people having problems with the latch but you basically just pull back the latch release on top and lift the gate up to open. You have to lift it because it has a piece that goes over the bottom rail to keep the gate steady on the bottom end.

One thing I didn't do is screw the wall receivers into the wall. It comes with screws to do this but I wanted to check out the functionality before screwing them in. To anyone saying that a child or anyone else could knock this over, obviously didn't screw the wall receivers into a solid wooden part of the wall. If they had, you'd have to bend the entire gate to get it out of those and "knock it over".

So.... Sorry for the long review but I hate seeing products get slammed for peoples failings in installation. I seriously wanted to pass on this item but I'm very glad I didn't. Worth the price and I won't be face planting in the middle of the night headed to the bathroom anymore.

Evenflo Position and Lock Wood Gate Review:

I've now bought three of these to try to close off a door with our new cat on one side and the older one on the other. So far, three stacked don't keep my new cat from jumping and climbing over, but that's not the product's fault. These are an old, but time tested design. They come fully assembled, so you just open the box and install it in a doorway. The two fence pieces slide apart and are locked with a clipping cam bar that you adjust in notches that are clearly marked every two inches. The notches are a half inch apart, so a typical 32" bedroom door opening requires you to put the metal hinge pin in the fourth notch to the right of the one marked 30, then push down the lever until it latches. The rubber bumpers hold it pretty well, especially if you put this inside the door jam so a child or pet pushing on it is pushing toward the door stop. I think a piece of cardboard up top may finally seal my cat in the room. Toddlers and dogs don't jump nor climb like cats, so one or two will likely do the trick and last much longer than needed.