Best Hardware Sealers in 2020

Title: Waterlox Original Sealer/Finish for Wood, Brick, Stone, Tile & More - 1 Quart (TB 5284) Review:

Very good results. This is a traditional oil finish. The label on the container notes that it contains mineral spirits, tung oil, linseed oil, ester gum, olefin resin, and phenolic resin; about 60% volatile and 40% non-volatile (the last 4 ingredients). It is the mineral spirits that provide its principle odor when you apply it, and the smell is not unlike Minwax poly, Watco, Formby's, or other oil-based finishes. The label contains appropriate instructions for ventilation. Like other such oil-based finishes, it will change the color of the wood to a warmer tone. The liquid is a light brown color. I've observed that most of the VOCs flash off within about the first hour. The finish "dries" through a combination of the VOCs evaporating and the oils oxidizing to form a film with the resins. Moving the air with a fan will aid in setting up the finish. I've only used this on freshly machined wood, so while I cannot comment on how well it works on refinished wood, I've always had success with it setting up within the advertised 24 hours (usually less, but I wait for the full 24 before recoating). Key here is to use thin coats, and I've never had to thin it to apply it. No sanding is needed between coats. After the prescribed 24 hours, there is a very faint oil smell (probably the tung and linseed oils) that fades as the finish completely cures over a couple of days. No special techniques needed to apply the finish. Depending on the project, I've used a brush, lint free cloth, or hand rubbed it. Typically, I use a lint free cloth and wipe off the excess to a uniform film, and I wear nitrile gloves more to keep my hands clean than anything else. /// IMPORTANT - dispose of oily rags properly. Like with all oil finishes, oily rags can spontaneously ignite especially if wadded up or left in a pile. /// The label says it produces a "medium sheen" that fades to a less glossy sheen over 3-4 months. I've found that to be accurate. A distinct advantage over this oil finish compared to polyurethane is that repairs are easy. Polyurethane does not like to adhere to old polyurethane which is why you need to roughen the surface by sanding it. This Waterlox finish provides good protection to the wood, but you can also reapply the finish to it over time as long as it is clean. /// The only down side to this stuff is that it is roughly twice as expensive as other finishes, so I use it on special projects. Approx street prices: Waterlox ($43/quart = $1.34/ounce compared to Watco Danish Oil ($8/pint = $0.50/ounce), Minwax Antique Oil Finish ($14/pint = $0.88/ounce), Minwax Tung Oil Finish ($20/quart = $0.63/ounce), Formby's Traditional Tung Oil Finish ($10/pint = $0.63/ounce). So, others are less expensive and work very well too. The sheen is different between them, though. A gallon is more cost effective ($90/gallon = $0.70/ounce), but unless you have use a LOT of finish, it will go bad once opened and oxygen repeatedly gets to it. You may be able to find it cheaper from other places as noted in other reviews; for me as a Prime member, the difference in shipping costs made it less of an issue for me. /// PERFORMANCE = 5 STARS but COST brings it down to 4 STARS. Bottom line: I like it and will continue to use it. /// My solution to extend shelf life is to remove the oxygen .... Ok, so I'm eccentric. ... to save the finish, I decant only what I need using a cooking syringe into a small mason jar and replace air with nitrogen in the finish's original container as I seal it up..... ( air is 71% nitrogen and 21% oxygen) .... I have a tank of pressurized nitrogen for welding and use a regulator to reduce pressure to a couple of psi, throttled through a ball valve and tygon tubing... This really works very well for me. Other, less nutty methods are out there to do the same thing, and there are some consumer products like "Bloxygen," but they're expensive too. ///

Scotchgard Water & Sun Shield with UV Protector 2 Cans, 10.5-Ounces (21 Ounces Total) Review:

When I first saw this, I thought it would be for clothes but I accidently sprayed it on my hairy body and then took a swim..i was like...floating on a layer of air over the pool and couldn't get wet at All! which was great..until I needed a i'm stuck with this stench until it wears off and it's 3M scotch-guard so it's gonna last a while..i never should have sprayed it EVERYWHERE! but now..i really have cut down on my toilet paper useage with not having to wipe's like I'm coated in TEFLON!! that's been a plus!

Loctite PL Premium Polyurethane Construction Adhesive 10-Ounce Cartridge - 1390595 (Packaging May Vary) Review:

I'm a novice at things like this, but we had several loose stones on our retaining wall. After a lot of research, I gave this product a try. We didn't follow the directions completely (you're supposed to clean and dry the stones, but the bottoms of the stones were caked with dirt and gunk). We brushed away the dirt as best we could in order to get a clean surface. Then put a lot of this stuff on the bottom. Placed the stone back in place, and put heavy items on top for a couple of days. It seems to have worked perfectly. The stones are once again solidly in place, and we haven't had any issues in the ?three? months since we applied it. We used almost the entire can, and threw away the rest based on other reviews that said that the stuff would basically become useless once opened. I've purchased another can just in case we have any other problems.

