Best Horse Skin, Coat & Hoof Supplements in 2022

Last update: November 26, 2022

Are carrots good for horses with laminitis?

Yes, carrots are good for horses with laminitis. Carrots are a source of Vitamin A, which is essential for healthy tissue growth. Carrots also contain beta-carotene, which is converted to Vitamin A in the body. Beta-carotene is an antioxidant, and it helps to protect cells from damage.

Are horse supplements worth it?

There are a lot of different opinions on whether or not horse supplements are worth it. Some people feel that they are absolutely necessary in order to keep their horse healthy, while others believe that they are nothing more than a waste of money. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to use supplements is up to the individual horse owner. Some things to consider when making this decision include the horse's diet, health, and activity level. If the horse is on a well-balanced diet and is healthy and active, then supplements may not be necessary. However, if the horse is not getting all

Can a horse be on too many supplements?

A supplement is something that is taken to improve or enhance a diet. There are many different types of supplements, and they can be made from a variety of ingredients. Some supplements are designed for specific purposes, such as to improve joint health or increase muscle mass. Others are more general, such as multivitamins. Most supplements are safe for horses to take, but it is possible for a horse to be on too many supplements. This can happen if the horse is taking multiple supplements that contain the same or similar ingredients. It can also happen if the horse is taking more than

Do Epsom salts help laminitis?

Epsom salts are often thought to help with laminitis, but there is no scientific evidence to support this claim. Some people believe that the magnesium in Epsom salts can help to reduce inflammation, but there is no proof that this is effective. If you are considering using Epsom salts for laminitis, you should speak to your veterinarian first.

Omega Horseshine The Omega 3 Supplement, Helps Maintain a Shiny Healthy Coat, 20 lb Review:

I've owned my 10 year old OTTB for more than two years. He is bay, but the Florida climate has dulled the colour of his coat. He receives a turnout for 8 and 8. He would also have bite marks from insects. I found this product after doing some research. He's been using it for over a month. WHAT A DIVERSITY! His fur is getting incredibly soft, and the bay colour looks deep and glossy. And there are no longer any welts, for reals! GONE!! Also looking thicker is his mane.After two months, I can't wait to see the results.

LIFE DATA LABS Farrier s Formula 2X Strength Bundle Review:

The fact that you can purchase two 11-pound refill bags at once is fantastic because this is not a quick cure. I wish there were at least some offers for discounts or coupons accessible (at least once or twice a year) due to the expensive expense of the medication, which will most likely need to be continued throughout his life.

Uckele Cocosoya 1 gal Review:

I have a 14-year-old horse, and I was just unable to assist him in gaining the weight he required to appear nicely muscular. I was using maize oil till I came across this item. He gained the necessary weight after around 30 days, and he now has a BEAUTIFUL appearance! He has a sleek coat and seems to have very brilliant eyes. He also has some good, but restrained, vitality. (My steed is sluggish!) He was getting too fat, so I had to slightly reduce his grain intake. He adores it and it smells great! I'm on my third gallon now!

Coat Defense Drying Paste for Horses Review:

This paste has just arrived in my second order. Excellent for treating my gelding's insect bites and scrapes. I appreciate that it is a single product that has allowed me to avoid having to purchase many items, saving me money. What matters most to me is that things function as intended. Although I also enjoy the scent, it's just a bonus!

Horse Health Joint Combo Hoof & Coat, convenient 3-in-1 supplement for complete joint, hoof and coat care Review:

really helps my pony with back end arthritis and navicular illness. You wouldn't know it from looking at her because she is 13.5! After using it consistently with equiox for about a year, this video was taken. I'm considering stopping the equiox soon to see how she reacts. A soft tissue damage caused by subpar farrier care rendered my pony lame for about a year. My new farrier who treated her feet said they look fantastic and that she has never experienced thrush problems. Her new hoof development and healing have grown amazingly with the use of this supplement! I began to ride my pony, which I never imagined would be sound once more. She has been sound ever since July!

Farnam Super 14 Review:

I have a full-coated Briard and a German Shepherd who is allergic to everything. This thing is awesome! However, you must continue utilizing it because stopping use will undoubtedly make a difference.I occasionally foster dogs for the SPCA and have discovered that this is an excellent addition to the meal for dogs that are fussy eaters or who need to put on weight. Although I did have one incident when my German Shepherd managed to get into the container and ingest the remaining powder, he was OK and only needed to poop a lot. It seemed to digest just fine. So, as long as you keep it away from pets and administer it as instructed, there should be no problems!

