Best Hand Chimes in 2020

Koshi AQUA + ARIA Wind Chimes Set 2 Pcs (bell, chime, handbell) Review:

I use these in my yoga class during savasana, restorative yoga, yin yoga, and meditation. My students absolutely love them. They help make the class even more special. I played these from my students in meditation without telling them about the elements. When the meditation was over we did a reflection. I explained the four elements while asking them to guess the elements that were played. They could tell which one sounded like air, and water. These beautiful chimes are true to description. They are easy to play. Made so beautifully. The packaging was great too. Love them. Worth every penny.

Woodstock Chimes - The ORIGINAL Guaranteed Musically Tuned Chime, Zenergy - Solo, Silver Review:

 Love them!! Great for the classroom!

So I decided to create this video of the Silent Mind ~ Antique Design Tibetan Singing Bowl Set ~ With Mallet & Silk Cushion ~ For Meditation, Chakra Healing, Prayer ,Yoga, and Mindfulness ~ Perfect Gift &Woodstock Solo Silver Zenergy Chime- Eastern Energies Collection.

I love the both of them, but I think the singing bowl will work much better in the classroom for getting students attention as it can create a much more powerful tone if needed (as well as a soft and subtle tone if played lightly).

I recommend them for Meditation and Yoga sessions too. They both work great!

I recommend both if you can afford it :-)

TreeWorks Chimes (Made in U.S.A. Bar Mounting Clamp and Wind Chime Holding Bracket (TRE52) Review:

Well made, sturdy, good design that could be made great with the addition of a tilter. On my kit, the best place to mount it would have been on a cymbal boom arm, underneath a crash cymbal. But because there is no tilting mechanism I ended up using it on a straight stand in a slightly less optimal position. Still, another quality product from TreeWorks that functions well and has the reliability that pros require.

Woodstock Zenergy Chime, Deep Zen Review:

I use this before, and sometimes during or after, teaching social proficiency skills in elementary school classrooms; the kids wait quietly to see how long they can hear the resonating chime. This helps teach them mindfulness - being totally in the moment - as well as whole body listening (eyes watch, ears listen, voice quiet, body calm). We also sometimes use it while doing deep breathing. Woodstock products are THE BEST!!

Treeworks Chimes ((MADE IN U.S.A.) Single Tone Energy Chime for Meditation and Classroom Use - Includes mallet and cord handle (TRE410) Review:

 I’m a substitute teacher and I like using chimes to get the kids attention. I bought this chime because it was one chime and had a string that I could use to attach it to my clipboard, two things my other chimes did not have. The packaging was amazing and the craftsmanship is great, but my only problem is the sound of the chime. It sounds flat and I hear more clunking from the mallet than I do the chime. In the video I shared, I showed this chime and my other. I first tapped on each one and you can hear the clunkiness on the single chime. The second time I played them, I played them a little harder. My other chimes get louder and louder and you don’t hear the clanking of the mallet as much. But when I did it to the single one, most of what I could hear is, again, the clunking. Then I played them them again and let them ring and you can tell the one chime isn’t as clear as the other. Unfortunately, it’s enough of a problem to me that I know it will irritate me so I will be returning it.

Meditation Chime, Ehome Solo Percussion Instrument with Mallet for Prayer, Yoga, Eastern Energies, Musical Chime Toys for Children, Teachers' Classroom Reminder Bell… Review:

So cute. I use this chime to signify the start & finish of my facial services. It helps to end the service in a peaceful manner without disrupting the calming spa atmosphere:) the chime sound is a very relaxing, high tone that lasts for a long time. Would highly recommend to any esthetician! It came in a cute little bag, and the craftsmanship seems to be quality!

Meditation Trio Chime, EONLION Three Tone Solo Percussion Instrument for Prayer, Yoga, Eastern Energy Chime for Meditation and Classroom Use Review:

 As you can see from the attached video, the sound quality of this simple instrument is great. It can be used in yoga and meditation practice but also as a sensory toy for young children. It is very well made and the wood is very high quality.

Zenergy Chime Solo - Eastern Energies Collection Musical Percussion Instrument with Mallet for Meditation, Classroom Use and Sound Therapy Review:

This would be a good musical instrument, but not a chime for meditation. It is not resonant and is the same intonation as the text alert chime on my iPhone. Exact same note and pitch. Weird.