Best Holiday Light Storage in 2020

Classic Accessories Seasons Holiday Lights Storage Duffel Review:

I found this item to be very useful in the storage of my Christmas lights. The inside partitions on which you wrap the light strings around were a little flimsy, but did work out just fine. The zippered storage container is nice and the handles help in the carrying and placing of your lights in storage. Overall I would say a good but. The reason only 4 stars is because of the inside weaker partitions on which you wrap the lights. I would have liked them a little stronger.

Elf Stor Ultimate Organizer Holiday Storage for Gift Wrap and Bags, Green Review:

I carefully read reviews prior to purchasing this, so I was mostly prepared for its cons. The good part: it is large and holds quite a bit. The material seems strong and well constructed. While the zippers at first sight appeared broken, they are self repairing, so that worked out fine. The reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is due to following: like other reviewers, I have to cut the tops of cardboard inserts to fit the sleeves made for them - they are too tall for their slots an you can’t zip the slots back up without trimming. This is an unnecessary hassle because they aren’t easy to insert to begin with as a tight fit is required to give the bag stability. The second reason is, in one of the questions answered by the manufacturer, it says go check out photos of product on their site to see more shots of interior. They had exact same photos so nothing new learned there. In one of the photos here and on their site, it appears there is a tray that sits inside for smaller items. This is NOT true. There is no tray. So cons: no tray, have to trim inserts. Pros: everything else looks good and it is quite large, holding everything I need it to. See photo of how much I’m going to need to trim from inserts.

ProPik Holiday Ornament Storage Box Chest, 4 Tier Holds Up to 64 Ornaments Balls, with Dividers Made with Durable 600D Oxford Polyester Material (Green) Review:

It took very little time to get my Christmas ornaments put away this year. With the individual dividers I didn't have to wrap and carefully stack the ornaments that are fragile. The only drawback is that you will have to unload the whole box to get to the ornaments on the bottom. It shouldn't be a problem as I tried to store them with the ones I wanted to get to first on the top. The box fits under a bed and I feel it is sturdy enough to last a lot of years. This only holds the smaller ornaments so I also have a box with larger dividers for the rest of my collection.

ZOBER Christmas Light Box Storage - Premium 600D Oxford, with 4 Plastic Light Wraps, to Store Up to 800 Holiday Christmas Lights Bulbs, Reinforced Stitched Handles 5 Year Warranty Review:

No one likes to untangle lights but enjoy seeing their home lit with celebrations. I am a holiday person-more than Christmas. It starts with Halloween and continues until July 4th. I have lots of LED outdoor lights to coincide with the occasion-right now red, white and blue for New Years, that is until Jan. 14 then the blue goes and the red and white stay for Valentines. So you know what happens after Feb. 14. Yep, green for St. Pat's! That is a lot of untangling! Not with the Zober Premium 600D Oxford system-no headaches, just fun. My neighbors and the electric company enjoy the show.

Elf Stor 1009 Christmas Tree Storage Bag, 7.5 Foot, GREEN Review:

I like it because I was looking for something to keep dust from the tree while it is stored in the garage. It will do that well. I was pleasantly surprised at the size of this bag, as it would hold all four sections of my 9' tree. BUT my tree weighs 70+ lbs. so there is no way to for me to carry the tree in the bag (not the bag's fault). Between the weight of the tree and size of a floppy bag, carrying the tree would be a two person job, maybe more. It would be best if you moved the treen in sections to the storage location of the bag, packed them in and zipped it up to be ready for next year. Also although the handles and zipper quality are suitable, I can't imagine they would last through many seasons of the stress of manhandling the bag with a heavy tree. The material of the bag is like the plastic tarps you can buy at home improvement stores. I expect the bag to last two or three seasons, maybe more for me as I can't and don't plan on carrying the tree in the bag.

Elf Stor Deluxe Holiday Christmas Storage Bag | 12 Foot Tree | Red Review:

Every year, I always procrastinate with taking down my Christmas tree. I think the hardest and most time consuming part is having to pull each branch off and keep each color together; even when putting the tree up to decorate, this is the tedious part. I started thinking of how much easier it would be if I could keep the tree assembled when putting it away and started looking for ways to do that, and came across this tree bag. I have a 6 1/2' tree and lengthwise it fits PERFECTLY in this bag! From end to end it fit nice and snug, but there was room left over around the outside of the tree for storing other light things if you wanted, like the tree skirt, stockings, etc. We took the ornaments and feet off of the tree, but actually left the lights on it. It will obviously take a bit more room to store, but if you have the space it's totally worth it! It took a fraction of the time to put away (and put back up), cut the stress, and this way we don't have to worry about losing or mixing up the different size branches. I'm very happy I made this purchase!

Elf Stor 83-DT5030 Heavy Duty Canvas Christmas Storage Bag Large for 9 Foot Tree, Non-Rolling, Green Review:

We love Christmas and we wanted to buy a artificial tree to extend the length of time we have a tree up. The artificial tree we bought was expensive but was meant to last a long time. We used the original box the first year and we knew it would not cut it the next year. I looked at different bags of various prices. My main buying points were durability and quality. The main selling points of this bag are;
1) canvas
2) heavy duty zippers
3) extra tree tie down straps, I believe 4 of them to help keep the bottom and mid sections branches tight and together.
4) side bag straps to keep the load secure in the center.
5) side carrying handles.

The tree felt light using the handles and the side straps kept everything tight while I moved it around. We have a 7.5ft tree so I went with the extra large because I didn't want to mess with squeezing everything I . I kept the tree skirt, star and other tree accessories in the bag as well. The price can not be beat for the quality of bag.

Elf Stor 83-DT5020 Rolling Duffel Style Christmas Storage Bag-Holds a 9 ft. Artificial Tree | Red, 9 Foot Review:

I was glad I read previous reviews. I ended up getting this and creating a cardboard liner. I purchased a large garment box from UHaul. I sliced the back of the box down the middle so it could fold in on itself (due to the fact that this duffle tapers at the top) and cut the front out of the box and cut to the size of the bottom of the duffle, so the bottom had a double thickness of cardboard. . And, cut holes for the wheels and straps. I was able to fit the whole 6' tree in the duffle including the stand with room to spare. I was able to move the whole bag, which is quite heavy, alone due to the wheels. I rate this a 4 because as I was tightening the straps around the tree one broke, so be gentle with the straps.

Elf Stor Rolling Duffle Christmas Tree Storage Bag - Green Review:

I actually ordered a different tree storage bag originally and canceled it when I discovered this one for two dollars more. I was like, "OH wheels? That'll be so convenient, yeah I'll pay two more dollars for that!" but in person, after putting my 7.5 ft tree in it, I realized the wheels literally don't make the thing any better. It's just a lumpy duffle now with wheels that do nothing more than weigh the bag down a little more. Otherwise, it's a fantastic bag. Just don't buy it because the wheels and you'll be good.

Elf Stor 83-DT5169 Rolling Christmas Storage Duffel Bag with Wheels – Holds up to a 12 Foot Artificial Tree in Green Review:

He said now when he goes fishing he just needs to put this bag in the boat because he can fit everything in it.
I probably will get one for my XMas tree also.