Best Hanging Planters in 2022

Do hanging planters need drainage holes?

Hanging planters are a great way to add some greenery to your home, without taking up too much space. But, one question you might have is whether or not hanging planters need drainage holes. The answer is yes, hanging planters do need drainage holes. This is because, without drainage, water can build up in the bottom of the planter and cause the roots of your plants to rot. So, be sure to add some drainage holes to your hanging planters before you add any plants.

Do hanging plants attract bugs?

Hanging plants are often thought to be a great way to keep bugs out of your home. However, there is no guarantee that hanging plants will actually keep all bugs away. In fact, some types of hanging plants may actually attract bugs. If you are worried about bugs getting into your home, it is best to consult with a pest control expert to find out which plants are best for keeping bugs away.

Do hanging plants need to be watered every day?

No, hanging plants do not need to be watered every day. They should be watered when the soil is dry to the touch.

Do you cover the holes in the bottom of planters?

Most people do not cover the holes in the bottom of their planters. There are a couple reasons for this. The first reason is that the holes allow for drainage, and covering them would defeat the purpose. The second reason is that many people think that covering the holes would make the planter look less attractive.

Mkono Macrame Plant Hanger Hanging Planter Wall Art Boho Home Decor 41 Inches and 46 Inches, Set of 2 Review:

I'm really pleased with these. I purchased two, one for my pothos plant and the other for my spider plant. Given that pothos is a vining plant, both types prefer to be hung or placed in high places. My parents described them as very '70s. Both can support medium-sized houseplants with ease. I hung the one with the wooden dowel using some extra macrame twine that was provided with the purchase (pictured).

Mkono Plant Hanger Indoor Hanging Planter Basket Flower Pot Holder Jute Rope with Beads 35 Inch Review:

These cost under $10. Perfect for my excessive number of indoor plants. These are my favourite because they lack tassels. Even with some sort of drip collector, if you water your hanging plants too much, muck will wind up on the tassels. I ordered two instead of one by accident, but I'm pleased I did. I have two windows, so I'll put one in each to make it look balanced. Old fashioned hippie. Even now, I adore macrame. These aren't garish or overstuffed with beads. very plain but strong I may order more hangers for my other windows because I adore these ones! ❤️

AOMGD 3 Tier 80" Macrame Plant Hanger Indoor Outdoor Hanging Plant Holder Hanging Planter Stand Flower Pots for Decorations - Cotton Rope,4 Legs Review:

They are built to explained. very adorableand to get all I required to protect my unique plants throughout the winter.three distinct sizes.I would just change one thing; currently it is a loop and I use clear zip/cable ties to attach the plants where I need them.They've been brought outside, and we'll update once again in the fall.

Mkono Macrame Plant Hanger Indoor Outdoor Hanging Planter Basket Cotton Rope 4 Legs 41 Inch Review:

This was not given to me for review. I got it since I've been hunting everywhere for these things, and the prices at the shops here are outrageous! It came quickly, like in three days.Really good packing was used. It comes with a lovely tag bearing the name of the manufacturer and is contained in a plastic zipper pouch. Everything appears to be done professionally, making it simple to offer this as a gift.The string quality is also excellent. Beautiful macrame stitches may be seen. If you want a "boho" aesthetic, this will undoubtedly make you happy. Compared to real bright white, the color is a little more cream-colored. It's pale cream, off white. That was okay with me, but it's something to keep in mind if you have stark white walls and want furniture that is also pure white. This will be displayed in our guest bathroom. It's a tiny bit shorter than I anticipated, but I'm to blame as I didn't measure! It hangs perfectly, has straight stitches, and does a great job of supporting the pot. Mine lacked any odor that could be identified. If you want some inexpensive hanging plant holders, I would highly recommend this! Without a doubt, I'll be ordering more of these.

Mkono 2Pcs Macrame Plant Hanger Indoor Outdoor Hanging Planter Basket Cotton Rope Home Decor 40 Inch Review:

I needed a place to hang my collection of plants. Had a lot of little aloe plants in pots on the window sills, but as they grew—sometimes in unanticipated directions—the pots would get top heavy and slide off the ledge. So I made the decision to try a hanging pole setup. This was advantageous because it was time to re-pot the plants as well. I discovered some coat-hat poles that would work for me; all I needed were some hangers. I had a few unused and some outdated hangers, but they didn't all match, were stretched out, and only had three legs. I always feared the pots would fall out of some of those 3 legged ones and had trouble adjusting them. I chose these straightforward white 6 leg hangers since they matched my white walls, would not overly draw attention away from the plants, and would offer adequate support.I liked these White Plant Hangers for the following reasons. My walls' color is a good match, so there are no distractions. There are no extras, like as beads, and the knots are fairly simple. They had six legs, which not only makes a gorgeous presentation but also offers superior support for pots that would become unbalanced. The overall aesthetic is pleasing, but not in a way that detracts from the plants, which are the main attraction.The hole in the loop at the top is large enough to accommodate a larger support. It actually consists of six separate loops, which gives me the impression that even if one of the stands were to break, the others would still hold. It can also fit over a post with a diameter of 23 mm or 1 inch. I could at least get two fingers through the loophole. Additionally, it creates a neat appearance because there are only ropes hanging and no additional metal loops.Slipping pots filled with dirt but without any plants into the hangers was incredibly simple. Most of them were almost self-centered for me, making it much easier to center the pot and adjust the legs than the old three-legged ones I used to have—out of six, I could only get one of them to look great. I purchased 12 of these, and each one fit wonderfully.For the price of a pack of 4, these were a great deal. I purchased 3 sets to meet my needs.The bottom line is that after looking around a bit and viewing them, I determined they were the greatest option for the price, style, and design, and when I received them, I was happier than I had anticipated to be. Get them instead of wasting time worrying about so many other options.

