Best Horse Care Sheets in 2020

Derby Originals Lycra Stretch Horse Shoulder Guards - Multiple Colors and Sizes Review:

I am using this shoulder guard to protect a wound on a yearling’s shoulder. I ordered a medium, fully expecting to take it in at the wither, but it was not required. This means they probably run smaller than the other brands I have, so keep that in mind. Being young, he does a lot more laying down and getting up than an older horse would, but this guard stays firmly In place. The fit is just about perfect. We rotate through 4 different guards as they get soiled, and this one is easily our favorite. One our other guards has the same style (plastic snap)surcingle buckle as the Derby Originals, and it has to be taped to keep it from releasing under strain. I am happy to report this one stays firmly connected, but I personally would prefer a metal one. After the first washing, I noticed a few stitches had came loose on the hem. Otherwise, I’m very happy with this purchase.

Tough 1 600 Denier Waterproof Horse Sheet Review:

This is my second Tough 1 blanket. I also have a polyfill med. weight waterproof one for winter. This one is for those chilly rainy days when the winter blanket is too warm. The fit on my Arab is perfect - rides on her neck well without dropping too low in front. No, it doesn't have velcro across the front but it's just a raincoat not a winter blanket so for my needs this is perfect. I've always found that the velcro stops sticking after a while anyway. The lining is well done and slides across her coat and makes it easy to place the blanket where it needs to be. I haven't had it long enough to speak on the durability, but my other tough 1 (for this same mare) is 4 years old now and going strong. The only thing that isn't a great fit is the leg straps. I had to do some shortening of the straps themselves to make them fit-they were too long even with adjusting them as short as I could. I'm used to this though, as it's a common problem with this particular horse. All in all, I think this is an excellent value and so far is working out wonderfully.

Derby Originals Lycra Stretch Horse Hoods with Zipper - Multiple Colors and Sizes Review:

Pleasantly surprised at the quality of the hood for the price. The lycra is thick, there is fleece on the noseband, the zipper is heavy duty, the slot where you slide the buckle through underneath is reinforced, and eye holes seem to sit nicely on my horse's face and don't appear to slide around much. It was delivered in a timely manner. The only problem I have is the discrepancy of sizing. I went off the sizing listed on here (by blanket measurements) and picked a medium (my mare wears a 72/74" blanket). On the packaging it listed "cob" as medium and "horse" as large, which would've made me pick the large for my mare. The hood is a little snug on her and a large probably would have fit her a bit better, but the medium will do. Overall, a good buy and would purchase again.

Horseware Mio 200 G Medium Turnout Blanket Review:

I LOVE this blanket. I live in New England and get nasty, freezing weather. This blanket has always kept my oversized mini super warm and dry. It is COMPLETELY waterproof. He has never, ever been wet underneath. It's also breathable. Best blanket I have ever owned and it fits him perfectly unlike a lot of blankets. In fact, I just bought a second one as I love it so much that I wanted to have another one in case they ever discontinue it for some reason! Finding the 48" can be tricky so I wanted to have an extra. I have had my blanket for 4 years now so it has been through 4 brutal New England winters and it is still waterproof with zero rips. But, my guy is good about his blankets and isn't destructive! I can't recommend this blanket enough!!

Barn&Stable Horse Blanket/600D Turnout Sheet Zebra Print Sizes 69"-84" Review:

I purchased this sheet because it's cheaper than an ark, and I have a finicky lady who is convinced she'll melt in the rain (funny quirk with those wicked witches). She's a svelte and fashionable sort, which is basically a nice way of saying nothing fits her. She drowned in this sheet even more so than the eight feet of water we've been gifted by the continuing monsoons. I was pretty disappointed, since the only one this sheet fit was the fat, cantankerous mare, and she can Houdini herself out of anything within minutes. So, basically, I still haven't used this sheet. Overall, I would say I was impressed with the quality for the price. I wanted something durable to get through the rain without ripping, and while I have no idea if this was it, it seems like it would get the job done. The material is decent, if a bit thin, so I wouldn't recommend it for a destructive horse. My only real complaint with this sheet is the leg straps were ridiculous. They are so long I could have wrapped them around her legs twice (or thrice), or let them hang and let her use them as jump ropes; either way is worrisome for a horse in turnout. The price on this sheet is so nice that you could easily replace the leg straps, and it would STILL be cheaper than most brands. I would buy again if it was available in a 68"-69". Seems to be made for more muscular or taller horses, so likely a great fit for QH/TB/WB types (this was purchased for an average height/build Arabian, who could definitely use some bulk time at the gym).

AJ Tack Wholesale Horse Slinky Hood Shoulder Guard Mane Keeper Lycra Slip On Fleece Band Review:

As described, nice fabric! Great for horse shows!