Best Indoor Gun Racks in 2022

Last update: December 12, 2022

LIRISY 2PCS Magnet Mount, 45lb Magnet Under Desk Magnet Mount for Handgun Pistol Revolver Magazine in Vehicle, Wall, Vault, Bedside Review:

These are absolutely incredible gun magnets, but they're also wonderful magnets in general. Strong, efficient, stylish, and able to blend well with many different environments.Two of the gun magnets, which make use of some of the strongest rare earth magnets available and are practically impossible to separate with one hand if they are mistakenly pressed together evenly, are included in the bundle (as you will see in my video).If you want something really discrete and simple to "hide" in plain sight, this is a perfect gun magnet to place in your automobile. Best feature? You receive TWO of them.High-quality anchors that will expand into whatever wall or other material you end up drilling into are included with the magnets, along with all the screws and other accessories you might need. Additionally, if you use both magnets and mount them in your trunk or wall, the magnets might even function with a long gun, rifle, or shotgun. I adore the way it functions and attaches to the slide easily and firmly, but it will also detach when necessary in an emergency by pulling with your hand. My video simply serves to show the size and strength of the magnets; once installed, you'll have enough force holding it steady to remove your guns (or other tools) as needed.These are excellent if you need: - Safe, but convenient, gun storage - Gun storage for your car- Magnetic holster for firearms or household tools - Powerful magnets at a great priceIt would be insane not to use this solution, or at the very least have a couple on hand in case you need to hide your gun somewhere safe, if you have more than one "hidden" storage spot for your pistol around the house. I may even drill this into the interior of my front door so I can "hang" my gun when I return home at night and have it close at hand for concealed carry before I leave!

GMW Gun Magnet [2-Pack] | 30 lbs. Rating Magnetic Gun Mount | HQ Rubber Coated Gun Accessories Gun Magnet Buckler Series for Car, Truck, Desks, Safes, and Walls | Concealed Gun Holder for Handgun Review:

I started by buying the two-pack of standard War Door magnets. They effortlessly handle my pistol and function well. I chose the smaller ones this time to utilize at my desk at work. They arrived as promptly as I had hoped, and since the office is empty on weekends (and no one would be wondering why I'm drilling), I was able to put them under my desk. My keyboard pullout prevented the short screws from passing through it, and they are recessed sufficiently to be hidden.They work well for supporting the handgun while it has a loaded magazine, even when the keyboard pullout is quickly closed. Although they keep the pistol in place firmly, my huge hands (with XL gloves) can easily wrap around the grip and remove it with little difficulty. I used to use rare earth magnets directly on the slide, but now they stay connected and I don't have magnets on my slide when I draw it off. The textured cover is ideal for holding it without scratching. I adore these so much! The 35 pounds appears to hold up fairly nicely.Cons: There isn't anything to criticize. The buckler may be too small for a full-sized handgun, but it fits my G27 well and causes no problems with a G19. I also have a full-frame, all-metal handgun, and that doesn't cause any problems. Although I prefer the conventional war door for the pistol and the buckler for the magazines, I have no issues utilizing either for either the pistol or the magazines. The magnet packs are very strong, and two of them will crash together very forcefully. Take care not to get your skin entangled in them. That would be a good cautionary statement to incorporate going forward.endorsed by a number of friends and coworkers. I intend to test the War Door 75lb version with a fully loaded, full-sized Mossberg 500. It has been ordered and is on the way.Really happy with this company's items. I haven't had a need to even contact customer care, so I can't really say much. They are VERY STRONG MAGNETS, so exercise caution and don't let them snap on your hands.

Hold Up Displays - Horizontal Gun Rack and Shotgun Hooks Store Any Rifle Shotgun and Bow - Real Hardwood Harvested in Wisconsin - Made in USA Review:

First things first, they don't cost a much, so some forgiving is in order, but they do have a nice appearance and seem well constructed. Being a little particular, I took a little longer leveling than installing them, but it was still quite straightforward for me to hang them. Locate a stud, drive a screw, level it, and drive a second screw. These installations have a very modern appearance. I gave them a good tug after hanging them, and they felt much more sturdy than you would need for a rifle.Something to think about. The rifle will not look as beautiful if you install them on studs side by side as opposed to mounting them extremely far apart. Additionally, the hooks have various forms. Both turning the pistol around and switching the hooks—one for the barrel and one for the stock—are very simple to perform if you get them backward. Your rifle might actually lean forward and possibly fall off the wall if you manage to get them reversed. Without a doubt, I would purchase these again, and I very well could purchase another set.

GUNHOLD Gun Magnet - Magnetic Gun Mount & Car Holster - HQ Rubber Coated 43 lbs Firearm Accessories. Install in Your car, Truck, Wall, Vault, Bedside, Doorway, Desk, Table Review:

Quite a boring review. Just facts based on my installation. does the job well, installs quickly, Use screws rather than tape (if you own rather than rent)... Both a fully loaded Glock 27 and a fully loaded Glock 43 are shown in the photos and video (which can be a little brick). Watch where you put things. For those with longer legs, it is recommended to lay the gun on its side. Additionally, I've read that you shouldn't point the muzzle at your foot. That's something to think about, I suppose, but I'm not really concerned. In addition, you probably won't shoot yourself in the foot more than once!