5-Pack Macrame Plant Hangers with 5 Hooks, Different Tiers, Handmade Cotton Rope Hanging Planters Set Flower Pots Holder Stand, for Indoor Outdoor Boho Home Decor Review:

These macrame hangers are an improvement over the thin, basic ones I previously bought. The macrame is thick and exquisitely weaved. Finding which plants go with which hanger is a challenge because the cach hanger is a variety pack and has a different pattern. It's a wonderful touch that they offer mounting hardware for mounting to a ceiling.My favorite is the one with the wooden beads, in particular. It makes my plant come to life and is highly intricate.This is a fantastic deal when purchased in a five pack.

Umbra Trigg Hanging Planter Wall Decor Set, for Displaying Small Plants, Pens and Pencils, Makeup Accessories, Black/Brass Review:

This thing is gorgeous! I bought the two-piece set. They are fairly little and work best in small spaces like a restroom or an entryway, but I was prepared for that. The product is far higher quality than I anticipated for the price and is made of metal and ceramic rather than plastic. Since this product's screws lack a head, using a screwdriver is not possible. It worked great when I attached the drill to the screw like a drill bit. The wall anchors provided were required, hehe

Mkono 2 Pcs Macrame Plant Hangers Indoor Outdoor Hanging Planter Basket Jute Rope 4 Legs 40 Inch Review:

It seems shorter and has a smaller diameter than I had anticipated, but I can find a planter to fit it perfectly! It's for flowers on my apartment's balcony. I had to purchase an S-hook to connect this hanging planter's ring to the hanging ring on the door above my balcony because there is a hanging ring there.4/26/2017 Update: I raised my star rating from four to five. The dimensions are mentioned in the description if you need more information, and this item is the ideal length for my requirements. I purchased the white and bamboo planter from Home Depot for the hanging Scaevola, and it looks lovely on my balcony. I've included a picture of the S-hook and hanger that I had to purchase separately.

California Home Goods Modern Hanging Planter Pots (2-Pack), Small Decorative Wall Planters for Cactus Decor & Hanging Plants, Wall Hanging Ceramic Planter with Brass Wire Frame, White Plant Decor Review:

I didn't really require ANY MORE containers for my plants, but... We have a very modest, simple wall right before you enter our deck because of the way it was built and where it is located, but I really liked the shape of them. So when I spotted these planters, I figured they might be a quick way to give that wall some life. My husband installed them after I deliberated over the plants. Since the description makes it clear that they are little, planting them was quite simple. After hanging them, I made the decision to water the plants. In hindsight, perhaps the wrong sequence! The learning curve for watering them was the most challenging aspect of these. I might have raised the dirt higher than I had meant (but it is below the top lip). I ultimately realized that I was using a very tiny measuring cup-style object with a tiny spout. I haven't experienced any issues since that thing worked out so well! In my opinion, they look fantastic there. Although time will tell if I chose the proper plant for that location, I'm quite pleased with the planters.

Mkono Modern Ceramic Hanging Planter Review:

an exquisite addition to our collection.The planter and hanging jute are both beautifully made.Even with dirt and a plant inside, the container is lightweight.I particularly like that there is a predrilled hole with a stopper. This pot is ready to plant and hang because you don't need to add a drainage hole with a ceramic drill bit!I am delighted with the cost, quality, and craftsmanship of every Mkono buy.

How do you drain hanging planters?

To drain a hanging planter, first remove the plant from the pot. Next, place the pot upside down on a drainage tray or in a sink. Finally, allow the water to drain completely before replacing the plant in the pot.

How do you hang a heavy plant without drilling?

There are a few ways to hang a heavy plant without drilling. One way is to use a heavy duty hook. Another way is to use a tension rod.

How do you hang a super heavy plant?

There are a few things you need in order to hang a super heavy plant: a drill, a large screw, a washer, a nut, and something to act as a stopper (this could be another nut, a piece of wood, or a rubber pad). First, drill a hole in the pot large enough for the screw to fit through. Next, put the washer on the screw, and screw it into the pot until the washer is tight against the side of the pot. Then, put the nut on the screw, and screw it on until it is

How do you keep water high in hanging pots?

To keep water high in hanging pots, make sure to water them regularly and keep the soil moist. You can also add a layer of mulch to help retain moisture.

How heavy of a plant can you hang?

You can hang a plant that is up to 10 pounds on a hook. Anything heavier than that may cause the hook to come out of the wall or ceiling, and the plant will come crashing down.

How many plants can I put in a 12 inch hanging basket?

You can usually put 3-5 plants in a 12 inch hanging basket. This will depend on the size of the plants and how much root space they need. You also need to make sure that the plants have enough room to grow and spread out.