Flex Seal Spray Rubber Sealant Coating, 14-oz, Black (2 Pack) Review:

Phil Swift here to talk about the power of Flex Seal!

Just kiddin! I'm not really Phil Swift, but who can't forget those commercials. Here's my two cents I made at my job today about Flex seal spray:

Being a rubberized spray, I was initially excited about purchasing. I got my first can of Flex Seal a couple years ago. This was primarily for roof issues we were having. Let's face it. Not too many people can pull thousands out of their pocket for roof repairs or a new roof in general. If you can, let me know so I can figure out where your pot of gold is. A money tree is acceptable too!

I'll be honest and being "a seen on tv" product, i really didn't believe this stuff would work; that and the reviews were sketchy. So, I decided to purchased and try it. All I can say is I am glad I did. For my problem areas, this stuff works very well. Make sure you follow the instructions. Do not put this product in one thick application. It needs to go on thin, even layers for the best results. I used this to seal some worn boards, cracks, and nail holes under lost shingles until I could get enough money to get the roof replaced or at least fixed. The original roof is now over 30 years old. That tells all. Nothing lasts forever.

The result? The original flex seal I applied years ago is still going strong and no leaks so far. There have been some hard snows and rains too!

Application wise, i have not tried this on anything else, but I was thinking of doing so in my outdoor basement steps. If I do, I will update on those results as well for your convience.

All in all, I keep Flex Seal on hand for anything else that may come my way, which lately has been a good bit.


Flex Seal Spray Rubber Sealant Coating, 14-oz, Black Review:

Had a leak in the gray water sewer line from the tank to the discharge coupling in the truck camper. Since the space was very confined to get into had to guess where the crack in the 1 1/2 line was. Used Flex seal tape on about 8" of the line where I thought the leak was then used the Flex Seal spray around the coupling. Let the tape set for about 48 hours then sprayed the coupling area and let set for 48 hours. Filled the grey water tank and let it set overnight, no leaks the next day. The only issue is it would have been a lot easier if the spray can was about half the size. Probably should have bought the 16oz in the can vice the spray, but the problem is fixed for now.

Flex Seal Spray Rubber Sealant Coating, 14-oz, Clear (2 Pack) Review:

This stuff works pretty good, I didn't make a boat out of a screen door or anything extreme. I had an archery target with a cardboard frame around it. I sprayed it with this stuff and the cardboard is pretty impervious to the elements as the target lives outside. I'd buy it again for similar projects.

Rust-Oleum, White 244166 Specialty Kit Tub and Tile Touch Review:

The color is VERY white when compared to what I thought was a very white tub! But if you ignore the glaring color difference, this seems to have worked well to cover large holes where paint flaked.

It's only been a month since application, but no signs of problems yet. If this gets us another few years of use on our current tub before needing it properly repainted again, it is worth it.

Be very careful pouring the contents of one bottle into the other. I was careful but still managed to have quite a bit spill out. Also as many people noted, our original problem was directly linked to using suction cup bath mats and baby bath seats on our repainted tub. The daily to weekly lifting of the suction cup mats for cleaning totally lifted the paint.

Rust-Oleum 265495 11-Ounce Leak Seal Flexible Rubber Sealant, Clear Review:

As usual, the delivery was faster than the dates stated. Thank you very much! The Rust-Olem spray works really well for the intended purpose. I used it to stop leaks in my rain gutter where the parts fit together. The main concern: make sure you know where you are aiming the spray and understand the spray is wide right out of the can. The instructions say to hold the can 8-18 inches away from the location you want to stop leaking. (I can't imagine a leak this product could stop if you needed to hold the can 18 inches away to cover the area. You would probably be more successful calling a plumber.) If the leak is a small area, as in a gutter leak, I would recommend holding the can more like 3-4 inches from the spot to be sprayed. Otherwise, you may be spraying your house or something else you did not intend to get the black tarry spray on. Clean up can be difficult and stressful. Use short, quick sprays for the best results. Using a good size piece of cardboard as a back drop between the gutter and the house is a good idea (a lot less clean up and a whole lot less stress). Just trash the cardboard when you are done. And, do not forget to hold the can upside down, to clean out the nozzle, when you are finished. This only takes about 2-3 seconds of pressing in on the spray button.