Best Indoor Gun Racks in 2020

LIRISY 2PCS Magnet Mount, 45lb Magnet Under Desk Magnet Mount for Handgun Pistol Revolver Magazine in Vehicle, Wall, Vault, Bedside Review:

 These are truly amazing gun magnets -- but really they are just great MAGNETS overall. Super strong, effective, sleek, and able to be placed in a lot of places incognito.

In the package you will receive two of the gun magnets, which use some of the strongest rare earth magnets around -- if you accidentally press both together evenly, it's pretty tough to get them apart -- and basically IMPOSSIBLE with one hand (as you will see in my video).

This is a great gun magnet to install in your car if you want something very inconspicuous and easy to "hide" in plain sight. Best part? You get TWO OF THEM!!!

The magnets themselves are high-quality, and they come with everything you need, screws and the anchors that will expand in whatever wall or material you end up drilling into. Also, the magnets will work well with any size pistols (maybe even a long gun, rifle, or shotgun if you use both magnets and install in your trunk or wall. I love how it works and attaches to the slide effortlessly with strength, but will come off when needed in a time of danger - just pull with your hand. Once the magnet is mounted, you'll have ample force holding it steady to remove your guns (or other tools) when needed -- my video is meant to demonstrate the size and strength of the magnets only.

These are great if you are looking for:
- Safe, but accessible gun storage
- Car storage for your gun
- Magnetic holster for guns or tools around the house
- Extremely strong magnets at a great price

Those who have more than one "hidden" storage spot for their guns around the house would be crazy not to use this solution or at least have a few on hand in case you need to put your gun somewhere safely. I might even drill this into the inside of my front door so I can "hang" my gun at night when I get home and have it readily available for concealed carry before I leave!

GMW Gun Magnet [2-Pack] | 30 lbs. Rating Magnetic Gun Mount | HQ Rubber Coated Gun Accessories Gun Magnet Buckler Series for Car, Truck, Desks, Safes, and Walls | Concealed Gun Holder for Handgun Review:

So I first purchased the two pack of the regular War Door magnets. They work perfectly to hold my pistol with no problem. This time, I opted for the smaller ones to use for my desk at work. They arrived quickly as expected, and I was able to install them under my desk since the office is quiet on the weekends (and no one would wonder why I’m drilling). The short screws didn’t go through my keyboard pullout, and they’re set back far enough to not be visible.

Pros: They are great for holding up the pistol with a loaded magazine, even with a rapid closing of the keyboard pullout. They hold securely, but my large hands (XL gloves) easily can wrap around the grip to remove the pistol with minimal issue. The textured cover is perfect to hold it without scratches and previously I had used rare earth magnets directly on the slide, now the magnets stay attached and I don’t have magnets on my slide when I draw it off. Can’t love these enough! The 35 lb seems to hold very well.

Cons: Very little to pick apart. The buckler may be a little small for a full sized pistol, but works well with my G27 and no issues with a G19. I have a full frame all metal pistol as well, and that is no issue either. I prefer the regular war door for the pistol and the buckler for mags, but I definitely have no problem using both for mags or pistol. WARNING: The mags are VERY STRONG and two magnet packs WILL CRASH TOGETHER HARD! Be careful and do not get your skin caught in them. That would be a wise warning to include in the future.

Recommended to several friends and colleagues. The War Door 75lb version is ordered and on the way, I plan to test that with a fully loaded, full sized Mossberg 500.

Really pleased with the products from this company. No reason yet to even use customer service so I can’t say a whole lot. Just be careful and don’t let them snap on your hands, they are VERY STRONG MAGNETS.

Hold Up Displays - Horizontal Gun Rack and Shotgun Hooks Store Any Rifle Shotgun and Bow - Real Hardwood Harvested in Wisconsin - Made in USA Review:

First things first these are not super expensive so a little forgiveness is warranted but they do look good and seem well made. I hung them in about 10 minutes (being a little picky I spent more time leveling then mounting) and it was very simple. Find a stud, sink a screw, level, and then sink the second screw. These are a very clean looking installation. After hanging them I give them a good tug and they seemed very sturdy more than you need for a rifle.

Something to keep in mind. If you mount them very far apart the gun will not look as good than as if they are mounted on to side by side studs. Also the hooks are different shapes. One for the barrel and one for the stock if you get them back ward all you have to do is unscrew the hooks and switch them or turn the gun around it’s really easy either way. If you get them backwards your gun may actually lean forward and possible fall off the wall. I have no problem saying I would definetly buy these again and I may very well buy another set.

GUNHOLD Gun Magnet - Magnetic Gun Mount & Car Holster - HQ Rubber Coated 43 lbs Firearm Accessories. Install in Your car, Truck, Wall, Vault, Bedside, Doorway, Desk, Table Review:

 No big crazy review. Just facts according to my install. Does the job well, Quick easy install, Use screws not tape (If you own and don’t lease)... Pics and Vid are of a Fully loaded Glock 43 and also a fully loaded Glock 27 (which can be a little brick). Watch your placement... Laying the firearm on its side is best for people with longer legs. Also I’ve seen some people write that you don’t want to place the muzzle toward your foot. I guess that’s something to consider but I’m not too concerned. Plus, if you do happen to shoot yourself in the foot you’ll probably only do it once! 😉

SnapSafe Gun Racks for Pistol and Handgun Storage in Gun Safe Review:

It's holding 2 RIA 1911s and 2 CZ 75b's with no problem. I had to put it on the lowest two shelves in my gun safe due to space. It can be a little wide for narrower safes, but the 2 gun version should be fine in those.