SnapSafe Gun Racks for Pistol and Handgun Storage in Gun Safe Review:

It has no trouble handling two RIA 1911s and two CZ 75bs. Due to space limitations, I had to place it on the bottom two shelves of my gun safe. The 2-gun variant should fit in narrower safes without being too wide, too.It is remarkably easy to use, strong, and suitable for use with both full-sized and small-caliber firearms. It held my LC9s when I tested it, but it didn't seem to be the best for pocket guns because it seemed like it might fall through if jostled. And since I don't own any large-caliber handguns like Desert Eagles or Super Redhawks, I haven't tried it with them. However, for the most majority of handguns, it works just well, is quite reasonably priced, and is really durable. And I didn't even have to assemble it!

Hold Up Displays - Gun Rack and Rifle Storage Holds 6 Winchester Remington Ruger Firearms and More - Heavy Duty Steel - Made in USA Review:

Solidly constructed with care for the details. Since I had little room, the back measurement of 26 1/2 inches worked. Dry wall anchors and screws #8-10 x 1" for sheet rock were used. I placed the smallest weapon and measured its height once the bottom rack was in place. I used a bubble level to mark the right side for the plate screws after holding the top in place with one plug and a loosely turned screw. I loaded a few heavy (five to six pound each) WWII era rifles, a Savage 308, a Gamo pellet rifle, and an antique Le Fear 12 gauge shotgun after installing all eight plugs and screws. With the right mounting, the shelf can support the weight with ease.

Safety Solutions For Gun Storage Pack of 6 Original Pistol Handgun Hangers (Hand made in USA) (6 hangers) Review:

Without these hangers, I would have run out of room a year ago; they save so much space! For the purpose of protecting your barrel, they have a lovely rubber coating. Nevertheless, I obviously take additional care when hanging them.Although the hangers do have their limits, you'll be shocked at how high they are. No sagging, my 6.5".357 Blackhawk is ready to go. Therefore, the majority of midsize revolvers will hang without a problem.But semi-auto pistols are where these really shine. With a full-sized, loaded.45, there are no problems, and all smaller calibers are excellent right out of the box as well. With the exception of the.22LR, that is. I did have to bend the rod that the.22 hangs from straight in order to hang it. The diameter of the rod is so near to 22 that there is no room, thus anything other than pointing the gun completely straight would not function. It's really not a huge deal because once changed, it's great.

Stinger Gun Magnet Holder w/Safety Trigger Guard Protection, Magnetic Gun Mount & Holster for Handgun, Shotgun, Pistol, Revolver. Easy Conceal in Car, Truck, Vehicle, Desks, Safes, Walls. Review:

For these kinds of applications, I have employed a variety of magnetic type mounts. Even though everyone claims to be extremely strong, very few people are actually worth it. They most certainly are.The item includes two hooks. In each bracket, there are two extremely powerful magnets. The brackets' ability to slightly swing out shows how skillfully they were built. This is crucial to ensuring that your products mount as flush as possible while yet being retrievable with ease.These were applied to a Remington 870. Actually, I could have accomplished everything with a single hook, but since there were two, I decided to use both. It should be more than plenty to use just 1 for anything less than this. In fact, the magnets were so powerful that I had to add some fabric to give them some room between themselves and the frame. This was done to make it a little simpler to collect the powerful magnets.On the back, they do have a 3M adhesive pad. This sticky strip is insufficiently robust to support any significant weight. They are quite helpful in getting you into position and holding the bracket while you screw it in. It's great to have for mounting, but make sure you screw it in properly. If necessary, it does come with drywall anchors in addition to mounting screws.Would repurchase!

GOHIKING Gun Rack Shotgun Hooks Rifle Hangers Archery Bow Felt Lined Wall Mount Storage Review:

Excellent hangers if you only want to display your firearms and ignore the hangers. These are easy to hang and go well with most firearms. Much superior to a conventional gun cabinet or rack (unless you want to lock them up of course). They don't take up much room and may be readily positioned wherever and however you like. Due to their extreme stability, even heavy objects can be hung there without fear of toppling. The provided screws can be used in drywall without needing to first strike a stud. They don't remove or damage the drywall. Although they are sufficiently thick to prevent bending, we did need to use a pair of pliers to slightly open one in order to prevent the scope from colliding with the wall. The cushioning is affixed to the pistol in a very secure manner to prevent scratching. I have 10 pairs of these since I adore them so much and I also save a few in a drawer for when I make my next buy. They are incredibly desirable and practical due to the pricing. Actually, these might be used for a lot more things, like for a ladies' ironing board or for hanging up bulky coats for parties.

Allen Company Brass Shotgun & Rifle Wall Hanger Kit - Fits Most Shotguns & Rifles Review:

For a musket, these brass gun holders work great. They helped me exhibit my Pedersoli 2nd Model Brown Bess on the wall. View client pictures. These are beautifully made and grip the musket firmly. But it's also simple to remove the musket for use and put it back. I'm quite happy. The only adjustment I made was to properly attach the bronze screws that came with the holders to the wall using four sheet rock anchors. For reenactors searching for a method to showcase their muskets, I heartily recommend these. For my first model Bess, I'm going to get another set.