Best Horse Skin, Coat & Hoof Supplements in 2020

Omega Horseshine The Omega 3 Supplement, Helps Maintain a Shiny Healthy Coat, 20 lb Review:

I've had my 10 year old rescued OTTB for over 2 years. He is bay, but the Florida weather leaves his coat dull. He gets turn out for 8 and 8 in. He also would have welts from bug bites. I did some research and found this supplement. He has been on it for almost 1 month. WHAT A DIFFERENCE ! His coat is becoming super soft and his bay color looks rich and shiny. And as for the welts, there are no more... SERIOUSLY ! GONE!! His mane looks thicker too.
I can not wait to see results after 2 months.
Also a plus is that he is eating every bit of it :-)

LIFE DATA LABS Farrier s Formula 2X Strength Bundle Review:

I loved that you can get 2 of the 11lb refill bags at one time because this is not a product that is a short term fix. Because this product will most likely have to be continued throughout his life, I wish at least some offers for discounts or coupons were available (at least once or twice a year) due to the high cost.

Uckele Cocosoya 1 gal Review:

I have a 14 year old horse and I just couldn't help him gain those pounds he needed to look nice and muscular. I was using corn oil, and then I saw this product. After about 30 days he gained the weight he needed and he looks BEAUTIFUL! His coat is shiny and he looks so bright eyed. He has some nice, but controlled energy too! (My horse is lazy!)I have actually had to cut his grain a little, cause he was getting too fat! It smells delicious and he loves it! Going on my 3rd gallon!

Coat Defense Drying Paste for Horses Review:

I just received my second order of this paste. Works great to clear up my gelding's scratches and heal his bug bites. I love that it's an all-in-one product and has saved me $ by not having to buy multiple products. Stuff works and that is what is most important to me. I love the smell too but that's just a plus!

Horse Health Joint Combo Hoof & Coat, convenient 3-in-1 supplement for complete joint, hoof and coat care Review:

 Really works for my pony with navicular disease and back end arthritis . She is 13.5 and you would never know if she had it ! Been using it since January2018 and this video is after about a year taking this consistently with equiox.. thinking of pulling the equiox soon to see how she responds! My pony was lame for almost a year from a soft tissue injury from bad farrier work . My new farrier whose fixed her feet said her feet look great and she has never had a thrush issue. This supplement has helped her new hoof growth and heal grow amazing! I started to ride my pony I never thought would be sound again In July and she’s been sound since!

Farnam Super 14 Review:

I have an allergy prone German Shepherd and a Briard in full coat. I love this stuff! You have to keep using it though, if you take them off of it you can definitely notice a difference.

I also foster dogs for the SPCA now and then and have found for picky eaters or dogs needing to gain some weight this is great to add to the food. It seems to digest just fine, although I did have one mishap where my German Shepherd managed to get into the container and eat the rest of the powder..he was fine, he just had to poop...a lot. So, keep it away from the pets and give as directed and you shouldn't have any issues!

Heiro Healthy Equine Horse Insulin Resistant Rescue Organicals 30, 40, 60, 90, or 180 Day Supply Review:

I have a 10-year-old horse on 24/7 turn-out. I purchased this product at the recommendation of my farrier, who advised me this past Spring that my horse's hooves showed he was pre-laminitic. Since then, I've fed a spoonful of this product to my horse. It is amazing and my experience is the same as those described in the overwhelming number of customer reviews I read.

I fed this supplement (which smells like Apple Crisp!) along with SmartPak supplements and 1st-cut hay. My horse also wore a grazing muzzle. Since May, my 10-year-old gelding's cresty neck has reduced in size and much of the fat deposits on his body have been considerably reduced or eliminated. While riding, he no longer seeks softer ground, suggesting that his prior discomfort is no longer evident. My follow-up farrier visit confirmed considerable improvement.

I'm going to continue this feeding regimen until his fatty neck crest is eliminated, and thereafter will use this product for weight maintenance. It's expensive and I'm not a fan of the price tag, but it helped prevent my horse from becoming lame.

AniMed Remission Founder Treatment for Horses, 4 Pound Review:

Glad I bought this for my 24 year old mare with chronic laminitis and IR issues. She had become lame from walking on frozen ground, and the other horses were keeping her from her feed and water. I put her in a pasture by herself, and started feeding Remission last week. I put two scoops in Complete ( by Equis ) and she has perked up tremendously in just a week. She is walking much better, holding her head up and bright eyed like she was when I first got her. So glad I found this.

Cough Free Powder for Horses Review:

I have been very impressed with this. My guy has always had a bit of a cough when eating hay and when we started our rides, but they went away quickly. This fall though was very rough on him. He coughed continually as he ate, and when we rode he hacked and hacked, I couldn't even lope him he coughed so bad. I decided to try this, what the heck, way cheaper than trying the antihistamines that the vet prescribed. I feed this with the complete feed he gets, and he eats it right up. I do half a scoop in the morning and half at night, I found that worked the best for him. After about three weeks he was eating his dry hay with NO problems, and I took him to the arena to ride, not one single cough!! That it totally unusual for him.

I recently tried to wean him off of it by just giving half at night, and his cough while eating returned, so I think I'll just keep giving him his full dose.

I will say, it has a very potent smell, which I do enjoy because I'm just weird like that, but others might find it offensive. I also had to taste it, like I said, I'm weird like that. It tastes VERY strongly of ginger and charcoal, and is quite bitter, so I see why many horses won't eat it. I did have a bit of a sore throat when I tried it, and it cleared up for the evening, so something is definitely working in it.

I highly recommend this product, I certainly think it's worth a shot!