It is incredibly simple, sturdy, and works well for full size through compact guns. I have put my LC9s on it as a test and it held it but it did seem like it might fall through if jostled, so it may not be great for pocket guns. And I haven't tried it with any outsize handguns like Desert Eagles or Super Redhawks simply because I don't have any. But for the vast majority of all handguns, it's perfectly fine, very affordable and durable as all get out. And I didn't have to put it together!

Hold Up Displays - Gun Rack and Rifle Storage Holds 6 Winchester Remington Ruger Firearms and More - Heavy Duty Steel - Made in USA Review:

Solid made with an attention to detail. I had limited space so the 26 1/2 inches in length back measurement worked. I used sheet rock #8-10 x 1" dry wall anchors and screws. Once the bottom rack was installed I positioned the smallest weapon and marked the height. One plug and a loosely turned screw to hold the top and then I used a bubble level and marked the right side for the plate screws. Once all eight plugs and screws were in, I loaded couple of heavy (5-6 lbs each) WII Era Rifles, a Savage 308, a Gamo Pellet Rifle and an Antique Le Fear 12 gauage shotgun. The shelf, with proper mounting, easily bears the weight.

Safety Solutions For Gun Storage Pack of 6 Original Pistol Handgun Hangers (Hand made in USA) (6 hangers) Review:

These hangers are a huge space saver, I would have been out of room a year ago without them! They have a nice rubber coating to avoid damaging your barrel. Obviously I am still extra careful when hanging them, nonetheless.

The hangers do have their limitations but you’ll be surprised at how high the limit is. My 6.5” .357 Blackhawk is good to go, no sagging. So most medium revolvers will hang just fine.

But these really come into their own on semi-auto pistols. No issues with a full sized, loaded .45 and all smaller calibers are great too, right out of the box. That is, with the exception of the .22LR. To hang the .22, I did have to bend the rod it hangs from straight. Reason being, the diameter of the rod is just so close to the 22 that there is no leeway and putting the pistol in any direction other than totally straight is not gonna work. No big deal at all, because once altered it’s perfect.

Stinger Gun Magnet Holder w/Safety Trigger Guard Protection, Magnetic Gun Mount & Holster for Handgun, Shotgun, Pistol, Revolver. Easy Conceal in Car, Truck, Vehicle, Desks, Safes, Walls. Review:

I have used several magnetic type mounts for these types of applications. All of them say they are super strong but only a handful are really worth it. These definatly are.

The item comes with 2 hooks. There are 2 very strong magnets in each bracket. the brackets are well designed because they swing out a little. This is very important to make sure your items mount as flush as possible but also still can be retrieved easily.

I used these on a Remington 870. Could have actually done everything with just 1 hook but since it came with 2 went ahead and used both. Anything smaller than this should be more than fine with just 1. The magnets were actually so strong that I had to put in some fabric to give the magnets a little distance between them and the frame. This was so it was a little easier to be able to retrieve the magnets are very strong.

The do come with a 3m adhesive pad on the back. This adhesive strip is not strong enough to hold any real weight. They are very nice to help you get positioned and then hold the bracket while you actually screw it in. So nice to have for mounting but be sure you actually screw it in. It does come with both mounting screws and drywall anchors if needed.

Would purchase again!

GOHIKING Gun Rack Shotgun Hooks Rifle Hangers Archery Bow Felt Lined Wall Mount Storage Review:

Great hangers if you just want to show off your guns and not the hangers. These blend in well with most weapons and hang easily. Way far better than a traditional gun rack or cabinet (unless you want to lock them up of course). They don't take a lot of space and they are easily placed where ever and however you want. They are very sturdy so even heavy items can hang without worry of falling. The screws included go right into drywall without having to hit a stud. They do not pull out or ruin the drywall. They are thick enough to not bend but we did have to take a pair of pliers to open one up just a little to keep the scope from hitting the wall. The padding is very securely attached to protect the gun from scratching. I love these so much I've bought a pair for everything I've wanted to hang (10 pairs) and keep a couple in a drawer for that next purchase. The price makes them extremely attractive and useful. Honestly, these would have a variety of other uses including hanging heavy coats, that folding party chair, and even an ironing board for the ladies...

Allen Company Brass Shotgun & Rifle Wall Hanger Kit - Fits Most Shotguns & Rifles Review:

These brass gun holders are great for a musket. I used them to mount my Pedersoli 2nd Model Brown Bess to my wall for display. See customer photos. These have a great design and hold the musket quite securely. But, it's also easy to take the musket down for use and return it. I am quite pleased. The only modification I did was to use 4 sheet rock anchors to actually screw the brass screws that were included with the holders to the wall. I highly recommend these for reenactors looking for a way to display their muskets. I'm going to get another set for my 1st Model Bess.