Best Hat Racks in 2020

Boxy Concepts Hat Rack 10 Shelf Hanging Closet Hat Organizer for Hat Storage - Protect Your Caps & Keep Them in Great Condition - Easy Hat Holder & Baseball Cap Organizer (1 Pack) Review:

My husband loves ball caps...he leaves them around but worse, hangs multiples at a time on the robe hook in our bathroom. It looks like a dorm! I have tried a few different methods and took a chance on this. Right out of the box it was easy--I unfolded it and fastened the velcro to the bar and it was ready for caps. The size of the slots is perfect so you can easily see which cap is where. Now he can see all of his caps at once. I waited till he came home from work to complain..instead he said he loves it! His closet looks very neat and organized with this. Now we can hang robes in the bathroom again too. Great design and seems sturdy.

LEKUSHA Cap Organizer Hanger, 10 Baseball Cap Holder, Hat Organizer for Closet - Change Your Cloth Hanger to Cap Organizer Hanger - Keep Your Hats Cleaner Than a Hat Rack Review:

My husband has A LOT of hats. I have been looking into storage options for months. I wasn’t crazy about the idea of them hanging on a rack on the back of our bedroom door (eye sore). That is when I came across this product. I hung up all the hats today and it is soooooo much better! He has both mesh and regular cotton hats and it clings to both tightly. I also like that you can pull a hat from the middle without having to rearrange all the hats in front of or behind it. I also experimented with hanging beanies on it and it was wonderful! One of the hooks only latches onto one side, but I can still use it and doesn’t cause a problem. I will be purchasing another set of these.

Upgraded 2-Pack Hat Washer,Baseball Cap Washer,Cap Washer,Baseball Hat Cleaner Protector,Ball Cap Washing Frame Cage Hat Washing Holder,Ball Cap Sport Hat Visors Shaper/Organizer for Washing Machine Review:

I never used a hat washer before... mostly because all my hats were really old and beat up. but my son recently got a few new hats and has been adamant about keeping it clean... till his little brother spilled something on it. I didn't wanna let him toss them into the wash and let them get beat up so I found these hat washers.. wasn't sure how well it would work but it looked promising. Put his hats in and tossed them into the washing machine and they came out 30 mins later still in their original shape as well as clean. We left them in the washer overnight to dry and they look as good as new. my son is very happy because his hats are back to looking "fresh"

XJunion 2 Pack Cap Organizer Hanger, 10 Baseball Cap Holder, Hat Organizer for Closet - Change Your Cloth Hanger to Cap Organizer Hanger - Keep Your Hats Cleaner Than a Hat Rack - Black Review:

I have about 25 ball caps, mostly "I've been there" caps. They were disorganized on 2 different closet shelves, and now they are neatly organized on two holders. I'm ordering another today. It's a simple product, but I have pictured the instructions. I tried a plastic hanger, but it bowed from the weight, so I borrowed a couple of my wife's "good" hangers. The quality of the XJunion is excellent and I recommend it without reservation.

XQXA Hat Washers, 1 Pack New design Baseball hat Cleaners/Cap Washer, Fit for Adult/Kid's Hat Washer Frame/Washing Cage, Hat Shapers/Cleaning Protector Racks for Washing Machine,Black Review:

These plastic hat washers are the bomb! I’ve got quite a selection of “Dad hats” as well as mesh style hats that the younger people wear....each has it’s own size, shape and height. These hat washers can handle them all. The arc of top of the hat washer can accommodate different styles of hats, holding them tightly while you place the other half of the washer on top. The two halves just snap together on all four sides, holding the hat firmly while maintaining the shape of the cap during the washing.

I just put them in the dishwasher, complete with a soap pack in the dispenser, and put it on a short wash, non-heated cycle. After the cycle completed, I took the hats, still in these washers, and placed them outside to dry. Once dried, I popped them out for inspection. They were clean and still had their original shape. Success!

Highly recommend for all styles of ball caps. These should work great for you.

B. SHINE Cap Rack Hat Organizer – 8 Pack Hanging Caps Hats Scarfs Organizer Rack, Multifunctional Door/Wall/Closet Mounted Racks (Square Rack, No Package Box Included) Review:

This was very easy to assemble, a really small child could do it. Hangs right over the top of a door and it out of the way with the door open, it does have some bulk when filled so the door stays a little out from the wall. The hats fit well and keep their shape so we don't have lumpy hats on our heads. We will be buying a second one.

