Best Home Thermostat Accessories in 2020

elago Wall Plate Cover Compatible with Google Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd, 2nd, 1st generation (Matte White) - Luxurious Design, Easy Installation, Anti-Discoloration Coated, Durable Material Review:

I am now an owner of both the Honeywell product and Nest, one in one house and one in the other (or I should say three in each). I can honestly say the Nest is far more technologically advanced and has a friendly user interface. Both are not as simple to install as they say, particularly if you don't have a C wire (so I used Add-a-wire to do so) but I do like the fact that the Nest battery is rechargeable (on its own with C wire) vs the Lyric which takes a lithium ion battery which I had to replace every four - six months (a pain for a second home when you are not there). Nest is also more attractive of a product for user. I also found customer service (which I needed) to be excellent.
The beauty of competition is that it will force Honeywell to improve it's Lyric product, which is now obviously outdated. Before I convert my second house to Nest, I am standing by to see what Honeywell does. It's shocking to me that a company the size and stature of Honeywell has fallen behind more of an entrepreneurial company like Nest (but then again, maybe I'm not surprised)

Venstar ACC0410 Add-A-Wire Accessory for All 24 VAC Thermostats (4 to 5 Wires), White Review:

I purchased a home with an outdated HVAC system. I eventually replaced the furnace, central a/c and thermostat. When I upgraded to a Nest thermostat, I would occasionally run into battery issues where I would actually need to pull the Nest off, charge it via a USB cable for a couple of hours, then plug it back in. It happened twice over a winter. I realized I was lacking a common wire in my setup, so I "borrowed" the central A/C wire to fudge a common wire until I found time to re-run a new thermostat wire. After I traced the existing thermostat wire, I found that it was mixed in with the return duct work and would be a headache to fish it out and rerun it. Enter this Venstar add-a-wire.

Installation was simple enough after I mapped out the existing and future wiring on paper. Do yourself a favor and watch the Venstar official YouTube install video. There are a BUNCH of bad instructions and video's online. At the end of the day, it took me about 15 minutes from start to finish, and it's been working perfectly since. I"ll update if anything changes.

A few tips:
1. For the love of God, please don't attempt this if you don't feel comfortable. You can botch your system as well as void the warranty.
2. Remember to kill the power to furnace (or whatever HVAC system you have).
3. Take before and after pictures of the wiring at both the thermostat and HVAC control board.
4. Spend a few minutes to read the instructions, watch the YouTube video, then map out the wiring so you know exactly what you have to do. Sometimes your thermostat wire colors may not match the instructions (mine didn't), but if you map everything, you can figure it out easy enough.

I would definitely recommend this is you're unable to run new thermostat wire.

POPMAS Metal Wall Plate for Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd 2nd 1st Generation and Nest Thermostat E 3D Aluminum Round Cover Fingerprint Resistant Bracket Mount Silver Review:

I ordered this backplate along with my Nest from Amazon after reading the reviews and all the positive comments on how much better it looked. However, I also noted the reviews that commented on how this item could be improved if the backside were CNC’d with identions for the mounting screws. I didn’t notice any “New & Improved” details in the product description, but on arrival, it appears they have taken these comments and implemented them. I have attached a photo of the back of mine and they have clearly adapted to allow for the head of the screw so that it doesn’t cause any issues in mounting. If you don’t use the Nest metal plate then this really doesn’t matter, but if you do, this is a huge plus when it comes to mounting it. Sincere “thank you” to the manufacturer for accepting customer comments and making the requested improvements. Not sure when the design changed, but mine was ordered March 2019.
On a side note, I ordered the copper color Nest and this trim plate in white. I pondered the copper one instead but thought it may be too much. The contrasting white/copper looks alright, but I wish I would have just stayed with the matching color.

Honeywell CG512A1009 Large Thermostat Guard with Inner Shelf to Prevent Tampering, White Review:

I purchased this to use at my jobsite. Not to protect a thermostat, but to protect the sensor box that controls our double automatic sliding glass entry door. Even though it's about 8 feet off the ground, someone jumped up, took a tool and hit the bottom where the key mechanism is, which broke the acrylic, allowing anyone tall enough or standing on something the ability to stick their fingers in where the chunk of acrylic was broken out, enabling them to maneuver the settings. With the switch in the wrong position, my apartment building residents were put at risk because some smart-aleck would occasionally place the switch in a position allowing the door to open just by sensing someone approaching it, like at a grocery store or other businesses with sliding doors. You don't want that at an apartment building which requires the residents to let their visitors in after their presence is announced at the call box.

The previous guard was the medium sized and was installed with the key in the down position as in the product description photo. I had the new one installed key on top instead. I believe that makes this stronger and less resistant to a hit. So far it has worked out very well and is very sturdy.

Google, T5000SF, Nest Temperature Sensor, White Review:

With so many smart devices out there, it’s tough to figure out which products are actually useful, and can improve the quality of life, vs those that are a waste of money. This product by far is an absolute must, and I’ll attempt to explain.

Prior to installing this device I had been experiencing significant temperature differences in my 2story single AC unit home. Days where hot upstairs where the thermostat was located, so the unit ran constantly to keep it cool, while the downstairs was very cold. At night the inverse would happen and the downstairs was very hot and muggy while the upstairs remained cool. I later found out that my ducts where set to send most of the air to the upper level for obvious daytime cooling.