Heiro Healthy Equine Horse Insulin Resistant Rescue Organicals 30, 40, 60, 90, or 180 Day Supply Review:

My 10-year-old horse is turned out 24 hours a day. My farrier, who informed me this past Spring that my horse's hooves showed he was pre-laminitic, recommended that I use this treatment. Since then, I've given my horse a tablespoon of this product. It is incredible, and the several customer testimonials I read about it all mention similar experiences to mine.Along with SmartPak supplements, first-cut hay, and this supplement—which smells like apple crisp!—I fed my horse. Also sporting a grazing muzzle was my horse. My 10-year-old gelding's cresty neck has shrunk since May, and most of the body fat deposits have been significantly reduced or removed. He no longer looks for softer terrain when riding, indicating that his earlier discomfort is no longer noticeable. My subsequent farrier visit revealed a significant improvement.I'll keep up this feeding schedule until his fatty neck crest is gone, and then I'll use this product to maintain weight. Although the price is high and I don't like it, it helped keep my horse from becoming lame.

AniMed Remission Founder Treatment for Horses, 4 Pound Review:

I'm happy I purchased this for my 24-year-old mare who has IR and chronic laminitis. The other horses were preventing her from getting to her grain and water since she had become lame from walking on icy ground. Last week, I started feeding Remission and put her in a paddock by herself. I gave Complete (by Equis) two scoops, and within a week, she had greatly improved. She is moving much more steadily, keeping her head up, and having the same sparkling eyes she did when I initially acquired her. Glad I came this this.

Cough Free Powder for Horses Review:

This has greatly pleased me. When eating hay and when we first started our rides, my man has always had a slight cough, but it always subsided soon. But he took this tumble quite hard. He kept coughing while he was eating, and when we were riding, his coughing was so awful that I couldn't even lope him. I made the decision to give this a try because it was much less expensive than the antihistamines the veterinarian had recommended. I give this the whole feed he receives, and he devours it without hesitation. I discovered that giving him half a scoop in the morning and half at night worked best for him. He was eating his dry hay without any issues after around three weeks, and when I took him to the riding arena, he didn't cough once! For him, this is very odd.I recently tried to wean him off of it by giving him half at night, but when he started coughing again during meals, I decided to just keep giving him the full dose.It does have a pretty strong smell, which I actually appreciate because I'm crazy like that, but some people might find it repulsive. Like I said, I'm crazy like that, so I also had to taste it. I can understand why many horses won't eat it because it tastes VERY strongly of ginger and charcoal and is quite unpleasant. When I tried it, I did feel a little bit of a sore throat, but it went away for the evening, so something is undoubtedly at work.This stuff is fantastic, and I definitely think it's worth a try!

Do horses need hoof supplements?

There is a lot of debate surrounding the topic of whether or not horses need hoof supplements. Some people believe that horses naturally get all the nutrients they need from their diet, so supplements are unnecessary. Others believe that supplements can help improve hoof quality and prevent problems down the road. Ultimately, it is up to the horse owner to decide whether or not to give their horse hoof supplements.

Does apple cider vinegar help with laminitis?

There's no scientific evidence to support the claim that apple cider vinegar can help with laminitis. However, some people believe that the acetic acid in apple cider vinegar can help to reduce inflammation and pain.

Does Cinnamon help laminitis?

Cinnamon is a spice that has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. Cinnamon is thought to help with laminitis by reducing inflammation and increasing circulation. There is no scientific evidence to support these claims, but many people believe that cinnamon can help to improve laminitis symptoms.

Does turmeric help with laminitis?

Turmeric is a spice that is commonly used in Indian cuisine. It has a long history of use in traditional medicine and is claimed to have a wide range of health benefits. Laminitis is a condition that affects the horses hooves and can be very painful. There is no cure for laminitis, but there are treatments that can help to ease the symptoms and improve the horse's quality of life. Turmeric is sometimes used as a treatment for laminitis, as it is thought to have anti-inflammatory properties. There is no scientific evidence to support this

How can I tell if my horse is deficient in a nutrient?

One way to tell if your horse is deficient in a nutrient is to have your veterinarian do a blood test. Another way is to look at your horse's diet and see if he is eating enough of the right foods.

How do I keep my horse's hooves healthy?

There are a few things you can do to help keep your horse's hooves healthy. One is to make sure they are getting enough exercise. This will help to increase blood circulation to the hooves. Another is to make sure they are trimmed and shod properly. This will help to prevent any problems from developing. Finally, you can give your horse supplements specifically designed to improve hoof health.