The Clip Hanger Hat Hats Baseball Cap Caps Rack Organizer Organizers Up to 20 Hats Any Size, Style, or Shape! Door, Wall, or Closet Organize Anything. Hanging from a Hanger or Hang from Ceiling Review:

NEW AND IMPROVED-The Clip Hanger Holds 20 Hats on 1 Strap Any Size or Style Wall or Door Hat Rack (Black)

I purchased this to organize my mess of hats that I have in most every room. It arrived quickly and was very neatly packaged in the box with a cool Logo. Enclosed were instructions that were easy to follow and I had the Clip Hanger up on my door within 10 minutes, including clipping some hats to it.
I am very pleased with the quality and the design as well. I am able to attach a variety of hats on the more than adequate number of clips provided including my mountain bike helmet ! The clips are easy to adjust in the strap and it looks nice as well, with the stainless steel door hooks. I also like how the design keeps the strap mice and tight, so when you open and close a door it doesn't move.
Bottom line is that this is a nicely designed product that is of high quality and is packaged neatly too. I may buy another and this is definitely a great gift idea for anyone!

CapRack18 - Baseball Cap Holder (Black) Review:

AWESOME way to store a large number of caps. Easy to retrieve and put away. Looks nice on door. Perfect solution for cap aficionados.

On a side note, I have no idea how they are able to hang so many caps in their stock photo. I'm only able to hang about 5 hats per cable, but I'm satisfied regardless. You can comfortably fit 4 rows on a single side of a door. If you really wanted, you could hang another 4 rows on the other side of the door too!

To make the cable tight (and prevent the hats from swinging around as you open and close the door, make sure to loop the bottom underneath the door frame first. The strap should cover the metal clip (as shown in my 2nd photo). Then, bring the cable up to the hook for a snug fit.

BallcapBuddy Cap Washer Hat Washer The Original Patented Baseball Cap Cleaner endorsed by Shark Tank Made in USA- Black Review:

Works great in my top-load, impeller (not agitator) washing machine. I threw my hat in with my clothes and it came out nice and clean on the first try. The plastic frame is not damaged whatsoever.

Some reviewers seem to have had issues using a washing machine, so I will detail exactly what I did for success:

1) Spray stain remover on trouble spots, especially on the sweat stains inside of the hat.
2) Pour laundry detergent all over the hat, using your hands to completely massage the inside and outside of the hat in soap.
3) Load the washer with your clothes, then place the hat on top of the clothes topside up.
4) Add laundry detergent as normal, maybe a little less since the hat is covered in the stuff.
5) Wash clothes as normal. I did not use any sort of "delicate" or "heavy duty" modes.
6) Do NOT put in the dryer with your clothes. Hang it outside to dry or in your house under a fan. Leave it inside the plastic frame until dry.

If you want the hat to be even more clean, just throw it in with another load of clothes before drying. After washing with my black clothes in cold water and then my white clothes in hot water, my ancient hat looks very clean.

Keep in mind that I have a top-load, impeller (not agitator) washing machine. That means that the hole to put clothes in is on the top, and there is no giant cylinder with blades inside of my machine. If you have a front load and/or agitator washing machine, your results may vary from mine. Also be aware that the plastic frame is two pieces that clip together, one big clip in the back and two small ones in the front. One of the front two clips had come undone when I washed my hat the first time, and I simply popped it back into place. This did not happen the second time I washed it.

I did not try using a dish washer to clean my hat and I probably won't bother, since I have had so much success just adding it to my laundry routine.

Perfect Curve Cap Rack System 18 – Baseball Cap Organizer (6 Clips Hold up to 18 caps, Black) Review:

After researching numerous sites for a cap rack/organizer, I decided to give the CapRack 36 system a shot. For one, it holds 36 caps (a fraction of my collection) and two, other reviewers gave it somewhat positive reviews. So why not? Right?

Anyway, the package arrived in timely fashion like in one day! Talk about superhero fast!!! The rack came in its original manufacturer's packaging which was packed inside an Amazon Prime box that included the small plastic, air pillows to provide some extra cushioning for its contents.

The rack system is comprised of a black 5' nylon cord, 12 black plastic cap clips, and mounting hardware. The hardware allows for different options on where and how you want to mount the rack. You can hang it from the ceiling, from the back of a door, mount it on a wall, or hang it off a closet rod. The only assembly required was having to attach the cap clips onto the cord which took less than 10 minutes. After that, it's just a matter of putting your caps onto the clips which can hold up to 3 caps. Unlike what others stated, the caps are displayed straight and level with no tendency to sag or droop down so it actually looks good! The only drawback is not being able to see all your hats displayed.

Best rack out there right now and for a great price!