When I installed the sensors I immediately had the ability to adjust the daily schedule to perfection. The sensors and Nest allow you to pick which sensor/temp drive the ac cooling, which was amazing. What nailed it for me was the added ability to control the fan in-between cooling cycles. This feature allowed air to be circulated throughout the home, which helped to balance the temperature from the upper to the lower level, taking a 3-5 degree difference, down to 0-1 degree throughout the day. I can’t say enough about how I appreciate this product, and love my Nest even that much more. I hope this review help other families out there save some money and enjoy their home that much more!

Emerson F29-0198 Universal Locking Thermostat Guard, Clear Review:

Just what I needed. My mom lives in S. Florida and has Alz, when I am gone she will turn the air completely off even though it is 93 degrees and the windows are closed. Makes things unpleasant for the caretaker when they get there. The house has a big thermostat so I got this larger model and it fits fine. It was easy to install, just screw it into the wall through the drywall. A smart 9 year old might find a way around the lock box but an 86 year old can't.

My one disappointment is that it comes with a single key, I need one for me and one for the caretaker. So I go to a locksmith and get extra keys made, and the extra keys don't work because the metal blanks are too thick. So then I have to search the net to see where I can buy extra keys, turns out a supply company sells them online for $5 a pop. Hopefully when they arrive they will work.

ecobee SmartSensor 2 Pack, White Review:

Okay, first of all ecobee needs to fire every single one of their programmers and the next 3 CTOs they hire. Their software and and engineering is just stupidity. Their programmers obviously do not own an ecobee.

I love ecobee and i wont buy anything else but what the actual eff? Just let me pair it like the technology from the 1980s provided for us. I feel like i need to have the AC guys come back and reinstall my furnace just to get these things to pair. Once up, theyre good to go.

Also.... why in the crap can i use motion on ecobee as a trigger for all things except ecobee? Lol. I swear to gawd... i use these sensors to actuate long term routines throughout my house but the motion response to ecobee itself is about 80 minutes lag. In the meantime, i have 4 other ENTIRE ROUTINES firing from alexa and smart things that use them as a trigger.

Wall Plate Bracket Cover for Ecobee3 lite Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat (White) Review:

Had a builder grade dumb thermostate from the '90s. This is a great upgrade. Got the extra sensors and program the temperatures to sense the lower floor during the day and the bedrooms at night.
Installation instructions are easy to understand. Did not take long at all to install. If self installing you will need to look at your furnace/A/C control board to see what wires you have. The unit comes with a adapter if you do not have a 'C' wire that needs to be installed at the control board. Luckily I did not have to do this. If you have the standard thermostat wiring, should be atleast 6 wires at the thermostat and connected at the control board you will be fine.

StatGuardPlus Large Plastic Thermostat Cover with Changeable Code Combination. Locking Thermostat Cover Fits Most Sizes (1, Brushed Nickel) SGP201401BN Review:

In our large household someone was always too hot or too cold and would just go hit the thermostat until they were happy. Unfortunately, that behavior created an unwinnable battle that was also wasting money.

Even though everyone had been told the temperature range...repeatedly...and everyone was told to leave it alone...repeatedly...both verbally and with notes on the thermostat...repeatedly...the battle continued and after extensive investigation, I’d narrowed the culprits down to two: “NotMe” and “IDon’tKnow”...neither of which even live in my house though apparently they are frequent visitors.

I paid extra to get the StatGuardPlus large plastic thermostat cover in the brush nickel because it wasn’t clear and it doesn’t give them a chance to perfect a way of using something to poke the buttons. Battle over!

Hunter 44360 Set and Save 7-Day Programmable Thermostat Review:

I purchased this unit 17 months ago in October 2008 to replace a similar unit that failed after almost 14 years of service. Installation went smoothly and was very easy to program. Initially the unit functioned as described.... then one day this winter we came home to a very cold home. Apparently the batteries failed without warning, yet the display was functional and there still wasn't a low battery indication. I replaced the batteries and all seemed to be fine... until this week. We're on our 3rd set of batteries this week after each time coming home to a cold home. Each time the display is functioning just fine, the programming is in tact, there's no low battery indicator, etc. I'm not sure what's wrong with it, but when I select the temperature warmer and "return" there should be the sound of a click (the relay) then the furnace should activate. When I replace the batteries, then all systems are operational again.. for a day or two. This happened again today. Today after all attempts to activate the furnace failed, I again replaced the batteries. Again, a fresh set of batteries successfully engaged the relay in this unit. These are name brand batteries. Each pair has been from different brands from different packages. All are new, freshly bought.

I'm very concerned and most likely will end up replacing this thermostat. Save your money and buy a more reliable unit.

Update: So far the unit has held on with the most recent replacement of batteries about 4 months ago. I'm keeping a close eye on it, if I indeed have to replace it then it will be with a different unit, but again, so far, it's holding on....

Update NOV 2012: The unit has worked flawlessly since the last update so I'm upping the review back to FOUR STARS. It would be 5 star if it would be easier to program or had a way to store programs then recall them later (such as different months) or if it wasn't eating batteries quite as much.

UPDATE JAN 2013: I have not trusted this thermostat since the winter we repeatedly came home to a cold home. It has now been replaced with a Trane TZEMT400BB3NX N N SL Home Energy Management Thermostat with Nexia Home Intelligence, White (Z-Wave) which does NOT use any batteries, allows me to store programs on the Nexia website (for a monthly fee) which in turn allows me to check / adjust my thermostat remotely and much much much more. The whole system is a much higher price tag, so if you need a basic thermostat without all the remote bells and whistles, this Hunter is probably an OK thermostat.